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Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurants In Gurugram (2023)

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buffet restaurants in gurgaom

A buffet, or an ‘all you can eat’ spread has increasingly become a popular dining choice for food lovers. It won’t be difficult to decode why it is so. This self-service based dining experience is one of the most convenient, often economical and a fascinating affair in its entirety.

A buffet is a multifunctional system, suited to any occasion. Breakfast buffet, quick break or informal dinner, banqueting, the entire day eating or official parties, inside or outside seating arrangements; there is seriously no end to the kinds and variety of buffets one can go for to experience sheer joy and the ultimate food experience.

In major cities, odds are one can have numerous options than average buffet spreads to look over, also in a variety of food quality, cost and worth.

One should really do some investigation into where one can get the best arrangement, catering to one’s needs. A wholesome experience for those looking to have a fulfilling hunger satisfying experience and food connoisseurs, looking to try out a variety of dishes of a cuisine in one go; this dining choice can impress anyone, with scrumptious and decadent food choices that it offers.

That said, if one is looking to spice up their dining experience, deviating a bit from a regular lunch, dinner or breakfast date, then here are 10 best buffet choices in Gurugram.

Here is the List of Best Buffet Restaurants in Gurgaon (Fresh & Quality Food):

Latest Recipe – Le Meridien

Latest Recipe - Le Meridien: Best Buffet In Gurugram

Undeniably one of the best buffet places Gurugram has to offer; this outlet is not only the best in terms of food, but ambience as well. Boasting of the perfect aesthetics, right from the sleek plain white decor to the lighting, one can mistake it for a Grecian cafe.

With a range of alcohol options, this place can be a perfect choice for a scrumptious breakfast buffet, probably the best buffet near you.

This chain of hotels is known for its world class experience, whether it be a stay-in experience, the general eating choices it offers, and on top of that a quality buffet experience just adds to the legacy it holds. It truly is one of the best fine dining establishments around.

Address: Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Sikanderpur, Sector 26, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Phone: 0124 499 2008

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TCK by The China Kitchen

TCK by The China Kitchen: Best Buffet In Gurugram

This buffet place can be one’s next favourite for Chinese cuisine. Exclusively serving Chinese, it specializes in several dishes such as jumbo prawns, lamb, their refreshing jasmine tea, as wells as a decadent Tiramisu.

Chinese cuisine has been appreciated throughout the world, and has become quite popular among Indians as well. However, the way it is served in our country often has a twist to taste the population’s tastes, since authentic food can be a bit overwhelming, for beginners.

But, if one is looking to invest in an experience to judge for themselves as to their preferences when it comes to authentic Chinese food, this place is the absolutely right one to be.

With a casual dining experience, this place often has deals to help one not burn a hole in one’s pocket while still experiencing great food.

Address: 11, Chinese Restaurant in Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana 122008

Phone: 078389 57888

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Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation: Best Buffet In Gurugram

This is perhaps, India’s most well known and common buffet chain. With a branch in almost every city, it is still one of the best in Gurugram.

With a buffet spread of north Indian, Chinese and barbeque dishes, it is incomparably one of the most affordable buffets in the entire country and the best buffet in Gurugram under 1000. Present at MG, Road in Gurugram, it is a family-friendly place where one can opt to host parties as well.

This place is a no-confusion go-to option is one is looking to fully satiate themselves with a lot of delicious food, all on a budget. It is also a great option for hosting birthdays and offers complementary dishes on special days.

Address: 3rd Floor, Shop No 3, DLF Grand Mall Metro Station, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, near Sikanderpur, DLF Phase 1, Sector 28, Gurugram

Phone: 097112 86060

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Fresc Co

Fresc Co: Best Buffet In Gurugram

Known for a setting of quirky themed tables and a colourful space, this place is a fun spot for a good buffet, if one is seeking to enjoy delicious food with a pop of color. Also, friendly for hosting big groups, it can be one’s next ideal lunch buffet spot, with best buffet starters.

This place has an extremely fun aesthetic appeal, which can lighten up anyone’s sour mood. Therefore, if one is looking to go for a colourful and vibrant outing, with complementary delicious food, one should not miss this place.

Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Delhi – Jaipur Expressway, Gurugram

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Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill: Best Buffet In Gurugram

One of the highest rated places in Gurugram, this place is a must visit. North Indian, particularly, Punjabi food is one which cannot be criticized or disliked by any individual, probably in the entire world.

