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10 Best Face Creams & Moisturizers In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Face Creams

Face creams are very important in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy even in the driest of weathers.

It becomes an imperial routine to follow in the type of summers we have face in India at various places and hence it becomes all the more necessary to choose the right cream to protect our skin from all the sweat, dust and dirt all day long.

There are different types of cream for different weathers and we would recommend you to use them according to their purpose.
The nature of summer creams and winter creams are different, so do not confuse them with any other creams.

A winter cream will have certain fat substances to help keep your face completely hydrated in such weather, while a summer cream will have no or very less amounts of fat and will rather have more refreshing substances to keep your skin fresh and non sticky in the hot and humid weather.

Now, if you have used a common cream for every weather up until now, it is highly recommended to use weather approved face creams for yourself.

The options for these creams are huge in the current market, with a lot of brands and companies comping up against each other to provide you with their best products to choose from.

To help you choose rationally and wisely, we have come up with our own list of the some of the best summer face creams to use in Indian weather and reviewed them as well. 


Here is the List of Best 10 Face Moisturizers: 

Nivea Soft Cream

Nivea Soft Cream Best Face Cream

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Nivea is a well-known brand in India, its products being appreciated by the people of the country. Being an established brand, there are many ranges of products that the company advertises and sells.

When it comes to creams, there is a whole range of creams for various uses. If we talk about summers, the best option of the brand would be the Nivea Soft cream that is quite affordable in nature.

The cream is infused with many micro fine oil particles embedded in water will help in getting absorbed by the skin very quickly, leaving behind no residue and keeping your skin hydrated and fresh all along.

The base is very creamy and rich in nutrients required for your skin cells and helps them retain as much moisture as they can, so that your skin stays healthy. The combination of almond oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and magnolia extract will be perfect medication to your skin for almost 24 hours.

Moreover, it has the benefits of SPF 15, to help you protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as the dust and dirt particle present in the atmosphere.
All in all, this everyday use cream will surely leave your face refreshed and rejuvenated.


  • Leaves kin soft and fresh
  • Suitable for all skin types and even whole body
  • Non greasy formula helps in quick absorption and non sweaty skin
  • Is light in weight on skin
  • Dermatologically approves


  • The fragrance might be a little too overpowering

Clean & Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer

Clean & Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer Best Face Cream

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As the name suggests, the Clean & Clear Oil-Free moisturizer is a very famous cream based brand in India. This face cream is also one of the best water based, oil free solution that will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all day long.

Moreover, the product also contains salicylic acid that helps in preventing the clogging of facial pores, which otherwise give rise to those nasty pimples and acne on your precious skin.

Being really affordable in nature and readily available in almost all the cosmetic stores, this is surely an impressive cream to begin with.

It is also quite light on your skin to begin with. If we look closely, the product is more suitable for oily skins, as this cream will prevent the secretion of excess oils on your face and let it be non sticky over the time.

The packaging is also quite appealing, being packed in a white colored tube, that also comes in various sizes to suit your requirements. Not only is it refreshing to your skin, but also smells good all the time.


  • Attractive packaging
  • A light weighted texture with good consistency
  • More suitable for oily skins
  • Affordable and readily available


  • Not suitable for any other weather than summers
  • Not very suitable for dry or normal skin

Lotus Herbal Aloe Hydra Moisturizing Gel

Lotus Herbal Aloe Hydra Moisturizing Gel Best Face Cream

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One of its kind, the Lotus Herbal Aloe Hydra moisturizing gel is the one that stands out as one of the most distinct products in this list. This herbal gel based formula is a non-greasy cream that helps to hydrate your face during the intense summers in India.

The cream cum gel allows to soak deep into your skin cells to keep it from drying up and providing the skin the needed moisturization. It claims to increase the moisture retention of your face, leaving it soft and supple all day long. You won’t even feel it over your skin because of its quick absorption.

It has extracts of aloe vera to provide soothing effect to the skin and traces of Vitamin A, C and to not only keep your face hydrated, but also healthy. This cream is suitable for all skin types and is quite affordable in nature.

The scent is lemony like, with a lemony like color, which is just amazing to smell and comes in an easy to use pump bottle. Being readily available at almost all cosmetic stores, this cream is definitely worth a try.


