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Top 10 Most Popular Earphone Brands In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Earphone Brands in india

Earphones are a great companion and let’s call it a fact. Whether you are an introvert, or a party person, a great pair of earphones is a friend for all. Listening to music however, becomes an entertaining experience only when it is accompanied by amazing sound quality. This is where choosing from among the right earphones brands becomes significant.  

Earphones are far more portable and easy to carry around wherever one goes. Unlike headphones, they deliver the sound right inside the year giving you an immersive experience of listening to music. They isolate the surrounding noise and give a powerful bass. 

When it comes to the best earphone brands in India, the current market has loaded us with a plethora of choices. Like headphones brands, earphones from top audio equipment manufacturers come in multifold styles and varieties.

The following list of the best earphone brands in India that will help you select the one with excellent sound quality, comfort, and an overall enhanced listening experience – regardless of whether you are in a peaceful or crowded environment.  


 Here is the list of top Earphone Brands In India:


boAt: Best Earphones Brand In India

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Especially renowned for its detailed sense of fashion and style, earphones from boAt will uplift your everyday look, besides giving you an enhanced audio experience. With boAt’s distinct sound quality, be ready to plug into absolute nirvana with extreme noise cancellation, next level Hi-Res audio systems, high bass and high definition sounds.  

Earphones from boAt truly exist to define the universal love for music, for they are meant to be affordable by all. The models are available in all budget ranges and are also ideal for everyday use.

Loaded with features such as Bluetooth, wireless transmission, 10 mm dynamic drivers for an enthralling audio, fast charge technology and an ergonomic, yet comfortable design, earphones from boAt are a must have for all music enthusiasts.  


Skullcandy: Best Earphones Brand In India

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Skullcandy claims that their mission is to unleash the visceral power of music for all, and indeed, their products live by that statement. Specifically designed for perfect style and all day comfort, earphones from Skullcandy are custom-tuned to deliver the music that you can feel – right from the lyrics in your soul through to the bass in your bones.  

Apart from the common consumer market, the brand also targets outdoor action sports demographics with their exclusive sports collections. The funky and colorful designs of the earphones from this brand have made it a premier choice among younger generations.

Affordable, efficient and innovative, this is without doubt, one of the best earphones brands in India and a one stop solution for all things music.  


Sennheiser: Best Earphones Brand In India

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This German audio equipment manufacturer has been operational since as many as 75 years. The one thing that remains consistent across its wide variety of products is the sound quality. This brand claims to deliver a unique audio experience backed by advanced technology and latest innovation in sonics.  

Whether you are a professional sound engineer, a music artist or simply someone who likes to listen to music all day, Sennheiser offers products that would not disappoint you.

Earphones from this brand have innovative features such as sonic accuracy and clarity, stereo bass sound, great audiophile range, visually aesthetic design that is styles for comfort and so on.

Plus, their budget spectrum is vast; so from Sennheiser, you can choose from high-end earphones or those that are comparatively low-priced.  


Zebronics: Best Earphones Brand In India

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Zebronics is an all in one mobile accessories, computer peripherals and consumer electronics brand, based out of India. With highly affordable products, the range of earphones from Zebronics are worth checking out, for it delivers ultimate performance with pro-level bass and sonics that will send shivers down the spine.  

With many useful features such as in-line microphone, volume control, metallic earpieces, and strong and long lasting cables, earphones from this brand are driven by the three point EQR formula of Excellence, Quality and Reliability.

These qualities are integrated into all of their broad range of products –  from wired earphones to wireless earbuds. The prices are specifically budgeted to make these products accessible for everyday use, with the quality always remaining consistent.  


JBL: Best Earphones Brand In India

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This earphones brand is a pioneer when it comes to music accessories and audio equipment. The brand is renowned for its premium collection of earphones and in-ear headphones, earbuds and most popularly for Bluetooth speakers.

With uncompromised sound quality, earphones from JBL come with the high grade performance, outstanding frequency response and bass that is powerful and deep.  

Earphones from JBL are available in a variety of colors and a broad range of prices. Popular models come with an in-line microphone with a universal remote control that lets you manage our calls on Android as well as iOS devices.

From noise-canceling earphones to the ones ideal for sports use, JBL’s exclusive collection has something tailored to the requirements of all.  


