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10 Best Earphones Under 1000 Rupees Available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Best Earphones Under 1000

Looking for earphones in a limited budget? Well, you don’t have to now, cause that’s what we’ve been doing. Buying a new pair of earphones may get difficult especially if you’ve not bought one in a long time.

Earphones have come to be an essential accessory especially in Covid 19 as most of the people are trying to adjust to the ‘work from home’ regime, classes for both schools and colleges are now online, and if one gets bored, he or she is only on the mercy of online content to entertain himself or herself.

Apart from that, a guide like ours also helps in making the consumer aware of what are possible pros and fallouts of earphones of a particular brand.

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Here is the list of Best Earphone Under 1000 Rupees to buy Online:

Realme Buds 2

REalme Buds 2

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Realme has exploded in the smartphone sector in the last year. Ever since the company started to roll out its smartphones, people have responded positively to the brand making it one of the most valued as well as one of the most highest-generating companies in 2019.

Since the company’s inception, Realme has been also trying to create a difference in the accessories sector as well as providing good quality earphones. Realme Buds2 are that difference. The earphones provide a deep, exceptional bass quality with the help of its 11.2mm bass boost driver.

You’d surely never miss out on any highs or lows feeling each beat distinctly. The accurate bass response comes from the multi-layered composite diaphragm. The earphones come with built-in magnets so that your earphones don’t get tangled and you can have a hassle-free use.

The all in one function button can be used to change tracks as well as a play and pause button. You can even use it to summon the voice assistant of your phone.

These earphones come with a cable that simply helps you to organise these cables without hassle. Apart from that, the elegant design and ergonomic engineering have surely added to an already great package.



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I don’t think JBL needs an explanation but still to keep you informed we must give one. JBL C100SI is one of the best earphones that you can buy.

The simple and elegant design helps in great usability. They are lightweight and comfortable and hence are easy on the ears. The silicone earbuds are soft and comfortable. Their angled fit helps them to get in the ears easily and hence one can use them with ease.

They are also easy to clean and can be used comfortably. The dynamic, immersive and vivid sound which is the signature of these exceptional JBL earphones makes you feel the music and enjoy every beat. The JBL earphones come with a pure bass mechanism which makes every note distinct and clear. You’d feel like you’re in the environment.

These can be easily used with the android phones and one can use it to summon voice assistants as well. The mid ridge that houses the whole motherboard system has a button and a noise cancellation system built into it as well. The glossy, sleek and elegant design is accentuated with the improved ergonomic engineering making it a great accessory.

BoAT Basshead 242


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BoAT has emerged as one of the best companies in the field of electronics. Be it their earphones, speakers or headphones, the kind of quality they provide along with the exceptional experience is what one should look out for.

Their earphones are often regarded as one of the best in the market and a unique blend of technology, style and innovation. That’s the case with these as well. Promoted as sports earphones, these are perhaps the most stylish ones on the list. The design is unique and a lot different than the usual ones you find in the market.

The BoAT basshead 242 provides high definition sound that is so clear and accurate that you won’t love to listen to anything without it. These earphones come with a 3.5mm jack that allows a wide range of compatibility (except for the iPhone users). As these are marketed as sports earphones, hence one should not worry about them being water-resistant.

The company claims that these are IPX4 water and sweat resistant. The earbuds are soft and easy to use and one doesn’t feel discomfort to use them for longer periods.

The secure fit ear hooks allow them to cling onto your ears and don’t let them fall. They are flexible and shape adaptive and hence can support variable ear shapes and sizes. The bass is also smooth and sexy with its 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver exceptional performance without much hindrance. You can listen to every beat loud and clear.

BoAT Bassheads 225

Boat bassheads 225

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We told you the company is on a roll these days. The BoAT bassheads 225 strives to be part of the great legacy the company has. It is one of the best and budget-oriented earphones out there. These earphones come with a great 10mm dynamic driver that allows for high-quality audio.

The earphones provide noise-free clear sound so that you can enjoy both high and lows of music and enjoy it throughout. The bass driver stereo sound gives good audio quality and genuine beats can be felt listening through these earphones. The design and engineering are solid as these earphones don’t feel like a burden on your ears even after prolonged usage.

The noise-cancelling microphone allows for a clear high definition sound during calls and recordings. It is encased within a strong and durable housing that protects it from damage. The passive noise cancellation feature allows for a noise-free sound, clears the clutter and gives a crystal clear music to your ears.

The tangle-free cable is just an add-on to an already completed package. The silicone earbuds are soft and comfy and are also easy to clean. The earphones have a one year warranty from date of purchase to protect you against any accidents.

The sound never seems irritating even after on high volumes. The cord is long enough for easy usage and access.


JBL C 50

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A JBL can’t be missed out from any list. The C50 HI is no exception. The elegantly designed earphones are good earphones that come along with the deep bass technology by JBL that helps you to react to every beat of a soundtrack. You surely won’t be missing out on the deepened notes.

This is what happens when great engineering meets exceptional technology and workmanship. These lightweight earphones come with everything that a JBL is known for. The 3.5 mm jack allows it to work with a range of devices: from phones to tablets to laptops and PCs.

The one universal remote button can be used to get to the next track as well as a play and pause button. It also allows for picking up and hanging up calls. The easily accessible voice assistant can also be invoked from it. The enhanced bass quality lets you dive deep into the ocean of great music feeling each note just like you’re in a concert.

The earphones have been designed and engineered keeping in the view of the important ergonomics criteria so that it can provide a great musical experience to its users.

