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Apps Like Zoom: 15 Best Alternatives to Zoom In 2023

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Apps Like Zoom

Pondering over the best apps like Zoom to be able to expand your options? Well, the ‘new normal’ caught all of us off our guards for the first few weeks. For those who stay far from home, keeping a track on loved ones has become a new mandate. Meeting up with friends and chilling in the café by the corner has become a distant dream. The lives of professionals have seen an upside-down turn, thanks to the alien ‘Work from Home’ culture anomalous to many.

A few months into the pandemic, Zoom emerged as a savior for many. The video conferencing app managed to gain immense popularity in no time. Why? Well, everything from the user interface to the innovative features contributed to its rampant usage. However, it was soon discovered that the platform has underlying security and privacy concerns.

If you have been facing similar concerns, you might want to try some alternatives to Zoom. Whether it is for professional engagement, a conference call with friends or a video chat with family members, you might want to give the following 15 Apps like Zoom a try.

Here are Top 15 Sites like Zoom (For Online Classes & Meetings):

Apps like Zoom for Professional Engagements:

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex - apps like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 100
  • Time Limit (free version): Unlimited

The video-conferencing app Webex is probably one of the oldest on this list of apps like Zoom. It has been around since the 90s era, only to be acquired by Cisco in 2007. Cisco Webex is primarily designed to serve businesses and companies. The American Company offers integration with other apps as well, including Google Drive, Gmail, Sales Force and so on, thus offering an all-round approach for work-related meetings.

It goes without mentioning that security on the Webex platform is taken special care of. No wonder, businesses, organizations and institutions use the platform alike for conducting their day-to-day proceedings. Besides, the current scenario has seen an unprecedented rise in the app’s usage worldwide.

The best part is that the platform offers several features for free. They have upgraded number of participants for the free version from 50 to 100, and also removed the 40-minute time limit criterion. The app is a great alternative to Zoom in this scenario, for all kinds of users.

Skype Meet Now

Skype meet now - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 50
  • Time Limit (free version): 4 hours per individual video call; 10 hours per day for video calls; 100 hours per month for video calls

Skype is another giant name in the world of video-conferencing apps for ages now. The platform was always lauded for its supreme quality video and audio transmission, its user-friendliness and attractive interface. However, its free features had always included only one-on-one conversations.

You would be delighted to know that Skype’s new ‘Meet Now’ feature has free video-conferencing facilities for its users now. With long enough time limits for daily and monthly usage and participant limit up to 50 individuals, Skype’s Meet Now is a tough competitor and great alternative to Zoom.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsimeet - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 75
  • Time Limit (free version): 4 hours per individual video call; 10 hours per day for video calls; 100 hours per month for video calls

When talking about apps like Zoom for work-related meetings, Jitsi Meet is a name that deserves a mention. The open-source website is free, easy to use and ideal for both public and private chats. So, for someone looking to host a webinar for their new business or an event, Jitsi Meet is an ideal choice.

Every user can create an online meeting using minimal steps and clear directions. There is also ample room for customization using Jitsi’s Video bridge feature for anyone looking for a more specific solution. Although the platform is offered as a web tool and not the application, the features and interface are at par with any other apps like Zoom on this list.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 250 working on increasing it to 1000
  • Time Limit (free version): depends on what kind of meeting you wish to hold

Microsoft Teams is an enviable platform when it comes to professional video-conferencing apps like Zoom. With a slew of features that are extremely desirable for business organizations, Teams has always been quite popular in the work sphere.

Microsoft Teams allows organizations to record and store all exchanged files, video recordings and audio clips in a shared database which individuals can be given access to. Participants can chat not just in groups but also with individual members. Besides, individuals can access both video calls and shared files from whatever device they are using because of greater compatibility.

