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10 Best Butter Brand In India (2023) Pure Butter Brands

by Ashish Bansal
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best butter brands in india

Butter, from being created accidentally in ancient times, has come a long way to become a product consumed every day in one form or another by more than a billion of our population.

Today, it is sold in plastic containers and foiled wraps. Still, the fun fact is that initially, butter was discovered accidentally when milk was being carried over long distances in skin bags over horsebacks.

During this journey, milk churned due to the rough terrain and life of butter as we know it began. Butter holds a special significance in our culture.

In the Hindu religion, butter is the offering of the sacred beast, the cow. Every morning children are served hot parathas dripping in butter, for lunch then get it smeared on their bread.

Butter or ‘ghee’ remains involved in the daily routine of Indian households where it is associated with good health, glowing skin, and even vitality. So, it is vital to get the best butter in India for yourself and your family. 

Butter is, without doubt, an incredible edible concocted from complex lipids and amino acids that constitute its chemical makeup. This renders it a perfect nutrient for sustained energy, repairing qualities, and nourishment of internal organs.

This brilliant concoction is available to everyone today due to vast industrial production. It has also become much more affordable over time. 

Top Butter providers in India have made sure that packaged butter reaches everywhere.

Here is a list of the top butter brands in India and the reason why you should add them to your cart the next time you go shopping.



Amul: Best Butter Brand In India

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Amul is a cooperative business that has continued to strike the hearts of the Indian consumer’s time and again. It originated as an offshoot of the Indian freedom movement in 1946, intending to provide poor rural farmers a direct means to sell their daily products at reasonable prices by avoiding intermediaries.

Today, it has evolved into a national brand that is well respected in every part of the country. Amul- Taste of India is a very familiar butter brand that is a part of many Indian households.

Although the company produces various dairy products, Amul Butter is one of their most successful ones. Anyone and everyone are familiar with the famous Amul girl that brands this product.

Their brand has become entirely synonymous with butter since its first billboard appeared in 1966 with one of its cheeky taglines.

The product is readily available, courtesy of Amul’s vast distribution network. Most notably, it is a trusted product due to its high quality and good taste.

Furthermore, it is a very affordable butter brand that can be purchased by ordinary households without putting a strain on their pockets. For over six decades, Indian children have grown up with Amul in their breakfasts. 

Apart from capturing our taste buds, Amul also captures all our attention by never missing an opportunity to release on of its snarky messages like Kabhi bread Kabhi bun (a spin to Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham) or a cute cartoon in its advertisements. 

From the Big B of Bollywood, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, to all the Bollywood Khans, has sworn by this product in Amul’s campaigns.

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy: Best Butter Brand In India

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Established in 1974, Mother Dairy was an initiative under Operation Flood, which was the world’s most extensive development program, introduced to make India self-sufficient for its Milk needs. The company remains committed to empowering rural milk farmers through fair transactional deals. 

Happy Food Happy People- Their tag line in itself indicates that the company is dedicated to bringing happiness by offering consumers with pure and hygienic products.

Also, to bring this happiness right to the Indian households’ steps, Mother dairy has established a well-constructed setup of its retail outlets.

Moreover, it promises product quality and reliability, which is why the company has made investments in its automated production systems, leading to being an ISO certified company.

Their butter is a creamy and tasty product that is quick to spread on your rotis and bread. It has just the right amount of salt to stimulate your taste buds.

The product is also easy on the pocket, not too expensive compared to its rivals. Mother Diary continues to serve India’s Farmers and Consumers by delivering affordable products that meet regulatory standards and total quality culture.


Britannia: Best Butter Brand In India

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Britannia Industries, based in Bangalore, is one of India’s largest food companies that has been serving the nation for over 100 years. Several generations of India have grown up to this brand is a part of their routines.

The company also has an international presence in Nepal, the Middle East, and other GCC countries. Britannia has been listed to be one of the most trusted and prestigious brands by various surveys. 

Eat Healthy, Think Better- Britannia is the first Indian company to become Zero Trans Fat Company. Its primary emphasis is on fresh, healthy, and delicious products that are readily available across the country via approximately 5 million retail outlets.

In 2009, the company set up the Britannia Nutrition Foundation to tackle malnutrition among underprivileged children and women. Its portfolio consists of many popular products, their butter being amongst them.

