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List of Top 15 Best Eicher Tractors In 2023 (With Review)

by Ashish Bansal
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BEST Eicher Tractors

The Indian market has always been a progressive one. This could be the reason that since the 1991 economic reforms, the number of foreign companies and their establishments has increased. Eicher Tractors is one such company. The companies were started out by two brothers Joseph and Albert Eicher in 1936. Eicher is one of the few companies that have a significant footing and domination footprint in the Indian market not only in Tractor manufacturing but otherwise as well. The tractor manufacturer has been relentlessly working its way among the most popular tractor brands today. The amount of popularity of the tractors by Eicher is evident in it. It is a general perception that the company’s tractors are strong, durable, of the highest quality and simply the best. 

Customers often feel that the company does work upon its needs and recommendation for such great quality products. The buyers have always responded positively towards the company and so has the company towards the customer’s needs. The company is also known for its distinct focus upon research and development that helps in making their products better, not just than their competitors but also their own. It is the result of the hard work of their R&D wing that their tractors are one of a kind made with finesse, great designs and splendid specifications.

Here are the 15 Best Most Popular Eicher Tractors With Video Review:

Eicher 188

eicher 188 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 188

188 is an 18 hp tractor that works on a smooth and efficiently designed engine of 828 cc capacity. The engine burns fuel well and increases fuel efficiency. There is 1 cylinder in the engine. This tractor is made for the lower end of the income spectrum so it doesn’t have the latest configurations and high tech support.

The tractor does come with the high-end oil immersed brakes that reduce the friction coefficient and helps in reducing the heat and stress reaching the brakes while braking. It results in keeping the longer life of the brakes, reducing maintenance and good breaking.

With a 2 year warranty, the company offers a lot in the price point. The hydraulic lifting capacity is 700 kg and that helps the tractors to do simple agriculture operations. However, you may have to do frequent operations as it can’t lift a lot of weight and the effective weight may decrease as the trailer weight will be included in the hydraulic lifting capacity.

There is a single clutch system with a side shift transmission of 8 forward and 2 backward gears that ensure smooth switchability and proper functioning. Perhaps power steering would be missed in this tractor which lets it become just a perfect tractor. 

Eicher 241XTrac

eicher 241 xtrac - best eicher tractos

Watch Video Review of Eicher 241 XTrac

241 XTrac is a good tractor and it provides good features packed with great performance in a small budget. It is a 1 cylinder, 25 hp tractor with a good engine of 1557 cc capacity that ensures great performance. The tractor has simple dry disc brakes that are efficient but they do ask for frequent maintenance as they get eroded or degraded via frictional forces and stress upon them on frequent braking.

There is no provision to reduce that friction and hence it becomes a bit difficult for the tractor to maintain its efficiency. The water-cooled engine cooling system ensures faster cooling and prevents overheating while increasing efficiency and productivity. It has a 5 plus 1 gear gearbox with a single clutch system that makes for an adequate transmission system.

There is no provision of a power steering and manual steering system is your only option. The fuel tank is of 35 litres and the overall hydraulic lifting capacity is of 1000 kgs along with the 3 point linkage system with draft control and response control links. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor.

Eicher 333 Super DI

eicher 333 super DI - best eicher tractors

Watch Video Review of Eicher 333 Super DI

The 333 Super DI is a very efficient tractor equipped with a 3 cylinder 2365 cc engine that produces 36 horsepower. The engine is powerful and burns fuel efficiently. It helps to provide better mileage criteria. The engine is cooled with a water cooling system that helps to keep the temperature under the hood to minimal and doesn’t let the engine overheat.

Overheating can cause a lot of potential problems. If you lift off the hood, you’d see an effective oil bath type filter that helps to trap the particles floating around in the air to reach the engine and corrode it. The filter ensures the safety of the engine and prevents its degradation.

The clutch comes in 2 variants of the single and dual system which is a good thing. The gearbox is an efficient and centre shift gearbox and is placed at exactly the place that one would want it. It ensures quick switchability and smoother interchanging of gears with ease.

There are 8 forward gears and 2 reverse ones that help in smooth mobility and faster speeds at your will. The breaks too are optional variants and come in oil-immersed brakes or dry disc brakes. One can choose according to their budget but I’d suggest the Oil-immersed ones. The tyres are big and provide good traction force. They also ensure good turning and smooth mobility. What’s more to ask?

