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Top 10 Most Popular Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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With the summer season approaching, it’s once again time for scorching summer heat and almost unbearably high temperatures. Especially over the past decade, due to climate change, summers in India have become far more sweltering with temperatures that go up to about the range of 48-50 degree celsius.

Thankfully with the wonder called air conditioners, we have some relief and respite! Air conditioning our homes moderates the temperature inside the house and makes the surroundings cool and comfortable.

Though air conditioners are an excellent way to beat the summer heat, they come with their own downside – they consume a bulk of electricity units and hence, can increase your electricity bill costs to multifold. Besides electricity consumption, several other factors such as weight or tonnage, noise levels, type (Split/Window/Inverter), environment friendliness, etc. should also be taken into account before making a purchase to ensure that your air conditioner turns out to be value for money and a long-lasting investment.

A List for you to choose the best air conditioning system which would suit the custom requirements of your home or office spaces optimally and efficiently.

Here is a list of top air conditioners brands in India:


voltas ac brand

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When it comes to air conditioners, Voltas can be considered to be one among the best manufacturers of air conditioning solutions in India and across the world.

You would be surprised to know that Voltas is, in fact, the sole supplier of air conditioners for the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa. Voltas ACs are equipped with the Turbo Cool Mode with Cross air flow vent which enables faster cooling in only a matter of few minutes.

Some high-end split ACs from Voltas also possess catechin protection filters and filters with Nano silver technology which cleanses the air of harmful bacteria, dust mites and other impurities. Some of the units also come a Dehumidifier, that absorbs the excess amount of moisture in the indoor air during days of high humidity, so that indoor environment is cool and comfortable.


Daikin air conditioner brand

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This is a global leader among the manufacturers of air conditioning systems for both residential, as well as commercial usage. Daikin is a brand originally from Japan but has acquired a global presence with its affordable, quality assured and energy efficient air conditioning solutions.

Most of the air conditioners from this brand come with an ultra-modern design that blends well with your home decor and also occupies less space within the home environment. Moreover, Daikin units are multifunctional, that is, they can perform both the operations of cooling or heating and they also consist of an exhaust function that will bring circulation in the indoor air without either heating or cooling it.

Also, they have zero-noise functionality and smart control features so that the AC units provide quiet cooling and respond to modern lifestyles. Their superior technology is especially designed to optimize power consumption and maximize efficiency, which means that they are sustainable, both economically and in terms of the environment.


haier ac brand

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Haier is a global home appliance and electronics manufacturing brand, originally from China. The Haier air conditioners boast of its superior performance and longevity. Their brand strategy is based on the Win-Win Model of Individual-Goal Combination, which is a user-centric model of production that caters foremostly to the users’ demand and to the developments of the Internet age.

They believe in extreme innovation and so, their products are always upgraded with latest technological features. Haier ACs are suitable for installation, both through the window and on the wall and they come with heavy duty side boards which are durable and long lasting. They provide air conditioning solutions for homes and also for a commercial setup.

One of the best features of split ACs from Haier is their entry guard protection which prevents dust molecules to settle in the body of the conditioner. Plus, it emits no noise during operation and hence, one can enjoy a peaceful, quiet sleep without being bothered.

Blue Star

Blue Star AC

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Blue Star is a company based in India and is among the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for homes as well as office complexes. Their products have been among the most affordable and best air conditioners in the current electronics market, especially suited to cater to Indian climates.

The Blue Star air conditioners are packed with features – Precision Cooling technology, which allows you to set temperatures even in decimals, Integrated Air Purification technology which ensures that all particulate matter and harmful air-borne bacteria are trapped and hence, purifies the air for breathing, Next generation Voice Operation technology, which allows you to operate the AC through voice commands, Hot and Cool Inverter technology, which makes the air conditioners suitable for all seasons, four way adjustable swing for uniform cooling across the room and numerous other features that make Blue Star, one of the best air conditioner brands in India.


lloyd ac brand

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Lloyd provides customers with the best air conditioning solutions that come with smart technology catering to modern lifestyles. In terms of sales, Lloyd ranks second after Voltas, which says volumes about the brand quality and trust.

The Lloyd ACs are equipped with Rapid Cooling technology with four-blade cooling system; this enables instant cooling within two minutes, so that you do not have to wait for the room to cool after stepping inside home from summer heat.

A majority of air conditioners from Lloyd consist of Copper Condensers; copper allows better flow of the refrigerant and also has a better functionality for heat transfer than other metals and is comparatively more durable, which means that your Lloyd AC would come with low maintenance and repair costs.

Moreover, it also minimizes the hassle of searching for the remote control for every time you have to give commands with its latest Wireless access technology. This feature allows you to instantly monitor the AC functioning right from the convenience of your smartphone by downloading the Lloyd AC Remote app, without the need to get up from inside your comforters!


lg ac brand

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This South Korean brand needs no introduction for its reputation as a manufacturer of consumer electronic appliances is perhaps the best, among others. Air conditioners from LG boast of their unique specialty which is the Himalayan Cool Technology.