  • Long lasting effect on skin
  • Smells fantastic
  • Quite light in weight for your face skin
  • Non greasy in nature to prevent any oily feeling
  • Perfect for all skin types


  • Does not come with SPF protection

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer Best Face Cream

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The name of the brand is enough to go and buy yourself some good cosmetic products for yourself. The Body Shop is one of the most famous brands in the world of cosmetics and have all natural products in its shelves.

When we come to The Body Shop’s Vitamin C daily moisturizer, it has a lot of popularity and fan base in the country because of its amazing application on the skin.

The cream has very light base and get absorbed really quick into the skin cells, leaving it hydrated all day long. It is mostly suitable for people with oily skin, as it will help to absorb the excess oil from your face, but in general it is suitable for every skin type.

This product has the added benefit of SPF 30 which will help your skin be protected against all the UV rays of the sun and the dirt and dust particles in the atmosphere.

The products under this brand may seem a little steep in prices, but provide the utmost quality, so if you are willing to spend that extra bucks, we would recommend you to go ahead and buy this cream.


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Quite light in nature and absorbs quickly into your skin
  • Contains SPF 30 protection
  • Easy application and requires less quantity at every use


  • Can cause a little burning sensation on sensitive skins
  • A little on the expensive scale

Lotus Herbal Alphamoist

Lotus Herbal Alphamoist Best Face Cream

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Lotus is one of the most brands in India that uses the purest of ingredients in its products. The Lotus Herbal Alphamoist is one such example. If you have a chappy skin, look no further, as the Alphamoist will help in turning it into a hydrated skin in no time.

It is mostly a summer cream, as a light weight formula with non greasy mixture is added to let your skin moisten without getting oily and sweaty.

Another important thing is that, this cream would not clog the pores and let your face breathe completely and stay healthy.

The cream contains aloe vera and grape extracts, with the addition of milk enzymes will help in repairing the skin and making it feel nourished all day long. Moreover, the cream also has some anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, that helps feel fresh in the intense heat for a longer period of time.

With regular use, you will definitely feel your skin glowing, making you look a little younger and vibrant. Being really affordable and readily available in market at almost all the cosmetic stores, this is a great steal and must be trued at least once to unlock all its benefits.


  • Light weight oil free formula
  • Leaves a soft and supple cream after every use
  • Quick absorption into the skin cells
  • Affordable in nature


  • Not the very product for dry skin

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream Best Face Cream

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Himalaya is a well-known and renowned brand in India, with all its products being on the herbal side of the manufacturing. Its products are best known for their herbal ingredients. The popularity among the people tell you that every product is loved across the country.

The cream section has a lot of varieties to choose from, but if you are looking for a specific cream to use for your face during the scorching heat of India. Then we recommend Himalaya Nourishing skin cream. The reviews are great and is quite affordable in nature.

The cream has a non greasy and light weight formula helps in preventing excess oil and lets your skin glow with freshness. It suits dry skin the most, but users of all skin types can have access to this amazing cream.

The aloe vera, winter cherry or ashwagandha, Kino tree and cucumber extracts in the cream helps in keeping the skin cool and protects it from the dust and dirt present in the atmosphere for a longer period of time.

Overall, this dermatologically approved is an amazing product to use during the summers.


  • Hypoallergenic in nature
  • Lightweight and non greasy in nature
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Affordable in nature


  • Not the best cream for sensitive skin

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer Best Face Cream

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Neutrogena is also an awesome brand that has launched many famous products that are quite popular in India. One such product is the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer, that provides the complete package during the summer seasons.

This lightweight and water based cream is the one you need right now to help provide the required moisturization and unclogged pores.

It has a double action formula of oil absorbing micro sponge system that will help to spike deeper into your skin to remove all the unnecessary greasiness.

Moreover, the cream has amazing features like sun protection, with the help of SPF 15 and anti skin ageing, to protect your skin from every possible challenge.

If you have a skin type where some areas are oilier than the rest of the area, then this would be the perfect solution for that combination of skins and is also a unisex product in nature.

The presence of silica in the cream helps giving a finishing matte effect on your face. The cream will also help you unclog the pores in your facial area, so your skin can breathe freely everywhere.

