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Top 10 Best Selling Condom Brands in India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Best Condom Brands in india

Recently, I bought a bunch of condoms from the pharmacy, before leaving the guy asked me if I needed a bag. It confused me so I just told him that I simply turn-off the lights. Now he looks weirdly at me, I wonder if I said something wrong. Anyways, today’s topic is condoms and let’s agree that nearly everyone likes to do and not just special married couples, but issues like Pregnancy, STDs make us think twice before having it. Humans understood the problem soon after the Iron age and started using various methods of contraception for example: Tying clothes, Rubbing chilli powder, peeing, and a bunch of others.

As you might guess, most of these didn’t work and the hunt for perfect contraceptives went on, and it was during the Industrial era that a proper condom was developed, but it was a pure nightmare for women… as it was made up of vulcanized rubber (like a tire) and was meant to be reused.

The later generation of condoms was made with animal innards so they were expensive, but after the invention of latex condoms, the production skyrocketed and today nearly 2 trillion condoms are manufactured annually (according to to.me). Anyways let’s get started with,

Here are the Best Condoms in India for married couples and others: 


Durex condoms

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Durex, find me an adult who doesn’t know that name, Durex stands for Durability, Reliability, and, Excellence and

is the world’s #1 condom brand and has been in business since 1915! Durex was originally set up in London under the name of “London Rubber Company” (y’all got any rubber?) But later on was changed to Durex, but in 2007 the main London (Intimate rubber) manufacturer stopped the production so it was moved to India, China (discreetly), and Thailand.

Durex was the first to develop electronic testing on their condoms to check for any pinpoints and it’s strength, later on, the International standards made it mandatory that a condom withstand at least 18 liters of Air during electrical testing, but Durex condoms can withstand whopping 40 liters of Air without being damaged. Unlike its competitors, Durex provides only 7 types of condoms namely:-

  • Durex Air Ultra-thin
  • Durex Thin condoms
  • Durex Plain condoms
  • Durex Dotted condoms
  • Durex Ribbed condoms
  • Durex Flavoured condoms
  • Durex Ribbed and Flavoured condoms

Out of these, Durex Mutual climax is the best overall condom, They’re mint flavored (anyone for a breath mint), they’re ribbed and dotted, and they also come loaded with Performa Lubricant which potentially reduces the chances of premature ejaculation. Do note that Durex can get somewhat hard to find in nearby stores depending on your location, so it’s better to buy them online.


Okamoto japan number one condoms

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Holy Spock! I just realized that my phone loves Okamoto… I mean whenever I restart it, it always says “Okay Moto”.I smell some conspiracy here, anyways Okamoto is another world-renowned condom and is #1 condom brand in Japan. Okamoto is a Japanese Brand (Duh!) that has been in business since 1934 and has been working hard to protect your hard.

Okamoto was formed after the merging of 3 companies namely Nippon Gum industries, Riken rubber, and Okamoto Rubber, after the merger the final firm was named Okamoto industries that developed condoms.

Okamoto did long and hard (that was what she said) research and came up with a material called Sheerlon, and this material was a lot thinner and stronger than your average joe. Due to Sheerlon, nearly all of the condoms manufactured by Okamoto give you a silkier and naked (more than you already are) feel. Even after developing the thinnest condom, Okamoto has been pushing itself to develop a condom that has more “Nothing-like” feel, safety, and softness. Okamoto condom include;

  • 001 series.
  • 002 series.
  • 003 series.
  • 004 series (female condoms).
  • Ok series

Okamoto “crown” condoms are the most Ultra-thin (closest to nothing) and ultra-sensitive, hence are the top choice for me. While 004 series with aloe is one of the best female condoms.


Manforce condoms: best condom brand in india

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Manforce is one of the 4 biggest pharmaceutical companies in India, Mankind condoms were first launched in 2010 and since have become one of the best selling condom brands within the country. Manforce strives to elevate the passion and provide protection during Lovemaking hence they have been constantly coming up with new and improved condoms that promise you newer heights of ecstasy and lovemaking.

