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Top 10 Best Energy Drinks that will boost your mind (In 2023)

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In an era of rushing in every aspect of life; to get things done, get to work or school, meet deadlines, it is almost universal to fall short of energy and catch up with life. Hence, everybody has been the victim to what is known as brain drain at some point of time or the other.

And with an increase in mindfulness and more motivation towards leading an active lifestyle and encouragement to go to gyms, people are gravitating towards sources of energy other than food, mainly because food cannot be consumed at all times of the day and in all conditions.

More common than not, to combat this slackened energy, people resort to sugary drinks during a slump to boost their energies.

What most don’t realize is that, when consuming a soft drink, one might quench their thirst momentarily, but to gain back the much-needed energy, one needs to grab an energy drink, possibly the top energy drink in India.

These drinks are tailor-made, chiefly with caffeine, taurine, Vitamin B and such other components to reinstate the much-needed boost to the consumer. Moreover, the best part about these drinks is that they have no side effects and are perfectly healthy.

These can be consumed by the people who are seeking to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle, while not compromising on one’s performance in any aspect, owing to spiralling energy levels.

Since one is bound to be in a situation where one might need to take some time to rejuvenate and get that extra surge of vigour to complete day to day activities.

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Energy Drinks available in India that you can try to boost your energy:

Red bull

Red bull: Best Energy Drink In India

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Being one of the most popular energy drinks around the world, Red Bull holds the top spot in India, and with the right marketing, almost everybody is aware of its presence. This popularity is backed by the availability of 8 different flavours.

The reason for its instantaneous effect on energy levels is the quantity of caffeine it boasts of, which is equivalent to that of a cup of coffee. This drink promises to boost energy levels in no time and get one ready in no time to meet deadlines head-on.


Monster: Best Energy Drink In India

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With an apt nomenclature, this drink boasts of an even higher caffeine content of 33.81mg/100ml which is a notch higher than red bull. If one is suffering from those deep slump days, this drink can work wonders and get one energised to the brim.

This is probably the highest caffeine content offered in the Indian market by an energy drink and may be the best energy drink in India for gym. So, if you are a gym freak or need some insane energy boost to get up off of your desk chair to get into some intense home workout session, this can be your go-to drink.


Gatorade: Best Energy Drink In India

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This is another wildly popular drink endorsed by several celebrity sportspersons, the recent being PV Sindhu. A number one choice among people who indulge in training and an active lifestyle, it apparently originated when a coach of a football team urged for its conceptualization.

This drink is a fool-proof way to spice up one’s energy, and probably the best energy drink in India for running. This drink is based on a scientific formulation which comprises of electrolytes, carbohydrates which can replenish one’s diminished energy reserved due to intense workout or play.

It further helps in hydration and perfecting the electrolyte imbalance created by excessive sweating. It further promises to restore essential fluids, while providing a great flavour, and hence, can become one’s go-to drink if one is looking to refuel to go out and play or exercise.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9: Best Energy Drink In India

With a base of reconstituted apple juice and contents such as caffeine, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, this drink is very popular due to the unique flavour similar to that of mixed fruit juice that it offers.

Its latest variant professes to contain a flavour that amalgamates the tastes of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and a plethora of different berries.

This energy drink is definitely recommended if you are stringent with the kind of flavours you prefer. It is quite understandable because mostly energy drinks don’t really taste very nice always.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew: Best Energy Drink In India

Although most people know it and mistake it for a soft drink, this drink is probably the one offering the most flavours, however, their availability is subject to several factors such as location and other things.

However, the most common form in which one might find it would be its characteristic neon coloured bottle. This has also been touted to be one of the best in terms of taste.

This drink is ubiquitously available, so one will not have a problem finding it. Moreover, it can double as a fun drink during snack time, while providing the much needed energy.

Hell Rock

Hell Rock: Best Energy Drink In India

With a similar caffeine content as red bull, this is a go-to premium quality drink at a meagre amount. Hence, if one is looking for the best energy drink in India with price limitations, this drink might be for them.

The reasons behind the surge in its popularity could be its fruity flavour, vitamin B content and the attractive price, all tied up in one package. This drink is very pocket friendly, but offers the same quality and energy as some of the best energy drinks in the market.



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Tzinga energy drink finds its production by an Indian company and its availability in innovative flavours such as tropical trip, mango strawberry, etc, which makes for an attractive choice due to its low price range and variety of flavours.

This drink should be made more popular because its manufacturer belongs to our home country. Such encouragement can give impetus to more producers to come forward with variable products, and increase healthy competition. This shall only mean more variety and satisfaction for the consumers.


Crunk: Best Energy Drink In India

With a concoction of corn syrup and pomegranate juice as its foundation, this drink boasts of herbs; how healthy could it seriously get? One might find epicedium, ginseng and the likes in its ingredients label, making it an exciting choice to try something new, with health benefits.

One is often concerned while consuming energy drinks regarding the sugar intake and high caffeine content which can possibly effect one’s health negatively.

If any of these are one’s concerns, then one can try this drink to reap various health benefits and fulfil nutrient requirements, while also getting the much needed energy boost.



Contrary to most of its counterparts, this energy drink is not based on caffeine. Another surprising aspect would be that it is not carbonated either. It might just be the energy drink in India for weakness as it quite literally tastes like flavoured water.

Coming in a variety of alternative flavours, this drink as a result of the collaboration between a French and India-based company. It professes to contain vitamins and minerals, beneficial to boost one’s health.

This has gained wide popularity because of the experience it gives to the one consuming it; it tastes like water and has no caffeine or carbonation involved, which are several people’s concerns because of the dependency they might develop for them.

Hence, this drink is very suitable for those looking for an instant surge of energy, while feeling that they are consuming a slightly sweetened and delicious version of water.


Burn: Best Energy Drink In India

Manufactured by the famous Coca-Cola Company, this drink stands by how it is named. It is not carbonated but comprises of whopping 32mg/100 ml caffeine content, which is sure to fuel one’s fire. It consists of a powerful concoction of several energy boosting ingredients, such as taurine, vitamin B3, B6, B12, arginine, etc.

which can invigorate one’s senses and provide one an instant surge of power. It is available in most countries and can be consumed at any time of the day. People indulging in skateboarding, surfing, parkour,etc are associated with this brand along with certain famous athletes.

This drink’s powerful combination of ingredients is a sure shot way to fire up one’s muscles and provide the right amount of energy to keep one going. The aforementioned are some of the best energy drinks available in India.


There are a lot of such drinks present in the market these days, catering to the preferences of a heterogeneous mass of people. So even if one prefers energy drinks to get into intense workout sessions, or go for a long run, or for simply pulling off an all nighter (which is not recommended), one can consume them with no side effects.

Energy drinks are a healthy way to sustain an active lifestyle without compromising on one’s performance in sports, games or the gym.

That said, in order to find the energy drink that suits one best, it is recommended to be mindful of the ingredients in order to ascertain the caffeine content, if present, the components which might be essential for people who are calorie conscious, and the flavours available – the last factor can be a major deal breaker for one’s drink choice.

And that’s quite understandable; who would want a foul-tasting drink when one is already low on energy and possibly going through a difficult time. Energy drinks can invigorate one’s senses and provide a good surge of power to get one through various activities.

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