Therefore, all said, this cream is a really good option for everyone and is also quite affordable in nature.


  • Quick absorption and light in weight formula cream
  • Prevents greasiness in oily region with the help of micro sponge system
  • Hypoallergenic and alcohol free cream
  • Can be used by both, men and women


  • Does not contain any fragrance
  • Can be a little harsh for sensitive skin

Olay Moisturizing Lotion

Olay Moisturizing Lotion Best Face Cream

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Olay has made an amazing public response with its launch in the Indian market, and has ever since, growing and getting famous day by day.
All its products are high end and produce quality.
One such product that will do wonders for your skin during the summers is the Olay Moisturizing lotion.

The oil free formula makes it feel light on your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. It is basically a water based solution which will also prevent the clogging of pores to help your skin breathe with ease and keep it healthy.

The cream gets quickly absorbed by the skin, helping it retain more moisture for a longer period of time and is also suitable for every skin type. Additionally, the cream will also give other benefits in addition to keeping it hydrated all summer like improved texture of skin, smoother skin and make you look younger.
It can also be used as a primer to your makeup.

The product can be a little steep when it comes to prices, but is definitely worth a try if you are not wanting to spend a little more to get a super soft and healthy skin all summer. 



  • Helps prevent most greasiness on your skin
  • Keeps your skin fresh and hydrated
  • Light in weight solution
  • Available in various sizes
  • Has a pleasant fragrance


  • Is a little expensive
  • Not the best cream for dry skin

L’Oréal Hydra fresh

L’Oréal Hydra fresh Best Face Cream

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L’Oréal is one of the most successful cosmetic and beauty brands across the globe and has been very successful in India as well. Its products are used widely in India with full contend.

It has a wide range of creams and gels for various purposes and one of them is the Loreal Hydra fresh cream, best suited for the summer season.

The cream has a non greasy formula that is super light on skin that helps prevent excessive oil production and the skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

The water based cream has micro sponges to help soak all the excess oil on your skin and provide a matte finish as well. It also has a composition of green beads that dissolve on application and helps your skin look more rejuvenated and softer.

If you have a skin where some part of it produces more oil than the other parts, then this moisturizer is the perfect solution for you to go for this summer for combination skin.

Another beneficial inclusion in the cream is the addition of zinc, which helps to regulate the oil production on your skin and the added minerals will surely keep your face healthy and supple.


  • Keeps your skin hydrated and healthy
  • Added zinc regulates the production of sebum on your skin
  • Lightweight water based formula for quick absorption and no greasiness
  • Blends with your skin type easily


  • Can be a little expensive


Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion Best Face Cream

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Vaseline is one of the most valued brands in the country and holds a certain emotion in every household at one or the other point of time.

It also includes a variety of creams for various purposes and if we are talking about a summer cream for summers in India, the Vaseline Total moisture Aloe Fresh Cream would be the best choice.

Being very reasonable in prices and readily available at almost all the cosmetic stores, this cream comes with aloe vera extracts to keep your skin completely hydrated and fresh all day long.

The nature of the cream will keep your skin cool in the scorching heat and will also protect you against the harmful rays of the sun. The cream has shown to be a quick remedy to dry skin and cracks to mend it in a shorter period of time.

The fragrance is also strong in nature, being a combination of aloe vera and cucumber, that will stay with you for a longer duration.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin and claims to provide moisture up to three layers of skin cells, keeping your skin healthy, fresh, and soft.

The bottle is a vibrant green color that comes in various sizes so that you chose as per your choice and preferences. 


  • Provides deep moisturization in to your skin
  • Can be used on face as well as your body
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Aloe vera and cucumber extracts provides refreshed skin experience
  • Light weight, creamy solution that removes excess oil


  • The fragrance can come out to be a little strong for some people
  • No SPF present in the cream


Now that you know the basic difference between creams to use for your face, it’s time to switch to these products as soon as possible to make the transition to take the best care for your face.

All of the above options being mostly unisex, you don’t need to be confused. All the above 11 options are by far the best rated creams in the country and you won’t regret your choice amongst these products.

All the brands are also quite renowned and popular to begin with, so another tension of yours will be eliminated from the picture.Choose the best one according to your taste and preferences to help keep your skin healthy in the scorching summers of India.

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