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10 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android & iOS To Use in 2023

by Aziz Arora
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Best Mobile eBook Reader App

Is reading a book your hobby? But cannot afford the paperback book variants of your favourite books? If you agree, then you will discover this book reader interesting. In recent days, reading is far unusual than it was before. Books became too capacious, specifically if you are reading more than one at a time. For this and other reasons too, electronic books took over the world.

Almost every people desire to have one device with thousands or millions of books .To open and read these electronic products, you need appropriate schemes. If you are in love with reading books, but functioning low on shelf space, E-books offer a superb alternative. They’re easily portable, don’t take up much space, and can be advantageous from everywhere.

If you prefer to shift from physical books to E-books, then you will need to look out the best e-book app that supports your criteria. Books may be expensive, heavy and may take useful space in a confined room. So making the shift is worth it. But if you consider that you need a fancy E-Reader, so that you can enjoy your loved titles on the go, then you should surely have a look on it.

Now you can reach libraries straight from your smart phone or tablet with incredible E-book apps! There are some apps that will blow up your minds!

What Do You Mean By E-Book Reader?

We all have come across this term right? E- Book Reader is an app that offers you to read books and magazines on your mobile phone including distinct formats. It lets you to install E-Books to your smartphone and then read books as if you are reading their paperback book versions.

There are different types of E-Books of various genres that are accessible in your store inside the app. You can seek both free and premium E-Books in this app. Moreover, you may as well scan your phone to find E-Books that you previously have on your device.

In this article I will be going to share with you the preferable E-book readers that will definitely make your reading adventure even more pleasurable. Read on!


WATTPAD - best E-book reader app.png

Wattpad is a basic eBook app that is satisfactory enough for simple readers. Wattpad is an eBook reader with a pleasant user interface. Getting an eBook is effortless using this app. You can moreover locate the book by means of the app’s inside key or browser through the book code. Wattpad enables you to alter the background and text colour according to your priority.

You can modify the font size to make you feel comfortable while you go through it. Low on space? You can download the books in portions. The Wattpad enables you to relish the works of renowned novelists from Wattpad community. Further you can start writing or can share your own tale to gain satisfactory feedback from others. You can also share your favourite stories with others and can take them along with you wherever you go.

For writers, the app operates with publishing partners so the book can be seen and published by the biggest names. Now you can share your library with friends. If you have fun reading books that you won’t seek at the library, or if you are a writer who wishes to share his or her story, Wattpad is perfect.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle - best e-book reader app.png

Amazon Kindle is one of the noticeable eBook reader apps. Kindle provides huge collections of newspapers, books, magazines thus making it the most well-known eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets. It has got one of the major eBook stores round the Internet. Moreover, the app has an umpteen numbers of reading features, large collection of free books and even cross-device syncing.

The UI is packed with ads. Nevertheless, the actual reading part is clear of any such foolishness. You don’t have to own a Kindle device to read books over the Kindle app. It is easily accessible on Android and iOS devices. It consists of different customization settings while reading.

You can download books too, for your offline use if required. It also comprises a built-in dictionary that makes it easy to search for latest words when reading. The Kindle app offers accessibility to Google search and Wikipedia, etc. These features enhance your reading enjoyment.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader - best e-Book reader app.png

Foxit is one of the most famous PDF eBook reader apps. It is a good combo of performance and reading. The app supports all kinds of PDF files. In addition to it, the app provides form filling features, annotation features, and connected PDF for secrecy. In contrast to other PDF readers, this app is available with connected PDF, a leading technology that powers security, document intelligence, and collaboration facilities for PDF files.

For reading, it reads PDFs aloud together with audio and video support. You can find Foxit on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. That’s cool huh! This is an easy way to use PDF reader. It allows you to look and interpret PDF files on Android devices, on the go. The free version of Foxit PDF reader offers modern features stationed on subscription, comprising edit PDF, export PDF, and protect PDF, etc.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books - best E-book reader app.png

Google Play Books is a competitor to apps like Kindle and Nook. It is an online bookstore that includes newspapers, books, magazines, and all sorts of different stuff. It upholds numerous eBook formats, comic book formats, and others too. It is even possible to upload your books to the cloud and read them according to your preference. Some other features include book rentals, a Rapid Skim Mode, and a Quick Bookmarks feature.

The app is free, but many of the books cost money. It customizes recommendations only for you. It allows offline reading too. There is Night Light feature that automatically adapt the brightness level for pleasant reading during night. The app has over five million books and audiobooks that makes it richest online library. Besides Android, it is also available on iOS. The app has got free samples of millions of books.

