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Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurants in Chandigarh (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Buffets in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the best places in India to get numerous types of food. However, the best type of food you can expect is Punjabi food. A wide range of spicy foods including chaat masala, paratha, butter chicken, bhatura, tandoori, and last but not the least a wide range of lassis.

From street foods to five-star hotels,  foods in Chandigarh will amaze you for sure. You will find a lot of dhabas there with a wide range of food items. Apart from the Punjabi foods, you can get Chinese, Rajasthani, South Indian, and Bengali dishes here and there at Chandigarh.

However, for the foodies, the best place to get different types of food items under one roof is a buffet. At Chandigarh, you will find countless buffets with different types of dishes.

People around here are totally food lovers and as a result, there are limitless options in your hand to taste.

Here are the Most Popular Buffet Restaurants In Chandigarh:

Urban Cafe by Hyatt Regency

Urban Cafe by Hyatt Regency Best Buffet in Chandigarh

One of the beautifully decorated and super cool restaurants in Chandigarh is the Urban Cafe by Hyatt Regency. It is situated in phase 1, industrial area, Chandigarh.

The Urban Cafe offers you the most mouthwatering dishes in the city. Urban Cafe serves you with the best quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food here is similar to the food of north India.

However, traditional grills, tandoors, and sizzlers are also available here. Foods prepared by the expert chefs here are really good and tasty. Urban Cafe has a menu that has a beautiful combination of starters, salads, main courses, and desserts.

From the decoration to its ambiance, quality, and taste of the food to it’s serving, everything is on point. The artwork on the wall inside this restaurant is pretty eye-catching. So, as a whole, this is a really nice buffet restaurant and you can try it at least once.

Average cost: around Rs.1800 (for two people)

Address: 178 Hyatt Regency, Phase 1, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

Phone: 084484 96363

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The Great Kabab Factory

The Great Kabab Factory Best Buffet in Chandigarh

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Chandigarh. It is situated at Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh. As its name suggests, this restaurant serves the best quality Mughlai dishes.

Apart from that, several north Indian dishes you will find on the menu. The Great Kabab Factory is famous for its top-notch Awadhi dishes. You will definitely feel the real taste of Punjabi spicy food.

The Great Kabab Factory has a wide range of kebabs along with lots of dishes in the main course. The lavish arrangement will catch your eyes easily. The stylish yet catchy decoration inside this restaurant is another attraction to the people.

Here, you will get a totally different menu (either veg or non-veg) every day and it is absolutely unlimited. Different types of kebabs like roasted, Tawa fried, deep-fried, grilled, and many more are available here. Biriyani, dal, galawati kebab, and tandoors are some of the special items here.

Average cost: around Rs.1600(for two people)

Address: SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Phone: 098888 35150

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Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation Best Buffet in Chandigarh

Barbeque Nation is one of the largest food chains in India. Situated at Madhya Marg, Sector 26, it’s Chandigarh branch is no different in serving high-quality foods. It is serving the best quality grills over a decade.

Ranging from sumptuous starters to magnificent main course to delicately made desserts that are mouth-watering, visit this place once and it won’t let you move on ever. Live grills embedded on tables.

BBQ Nation Chandigarh has a live Kulfi station. Unlimited Buffet. However, no drinks are included in the buffet. A good place to celebrate a birthday or for a get-together party.

At times, (especially during weekends) the restaurant is full of its capacity and you might have to wait outside for your turn.

Barbeque Nation at Chandigarh is a live grill based restaurant which offers North Indian, Chinese as well as Mediterranean food. Starters, Salads, Main course, Beverages, Desserts.

Average cost: around Rs. 1500(for two people)

Address: SCO 39, Madhya Marg, Block 2, Sector 26, near Green Market, Chowk

Phone: 096549 16060

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The Cafe – JW Marriott

The Cafe - JW Marriott Best Buffet in Chandigarh

JW Marriot is a luxurious hotel with amazing buffets. It is situated at Dakshin Marg, Sector 35, Chandigarh. Along with the luxurious lifestyle, it offers amazing food items that match its brand value.

