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10 Best Baby Dry Sheets Available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Taking care of a newborn is no piece of cake and every parent is perhaps aware of the hustle that comes with looking after a newborn baby. While the little munchkins fill our lives with pocket fulls of fun and happiness, taking good care and keeping your baby comfortable at all times is of utmost significance for their further development and overall health.  

Before welcoming your newborn, one such item on the checklist to tend your child should be baby dry sheets. As the name suggests, baby dry sheets or bed protectors are waterproof bed sheets that can be used with the regular bedding to prevent the wetting of the mattresses or bed covers.

In doing so, they also keep your baby dry at night, protect them from rashes and give your newborn a comfortable and sound sleep. Most of the dry sheets come with a non-quilted protector that shields the baby from dust, bacteria and other allergy-causing germs. 

The following article lists some of the best baby dry sheets and waterproof bed protectors in India for babies that you can easily purchase online, to see your newborns wake up the next morning with a happy smile on their faces.  

 Here is the list of Best Dry Sheets for Baby Available Online:

OYO BABY Waterproof Bed Protector Dry Sheet

OYO BABY Waterproof Bed Protector Dry Sheet - Small, Navy Blue: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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One of the premium and best quality baby care products, this baby dry sheet from OYO Baby is one the best options of waterproof dry sheets for babies.

Durable and breathable, this dry sheet will provide your newborn with excellent protection against fluids, urine, perspiration and even dust mites and allergens.

It is 100% waterproof with high absorbing capacity to prevent the mattresses from wetting and also keeping the baby dry and comfortable throughout the night.  

This baby dry sheet is polyvinyl free and therefore, retains its silky smooth texture even after repeated washes. It dries quickly and is completely hygienic and skin friendly.

The mattress protector baby dry sheet from OYO Baby is available in a variety of sizes, from small to dry sheets for king-sized beds as well. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your baby’s mood.  

OYO Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Baby Care Dry Sheet

OYO Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Baby Care Dry Sheet, Medium, Rani Pink: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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Give your infant the delicate care and solace of a comfortable and sound sleep by using this waterproof bed protector for babies. One of the best baby dry sheets in India, this product comes in a variety of cutesy colors to suit all the personalities and moods of your baby.

This ultra absorbent dry crib sheet or mattress protector makes for an ideal choice for your baby’s comfort and good quality sleep.  

This baby dry sheet is skin friendly and is made from heat free soft fabric, to maintain the smoothness of the baby’s sensitive skin and keep them free from rashes.

It is a highly hygienic, breathable and durable dry sheet and is the best alternative to baby rubber sheets or plastic mat that can be irritable for the soft skin of newborns. Plus, this dry sheet is extremely economical and retains its properties even after repeated washes.  

Bey Bee Waterproof Bed Protector Baby Dry Sheet

Bey Bee Waterproof Bed Protector Baby Dry Sheet, Medium, Peach: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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Bey Bee ranks among the highest in quality baby care products. Cot mattress protectors and baby dry sheets from this brand are 100% waterproof, highly absorbent and made of organic material.

Give your child the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer periods of time with a cozy, smooth and silky feeling that comes from using these super effective dry sheets for babies so that your baby can enjoy a diaper free night full of restful comfort. 

Some of the useful features of these baby dry sheets from Bey Bee is that it dries faster, has a multi-layer, heat free fabric, holds fluid up to eight times more than its weight and ensures a rash free skin for your baby.

Baby dry sheets from this brand come in four different sizes – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and a variety of colors and can therefore be used on any bed size.   

LuvLap Insta-dry Extra Absorbent Baby Dry Sheet/Bed Protector – Salmon Rose

LuvLap Insta-dry Extra Absorbent Baby Dry Sheet/Bed Protector - Salmon Rose: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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Just as its name suggests, baby dry sheets from LuvLap are super absorbent and dry in no time. This means that you simply do not have to deal with wetness and only smiling babies! The premium high absorbency material prevents any unpleasant plastic or rubber smell. 

LuvLap Insta-dry Sheets are skin friendly, heat-free, breathable and ultra soft for keeping your baby comfortable. Hygienic, durable and 100% waterproof, they keep your mattress protected through the night.  

The Insta-dry sheets for babies protects the bedding from stains, spills and moisture, including incontinence and sweat. The sheet is lightweight and can be carried along wherever you go.

The baby dry sheets are available in a multiple variety of colors and three sizes Small, Medium and Large. Also, even after repeated uses, the material retains its comforting properties. 

Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector 

Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector - Small: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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If you are looking for super soft fabric for the super soft and tender skin of your baby, then Little’s Easy baby dry sheets and bed protectors are the best option to purchase.

This super absorbent bed protector, that can also be used in cribs and bassinets, dries quickly to leave your newborn resting on a dry surface through the night.

One of its unique qualities is that it has stitched edges which prevents easy fraying and peeling off of the surface; thereby increasing its shelf life and durability. It also provides protection against harmful bacteria, dust and allergens.  