Kobo Books

Kobo book - best E-book reader app.png

Love to read? Kobo Books is another online store like Kindle, Nook, and Play Books. The app is highly simple. The Kobo presents a special feature known as Reading Life that will present you to a new world of reading. You can share your notes, quotes and discuss books on social media using Facebook feature. It seems like all it can do is read purchased books from the service.

Anyhow, it supports both normal eBooks and audiobooks. It offers downloading option for offline use, cross-device syncing, and a Night Mode. Using the app, you can read anytime, anywhere. The features are pretty decent as well. As you read books Kobo learns your taste and it builds a recommendation list for new books or magazines.

No doubt the titles will satisfy the interests of all types of readers. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 8. There is an impressive reading activity feature which shows you the duration, you have spent.

Media365 Book Reader

Media365 ebooks - best E-book app.png

Presenting you with Media365 Book! The app is pretty simple when seen from top, but awesome while you use. Using the app, you can read anytime, anywhere. The app smoothly supports numerous file types, consisting of comic book formats, eBook formats, and other stuffs like PSD, PPTX, WEBP, etc.

The UI is fabulously designed. It is colourful, affable, and simple.  It is available on Android and iOS both. The app contains many awesome features that you would absolutely love. Truly there isn’t much wrong with this app.

Moon+ Reader

Moon+Reader - Best E-book reader app.png

Another app comes out here which is Moon+ Reader. It provides exceptional reading satisfaction by offering nice control over display settings. The app consists of a status bar that displays your reading development. It also supplies data regarding your reading progress and suggest recommendations.

It supports a wide variety of eBook formats, including comic book formats, PDF, MOBI and more. You can access the app at free of cost. It involves over ten themes, auto-scrolling, gesture controls, and cross-device syncing. You can consider this app a full package.

Book Reader has a smart user interface that manages the app flawlessly with its exquisite design and layout. The Recent tab and My Books tab consists of the books, you have recently downloaded or added to your bookshelf.


overdrive - best E-Book reader app.png

You have surely heard of OverDrive ebook reader app! OverDrive connects to your local library and you can borrow ebooks that you don’t have. It consists of great features like it’ll remember where you have left off, when you read for the next time. OneDrive is the single place for everything required for your work and in personal life.

It gives you free online storage for your private files, so you can receive them from your Android device, computer and other devices you use. The app lets you smoothly work with your private work files when you are on the go. You can browse your OneDrive files and data shared with you. It easily moves, rename files, delete, and, can create new folders.

The app automatically uploads images and videos to your personal account through camera backup. It helps to open your files in other apps, including Office apps too. It helps you quickly get your documents you have lately opened. Search for your files and folders. So many feature right?

Prestigio Book Reader

Prestigio Book Reader - best E-Book reader app.png

Heard about the name Prestigio! Be that as it may, it still remains one of the best eBook reader apps. Prestigio ebook reader is a cool app. It makes the book and text reading simpler than it was before. The app sustains over 25 languages, speech functionality, etc. You can read files in several formats consisting of epub, fb2, html, and numerous other text and audio book layouts.

You have available three tabs on the home screen consisting of My Books, Recent, and Store. Furthermore, the app can sync across all devices. Some other features include multiple customization modes, a Night Mode and a decent modern UI. In the Store tab, you will find a wide compilation of free and premium eBooks. The free books can surely be downloaded without spending a cent, while the premium books cost a few bucks.

It has multi format text and audio books reading feature. It carries interface in the App Store library with more than 50,000 books for children and adults. In the app you will be able to find a scan button placed on the bottom-right corner of the screen. It can be used for scanning your device for other eBook that you might have already read. In fact this app can be called as a full package app as it provides you with all the essential features that you need.


Read Era - Best E-Book reader app.png

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

ReadEra is astonishingly a popular ebook reader app. It has all the basic reading modes together with support for WORD, EPUB, DJVU, PDF, TXT, MOBI, FB2, and the rare CHM formats. It doesn’t need any facilities or anything like that. This app is awesome, easy to use, and the UI looks nice. There is also a split-screen mode where you can read a number of books or documents at the same time.

It automatically detects and shows the list of all the files on your device, and even recognizes duplicate files. It is quite certain that this app is entirely free and without ads.  It keeps the current reading position, even if the files are removed or deleted. The reader adapts the pages to the display size. It supports styles for a table of contents, bookmarks, visual and vertical page list mode.

The Bottom Line

Reading apps that are connected to electronic or online eBook stores will survive to grow in the market in ideal position. It is a suitable approach for readers to search new and variety of books using a particular app and also a convenient way for small publishing houses to earn profit.

While it’s challenging and needs contribution of both time and money to set up an eReader, the chance of profits is not small. In spite of its several advantages, this app may be very inquisitive and can offer threat to privacy. So enjoy browsing!

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