As the name suggests, these ACs from LG make you feel as if you are amidst the cool climate of the Himalayas, even in peak summer temperatures of the city! They also possess the Monsoon Comfort technology to combat with highly humid air qualities during the rainy season, without overworking the air conditioner and without exceeding power consumption.

The air conditioners from LG, like other LG appliances, are enabled with wireless access and therefore, can be monitored and controlled straight from your smartphone by using the LG Smart ThinQ app.

Some of the models of LG ACs consist of the two-in-one heating and cooling mode of function, that is, besides the usual cooling function of an air conditioner, they also consist of a built-in heater which can be implemented by using the ‘heat mode’ option; this means that you can use the AC throughout the year, including the winter season! Indeed, LG air conditioners make your ‘life good’.


hitachi ac brand

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Hitachi is Japanese electronic appliances brand renowned for its versatility, innovation and upgraded technology. The brand provides air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial purposes and the air conditioners range from window ACs to inverter-based and Split air conditioners.

The unique feature of Hitachi ACs is the iSee and iSense technology powered by R&D technology labs. With the smart sensors, the air conditioners sense the number of people in the room and their location and directs the cooling to those locations. This minimizes wastage of cooling and energy consumption and therefore, keeps your power bills to the bare minimum.

Moreover, if the infrared sensors in newer models of Hitachi air conditioners detect no movement during sleep, they increase the thermostat temperature to one degree celsius per hour for the rest of the night.

This ensures uninterrupted sleep, without the room getting extremely cold by the middle of the night. Other features include wireless access from the comfort of your smartphone, four-direction swing for faster and uniform cooling, auto-humid control and Hot and Cold Contrast air conditioning.


mitsubishi ac brand

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Mitsubishi is the global leader among providers of air conditioning systems for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. Originally developed to suit the climatic conditions in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners have now been upgraded with the latest technology that can function in almost all climatic variations.

Modern air conditioners from Mitsubishi are equipped with Jet Air technology which is based on the blade-shaped design for optimal and uniform cooling across the room environment.

They also contain cross-flow fan construction in such a way that the air flows through the space between each blade without any potential noise generation.

This technology makes Mitsubishi ACs among the quiet air conditioners, as compared to other brands. Some of its other features include, 7-directional adjustable swing, nano-platinum and micro-particle filters which keeps air-borne dust particles and microbes at bay from indoor air, Automatic restart function and many more.


godrej ac brand

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This is a popular consumer electronic appliance brand of Indian origin and the quality of its products speaks for itself. Air conditioners from Godrej are affordable and deliver smooth performance and functioning.

They are implemented with iSense technology which detects the precise location of the person(s) within the room and performs localized and optimal cooling, which also prevents energy loss.

They also come with a ‘dry mode’ to extract excess humidity from the room environment, especially during the monsoon season which gives you a cool and comfortable feeling in sweaty weather.

Godrej air conditioners are known for their Silver Ion and Catechin filters which, besides giving you optimal cooling, also purifies the surrounding air by trapping harmful bacteria, dust mites and other unwanted particles in the air.

Moreover, the refrigerants used are developed from Green Balance technology which contributes to zero ozone depletion. Therefore, air conditioners from Godrej are eco-friendly and promote sustainable technology choices for a sustainable future.

O General

o general ac brand

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This brand, also popularly called the Fujitsu General, is a well-known Japanese brand, manufacturing air conditioning systems across commercial, residential and industrial setups.

O General air conditioners consist of an in-built heater and therefore, they can perform the dual functions of heating and cooling and can be used throughout the year for cool summers and warm winters!

Moreover, the heating operation is not performed by a heating element, which saves power consumption and makes the AC energy efficient and more eco-friendly. Air conditioners from O General also possess human sensors, which detects the number of people in the room and their location to adjust its cooling. This ensures an optimal cooling experience, without any wastage.

Some of the AC models also have a High Density, Multi-path Heat exchanger for faster and rapid cooling. Some other beneficial characteristics include Air deodorizing filters which removes miniscule dust particles and bad odour from the atmospheric air, Automatic restart and sleep function that restores your custom AC settings even after a power cut and V-PAM inverter compressors for self-adjusting and optimal energy consumption


Selecting a suitable and satisfactory air conditioner for home or even for commercial setups can be a challenging task in itself. While price is one of the deciding factors, multiple other features must also be taken into account while making a purchase.

Even though almost all of the aforementioned brands give you with the price range varying from low to high, it is also crucial to be aware of your individual requirements as well as those of the environment to ensure an optimal, smooth and hassle free air conditioning experience for yourself. So, with the approaching summer of sweltering heat, worry no more as these brands of air conditioners have come to your rescue to give you the cool of mountains, in the comfort of your home!

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