The butter has a rich taste and spreads easily even after refrigeration. It is made from fresh cow’s milk giving it a creamy consistency. The butter has no artificial colors added to it and always tastes fresh and salty.

Britannia has always differentiated itself with a low cholesterol pitch compared to other brands. The product also has nominal costs and is available in different packaging, both favorable for the consumers. Britannia Butter. Scoop it. Spread it. Lick it. You will like this butter whenever you taste it and keep coming back for more.


Kwality: Best Butter Brand In India

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Set up in 1992 and based in Delhi, Kwality products not only sell in India but in more than 20 countries across the globe. It is one of the fastest-growing private diary companies with milk processing plants of capacities beyond 3 million liters per day.

Their products are up to par with international quality standards and benchmarks. The company procures raw milk directly from farms across India after testing the milk via automated milk collection systems to ensure quality.

It markets its vast range of dairy products under the ‘Dairy Best’ brand name. It promises compliance with all quality specifications. All Kwality products have to pass a wide range of performance tests to identify their life/yield.

Apart from this, the company is also actively involved in the advancement of farmers that work with them. Further, they intend to introduce innovative and novel quality products for their customers.

You can taste the richness of pure cow’s milk in this butter. Kwality brings the option of choosing both salted and unsalted butter to its consumers. Their butter is sold in different packages, and you can select as per your requirement.

It is a traditional yellow butter with no added flavors or preservatives. Kwality Ltd. Via its truly ultra-modern set, up has introduced yummy butter for all domestic households of the nation.



The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd was commissioned in 1985. Its focus has been to fulfill urban consumer’s dairy needs via integrating rural milk producers of Orissa into the diary enterprise.

The federation is based in the capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar, where its main activities are promoting, production, procurement, processing and marketing of dairy and agricultural products acquired from the rural farming community of Orrisa, for their economic development.

The brand is well known throughout South India for its products, especially its milk and butter. OMFED has nine dairy plants in this region where it acquires 5.5 Lac liters milk from 3,72,000 members busying at 26Rs/L rate, which adds up to Rs. 2.6 Crores daily.

This is increasing estimates. In addition to this, OMFED has Quality Control Laboratories, where the quality and packaging of its products are tested.

Their butter is procured by churning pasteurized milk cream, giving it a delicious taste. During this process, salt and color are added to the butter. The butter is very nutritious, digestive and adds to satiety.

The table butter is available in packs that are weight 100gm and 500gm with prices at Rs. 30 and Rs.145, respectively. OMFED is in a continuous endeavor to bring the best butter to your tables, all the while helping the farmers of Orrisa.


Nandini: Best Butter Brand In India

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The Karnataka Milk Federation (KFM) is the largest Cooperative Diary Organization in South India, and second-largest in the country. This federation is the apex body for the cooperative dairy movement in Karnataka and sells its products under the brand name Nandini. Nandini products are equivalent to pure and fresh goodness in South India, contributing to KFM being No. 1 in procurement and sales in the region.

You can find many Southern households using Nandini butter in their food, due to its good quality and excellent taste. Some consumers describe the butter to taste a little like cheese. And almost everyone in South India swears by its nutritional value, serving it to their children every day. 

The butter is made from pasteurized cream leading to a smooth texture and a delightful taste. It is available in various packaging and weights. There is also the option to buy it salted or unsalted to relish it whatever way you want.

The salted butter comes in packages of 10g, 100g, 200g, and 500 grams while the unsalted comes in 200g and 500g packages only. The best part is that the butter does not cost much compare to other similar products.


Vijaya: Best Butter Brand In India

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A product of the AP Dairy Development Cooperative Federation (APDDCF) Ltd, was initiated in 1981 and had since then been building sustainable livelihoods for the farmers of India.

It has reinvented a transparent and fair procurement cycle of milk leading to happier farmers and sustainable diaries in Andhra Pradesh. Their Vijaya Diary Parlours make up a vast network of distribution from where all dairy products are marketed and sold.

It is a reputable company that provides a wide variety of dairy products. Their butter is well known for its high consistency, fair prices, and hygienic planning. It is a highly sold product, which is packaged in different thick paper sheets and foils, in packs of 50gms, 100gms, 250gms, and 500gms. 

