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List of Top 10 Best Architecture Colleges In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Architecture Colleges In India

Unlike the age-old conventional streams of Engineering and Medicine, students these days are opting for varied professional courses with energy and vigour.

Many households have now broadened their mentalities by encouraging children to go for commerce and economic related subjects. Yet others have begun opting for arts and humanities to participate in the boosting sector later in lives.

A large chunk of students in recent years has begun opting for a professional course in Architecture, whether graduation or diploma. With the construction industry seeing rapid growth in the past few years, coupled with a steady increase in jobs on the global platform, Architecture seems a lucrative choice for many.

Yet, when it comes to choosing the right college for pursuing the degree, many could end up making a mistake.

Here is a comprehensive list of the Top Ten Architecture Colleges in India which you could opt for pursuing the degree of your choice. The comprehensive list presented here has taken into account the performance of different colleges and universities across the country along with national rankings if provided.

Here is the List of Top 10 Ranked Architecture Colleges In India:

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur: Best Architecture College In India

IIT Kharagpur is one institute that needs no introduction. Established in 1951, it is presently the numero uno architecture institute in India based on NIRF 2019. What makes the institute stand apart is its notable alumni network.

Popularly referred to as IIT-KGP, the institute is home to numerous engineering and science departments besides that of Architecture and Planning. The department dates back to 1952.

The department is known not just for its undergraduate programme, but equally well for its postgraduate teaching and research projects.

The department holds collaborative programmes with leading institutes, internship firms and international students/teachers for the holistic development of their students.

When it comes to facilities, the department is well equipped with computer and informatics laboratories, audiovisual facilities as well as a photographic lab for students. The students have also been placed at leading companies and corporations in recent years.

USP: The tag of IIT, the brilliant campus life and perks of placements with high median salaries. Solid alumni network.

Address: Kharagpur


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Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee: Best Architecture College In India

IIT Roorkee happens to be the oldest technical institution in Asia, although its Architecture and Planning dates back to 1956. The department offers B. Arch, M. Arch, MURP and PhD programmes to students.

The department holds the credit of being the first institute in the country to provide a Masters Degree in Architecture and later in Urban Planning.

The department makes sure it selects only the best of the best students, so if you are looking to obtain an admission here, you need to make sure your entrance examination is brilliantly attended to.

The department boasts of six labs for students – Virtual Reality Lab, SPARSH (Spatial Planning and Research), Urban Dynamics Lab, Civic Design Lab, Industrial Design Lab and LID Lab for conducting deeper and specific research. Most of these labs are designated, however, for students pursuing the postgraduate degree. 

For the undergraduate students too, there are facilities like Climatology Lab, Computer Lab and Computerized Design studios. There are also workshop and art lab facilities provided for the students to engage in learning and enhancing other skills. 

USP: The tag of being an IITian and of being able to study and compete with the best of the best.

Address: Roorkee – Haridwar Highway, Roorkee

Phone: 01332 285 311

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School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi: Best Architecture College In India

Dating back to 1955, the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, holds a special name in the field of architectural studies, especially because of its postgraduate programmes.

As the name suggests, this is a specialized university dealing with architecture and several allied fields. Students find themselves competing hard to obtain a spot at one or the other postgraduate courses SPA Delhi has to offer.

With a promising alumni network, one of the best teaching faculty and a spectrum of academic programmes, SPA Delhi is one of the top rankers in this field.

There is huge scope for research work, with well-equipped facilities and centres. The institute offers a number of postgraduate programmes – Architectural Conservation, Building Engineering Management, Urban Design – to name a few.

The hostel facilities are not provided on the campus itself, which might be a downside for some. The institute boasts of a documentation and publication unit along with different workshops and testing laboratories.

USP: The frequent student programmes and studio culture.

Address: 4, Block B, Beside State Bank Of India, Indraprashta Marg, IP Estate

Phone: 011 2370 2382

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Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai

Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai: Best Architecture College In India

Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy College of Architecture is a common and esteemed name in the field of architecture in Maharashtra. It was first started as an Art School in 1857 and in 1913 it started offering diploma courses in Architecture.

Thus, it holds the distinction of being the first institute in the country to award a diploma course in the field.

The college has always seen consistent ranking within the top ten to fifteen architecture institutes in the country based on different national rankings. The NIRF 2019, however, has not provided any rank to the institute.

Sir J.J. College of Architecture boasts of regular campus events aimed at broadening student knowledge and practical experience. They also hold academic exhibitions of student works of all years. The location of the campus at the heart of South Bombay as well as the associated prestige with the institute adds some more feathers to its cap.

USP: Mumbai weather. The beautiful architecture of the campus. The prestige associated with the institute. 

Address: 78/3, Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Rd, Dhobi Talao, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Fort, Mumbai

Phone: 022 2262 1649

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School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal: Best Architecture College In India

SPA Bhopal is relatively new when compared to most of the other architecture institutes named in this list. The institute has several departments, including Architecture, Conservation, Landscape, Urban Design, Environment Planning, URP, Transport Planning and Design. 

The department of Architecture boasts of a promising open studio culture, which encourages students from all levels to learn from each other. The campus offers a GIS and Graphics Lab, along with workshops and computer centre for students.

The institute is further planning to expand its facilities and campus by including an auditorium, open-air theatre and increased academic spaces.  

The only thing that can bother people looking forward to taking admission in a college is its faraway location from the main city. However, the institute is constantly striving and has already made up for this by providing a strong transport network for students.

At the same time, the institute has also been working hard for inducing more and more activities on campus to make campus life energetic and rewarding. USP: The SPA tag. The open studio cultures. The promising campus facilities. 

