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10 Best Extension Boards Available in India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Best Extension Board

In the current times, one cannot simply imagine a day without electronic gadgets! Be it your mobile phones or laptops, tablets or desktop computers – there is no saying goodbye to them, morning through to the night, especially in the digital era.

Using electronic gadgets all day means that you require them to be charged at all times. This is where extension boards come into play, because in no way can you have a charging plug by your side all the time.  

The basic function of extension boards is to connect multiple devices at once while having a single main power source. They are also used as surge protectors to prevent sudden voltage bursts to damage electronic devices.

These days extension boards facilitate multiple USB ports as well, using which you can connect USB devices directly to the power source or even connect one device to another.

The best extension boards come in a variety of colors, shapes, and with a different number of power points and USB ports.  

The following are some of the best extension boards available in India that you can also purchase online and that will surely give you the best value for your money.  

 Here are the Best & Durable Extension Board Available In India: 

Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board

Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board: Best Extension Board

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This white extension board from the house of Havells India comes with the promise of durability and an ergonomic design. It consists of four universal sockets, with adequate space between the sockets to accommodate all the plug tops.

There is also a Master Switch and an LED light for indicating power status (on/off). This white colored extension board from Havells has robust inbuilt surge protection, that can take a capacity of up to 6500.

Having used ABS housing material for high impact and good chemical resistance, this extension board has a heavy duty power cable and comes with a stand and a carrier as well.

Havells’ user friendly gadget is the ideal product that you can bring home for hassle free browsing through your electronic devices – all the livelong day. 

Gongniu Extension Board – 6 Socket

Gongniu Extension Board - 6 Socket: Best Extension Board

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This is one of the most purchased and cost effective extension boards in India. It comes with six universal sockets for accommodating all types of plugs and one switch.

This electronic utility product from Gongniu has 100% pure brass bar integrated inside. Along with this, there is minimal wiring in the device, which reduces risk of short-circuit significantly. It is suitable for most home appliances such as a fan, refrigerator, iron and other such appliances.

Besides, its body is made of high performance material poly-carbonate which is tough and shock resistant. The utility device is also high temperature resistant to prevent risk of fire and is light in weight.

The extension board is tested to function efficiently through 10000 on and off cycles, which makes it extremely long lasting and durable.  

Belkin Essential Series 8 Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

Belkin Essential Series 8 Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket: Best Extension Board

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Secure all your electronic devices with Belkin’s super effective extension board, that can accommodate as many as eight universal sockets. It comes with a heavy duty cable and grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all the eight sockets.

 The product also acts as a surge protector, thereby preventing damage to the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations. It allows you to connect any electronic equipment with 2-Pin or 3-Pin plugs.

The device is combined with a main power on/off switch and power cord, which is two meter long. This feature further adds to the convenience aspect of the extension board as it makes it easy to connect devices to a power source which is far away.

All the plug sockets of the device are well insulated and grounded to prevent the possibility of shock. Belkin’s 8-Socket extension board ideally provides reliable protection for your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems, and other everyday household electronics. 

Gongniu Extension Board – 4 Socket 

Gongniu Extension Board - 4 Socket: Best Extension Board

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Like the previous model of extension board from Gongniu, this extension board with four universal sockets is a reliable choice for plugging-in all your electronic devices. It has an ergonomic design and plenty of safety features to ensure that electronic appliances are protected while functioning.

The body of the extension board is made of poly-propylene which is a light weight, fire resistant and environment friendly material.

Also, it has a 100% pure brass bar inside and absolutely no wiring, which reduces the risk of short circuit and a Push Button with Silver Contact that ensures durability and greater life of the product.

This extension board is tested successfully for as many as 10000 on and off cycles and therefore, the extension board device is going to last for long. Plus, the product comes with a 2 years brand warranty.  

Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. – 4 Way Power Strip

Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. - 4 Way Power Strip with Individual Switch: Best Extension Board

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One of the best extension boards in India, this product is among the best rated extension boards in the market.

It has several beneficial features such as, split surge protection, anchor quality assurance, a fuse blown indicator and auto-detect wire connection among others – all of which make it an ideal choice to purchase for delivering safe electricity to all your gadgets and home appliances as well. 

If voltage fluctuations are a recurrent phenomenon in your area, you can protect your valuable devices from surges with the 4-Way Power Strip that comes with this extension board.

