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Top 10 Car Brands In India to have one in 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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best car brands in india

The Automobile industry has grown tremendously over the past few decades. From having to choose from Ambassador or Premier Padmini or Hindustan Motors, it all changed in 1983 with the launch of the Maruti 800 which opened the car market to the middle class population of India when over a million units of the Maruti model were sold here.

At ths point, customers have a wide range of choices to indulge in with several carmakers and manufacturers setting up businesses and showrooms here.

There has been an flood of new brands that had a wide range of car models catering to almost every income group through different price points, brand reliability, make and utility of the model and so on.

Here is the List Of Top 10 Car Brands In India:

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki: Top Car Brand In India

The 1981 established company has always been the popular most in the country with an impressive market share of 50% and as the leader of the passenger vehicle segment. This is because the company has always relished a high level of trust from the public from the days of the esteemed Maruti 800. They have developed over 1500 facilities and a strong dealership network backed by the largest service system in India with their profits. 

They have also made substantial investments in researching and developing of newer models and technologies, employees training and marketing endeavours which has consequently resulted in an extraordinary figure of 1.5 million cars produced annually.

They have 14 different models funded by an in house financing team, and with new models always ready in the showrooms and high level customer satisfaction, Maruti is undoubtedly the first on everyone’s lists and is undeniably one of the best car brands in India.


Hyundai Best Car Brand In India

Hyundai is an automobile company with an unbelievable success story of becoming the second best brand in India from being unknown when it was first launched.

Their first model itself, the Santro, had unprecedented popularity which was able to give competition to quite a few segments of Maruti Suzuki creating a big boom in the sales figure. 

Although eve after their initial success, Hyundai did have to work very hard and constantly create and innovate and improve their products and after sales services. They now possess over a 100o facilities of service systems and a very sizable, faithful customer base. 

Today they have a wide range of line up from the second generation Santro to the Elntra and the third generation Tucson, and although the second-most popular, the company definitely enjoys a huge edge over all the other automobile companies.

In the coming times, they will be launching versions of their petrol and diesel models compliant with the BSVI norms and will also launch mre electric products in the market following the terrific response received by Kona in the Indian market.


Mahindra Best Car Brand In India

Established in 1945 in Mumbai, Mahindra and Mahindra is a leading car and tractor manufacturer in India. May it be a tractor, an SUV or commercial vehicles, Mahindra and Mahindra will indulge you with long-lasting, tough and safe ones.

Their vehicles have a general reputation of reliability, value for money, and for being affordable along with having an easy maintenance.

Their first traditional SUV, Scorpio which was aimed at the urban population for the first time and Bolero have been the few of the most popular models since their launch with Mahindra adding upgrades and revamps to keep them that way. 

What makes the Scorpio so popular is the fact that it can take a huge amount of wear and tear but still keep running which its major selling point. The XUV500, another SUV also had immediate success with its aggressive aura, trendy tailoring, innumerous features, and a reasonable price.

However, despite all its success, Mahindra is constantly coming up with new features and upgrades for its models like sunroofs and automatic transmission.   

They also have a lot of models in a variety of segments like the Xylo, Thar, Alturas G4, and KUV 100 NXT and with almost more than 20 in the passenger segment they cater to an expansive gamut of customers.


Tata Best Car Brand In India

Tata motors is one of the foremost automobile companies in India providing a wide range of automobiles from cars and trucks to buses and utility vehicles in over 175 countries.

Their Indigo and Indica series of sedans and hatchbacks ran very successfully but predominantly in the taxi market as private owners tend to be inclined more towards Maruti and Hyundai.

With a market share of 45% in commercial vehicles, Tata has however lagged behind in passenger vehicles with only a market share of 6.3% although they have in recent times made more efforts focusing the Indian market with ‘Nano’ which was met with success.  

The newest models from Tata are the Zest Sedan and the Bolt Hatchback, of which the former is expected to become a favourite in the market. Surprisingly, Tiago, their entry-level B-segment hatchback has had a sales jump, and hit the 4000th mark in its fifth month.

Their Harrier was also greeted with a good response in the market along with the Nexon which has been providing competitions of well-loved models of Maruti and Hyundai. 

The new line of automobiles will have to try hard to create a new legacy for Tata of better reliability, quality, and after sales services which seems to be the way the company is going as it is now also receiving generally positive initial responses.

Kia Motors

Kia Motors Best Car Brand In India

Kia Motors Corporation, commonly called Kia Motors is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. The company has already outshined other major brands such as Renault, Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen in the Indian car industry.

Their first product, the Seltos has been greeted by an excellent response in the country; currently holding the tag as the best-selling SUV in India. The Kia Seltos which sold 6,236 units in its first month of August 2019, went on to 7,754 units in September 2019.

At this speed, Kia could even beat Tata Motors in terms of market share in the coming times. The surge in production will also give Kia a simulation of the manufacture process on the addition another product in their Indian lineup.

The Korean company has already declared the Carnival MPV as their 2nd product here. The new Kia Carnival will be launching in India at the upcoming 2020 Auto Expo.