Eicher 371 Super Power

eicher 371 super power - best eicher tractors

Watch Video Review of Eicher 371 Super Power

This one is a powerpack. With its 3500 ccs water-cooled diesel engine, the tractor produces a good 37 horsepower for doing all sorts of agriculture works. It uses less oil and works smoothly. It has big tyres to provide good manoeuvring and traction. Apart from that they also provide a good balance and power to the tractor.

The engine is rated at 2150 rpm and that is helpful to keep the torque and speeds under check. The oil bath type filter does its work exceptionally well and ensures that you don’t have to go for engine maintenance frequently. The inline fuel pump ensures good working and helps the fuel to reach the engine efficiently, effectively and without hindrance.

The transmission is made up of a single dry friction plate clutch along with a combination of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that provide a range of speeds. The transmission is a sort of a combo of a constant mesh and a sliding mesh system and hence has the attributes of the same.

The brakes are the premium quality oil immersed brakes that are reliable, fast and low maintenance. The best thing is that you can get all this along with a power steering which is optional. I’d opt for a power steering over manual any day if I were you. The lifting capacity of 1200 kg is optimal for most works and along with the 3 point linkage system of advanced draft control and precise position gives it a whole new high tech sort of feel.

Eicher 380 SuperDI

eicher 380 super - best eicher tractors

Watch Video Review of Eicher 380 Super DI

The 380 Super DI is a 40 HP tractor that works on an exceptional working 2500cc diesel engine which is rated at 2150 rpm providing better combustion efficiency and lower maintenance. The engine is water-cooled by means an effective water-cooled cooling mechanism that ensures better productivity and smoother working of the tractor.

The oil bath type air filter under the hood works like magic and helps in filtering out unwanted particles out of the engine’s system to keep a check on efficiency. The 3 cylinders help in better engine workability. The tractor comes with a manual steering system that would be good for the ones that are acquainted with the manual steering but the ones that are familiar with the power steering, it would be a bit difficult.

The large enough fuel tank of 45 litres ensures that you can work for longer stretches of hours and in larger farms without hindrance. The huge lifting capacity of 1200 kg comes with a 3 point linkage with draft control position and response control links.  The tractor is a 2 wheel drive with a single clutch and a gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears for a range of speeds and torque. There is no availability of the oil-immersed brakes which is a disappointment. 

Eicher 551

eicher 551 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 551

The 551 is a good tractor loaded with quality features and is evident of the great workmanship and dedication to finesse back at the Eicher Factories. The tractor has specifications that are extremely compelling. So even so that you may not be able to restrict yourself from buying it.

The 3 cylinder engine is a 3300cc capacity powerhouse that generates 49 HP. It is water-cooled and protected by the efficient dry-type filter. The transmission system is an easy, fast and good one made up with a single or dual-clutch system that ensures good working and comes as an option.

The 8 forward and 2 backward reverse gear system helps in a great range of speeds as well as smooth mobility over rough terrains. The power steering comes in an optional where you can choose between manual and power according to your needs. The oil-immersed brakes work like a charm and are quick and low maintenance.

The lifting capacity is huge and is around 1800 Kgs with automatic depth control and draft control. The ergonomically designed seats with adjustment criteria help in giving the driver the comfort that it deserves and the tractor is a specialist for high torque generation. The tyres are big and can work in any conditions. Yes, even in the tough and testing ones. They also give valuable and much-needed traction and power as the tractor is a wheel drive.

Eicher 5150 Super DI

eicher 5150 super di - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 5150 Super DI

It is a cylinder tractor that is made for doing all sorts of agricultural works. The implements can be easily connected as there is a good 3 point linkage system with draft, position and response control links and the lifting capacity of 2000 kg helps to do the heavy lifting associated.

It is a 50 HP tractor with a huge engine capacity of 2500cc ensuring better working and enormous power.  The engine is rated at 2200 pm. Such a big engine is rated so low that helps in maintaining engine efficiency and fuel combustion efficiency. The water-cooled cooling system prevents any breakdown due to overheating and the oil bath type air filter helps to filter out small corroding particles out of the proximity of the engine.

The tractor works on a wide range of speeds and torque and you can change that according to your requirements. The single-clutch system with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears help to achieve exactly that. They don’t disappoint being fast and easily accessible. They are placed ergonomically so that one can reach the gears easily.

The seats are comfortable and wide and you don’t have to face a problem frequently even after sitting for too long. The tractor doesn’t let you feel uncomfortable even while you’re on testing grounds. The brakes come in 2 optional variants namely: dry disc and oil immersed. One can choose it accordingly.