Before you buy Mankind condoms, do check their main site for impressive tips, Sunny Leone calendar, games, and of course Condoms. Mankind provides nearly 16 varieties of condoms that have been split into 4 categories namely- Wild, Intimate, Powerhouse, and Experimental.

If you want to last longer in bed then go for Mankind Powerhouse or Mankind Experimental condoms as come with “Benzocaine oil” that can temporarily numb your log and help delay your ejaculation and also help you stay erect for longer, I think the lady might approve more of this than you ever would. Mankind condoms are known for their dotted condoms which flaunt over 576 dots and ribs to elevate the pleasure (for her).


Skore condoms indian condom brand

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Am I the only one who buys these condoms to simply say “Ach lassie! We got a Skore to settle” to the boss lady? Hopefully not just me. Skore condoms were introduced in 2012 by the Chennai based TTX group and since then has become a major league condom, TTX was the first to establish a condom manufacturing plant in India (1963) and its factories have a capacity of producing 1.5 bn (electronically tested) condoms a Year!

Skore promotes safe intercourse but also wants to make it a thrilling experience for both parties involved which is why they offer a wide range of products such:

  • Skore Flavoured condoms.
  • Skore Long lasting condoms.
  • Skore skin thin condoms.
  • Skore Cool condoms.
  • Skore Zigzag condoms
  •  Skore colored condoms.
  • Skore Extra pleasure condom.
  • Score mixed condoms.
  • Skore Dotted condoms.
  • Skore Ribbed condoms.
  • Skore Ribbed and Dotted condoms.
  • Skore timeless condoms.

Skore mixed condoms are a pack of 16 condoms that can include any of the condoms from the list above. If it’s your first time, then you need to buy Skore timeless condoms as these have special ribs and dots patterns along with climax delay that helps you go longer.


Kamasutra condom brand in india

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Kamasutra was first introduced in 1991 and today it is the second biggest condom brand in India and is manufactured by J.K. Ansell. Kamasutra is tagged as the Best condom brand for newlyweds and offers a Kamasutra Honeymoon gift pack that happens to be loaded with 25 condoms (25 is never enough for newlyweds, around 90 minimum).

Kamasutra is designed luxuriously by keeping the body, those flames, health, and skin in mind so you get nothing but pure pleasure, Kamasutra is known for its pyramidal dots that help elevate the pleasure. Kamasutra varieties include:

  • Kamasutra Ribbed condoms.
  • Kamasutra Dotted condoms.
  • Kamasutra Multi-textured condoms.
  • Kamasutra Extra dots condoms.
  • Kamasutra Dotted and Ribbed condoms.
  • Kamasutra Super thin condoms
  • Kamasutra Flavoured condoms.
  • Kamasutra Plain condoms.
  • Kamasutra Honeymoon gift pack.

Do remember to use adequate lube or you’ll just break these condoms.


Moods condoms brand in india

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Moods condom came into existence to stay true with the saying “small family happy family”. When your brain gets drowned in oxytocin and endorphins while having a bang.

It’s common to have all the Common sense thrown out of the window, and that’s where accidents are prone to happen. It’s hard to pull up your junk and put socks on it, but that’s the best type of contraceptive one can use. Okay, let’s get back to the topic. Moods are manufactured by a government undertaking, HLL Lifecare Limited. They originally started for High and high middle-class people (moody much).

Condoms have two purposes, pleasure and safety. For safety purposes, Moods condoms are electronically tested and are 100% safe. They use natural rubber latex. They reduce the risk of STDs. For pleasure, they offer a wide variety of exciting products like:-

  • Moods All Night.
  • Moods dotted.
  • Moods ultrathin.
  • Moods Flavored condoms.
  • Velvet Female condoms
  • Moods silver condoms

Their Moods All night and Moods Silver condoms are their powerful weapon that will make your partner feel amazing. Moods All night boost Benzocaine for numbing and prolonging pleasure.