The platform comes both free of cost and on paid subscriptions, with a range of advanced features separating the two. If one chooses to subscribe to the paid service, one avails the offer of platform API integration with Office 365 Suite. This could be a wise investment for any company. Besides, the productivity tools MS Teams offers are unmatched when it comes to apps like Zoom.


starleaf video meeting - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 20 people
  • Time Limit (free version): 46 minutes

StarLeaf has been around for quite some time, though it has always been meant for larger business organizations. The platform has recently launched free video calling and texting features to answer to user demands in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are looking for a professional platform for building connections between employees and clients, StarLeaf is a good alternative.


bigbluebutton - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): Recommended limit 100 for an individual session
  • Time Limit (free version): 1 hour per session, sometimes 2-hour sessions on weekends

BigBlueButton is an ideal platform for educational institutions and allied individuals. The open-source software allows fuss-free connection between teachers and students free. All one needs to ensure is that they have set up a server for use on the video-conferencing software platform. One can take the help of an IT administrator in this regard.

The open-source video-conferencing software is compatible with the Web, iOS and Android. There are multiple features to use once one is done with the setup. Teachers can take polls of the students on any matter; can share their whiteboard or screen and they can conduct both public and private lectures. Besides, there is the feature of a ‘Breakout Room’ which teachers can offer to the students so that they may discuss a topic for some time.

The platform’s API offers integration to multiple platforms and services which are in common use for educational purposes. Be it SmartClass or Schoology, administration and educators can team up together to find the best-suited integrations. The platform is secure and interactive. This makes it a great alternative to apps like Zoom for educational purposes.

Apps like Zoom for Family and Friends:

Here are the Best Apps Like Zoom For Family & Friends:

Google Hangouts

Hangouts - app like zoom

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 25
  • Time Limit (free version): no time limit

Google Hangouts has never been talked about as Google’s premier products like Gmail and Google Drive. Yet, many of us have used it as the old school way to stay in touch with our friends in the past, haven’t we? Well, Hangouts serves its purpose to this day, with some additional features like video calling up to 25 contacts at a time.

What deserves a mention here is that Google Hangouts doesn’t have as many as promising and innovative features as other apps like Zoom on this list. However, if you need to catch up for a quick chat with family members and friends during these times, Google Hangouts is indeed a fair choice.

Google Meet

google meet - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 100
  • Time Limit (free version): 60 minutes (but the limit has been waived till 30th September)

Google launched Meet and upgraded its purpose perhaps to overtake platforms like Zoom in this recent craze. The platform is open and free for anyone with a Gmail account and has some interesting features. Earlier, it was available only to educators and to those who had subscribed to the G-Suite as a paid service. Only recently, in May 2020, has it made the platform free for all.

The services are to roll out gradually, and so are the plans. Currently, the platform has made video calls for unlimited duration free till 30th September 2020. So, if you are looking for a safer, more reliable and cheaper alternative app to Zoom, Google Meet should tick all the boxes for you.

One can pin to their screen any individual out of all the participants for extra focus on them. If one opts not to pin anyone to their screen, the person speaking at the moment automatically takes up the larger portion of the screen. One can use the Chat Box to write down something they want all other users to see. One can also use Captions option to be able to read what the others are speaking.


talkie - app like zoom

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 15
  • Time Limit (free version): no time limit

If you are looking for a simple alternative to Zoom for video chatting with family and friends, there cannot be a simpler solution than Talky. The platform allows one to create or join a video call with a few clicks only. The platform allows the option of screen sharing and multiple apps usage in the background. With its recent update from six to fifteen users, Talky has the potential of becoming a popular video conferencing platform in no time.


whatsapp messenger - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 8
  • Time Limit (free version): no time limit

WhatsApp needs no introduction, having been around for quite a long time as the go-to instant messaging application for family, friends and professional relations alike. The platform has recently upgraded to offer video calling to eight people, previously four.
The application is extremely easy to set up; all you need is a phone number and a device to support WhatsApp.

The user interface is simple yet attractive, and this makes it stand out in comparison to other apps like Zoom on this list. All the other users you intend to call should also have WhatsApp accounts updated to the latest version to be able to use this feature.