The steering also is optional and comes with a single drop arm steering column. The low ground clearance and Turning radius help in maintaining the centre of gravity low and effective turning at bends without hassle. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor.

Eicher 650

eicher 650 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 650

Eicher 650 shows why Eicher is one of the most reputed companies worldwide. The 3 cylinder tractor works wonders and provides around 60 HP power. The massive 3300 cc diesel injection tractor produced great torque and speeds and is water-cooled for rapid cooling of the engine to prevent overheating and the air filter is the dry type which helps in maintaining the efficiency of the tractor.

The engine is assisted with an astute synchromesh dual-clutch transmission with a centre shift gearbox made up of 8 plus 2 gears with 8 gears for forwarding motion and 2 for reverse ones. The power take-off is 6 splines and at 540 pm. The total weight of the tractor is 1700 kg and being a 2 wheel drive type tractor, it ensures that power is supplied continuously and with efficiency to the rear tyres to drive the tractor better.

There is the provision of power steering and oil immersed brakes that give it a more premium feel. The tractor has been made talking in the view of the economic as well as the ergonomic criteria and hence you will not feel uncomfortable while you work on it. The fast and easy controls help in effective controlling of everything. The gears, the ABCs as the seats are good and are placed where they must be. The dial gauges are large enough so that you can read the information easily.

Eicher 5660

eicher 5660 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 5660

This is one of the premium models from the house of Eicher. The inception of the effective Research and Development wing of eicher, this one is the one to put your money on in the tractor game. It is a 50 up tractor that gives a good 50 HP and speaks volumes of power with its 3300cc engine that works with an inline fuel injection pump.

The optional single or dual-clutch type along with optional a central shift combo of constant mesh and sliding mesh or synchromesh and side shift along with 8 plus 2 gearbox make up for the fast, easy and rapid switching transmission system.

The tyres are big enough to keep the tractor stable and to provide good traction to pull implements and loads. The live PTO type ensures better torque and 1700 kg lifting capacity with lower links at hitch position help in carrying out most of the loads with ease. The automatic depth and draft control allow for precise fixing of implements.

The brakes too come in an optional system of dry disc type as well as oil-immersed with their distinct advantages to choose from. The tractor is a powerful factor that has made a name for itself and the company in the market and in the hearts of the masses. It has surely caught the nerve of its customers.

Eicher 242

eicher 242-best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 242

This one comes under the mini tractor category from the company. A petite one, this tractor is a 25 up single cylinder tractor and is one of the most popular tractors from the house of Eicher. The air-cooled engine is made up of a 1557 cc engine that burns fuel efficiently and helps in faster working.

It is rated at 1900 pm to allow for better torque and power while maintaining combustion efficiency. The air filter is of 4 stage type and is very effective in keeping harmful particles at bay. The single friction type clutch plate comes with a sliding mesh transmission and the 8 plus 2 gear sets allow for a range of motions both forward and backward.

There is no power steering and hence for manoeuvring mechanical steering is provided but without a steering adjustment facility. The brake type is dry disc type. However, one can choose the oil-immersed ones according to needs. The 6 spline power take off at 1000 rpm helps to generate 21 hp of PTO power.

It has a good fuel tank capacity of 35 litres and the 900 kg lifting capacity helps in all sorts of agriculture operations. However, one has to make frequent rounds for something that exceeds the lifting capacity. 

Eicher 548

eicher 548 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 548

A 50 hp tractor that is equipped with an effective 3300 cc diesel injection engine that allows for a great variety of works. It can do almost everything from ploughing to hauling operations. There are 3 cylinders in the engine that help to burn fuel efficiently and as the engine is water-cooled, that efficiency is further increased.

The 4 stage oil bath type air filter under the hood helps to remove harmful particles from the close proximity of the engine. The double clutch-type along with the 8 forward and 2 reverse gears make up for the effective synchromesh/collar shift transmission system.

The tractor is a 2 wheel drive that means that the power is transmitted to both the rear wheels that drive it with elegance and ease. The multi-disc oil-immersed brakes help in rapid and comfortable braking and allow for good speed reduction and decelerate the tractor quite smoothly.

There is power steering but you can’t adjust it as there are no adjustability criteria but you won’t have to as everything is placed ergonomically where it should be. The seats are wide and comfortable to sit. They are made of good quality material and you can actually sit for long without any problems.