Kohinoor condoms brand in india

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Kohinoor is owned by the Reckitt and Benckiser group (India) and is one of the most well known and reliable condom brands in the country, every single Kohinoor condoms are made from natural latex that undergoes throughout tests to ensure their quality and help the wearer enjoy their spicy hot moment to its fullest without worries. Kohinoor is known for its tantalizing aroma and a huge variety of condoms for every size and tastes (literally) Kohinoor condoms include:-

  • Kohinoor Xtra time condoms.
  • Kohinoor Pink condoms.
  • Kohinoor dotted condoms.
  • Kohinoor Triple extra condoms.
  • Kohinoor Xtra dotted.
  • Kohinoor colored condoms.
  • Kohinoor Flavoured condoms.
  • Kohinoor Extra Thin.

Kohinoor Pink is the most sought after condoms in India due to their small size that fits the majority of Indian men. If you can’t find Skyn or Trojan condoms you can easily replace them with Kohinoor Pink as it is easily available and cheap.


Trojan condoms brand in india

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Trojan is one of the most renowned condom brands in the U.S.A, it’s also quite famed in India but not as much as the other brands. Trojan has been around since 1916 (slightly younger than Durex) and was manufactured by Merle Leland Youngs in the U.S.A and today Trojan makes nearly 70% of the condoms purchased in the USA.

Trojan has so many varieties that the company had to come up with an “easy-to-use” tool that helps you in choosing your ideal condoms. To do so you simply have to type your size, material, lube, and design after that viola! You’ve got your perfect condom. Some of the most famed Trojan condoms.include:-

  • Trojan Bareskin condoms.
  • Trojan ENZ condoms.
  • Trojan Thin condoms.
  •  Trojan Ecstasy condoms.
  • Trojan Magnum condoms.
  • Trojan Her pleasure condoms.
  • Trojan Non-latex condoms.
  • Trojan Specialty condoms.

If you’re a vegan, then avoid Trojan Natural Lamb Luxury condoms no matter what as they’re made with animal innards.


Skyn condoms

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Skyn my recommendation as these condoms are made for those who know what they want and aren’t afraid to claim it. Well if that doesn’t convince you then–Skyn condoms are made with Skynfeel, an advanced Polyisoprene material that is 100% free from natural rubber latex and feels way softer than your average joe. Skyn condoms are perfect for people with Latex allergies and using it during intercourse feels way comfortable and gives you that “Not-there” feel.

Skyn deeply (pun intended) cares about intimate pleasures which is why they design their products with the latest tech and that helps us reach Nirvana in his/her arms too easily. Some of the best Skyn products include:-

  • Skyn Original condoms.
  • Skyn Extra Lubricated condoms.
  • Skyn Elite Condoms.
  • Skyn Extra studded condoms.
  • Skyn Large condoms.
  • Skyn selection.

In Skyn selection, you receive 4 original condoms, 4 extra studded condoms, and 2 extra Lube condoms.

Lelo Hex

Lelo Hex condoms brand in india

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Last but not the Least, well in-fact these might just be the best condoms in this list. Lelo spent 7 years grinding to come up with the next generation of condoms with Hexagonal structure. Lelo makes only luxury condoms hence Lelo Hex costs more and is stronger than average condoms. Lelo offer only two variants of condoms namely:-

  • Lelo Hex.
  • Lelo Hex Respect XL.

If it’s going to be your first time and you want something top-notch, then you need to go for Lelo, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


Having intercourse is normal, but we live in a society that makes it sound like an evil deed. And also the name-calling business is too nasty, just because a woman likes it and has often doesn’t mean you have to tag her. Anyways after detection, sheath your erection, also use lube in plenty, and under no circumstances, you should use Vaseline as lube.

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