Prepared by their chefs with care and maintaining hygiene, they always serve the best food around there. The Cafe usually serves mainly authentic North Indian and some other types of foods.

Therefore, this buffet restaurant in Chandigarh is worth every penny to visit at least for a while. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they serve those all.

The food area is absolutely clean and the ambiance around inside is up to the mark. Apart from the Indian dishes, they also serve continental and American foods.

The Cafe JW Marriott has a name for serving one of the best breakfast in this town. Interior design is also eye-catching. You can definitely give this top-rated buffet a try with family or friends.

Average cost: Around Rs.1500(for two people)

Address: JW Marriott Hotel, Plot 6, Dakshin Marg, 35B

Phone: 0172 455 5555

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Flavors – Hometel

Flavors - Hometel Best Buffet in Chandigarh

Flavors Hometel offers food for all through the day. Situated in the Industrial area in Chandigarh, this restaurant offers totally different food items in this area.

A unique combo of local Indian food and international dishes(mainly English foods) offers a mouth-watering feeling to the visitors. Flavors are one of the few restaurants in Chandigarh where you can get sugar free desserts.

You can get Chinese, Continental, and last but not the least North Indian dishes. Here at the Flavours, you can get a variety of foods like Kheer, Aloo Paratha, Khasta Keema Chap, Sandwiches, grilled items, Burgers, and many more. There is no doubt about the quality and hygiene of this restaurant. The Flavours will always care for its customers. 

The indoor decorations and environment are totally pleasant. It’s a kind of budget restaurant that offers a lot of food at a time. So, for the people who love to eat a lot, this restaurant should be their way to go.

Average cost: Around Rs. 700 (for two people)

Address: Hotel Hometel, 147 & 148, Phase 1, Chandigarh Industrial Area, Chandigarh

Phone: 0172 429 9999

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Buffet Hut

Buffet Hut Best Buffet in Chandigarh

Buffet Hut is one of the budget-friendly yet best buffets in Chandigarh. It is situated at Madhya Marg, Sector 9, Chandigarh. You can get numerous items here at very much pocket-friendly prices. 

And elaborate buffets. The Buffer Hut allows you to choose from a variety of dishes. In the beginning, you can get both veg and non-veg starters like soup. After that in the main course, different delicious mouth-watering dishes will be there for you.

At lunchtime Manchurian, kebab, cheese items, tandoori, dal makhani, Matar paneer, mix veg, pasta, biriyani, pulao, Hakka noodles and more are available here.

When it comes to dinner, there will be some added no-veg items like chicken biryani, chicken curry, chicken butter masala will be available.

At last, desserts like kheer, phirni are also available here. Apart from those delicious dishes, you can get different types of mocktails, iced tea, lassi, and coke for your refreshment.

There is an option for a kid’s meal to take care of the child if you go with them. This restaurant has a very nice ambiance and the service of the people is really good. You can definitely consider yourself to visit this place.

Average cost: Around Rs. 1100 (for two people)

Address: SCO 143, 144, Madhya Marg, Sector 9C, 9C, Sector 9, Chandigarh

Phone: 089687 85780

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Salad Bar

Salad Bar Best Buffet in Chandigarh

It is situated at Shopping Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh. Salad Bar is also a popular name in Chandigarh. It is one of the oldest restaurants with a buffet in Chandigarh.

As it has been serving for a while with good reputations, therefore it has managed to earn the trust of its customers. It serves good quality food and those come within a low budget.

As a result, it is high in demand for the budget-friendly people around this place. Salad Bar in Chandigarh serves a variety of meals that are worth every penny spent by the foodies around here. Salad Bar usually serves foods like Continental, Chinese, and North Indian dishes.

This restaurant has a good quality of food. Apart from that, the top-notch decoration of the inside, the ambiance, the quick service of their people, and comfortable relaxation are some other important points to consider this restaurant as one of the best in this area. With family or friends, you can visit there to taste their food.

