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7 Useful Hacks To Protect Your Gorgeous Hair

by Kulwinder
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Useful Hacks To Protect Your Gorgeous Hair

All the lovely girls out there, don’t you agree that life is more beautiful when you have gorgeous hair? And, just to make your hair look flawless, you try whatnot. From signing up for expensive hair treatments to changing your shampoo every now and then. But, what we always ignore are the basic hair hacks we are supposed to follow by default.

So, if you love your precious hair and they are giving you some major hair issues, we have got your back! It’s time you say goodbye to hair fall, dryness, and frizziness without even burning a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is follow the below listed simple hacks and get natural-looking healthy hair in no time!

Awesome DIY Hair hacks every girl must stick to!

Do you love your hair more than your favorite Domino’s pizza? If yes, just follow these simple hacks and get ready to flaunt your shiny long hair in style.

Use a wooden comb

Have you ever been told not to use a plastic comb? If no, then listen up carefully! Wooden comb thoroughly distributes natural oil across your scalp. It will make your hair look less greasy and also prevent it from breakage. Wooden combs are also gentle on hair and promote good blood circulation. So, next time when you step out of your house, the first thing you must do is buy a wooden comb for your dazzling hair.

Oil your hair twice a week

Oiling hair regularly was the secret behind our grandmother’s fabulous hair. And, believe us, this secret is still applicable and works 100%. Just like humans cannot survive without food, our hair cannot survive without food (which is oil). Try to oil your hair at least twice a week and massage it gently for a few minutes. And, the amazing news is you don’t have to keep the oil intact for days to get the results. Just wash your hair the next morning and the oil will do its work overnight.

Moreover, if you want your hair to look utmost healthy, you must go for a chemical-free natural oil. Talking about natural oil, MamaEarth onion shampoo is all you need! You can get it at an unbelievable rate and save upto 50% using coupons from MamaEarth.

Trim your hair every 6-7 weeks

As said by many top beauticians, it is very important to trim your hair once every 6 to 7 weeks. Cutting down your split ends and damaged ends will promote hair growth. It will also give some volume to your hair, making it look bouncier and healthier. And, if you are looking for the best way to prevent split ends and damaged hair, avoid heat styling tools. Also, if you don’t want to waste your money for this purpose, you can trim your hair at home with ease.

Use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair

We often commit the mistake of using hot water to wash our hair. Hot water removes the moisture from your hair and scalp, making your hair look dry and dull. Not just this, it will also make your hair frizzy and prone to breaking. If you want incredible hair, you must make it a habit of washing it with cold or lukewarm water. Coldwater will keep the moisture of the hair intact and make it soft and silky.

Use home-made hair masks

Yet another important hair-care routine you must follow is using a hair mask. Instead of opting for expensive hair treatments in high-end salons, you can just DIY. Make use of all organic ingredients and create an awesome mask for your precious hair. Apply it at least once in a month to give your hair that shine and glow it needs. One of the best home-made hair masks you can make is by mixing egg, curd and mustard oil. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this mask will repair your dull hair and act as a natural conditioner.

Dry gently

Did you know your hair is at its weakest stage when it’s wet? Vigorously rubbing your hair to dry it will result in more breaking of your hair than ever. This will also damage your hair and make it frizzy. The correct way to towel dry your hair is by first squeezing the water out of your hair and then pat drying it gently to get rid of the excess wetness. You must also avoid dryers, blowers or any heat equipment to dry your hair as extreme heat can sabotage your hair in the long run.

Eat right

The key to good hair is hidden in staying fit and eating right. Even if you don’t take proper care of it, eating right will be sufficient. Include lots of green vegetables and proteins in your diet. Make sure you eat seasonal fruits and salads to grab their nutritious benefits. Most of the hair problems today are due to improper diet and unhealthy eating. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible and stick to a healthy diet regime.

Some major hair care does and don’ts you must know!

Now that you know the basic and general hair-care hacks, it’s time you learn about some major hair care dos and don’ts. By religiously adhering to the below-listed points, you will surely get mind-blowing and jaw-dropping hair in no time.

  • Switch your shampoo every two months
  • Do not apply conditioner to your scalp
  • Wrap your hair in a towel for few minutes after washing it
  • Do not keep the conditioner for long and wash it off thoroughly
  • Never over-comb or over-brush your hair


Nourished, soft and silky hair is what every woman dreams of. Women with ravishing hair tend to look more attractive. But, many women these days face common hair issues like hair fall, dull hair, and frizziness. If you don’t want to be one of these women with serious hair issues, this article is just for you! And, if you want someone to sing ‘Oh haseena zulfon wali’ for you, then this is it!! All you need to do is take proper care of your hair by following all the above-mentioned points. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any more queries revolving around haircare and other hair problems.

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