The control panel has most of the functions for good quality working and you won’t have to look around for most of the functions as they are placed right in front of your eyes. The 45 litres of the fuel tank allows for good mileage and working for long stretches of time.

Eicher 557

eicher 557 tractor - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 557

Eicher 557 is a phenomenal tractor by all measures. It is fast, reliable and durable. It takes less on fuel consumption and hence supports good mileage. The tractor is a  3 cylinder tractor with a 3300 cc diesel engine with an inline injection pump. The 4 stage oil bath type helps in easy functionality of the engine and runs efficiently.

The water-cooled engine system helps to maintain efficiency and runs well. The double-clutch system with a collared shift transmission system is a very effective one. It also comes with a very fast synchromesh system to choose from. The 8 plus 2 gear system helps in easy working and runs smoothly without hindrance.

The multi-disc type oil-immersed brakes help in reducing overheating while frequent braking and increases braking efficiency. The power steering is good for easy manoeuvring and helps to a great extent on turns. The Power take off type is 6 spline and is rated at 597 pm. The fuel tank capacity is 45 litres and it ensures working for a longer stretch of hours. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor with 2 years warranty.

Eicher 368

eicher tractor 368 - best eicher tractors

Watch Video Review of Eicher 368

The 368 is a compact tractor equipped with a strong and powerful 2945 cc engine that produces 36 hp. The air filter is an oil bath type air filter system and the water cooling system ensures proper ventilation and rapid cooling of the engine respectively.

The single or dual-clutch type comes in optional and the transmission is a combination of sliding mesh and constant mesh with 8 forward and 2 reverse gear sets. The dry disc brakes also are optional and one can opt for the better and far reliable oil immersed brakes that allow for faster and better braking and overall efficiency.

The mechanical steering seems to be the only disappointment and also there is no provision for steering adjustment. The power takes off is 6 splines 540 rpm and produces 31 hp power for the PTO. The engine capacity is 45 litres and 1200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity doesn’t disappoint and works well.

It is a 2 wheel drive tractor that helps in easy mobility and faster working. The tractor is suitable for a wide range of operations from ploughing, planting, to hauling. Implements can be attached easily along with the 3 point linkage system.

Eicher 480

eicher tractor 480 - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 485

This one can be easily recognized due to its distinctive blue colour model and the large branding on its hood. It is one of the most popular tractors from the house of Eicher. It is a 42 hp tractor with an inline fuel injection pump and is one of the best tractors that provides good productivity, efficiency and performance.

The 3 cylinder, 2500 cc tractor comes along with a powerful engine that helps to do most of the stuff easily and rapidly and works just fine. It burns the fuel efficiently and is low on maintenance courtesy of its efficient water-cooled cooling system and 4 stage oil bath type air filter.

The transmission is fast and rapid made up of a combo of constant mesh and sliding mesh transmission with a single or dual-clutch on option. The gears are standard 8 plus 2. The dry disc brakes are good and one can opt for oil-immersed brakes if needed.

The big and voluminous 50 litres of fuel tank ensures working for long durations without caring for frequent refills. The 1300 kg lifting capacity ensures that most of the works can be done easily. It also has the 3 point linkage for perfectly attaching the implements and the automatic depth and draft control makes it a perfect choice for most farmers.

Eicher 485

eicher 485 tractor - best eicher tractor

Watch Video Review of Eicher 485

The 485 is an eloquent tractor from Eicher and is known for its good performance. The tractor is made with keeping in the view high productivity and performance and it delivers exactly that. The tractor is driven by a sophisticated 2945 cc diesel engine that is rated at a low 2150 rpm to ensure better workability.

The tractor’s productivity is ensured through an air-cooled cooling system that helps the engine maintain its cool and doesn’t let the breakdown due to overheating happen. The rapid and effective 4 stage oil bath is also a good addon to the overall package and helps the tractor to maintain its overall usability.

It comes along with a combination of constant mesh and sliding mesh gearbox that ensures rapid switchability transmission that is helped with a single or dual-clutch system. The 8 plus 2 system of gears ensure good mobility and speed ranges.

The brakes come in the dry disc as standard but one can also opt for the premium oil-immersed ones. The steering also comes along with options as power and mechanical from which one may choose from according to their needs.

Overall, the company has been one the rise. The company is now acquired by TAFE but still, its charm hasn’t lost. The company still knows its customers and is making and improving their products continuously for them.

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