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Best Atta Chakki Machine Available in India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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best atta chakki machines

“Self-sufficiency and Self-reliance” is a motto that nations stand behind; then why should people be left out. Give yourself the pleasure of self sufficiency with a small step like grinding your own flour using domestic flour mills.

They are highly durable and incredibly long-lasting, making it an efficient investment. Apart from being able to grind only flour, these highly versatile machines let you grind seeds, sprouts, millets, spices and much more! We give you a list of the best atta chakki machines available in the market that are pocket friendly and also filled with attractive features.

Here is the list of Best Atta Chakki Machine:

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill

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Haystar domestic flour Mill is highly durable as it is made with heavy-duty die-cast iron and claims to easily last for twenty years. The domestic flour mill comes with a cloth filter which requires low maintenance as it is easy to wash, as well as durable and hygienic. The cloth filter can be easily replaced for just Rs. 100. The machine takes child’s safety into account with features like automatic shut off, along with auto-detection of no grain’s features.

The high-quality chambers in the mill have multiple channel airflow that achieves a better motor cooling which results in a longer mill life. Additionally, the mill is self-cleaning and henceforth there is no need for a vacuum cleaner after every use which not only saves a lot of time but also makes it a more user friendly and efficient machine.

Finally, it is equipped to grind all types of dry grains, spices, millets, or sprouts. It grinds non-oily grains without any hassle as it does not gum, overheat or jam. The mill comes with 6 different types of net for grinding different types of flour, a steel container, cleaning brush and weight bearing caster wheels.

PUKHRAJ Mini Chakki

PUKHRAJ Mini Chakki

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Pukhraj Mini Chakki grinder isn’t like your heavy duty domestic atta chakki, rather it is a more compact and efficiently designed machine for grinding fresh flour at home whilst avoiding all sorts of impurities.

The machine has an entire stainless-steel body which not only makes it extremely durable but also gives it that sturdiness that it requires. Additionally, it is also designed with the traditional stone grinders which are 150 mm in size and cast iron that allows you to grind various types of grains and furthermore gives you pure and aromatic flour after every grind.

The mill comes with a regulator handle to get different types of flour, a grinding wheel and a cleaning brush which makes your job easier.

Natraj Viva Domestic Flour Mill

Natraj Viva Domestic Flour Mill Aata chakki

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Natraj Viva Domestic Flour Mill is the best atta chakki in India as it is easy on the pocket as well as equipped with various intuitive features. The domestic mill is extremely low maintenance, easy to operate and even clean after use.
One of the key features of the mill that makes it better than its competition is that the grinding chamber is made from cold-forged steel which makes sure that you get an iron particle-free grinding.

Henceforth, giving you unadulterated, clean and pure flour made from the grains. It uses one of the most powerful and efficient German technology-based electric motors to run their mill. It grinds all kinds of grains like coffee, wheat, salt, rice, maize, bajra, rava and so many more! The Natraj domestic flour mill comes equipped with a brass perforated jaalis which enable churning out flour of varied fineness. The kit comes with a cleaning brush, warranty card, manual guide, and demo cd.

Rahul Laxmi No 1 Mini Chakki

Rahul Laxmi No 1 Mini Chakki

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Rahul Laxmi No 1 Mini Chakki is a more traditional machine that grinds grain instantly and quickly. Unlike regular flour mills, it is made up of stainless steel and is equipped with grinding stones of 150mm that gives you fine quality flour every time.

This flour mill is an efficient and powerful product designed to grind 8-10 kg in just an hour without any wastage of flour. If this product were known for something, it would be its safety features like how the machine automatically stops if the door is open or the fact that it consumes less amount of electricity i.e. only 0.5 to 0.75 unit per hour and that it makes lesser noise whilst it’s in operation.

Sonar Stone Grinder Domestic Flour Mill

Sonar Stone Grinder Atta Chakki

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The sonar stone grinder is efficiently designed like a traditional stone grinder that gives you fine flour after every use. The mill has an entire stainless-steel body that is extremely durable and shockingly making it highly affordable.

It is smaller in size and is one of the best choices for home kitchens. One can prepare more than ten kgs of flour in a go, without the machine overheating or stopping. The machine uses stone which is 125 mm in size and hence it can be used to grind different types of grains. One gets nutritious and pure flour with the help of this stone grinder. The hopper can also hold up to 5 kgs of flour at once.