It features separate sockets with distinct switches for all your computer devices. The sockets are universally compatible, which allows you to connect electronic devices from different brands and of varying technical specifications with the 4-Way Power Strip.  

GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip

GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip: Best Extension Board

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This extension board comes with four multi-purpose International sockets, which are suitable for all types of plugs used worldwide, and a master switch. Its ergonomic design provides adequate space between the sockets for accommodating plugs of different designs.

The extension board has a thermal overload trip to switch off your system, in order to save all connected devices in the event of a severe overflow of current. In case of overload, the extension board acts as a surge protector and will trip to switch off position.

Afterwards, you can press the red button to return to the safe function mode. The GM Modular spike guard also comes with fire retardant protection for reduced flammability of the electronic device. It is compatible to use at the workplace as well as for appliances at home.  

Belkin Essential Series 6 Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

Belkin Essential Series 6 Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket: Best Extension Board

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This grey colored extension board from Belkin Essential Series is a very convenient device to use as you can power multiple electronic devices from a single socket. The extension board comes with a 1.5 meter long cord for easy accommodation and connecting to a far away power source.

This 6-socket surge protector from Belkin has a response time of less than a nanosecond, making it a very reliable extension board for protection of expensive electronics. With a light and sleek design, it can be easily packed and carried along anywhere.

Featuring a 420-joule surge protection rating and high maximum spike current, this home surge protector ensures complete safety from any electrical damage during voltage fluctuation. Further, there is a grounding of AC power with 3-line protection through all the six sockets. 

Live Tech PS07 Power Strip With 4 Sockets

Live Tech PS07 Power Strip With 4 Sockets: Best Extension Board

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With breakthrough safety technology, this is one of the most sought after extension boards in India, that can be purchased online. This 4-Socket Power Strip comes with one flush type Fuse, a 6 feet cord, an indicator light and one on/off master switch.

The sockets are rust free brass international sockets for an easy, smooth and firm grip. The sockets are designed to accept around 36 different types of internationally made plug types. Also, it is specifically designed for less resistance and less heat generation and so, it saves energy and is environment friendly.

Made of virgin plastic, this black colored extension board and surge protector from Live Tech is an ideal choice for plugging in multiple electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and so on simultaneously for effective, uninterrupted functioning. 

Hilex Mini Strip 8 Plug Point Extension Strip

Hilex Mini Strip 8 Plug Point Extension Strip with Fuse and Spark Suppressor: Best Extension Board

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This extension board from Hilex is indeed, a saver for all tech junkies. It comes with six 2-Pin sockets and two 3-Pin sockets, which means that you can utilize this extension board for a number of plug styles.

The multi-purpose electronic device also includes a fuse, switch light indicator, safety on/off switch, a heavy duty quality copper wire with 4 yards of length and plenty of other beneficial features.

The product has spike surge protection which can be suitable for all kinds of home appliances such as computer systems, mobile chargers, DVD players and so on.

Besides, it has an ergonomic, intuitive and a compact design and can be used effortlessly. It is a complete solution for sourcing your devices with safe electricity.  

APPUCOCO Plus PP1 4+1 Extension Board

APPUCOCO Plus PP1 4+1 Extension Board - White: Best Extension Board

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The white colored extension board from APPUCOCO is portable, durable and has an ergonomic design, which makes it a convenient product to use and carry wherever you go.

It has four universal sockets with lock-in technology, along with a master switch, three-pin plug and an LED indicator to show power status. The sockets are effectively arranged so there is absolutely no possibility of interlocking of the plugs.

Also, this extension board comes with a long three meter heavy duty wire; this means that you can operate your devices conveniently even if the main power source is far away. This extension board model from APPUCOCO is also available in grey color and comes with a one year warranty period.  


When it comes to significant electronic products for your home or workplace, like extension boards, you should purchase nothing but the best.

The distinctive features that these best extension boards come with, including surge protection, USB charging, spark suppression among others, make them the best worth of your money.

Not only will these extension boards allow you to plug in multiple devices at once, but also ensure that all your appliances remain safe from overload, surges or voltage fluctuations.

So, if you are someone who inevitably depends on using electronic appliances and gadgets, then investing in the above listed extension boards – which are both cost effective and efficient – is no bad idea.  

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