The company had originally said that they have planned to introduce a new product every six months. The Seltos and the Carnival are the first two products as part of this plan.


Renault Best Car Brand In India

Renault is a giant automobile from France. It established itself in India in 2005 under the name Renault India Private Limited in Oragadam, Chennai. Their cars’ USP is having compact SUVs with fuel efficiency and fantastic performance.

Besides Duster which has been their crowning achievement along with being the major reason behind Renault’s success, Scala, Pulse, Koleos and Fluence are their other best-selling models.

However, their premium sedan Fluence and the Koleos SUV have not been huge sellers despite their unique features and the fact that they received critical acclaim for their design and character.

Their other wildly successful model is the Kwid which has revolutionized the entry level car segment since its launch in 2015, with high sales due to its assertive style and economic cost. 

With Lodgy, they also have a footing in the MPV segment which may be expanded by the release of a new version of Duster with a third row of seats if rumours can be assumed to be true.

Nonetheless they have only 200 service centers and need more expansion and fund allocation towards the after sales service quality and network.


Toyota Best Car Brand In India

Japanese company Toyota launched Toyota Kirloskar in India in 1997 and has established their reputation with Altis, Corolla, Etios, Fortuner and Qualis models.

Even though they hold a large share in the auto market, they however do not produce diesel-powered cars and their production lines are somewhat limited in comparison to the competiton.

Despite that, the company’s name has long been associated with quality among the driving population of India as their Innova still manages to be the leading model in its segment even with superior pricing and long wait time. 

Toyota has so far not ventured into the small car segment, however their success in the MPV and SUV segment doesn’t require them to as the Fortuner also was and is an immediate hit and proof of the brand value Toyota enjoys. 

The company did try their hand at different segments with their Etios sedan and Liva but could not compete with the sales figures of the bigger players in those segments.

Toyota also has a financial services option for those who would require a loan for the purchase of a car, not unlike most car manufacturers. With the launch of the new Fortuner 2020 and the Corolla 2020, Toyota definitely makes it to one of the best car brands in India.


Honda Best Car Brand In India

Honda Cars India Limited is a subsidiary of Honda, a multinational automobile company from Japan. Established in India in 1995, it has since then become a great car producer in the Indian market.

Honda has a wide range of products from automobiles to motorcycles, mountain bikes, engines, solar cells and ATV. As a brand, it has earned a good name for the quality of its interiors, slick transmissions, free revving engines, and the undeniably best after sales service.

Although many have reservations and a few issues with the high-price of spare car parts, its better features and offers ensure repeat customers

It has quite a large share in India auto market owing to the fuel efficiency and affordability of its products like the Accord, Amaze, Brio, and Civic are Honda’s most successful car models.

The newer models like City, Jazz, CRV and BRV have gained a lot of attention for their sharply designed components and edginess. Their line-up is as usual, fuel-efficient and with competitive pricing.

The inclusion of diesel engines in their popular models has brought up their sales which had as of late been declining on their petrol only models but have now boomed, giving the customers a huge reason to go for Honda in market like India’s where fuel economy is a significant influence on decision making on purchases of automobiles. 


Ford Best Car Brand In India

Ford entered the Indian car market in 1995, had its headquarter in Chennai, and has been and still is one of the top car manufacturers in India. People like Ford cars because of the Top-notch engines, quality interiors, fuel-efficiency, and affordability.

The company has a very loyal base in India owing to its driver centric cars like Ikon 1.6 and Fiesta S. Then they also have Endeavour, which is one of the first true SUVs of India with great road presence, tough looking style, and ladder like frame network. 

Ford has also recently launched Mustang, which is the only classic American car one can possess in India. The company has made great advances in its after sales service system also which was previously generally regarded as expensive but now after huge efforts from their part of cost reduction to the extent that they are equal to the competition with regards to ownership cost.

They have also strengthened their brand market value because of their Happy Pocket Service through which they can show the costs of their after sales services for all their different models.

Their latest release, Figo and the sedan version of it, Aspire are also selling at a respectable sales figure each month which can be attributed to the low cost economical feature of these two models.


Volkswagen Best Car Brand In India

Volkswagen India, launched in 2007, is a subsidiary of German car company Volkswagen. It is now one of the high rollers in the Indian auto market with Vento and Polo as two of its most popular models.

The quality of their manufacture is certainly that of the high standards of German manufacturing with an elegant and ageless design and engineering with the greatest attention to all the smallest details, their models are always graceful.  

However, even with its high-performance engine and long-lasting cars are well-received, their lack of spare parts for replacement still annoys many buyers.

In contrast with their competition, their after sales support is something to be considerably strengthened as one of the commonest complaints is the discrepancies in service centers regarding accessibility of car parts. 

They recently launched a model at entry level which is a compact little sedan, the Ameo which was not very well received has been discontinued resulting in the failure of another attempt on Volkswagen’s part to branch out and expand into other segments although Audi and Skoda despite not having gained a wide customer base in India still add to the sales figures of the company a significant amount.


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