Average cost: Around Rs.650 (for two people)

Address: SCO 76-79,1st Floor, Shopping Plaza, 17D, Sector 17

Phone: 0172 460 2612

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The Lalit Chandigarh

The Lalit Chandigarh Best Buffet in Chandigarh

Situated at Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Near DLF Commercial Complex, The Lalit  Chandigarh is one of the luxurious hotels around this place. It is actually a 5-star hotel with lavish arrangements.

This hotel has a buffet inside it. Here, you can get food for 24 hours and 7 days. You can have either breakfast, lunch, or dinner each and every day. The Lalit usually serves different types of delicious breakfasts. There are lots of veg and non-veg options for you on the menu for lunch and dinner.

From different types of starters along with a variety of food items in the main course, you will get them all. After finishing the main course, mouth-watering delicious desserts will wait for you at the end of the main course. 

Although it is a bit costly still, quality matters the most. The cleanliness, hygiene, and quality of the food are the best. People who can spend a little bit more should give it a try.

Average cost: Around Rs. 1000 for breakfast and Rs. 1500 for dinner per person.

Address: Rajiv Gandhi IT Park DLF Commercial Complex

Phone: 0172 676 7777

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KLG Buffet Lounge

KLG Buffet Lounge Best Buffet in Chandigarh

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is situated inside the Hotel KLG International. KLG Buffet in Chandigarh is another favorite buffet for the people around here.

It is situated at Himalaya Marg, Sector 43, Chandigarh. KLG buffet lounge has the best chefs in the town. Situated at sector 43 in Chandigarh, this offers a variety of foods to the people who come here.

A well-balanced combination of starters, drinks, main course, and dessert will definitely give you satisfaction. This restaurant offers a package full of old items along with the contemporary ones.

It has Indian, Chinese, Pan-Asian, and Continental, and many more on its menu. This place is a haven for the people who love to eat without any limits.

Apart from the foods, you can have drinks and spirits as of your choices here. It is a budget restaurant with numerous food options within a budget. You can visit them without any hesitation keeping your budget in your mind.

Average cost: Around Rs. 1100-1200(for two people)

Address: Himalaya Marg, 43B, Sector 43, Chandigarh

Phone: 0172 465 0001

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Masala Grill – The Cove

Masala Grill - The Cove Best Buffet in Chandigarh

Masala Grill- The Cove is situated at sector-V, Panchkula in Chandigarh. It offers you the best quality food along with a fantastic environment. It has a luxurious buffet that offers you plenty of food items to choose from.

You will find a live barbeque in this restaurant. They have a pretty decent menu that includes different types of salads, raitas, soups, starters(veg and non-veg). In the main course, you will get several types of mouth-watering dishes, rice, noodles, pasta, and many more.

The restaurant has a pretty good ambiance. You will feel really good when you visit here. The Cove used to maintain their food quality and hygiene inside the restaurant.

The design and artwork inside this restaurant are catchy for the visitors. There are enough spaces inside the restaurant to maintain a proper distance from others.

You can visit with family members or with friends here. This restaurant is in the mid-range. Hence, you can give it a try anytime.

Average cost: Around Rs. 1300(for two people)

Address: SCO 1 & 2, Sector 5, Panchkula

Phone: 0172 259 0016

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Those are some best restaurants in Chandigarh that offer a buffet. To make a list of such top 10 buffets around that place is really tough as there are hundreds of restaurants and among them, some are really beautiful.

However, considering some important factors, this list is done. Although those rankings do not mean anything about which is the best and which is worst. Rather, the qualities are almost the same.

According to some of the websites related to food and the personal opinion of the writer, those names are enlisted. To judge a restaurant, which comes first is food quality.

After that, other important factors are cleanliness, hygiene, cost, professionalism, service, spacing, ambiance, and so on and so far. By judging all those factors, these restaurants are enlisted. However, there are lots of similar restaurants here.

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