These small details are important in terms of customer-a driven approach. The one year manufacturer’s warranty protects your earphones against mishaps. The earphones come with 3 different sized earbud sets so that you can use others if one doesn’t fit your ears to suit your comfort. They also allow for a simple sitting and comfort.

Sony MDR EX150AP

Sony MDR EX150AP

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Sony has been a pioneer in the sound electronics industry. The company has come a long way since Walkman. The Sony MDR EX150AP is one of the best earphones you can find.

The 9mm neodymium drivers provide for a clear, balanced and powerful sound to sweep you off your feet. These are lightweight for comfort and mobility. The earbuds are also very soft and comfy and rest gently on your ears. A small rubber strap known as the ‘wire manager’ doesn’t allow the wires to get entangled in themselves.

The simple yet sober design approach gives the elegant look and the ergonomics based engineering has made it into a great electronic. The use of these earphones is the customizable universal button whose function you can change with an application.

As of now, these are compatible only with android based smartphones. You may change the button to use as a play/pause button, track changer or volume changer. These earphones fit in your ears comfortably.

The wide frequency band range of 5 to 24 kHz allows for variable music frequencies to listen from. The easy to untangle and long enough Y shaped cord allows for simple access so that you can easily use them. It comes along with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

PTron Boom Ultima 4D


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I’ve never seen such uniquely designed earphones in my life. pTron boom ultima earphones are a prime example of what a good designer can bring to your company with its exceptional and rare design.

The elegant design features are accentuated by the clever engineering that makes it a perfect product by combining great looks along with ergonomics. You’d want one, once a look at these. These come along with, not one but 2 deep bass 8mm strong and dynamic drivers that provide a unique music experience.

The bass would be one of a kind and you’d be able to experience all the highs and lows. You’d be able to hear every note distinctly and with clarity. The company claims that this 3-way blend makes the sound better and fuller and gives you a unique experience. Well, I’d have to say they weren’t lying.

These earphones do deliver such great performance. The ergonomically designed earbuds are placed at120-degree oblique Angeles to provide for a good and highly flexible fitting. The silicone earbuds allow for comfortable fitting and one doesn’t feel even a bit of discomfort wearing these.

Better sound insulation allows for a richer high-quality sound to make the experience even more enriching. The inline mic is clear and provides clear quality in calls and recordings alike. The gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack makes it compatible with a wide range of android smartphones.

MI dual-driver earphones

Mi dual

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These are absolute beasts of an earphone. The sheer quality of music is best on these in my opinion in this price range. These MI earphones come with dual dynamic drivers that enhance the audio quality and take it to a whole new level of detail.

The drivers (10mm and 8mm) are encased within an anodised aluminium casing to protect it from any damages. The drivers provide great bass and in-depth treble sequencing and make up for an enriching audio experience that focuses on low distortion and ensures to provide you great highs and lows with crystal clear quality across the whole range of frequency curve.

These earphones are of very high quality. It’s because of products like this that MI has made a name for itself. The silicone earbuds are comfortable and easy to clean too. These are magnetic earbuds so you don’t have to worry about them dangling over your neck when you’d not be using them. Just leave them be and they’d come together in a perfect condition.

The tangle-free braided cable comes along with a separator that helps in easy and hassle-free usage. The company provides volume rockers as well as a separate play and pause button for easier usage and faster functionality.

MI has been known to provide quality products in affordable budgets. The passive noise cancellation works beautifully and you’d notice a significant difference between these and other earphones in terms of that. The 90-degree close-fitting design makes it compatible with a range of products.



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JBL is known for its great to quality products. C200SI is one such product from the company. It comes with deep organic bass boosters that provide deepened notes to deliver a pure bass experience.

The eloquently angled ear design provides for easy adjustment of the earbuds into your ears and so even so that they can adjust themselves as you move. These are a great and unique blend of great engineering and performance.

One button is enclosed in a durable and strong casing to do 3 functions: play/pause, next. One can tap it once for play and pause and twice for the next. You can also end and answer calls by these buttons. The inline microphone is clear and concise and provides clean voice both in recordings as well as in calls. With these, your voice assistant is never away from you.

One can summon the voice assistant on the touch of a button. There is also a noise isolation feature given in these earphones that provide clear sound on a call. The earphones in itself are pretty stylish and the ergonomic design application is evident in the great design.

They come with 3 sizes of silicone earbuds, just in case you lose the original ones. The cable is made up of exception quality material that isn’t like your usual material which breaks easily. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

Philips SHE2305BL/00 Upbeat earphones

Philips SHE2305BL

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Last but not the least, priced at about Rs. 630 on amazon, these Philips earphones are surely one of the best earphones I’ve got to use recently. If you’re a music aficionado like me, you’d know how much it means to listen to exceptional music in excellent quality.

These earphones provide exactly that: high-quality audio that is clear, clean and just provides an immersive and vibrant audio experience. These earphones are the culmination of beautiful style and exceptional performance. The 12.2mm dynamic driver with neodymium magnets is a powerful engine that provides splendid and distortion less, clear sound that just gives a whole new dimension to your music.

The ear thumping bass and expansive treble sounds are the direct result of these great drivers. The hybrid open ear slots provide for good sound and create a breathable sound stage for those great high range frequencies. The comfortable ergonomics based design lets you use these without discomfort and makes them fit every ear geometry.

The workmanship on these earphones is phenomenal. The great working of these earphones gives you the experience that you crave for. The universal all in one button helps to play and pause music, change tracks as well as a call receiver on demand. 

So that was our list. We might have missed out on some of your favourite ones in favour of others but it’s just because the ones in this list do provide a great and vibrant experience. 


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