Providing their own kick and take on dishes, it offers an assortment of rich flavours straight from Punjab. With employment of several cooking styles such as tandoori, kadhai, etc., one must visit this place.

Address: Ambience Island, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Phone: 0124 466 5478

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Spectra – The Leela Ambience

Spectra - The Leela Ambience: Best Buffet In Gurugram

Offering a great ambience with sprawling interiors and sleek seating arrangements, this can be a good buffet destination for those seeking customizable spreads with an unforgettable fine dining experience.

This hotel chain is known for its unforgettable customer experiences in all of its establishments around the world, and this is the same for the eating choices it offers. The buffet experience is also one of a kind and makes one feel like royalty.

With a serene ambience and delectable food, with excellent fine dining service, this place is a one-stop destination if one is in the mood to splurge a bit. But one should remember that it will be worth it.

Address: Lobby Level, The Leela Ambience Gurugram, Ambience Island, National Highway 8, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Phone: 0124 477 1255

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Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard: Best Buffet In Gurugram

Another one of affordable buffet options, this casual dining place offers great decor, with live music as well. Offering great views from a rooftop setting, customer favourites from this place include their tasty cocktails, pizza and biryani, hence, the best pizza buffet in Gurugram.

This place also doubles as a microbrewery, so one can enjoy a freshly brewed beer if one is seeking a carefree, fun experience while enjoying the live music.

This place is truly a gem for the number of services it provides, with the beautiful setting and ambience, for a throwaway price in terms of a buffet. The rooftop setting surely adds a unique charm, and one can enjoy the beautiful skyline while having amazing food.

Address: 9, Convenience Shopping Complex DHL Express, opposite to Phase II, Udyog Vihar, Sector 20, Gurugram

Phone: 093198 92965

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Zambar: Best Buffet In Gurugram

Offering a classic taste and quality food, it offers an authentic south Indian experience. With an option of coconut jaggery pudding for dessert, they boast of a huge buffet menu.

Employing the most authentic cooking style complete with coconut chutney, butter milk and filter coffee, this place can surely be a paradise for south Indian food lovers.

Needless to say, it can be a great experience for anyone seeking to have an authentic south Indian food experience to change their mind about it.

Address: SN 310, 3rd Flr, Ambience Mall DLF Phz 3

Phone: 0124 466 5636

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The Barbeque Company

The Barbeque Company: Best Buffet In Gurugram

This is an amazing place with north Indian, Chinese and barbeque food experiences. Not to be mistaken for barbeque nation, this is a relatively new establishment, but offers amazing food.

One of the best cheap dinner buffet in Gurugram, this is the best to satisfy one’s food cravings if one is looking for a casual dining experience with good decor.

The taste of the food is unforgettable and the dining experience equally amazing. With a focus on north Indian food, the menu is not limited however, and offers a variety of different options which can confuse a few making choosing a difficult task.

Address: Sco – 305, Sector 29, Gurugram

Phone: 084485 43001

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Jungle Jamboree


Just like its name, this buffet place offers as unique an experience as its name. Its interiors reflect its name with a concept of a jungle and similar themes. This place has forest inspired settings and a playlist of animal sounds for the background.

The exquisite green lighting adds to the overall experience. With huge spreads which are extremely flavourful, it is one of the best buffet places in gurugram. If one is bored of sleek aesthetics and similar looking mundane surroundings, then this is the place to be.

It is truly one of a kind and one will not be ceased to be amazed by the sheer effort that has been put in order to get the decor right. Moreover, the food is as good, with a lot of options to choose from.


Variety is considered the spice of life, and one should be spoilt for options to eat from in any dining experience. Thankfully, we have buffets, which offer this very thing, to make one feel satiated to the brim, till the time one is full enough to deny another morsel.

There are a lot places where one can find a good buffet experience with an added charm of the aesthetics and ambience the place has to offer.

Moreover, there are a lot of fusion places which don’t restrict themselves to one type of cuisine and have a selection of choices of cuisines from around the world.

This is a perfectly curated list of places which offer a high standard of food and perfect ambience, to make the entire dining experience wonderful. So, if one is looking to satisfy one’s hunger woes, or is simply confused as to the place they should visit next, stray no farther than this list.

These places shall surely give you an unforgettable experience and shall force you to visit them again.

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