The advanced material used in this bed protector for babies is completely breathable and hygienic for your baby. Offering a silky feel, this protector is designed keeping in mind your baby’s sensitive skin.

It is durable and easy to use and wash, and can be used under your bed sheet at night. It is available in vibrant colors and in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.  

FRATELLI Cozy Dry Baby Bed Protector Twin Pack – Large, Navy Blue and Maroon

FRATELLI Cozy Dry Baby Bed Protector Twin Pack - Large, Navy Blue and Maroon: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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This twin pack of baby dry sheets from FRATELLI is something which should be on the checklist of every parents-to-be. Light weight, durable and breathable, this pack of baby dry sheets comes with multiple layers to absorb fluid over 8 times of its weight.

The quick dry sheet also dries faster as the membrane promotes the removal of water vapor, but also allows moisture to pass through the entire fabric, keeping the comfort of your child’s skin intact. 

This package contains two large baby dry sheets in navy blue and maroon colors that can easily be spread under the bed sheet or can even be used in cribs, bassinets, cots etc..

Baby dry sheets from FRATELLI contain exactly what it requires to make a warm, friendly and cozy environment for your infant for a deep, uninterrupted sleep.  

Bey Bee Water Resistant Bed Protector Baby Dry Sheet

Bey Bee Water Resistant Bed Protector Baby Dry Sheet with Ultra Absorbance: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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One of the best baby dry sheets to purchase online, Bey Bee dry sheets come with an agreeable texture and an additional dry layer to prevent dampness of the bed and to allow the  infant’s skin to inhale better.

The cottony delicateness ensures for your child, continuous rest for a longer period of time. Bey Bee dry sheets for babies keep different fluids from penetrating and dry quicker as the texture layer promotes the evacuation of water vapor rapidly.  

This waterproof mattress and bed linen protector is easy to use and reuse after multiple washes. Made of environment friendly fabric, this baby dry sheet is ideal to provide your newborn with a comfortable and relaxing sleep, without worrying about dampness or bed wetting in the middle of the night.

Plus, it has a super absorbent capacity so you do not have to worry about changing the sheets repeatedly over the course of the night.  

OYO BABY – Waterproof and Reusable Mat/Mattress Protector and Absorbent Sheets

OYO BABY - Waterproof and Reusable Mat/Mattress Protector and Absorbent Sheets: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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Another premium quality product from OYO Baby, this baby dry sheet and mattress protector comes with a promise of total peace of mind for you and your young one.

This highly absorbent, waterproof dry sheet for babies makes sure to keep your baby dry and avoid any skin rashes to keep your infant’s skin clean and free from any germs, allergens or bacteria. The mattress protector can absorb and hold up to 8 times more, the weight of fluids and dries instantly.  

The fabric of this absorbent sheet is super soft and skin friendly with no side effects like rashes or bedsores. Its absorbent capacity helps keep the mattress clean and dry, thereby preventing germs and bacteria to remain. 

With these baby dry sheets that are safe, tried and tested, premium quality, mattress protectors, give your newborn the gift of healthy, natural and soothing dampness-free sleep. 

Amazon Brand – Solimo Water Resistant Baby Dry Sheet

Amazon Brand - Solimo Water Resistant Baby Dry Sheet: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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Dry sheets for babies by Solimo are made from breathable microfiber fleece that is water resistant and dries faster, thereby protecting your mattresses from dampness or bed wetting.

It comes with a dual layer protection and quick absorption to prevent any stains on your bed linen, while your baby enjoys a relaxing sleep through the night. Free from harmful chemicals, the product is extremely safe for use for newborn babies.  

These water resistant dry sheets for babies are easy to maintain and can be easily hand-washed or machine-washed multiple times. Moreover, due to their light weight design, they are highly portable and you can carry them along during travel etc..

They can also be used as play mat or in cradles, bassinets or for strollers. Solimo dry sheets are available in the three basic sizes – Small, Medium and Large and in beautiful shades of blue, pink and red. 

MY ARMOR Baby Dry Sheet/Mattress Protector

MY ARMOR Baby Dry Sheet/Mattress Protector: Best Baby Dry Sheet

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If you are looking for premium quality baby care products and specifically baby dry sheets, then this brand can be your answer. With quick drying, extra absorbent and waterproof properties, baby dry sheets from MY ARMOR are the perfect comfort to provide tender care to your newborn. They provide excellent protection against fluids.  

The dry sheets and mattresses protectors are precisely stitched along the borders which gives additional prevention of spillage of liquids along the sides and increases the durability of the dry sheet.

They can easily be cleaned in a regular machine and retain their smooth texture even after multiple washes. You can purchase these baby dry sheets in a range of colors and in three basic sizes. With these dry sheets, your baby is surely going to love the soft and cozy fabric that will bundle him up in a warm embrace.  


So, let your babies sleep with bliss all through the night with these best bed protectors and baby dry sheets available in India.

Not only will these mattress protectors save your bed linen from wetting, but also embrace your baby in a comfortable, warm cuddle for a restful and sound sleep.

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