Klider: Best Earphones Brand In India

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From Bluetooth headsets and wireless earbuds to sports ready waterproof earphones and noise cancelling over-ear headphones – if you are looking for an immersive listening experience regardless of where you are, then, look no further than this amazing earphones brand.

Crafted with the best technology, earphones from Klider are budget friendly and offer professional grade audio output.  

With these earphones, you can surely enjoy Stereo quality sound with high definition and deep bass beats and an innovative noise isolating technology.

The Pro Audio Truly Wireless earphones provide an impressive 7 hour play time for a single earphone or a 4 hour play time for dual earphones and up to 120 hours of standby on a single charge. 

The wireless earbuds come with a magnetic charging case and an in-built microphone. Plus, they are lightweight, compact and portable so you can carry them without any hassle, wherever you go.  


Mi: Best Earphones Brand In India

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Crafted for true sound representation, Mi earphones are something that you should own for a comprehensive audio listening experience. They are in fact, among the most sought after mobile accessories in the contemporary Indian market.

The range of earphones from this brand are backed by a powerful acoustic system to produce quality sound with minimal distortion or coloration.

They come with a massive 50 mm diaphragm for powerful and deep bass. Its unique semi-open design, 3D audio and dual damping systems are specifically built to deliver a concert hall experience.  

Certain models also come with built-in microphones and song controls besides possessing quality ear cushions for maximum comfort. It offers everything from wired headsets to true wireless earbuds, that come in all colors and styles to match your mood.

When you buy earphones from Mi, you are also signing up for reliability, quality and durability that is one of the best in the industry today.  


OnePlus: Best Earphones Brand In India

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As popular as this brand is for its range of mobile phones, earphones from OnePlus are no less of a wonder. If you are looking for a listening experience that is immersive, vibrant and extraordinarily detailed, then look no further than earphones from OnePlus for they are exclusively designed for this purpose.

Backed by an advanced internal DAC and with high-res audio support and thoroughly tested for quality, OnePlus earphones are one of its kind in the industry.  

Worth checking out is their Bullets Wireless collection that frees you from the hassle of handling wires and the stress of charging. With only 10 minutes of charging, you can get up to 5 hours of non-stop audio and an exceptional audio experience.

The built-in controls allow you to effortlessly switch between music, calls and Google Assistant. OnePlus earphones are truly designed for durability and your comfort.  

Boult Audio

Boult Audio: Best Earphones Brand In India

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A favorite among celebrities, this is one of the best earphones brands in India, meant for an enhanced audio listening experience. From wireless headphones to true wireless live buds, and the brand’s most sought after, the in-ear earphones, Boult Audio has it all to offer for professionals and casuals alike. Their extremely affordable prices make it a go-to choice of earphones brands in India.  

The products for this brand come loaded with features such as pro bass audio boost, accentuated high definition sounds, built-in microphone controls and wired mode for both Android and iOS.

Some models from Boult Audio are also enabled with Google and Siri voice assistants with as great as 10 hours of runtime and up to two days of standby.

Moreover, its impeccable ergonomic design that is comfortable and lightweight on the ears, durability,  legendary acoustics, 3D surround sound make Boult Audio the best of the best earphones brands in the market. 


PTron: Best Earphones Brand In India

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A youth oriented brand, PTron offers best quality mobile accessories and earphones from this brand rank among the highest on Amazon, which speaks volumes about its quality.

At PTron, you can shop for some of the latest and the best high bass, stereo sound, wireless or wired earphones with or without microphone as per your requirements.

This Indian brand, headquartered in Hyderabad, promises its customers with incredibly crystal clear and high resolution audio experience and features 4-D deep bass dual drivers in most models. 

Other than that, earphones from PTron also feature smart touch control earbuds that allow you to manage calls and music efficiently, power on and off, answering or rejecting calls, hang-up, playing the next or previous song and activating voice assistant.

With an ergonomic and lightweight design that fits comfortably in your ear, these earphones are built for all day wear and convenient portability.  


So, be ready to plug in your earphones and transport into the sublime world of music with these selected best earphones brands. While it is true that for buying a perfect pair of earphones, brand is not everything – for it can be too expensive or pro-level; but in most cases, it is precisely the brand that does the trick for it comes assured with the promise of quality.

And what good is listening to music without a super quality audio rushing through the ears? Therefore, investing in a great pair of earphones is not that bad an idea, is it? 


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