Address: Neelbad Rd, near IISER Institute, Bhauri

Phone: 0755 252 6800

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Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra: Best Architecture College In India

BIT Mesra is a renowned institute located in Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand. It was established in 1955 with the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Architecture was established in the year 1993. As per last year’s NIRF rankings, it has earned the 10th place. 

Apart from the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, BIT Mesra also provides Master’s in Urban Planning. Eight students are presently enrolled in the PhD programme under able faculty members. The student facilities in the institute are mostly centralized, including CAD laboratories, library and canteens. 

The students are also lent exposure to the practical world through seminars and lectures, which is a plus point. Another positive side is the fee structure, which is comparatively less when compared with NITs and IITs. USP: Campus life. Solid and well-planned course structure. Strong global alumni network. 

Address: Mesra

Phone: 0651 227 5444

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Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi: Best Architecture College In India

Jamia Millia Islamia University is located in close proximity to Okhla and New Friends Colony in New Delhi. It is a public central university established in 1920, although the Department of Architecture was established much later. As per NIRF 2019 rankings, it stands at the 8th position. 

The Department of Architecture at Jamia Millia conducts regular seminars and workshops for its students, with speakers from India and abroad. There are 9 research scholars in the institute as of now under able departmental faculty.

The department has computer facilities for its undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars. The institute offers postgraduation in several branches such as Architecture Pedagogy, Building Services, Health Architecture, Recreation Architecture, Urban Regeneration and Ekistics. 

USP: Life in New Delhi. Campus activities. A lot of interaction for students with industry professionals. Holistic course structure. 

Address: Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi


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Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad

Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad: Best Architecture College In India

The CEPT University, Ahmedabad, was established in 1962 by the Ahmedabad Education Society. The university has five faculties: 

  • The Faculty of Architecture – imparting education on the design of the public realm 
  • The Faculty of Planning – imparting education on planning in the public realm
  • The Faculty of Technology – imparting education on construction technology and materials
  • Faculty of Management – imparting education on Habitat and Project Management
  • Faculty of Design – imparting education on Interior Design

The autonomous academic institution boasts of a unique, beautiful campus designed by the legendary BV Doshi himself. The students are constantly encouraged to research, participate in seminars, present papers at international symposiums and volunteer for multiple events.

The campus life is also laced with multiple events, such as book launches, concerts, lectures and awards.

The campus offers library and laboratory facilities to students, apart from workshops related to environmental impact. The Archives of the Department of Architecture hold valuable resources for the students to refer to.

The institute has also made sure to channelize its resources online, where they are available for preview and understanding to any onlooker.

As per the latest NIRF 2019, CEPT University has garnered a place among top fifteen architecture institutes in the country. The institute also caters to student services by providing them financial and other support, academic counselling and open house. They are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities for their holistic development.

USP: Campus designed by Pritzker-winning BV Doshi himself. There cannot be a better environment for inspiration. 

Address: Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Phone: 079 2630 2470

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School of Planning and Architecture, Vijaywada

School of Planning and Architecture, Vijaywada: Best Architecture College In India

SPA Vijaywada, on the same lines as SPA Bhopal, was established as an autonomous institution by the Government of India in 2008. The institute is yet in its nascent stage, to be honest, yet it has achieved the credit of imparting quality education to students.

The institute has two departments, namely Architecture and Planning. Under the Architecture department, students are enrolled both in undergraduate programmes as well as postgraduate ones (Landscape Architecture, Architectural Conservation and Building Engineering and Management). 

The campus facilities include a central library and computer centre for students along with various laboratories for enhanced learning and activity.

The research cell of the institute is laid special focus on, with a separate incubation cell among other facilities for research scholars. Students are also encouraged to participate in multiple activities, clubs and councils for the holistic development of body and mind.

Address: Survey No.4, 4, ITI Rd, Krishna Nagar, Vijayawada

Phone: 0866 246 9446

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Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur: Best Architecture College In India

IIEST Shibpur, erstwhile Bengal Engineering College (BE College), was later christened as Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU) until finally given the status of the first IIEST of India in 2014.

The institute, laced with a rich history, was established in 1856 on the shores of the Hooghly River in the iconic city of Howrah, West Bengal. The autonomous university has been granted the status of an Institute of National Importance.

The second-oldest engineering institute in the country is also the first institute in India to award a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. The Department of Architecture was started in 1949.

IIEST Shibpur has been a residential campus since 1889, offering hostel facilities within the lush green campus itself for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as PhD students. Students have the facility of availing financial waivers in case of issues.

Laced with experienced faculty members, there are 27 research scholars pursuing research in very interesting domains. Students are provided facilities of a central library, resident hostels within the campus itself, different laboratories like CADD, Construction, Remote Sensing and GI.

The Departmental Archive and Library provides the student with valuable resources. The four canteens in the campus, multiple cultural and tech events as well as entrepreneurship opportunities.

The placement scenario is bleak, yet the students land up great jobs on the basis of the strong portfolio, drawing and design sensibility they build over the five years.

USP: Amazing campus and hostel life. Senior-junior relationships. Strong and amicable alumni network. Course Structure, details and knowledge imparted.

Address: P.O. – Botanic Garden, Howrah


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These are some of the best architecture institutes you can enrol yourself in if you plan on pursuing a degree on the same. Most of them have featured in one or the other national rankings.

The ones that have not might have some other positives based on which they make a good choice. At the end of the day, a professional course like Architecture depends a lot on the qualities and skills you develop and not entirely on the college you have pursued it from.

The fee structure, placement scenario as well as location of the institute are other important factors a student needs to keep in mind when opting for a college.

After all, the course is of five long years and you need financial support, comfort and ability to travel from your home conveniently when it comes to the college you opt for. Hope this list helps you cover some of these points.


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