Google Duo

google duo - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 12
  • Time Limit (free version): 25 hours

Google Duo is one such video-conferencing app that has seen a tremendous rise in popularity ever since its launch. The platform offers an interactive user interface, along with attractive features like face filters, short video and audio messages, text messages in the form of notes and so on. The app has, in no time, become a favorite among the masses. If you are looking for apps like Zoom to have conversations with family and friends, Google Duo is a perfect choice.

Besides, what needs to be mentioned here is that Google Duo’s app size, just like Google Meet, is much less in comparison to Zoom or some other apps listed here. This matters a lot, considering that these days our phones are already preoccupied with several work-related documents, messages and photographs from family members and friends and such other files. Therefore, Google Duo seems to come to the rescue here by not taking up too much phone storage space.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free): 8
  • Time Limit (free): no time limit

Facebook needs no introduction and neither does Messenger. The two platforms have been around for several years now, connecting people across the globe. Facebook also owns some of the mega giants in the social networking industry today, be it Instagram or WhatsApp. It has already made its mark on millions of users worldwide, who continue to spend a lot of time on the platform each day.

Facebook’s Messenger is essentially the platform’s instant messaging service, which also has options for video conferencing. This can be availed both through the application and on Facebook’s website. However, Messenger allows only up to 8 people at once on an individual video call. This seems okay if one is chatting with family members and friends. Yet, for those who wish to engage with their online audiences, this limit seems to be a little off-putting.

Therefore, Facebook has also introduced a novel feature of the Messenger Room. Using the Room feature, the host can add up to 50 members at once in the video call. We hope over time Facebook tries to increase this participant limit even higher, considering there is no time limit for such engagements. Anyway, the platform deserves a mention on this list of apps like Zoom.


Facetime - app like zoom

 <strong>Get It On App Store</strong> Get It On App Store

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 32 (not available in all countries and regions)
  • Time Limit (free version): no time limit

FaceTime is perhaps one of the oldest video-calling platforms on this list when it comes to Apple users. FaceTime is available on iOS, macOS and iPad-OS devices. The platform has some attractive features like Memoji, filters and flare. One individual call can hold up to the 32 participants, though this is also subject to the region where the call is to take place. However, the only downside is that the platform can be used to call only Apple users.

Apps like Zoom for online streaming and games

Here is the List of Online Streaming Apps & Sites:


Discord - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 50

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, many have been forced to stay home, away from friends and family. This is when online streaming and group gaming apps have come to the fore. Discord is one of them.

The platform cannot be said to be an alternative to Zoom if you used the latter for professional purposes. Yet, if you happened to use Zoom for connecting with friends and hanging out online, Discord is a far more interesting option. You can play actual video games with friends and create multiple channels for multiple activities. With group chats and calling enabled, Discord offers the perfect experience of hanging out virtually with friends on those favorite weekend game nights.


House party - app like zoom

  • Number of Participants allowed (free version): 8

If  creating and organizing group games is not you cup of tea, you can always opt for HouseParty. The platform weaves in features of group chatting and video-conferencing, along with multiple games already organized in your bucket. With some additional payments, you can subscribe to cooler features like new topics, trivia and games to enjoy game nights with friends.

The app is popularly referred to as the face-to-face social networking app. HouseParty allows not just games and fun, but also a great platform to engage and hold conversations with friends. The platform makes video conferencing effortless and a matter of a few seconds only. It is a must-try for anyone looking for some fresh vibes.


Video conferencing has now become a part and parcel of our daily life these days. One might consider working on group projects for the office or calling up your friends because you miss them. In either case, video chats are the only solution these days. Zoom has a promising interface and some great features. Yet, the privacy and security concerns of the platform have been doing rounds for some time.

Therefore, it would be a great idea to try out some free alternatives. The choice certainly depends on what kind of purpose you are looking to fulfill. We hope our list of 15 apps like Zoom help you figure out which currently trending app fits your needs best. Stay safe, stay home!


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