Milcent Five Star Talky with Vaccu Clean

Milcent Five Star atta chakki

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Milcent Five Star Talky with Vaccu Clean is a product of Milcent, which has been into manufacturing flour mills for the past 70 years. Henceforth, this commercial mill comes full with useful features, at a shockingly optimum and affordable price.

The product is designed keeping in mind child safety. The electric motor comes with the power of one horsepower which is efficient to run the machine smoothly for hours. The hopper is built efficiently to take 5 kgs of grain, while it churns out about ten kgs of flour at once.

It is equipped with seven different mesh types, made from stainless steel itself and with them one can grind flour of various fineness according to one’s needs.  The auto clean system makes the grinding chamber clean at the end of every single grinding process.



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Cookwell Instagrind Mixer Grinder Has come up with an efficient and reliant flour mill for domestic use. This instant grinder comes with attachments that make it user friendly and useful in the kitchen. Unlike regular flour mills, the cookwell flour mill comes with three containers of different sizes and purposes.

The first one is for wet ingredients, the second is for dry ingredients and the third is for chutneys. They have different and specific locking mechanisms based on the different purposes. The versatility designed caters to several uses in the kitchen as it functions as a mixer grinder and a flour mill. The mill comes with three jaalis that let you grind flour of different finesses.

MICROACTIVE Fortune 2 in 1 Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill/Masala and Grains Grinder

MICROACTIVE Fortune 2 in 1 Fully Automatic Atta Chakki Machine

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Microactive Fortune 2 in 1 Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill/Masala and Grains Grinder is a fully automatic flour mill that comes with some astounding features.
The construction of the flour mill is steady as it is made using high quality plywood and the inside is made using stainless steel.

It comes equipped with 6 types of different jaali sets with perforated sleeves, so one can easily use it to grind the grains to a thickness and fineness of their own choice. The different jaalis add onto the versatile machine as one can grind any grain, seed or sprout of their choice. The product comes with a warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. Although this is a highly durable product and breakdown is a rare occurrence.

King Fully Automatic Golden Deer Flourmill

King Fully Automatic Golden Deer Flourmill for Kitchen

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King Fully Automatic Domestic Flourmill is easy to operate, maintain and clean. The pocket friendly flour mill comes with a beautiful golden deer design on the plywood front that makes it look highly attractive in one’s kitchen.

It has a stainless-steel container and is equipped with accessories like 6 different types of Nets that can be used to prepare different types of Flour, efficient caster wheel that enables easy movement, and a cleaning brush.

The electric motor comes with the power of one horsepower which is efficient to run the machine smoothly for hours. The durable mill has the capability of grinding 7 to 10 kg flour per hour. Hence, the machine lets you save time as well as money.

Natraj Florence Aata Chakki

Natraj Florence Aata Chakki Ghar Ghanti Automatic

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Natraj Florence atta chakki is another reliable and bestselling product from the brand. The highly advanced machine comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner which is definitely a bonus as it auto cleans. The price is a little steep but all in all it is a great purchase and furthermore a great investment. The mill is equipped with a cold-forged steel grinding chamber with an in-built cleaning system that reduces your efforts in the entire task.

The grinding process is done in an iron particle-free chamber and hence all the flour you get is clean and fresh, as well as filled with nutrients. The German technology based electric motor used in the flour mill is the reason behind its powerful functioning. All of its manufacturing defects are under warranty and hence you have nothing to worry about.

Haystar Atta Chakki Modular Brown

Haystar Atta Chakki Modular Brown (Flour Mill) Fully Automatic with Easy Clean Feature

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Haystar Atta Chakki is built with a high performing motor, which is capable of churning up-to ten kgs of flour in a go. The flour mill is designed to ensure children’s safety as its functioning is immediately halted if the door is opened. the machine is fully automatic, as well as durable.

This reliable and efficient chakki helps you grind 100% fresh flour at home which is packed with nutrients as hardly any nutrients are lost while grinding. The machine lets you grind all kinds of grains from wheat to millets etc. thanks to its high-performance motor. Additionally, the caster wheels underneath is another add on as you can just easily move it around.

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Give your family and friends 100% pure flour by making it yourself, ensuring their health and wellbeing. Very machine listed has intuitive and eye-catching features of its own that enable it to be a part of this list.

We hope you find your ideal after reading the extensive features of all chakki machines. If you try one of these machines, tell us your experience and review because we would be grateful to hear from you!

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