Unsalted butter is a great option for large-scale cooking. It is a pure product that will help keep your health balanced while improving your day by enhancing the taste of your food the perfect amount of fat.

The unsalted option is another option made for your daily needs of breakfast and snacks. It has a minimal amount of extra fat or calories. 

The product is readily available in dairy parlors across India for you to avail at the best prices and a promise of good taste. The butter has gained a good name by providing quality to all its consumers.


Aavin: Best Butter Brand In India

Aavin, a diary under Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (TCMPF), was established in 1958. TCMPF was formed under the aim of developing rural India socio-economically.

They have attractive procurement prices and have been involved in investment in dairy infrastructures to assist the local farmer. It has built a much-needed bridge between rural mass producers and urban consumers of Tamil Nadu. 

The state-run diary has an array of products, including butter. The Word’ Aavin’ itself translates to cow milk, which is what the butter is made of. They market plain butter, which comes as two brands, Cooking butter, which is unsalted- for all your curry needs, and Table butter, which is salted- for all your topping needs. The product is available in packs of 200 and 500 grams priced at Rs40 and Rs100, respectively.

Often the availability has been an issue with this brand. Furthermore, the product does not cost too much; no regulation of prices is available, leading to self- appointed prices by retailers.

This has been the cause of distress for its consumers. This is why the best option is to buy the product directly by one of the many Aavin dairy parlors. The product is famous for both its taste and quality, be sure to test it out the next time you buy your butter.



Milma: Best Butter Brand In India

Milma falls under a Kerala based cooperative named Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF) that was formed in 1980 under the Operation Flood Program, similar to Mother Dairy.

Milma has helped achieve the nation its goal of being self-sufficient in milk and dairy products by making Kerala just that. Alongside this, it has been very much involved in socio-economic development for its 9.77 lakh members.

Milma’s objective remains to create a market for rural Kerala’s milk producers, and at the same time develop wholesome and nutritious products for its consumers, while eliminating any middlemen to assure a maximum return to the milk farmers. It operates via three modern dairies at Thiruvanathapuram- its headquarters, Kollam and Pathanamthitta.

The butter is prepared from milk cream and is a fat-rich product with approx. 81% fat as its constituent. It constitutes less than 15.6% water giving it a thick texture.

Again, there is an option of both salted and unsalted butter that is available in convenient 100gm, 200gm, and 500gm family packs for all your family needs. 

Milma is very perspective about diseases such as diabetes and obesity in its consumers, which is why they have turned their product to ensure a national balance.

Milma was founded on the democratic principle ‘of the People, by the People, for the People’ and aims to render accurate services to its consumers.


D'lecta: Best Butter Brand In India

D’lecta was formed in 2001 and manufactured high-quality dairy products from freshly churned cow’s milk. Their headquarters is in Mumbai. But they have a vast network for distributors reaching every major city of India. They also have a global presence outside India. They are a global player to ensure customer satisfaction.

Their team members have extensive farm experience, which is just what is required to develop excellent products meeting our needs. It is not only available for home usage but also sold for restaurant applications. The butter constitutes nutrients such as beta-carotene and precursors of Vitamin A.

D’lectra butter is made from pure cows’ milk and is an extra dry product, which was prepared to keep in mind the cooking and baking needs of customers.

It is easy to spread and does not remain hard when removed from the fridge; hence the butter can be quickly folded and rolled if baking. The butter can be used in Indian, western, and even continental dishes.

Next time you want to cook the delicious cake, or those salty croissants, don’t forget to add this butter into your ingredients list.  

An overview of the matter:

Although the above-mentioned butter brands are the best of the best when it comes to the butter industry across India, there are always other local brands that might be just right for you. All in all, the article has tried its best to scrutinizes various brands that you might choose the next time you go shopping. 

When buying butter, do check its Ingredients, compare its prices with other available options, and most importantly, check if the packaging is good or maybe just make sure it is in the list of best butter brands in Indian. Picking the most preferred option might be very easy for you.

But it’s finding the correct balance between affordability, nutritional value, and quality that make choosing any product hard. It is also the right blend of ingredients that stimulate your taste buds or what you want to cook, which affects your decision. We hope this article will help in making that decision.

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