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10 Best Fitness Apps in India (Android & iOS) In 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Fitness Apps

Being healthy is one of the best signs in life to avoid any long term illness and increase the quality of life. Whether you are skinny or fat or uneven tones, there is a whole bunch of exercises you can follow to get back in shape. A good body always leads to a better standard of living and also helps in preventing fatigue and staying active all along.

There are so many ways of getting fit. You can join a gym or yoga classes or take Zumba lessons. Now a days, with the advent of smart phones, many applications have emerged that can help you in getting the needed fitness. You can now be at you homes or offices or elsewhere and exercise your way out for a better body.

You can now download hundreds of apps for free and get the best suited fitness app as per your preference.

Therefore, we have brought the best list of fitness apps for Android and iOS users to help you lead a healthy lifestyle:


8Fit best fitness Apps

8fit is an amazing workout app that is available for both android and iOS users for free.

The app provides on demand workout plans with monitoring the meal plan as well.
The kind of body fitness you are wanting, this app will let you create your own personalised plan, thereby helping you achieve your goals on time.

It will work as per your preference and your motivation.
For example, if you want to lose belly fat, the app will take all of the information into account and create a unique plan just for you and as per your exercising schedule.

You will also be able to see your progress throughout the plan, once you start working towards it.

Not only will you get fit, you will also be getting nutrional advice as well, for a wholesome health.

Google Fit

Google Fit best fitness App

Google Fit is also an amazing app that will help you keep fit and healthy and it is also available for free.

The application makes use of various sensors to track the fitness graph by connecting to your mobiles or activity trackers.

It can show you multiple records to check on the whole regime you are following and the tracker will tell you all the information about your speed, pace, heartbeat, number of steps covered and much more.

With the help of this you can cover a perfect regime of fitness and not worry about the results anymore.
If you are wanting to set a goal to your schedule, you can do so with the help of this app easily.

If you are working on other apps, you need not to worry about your data and records, because you can sync them all up with a simple click.

You can also workout at the convenience of your homes, offices or anywhere you feel like, with the help of its wear OS.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal best fitness app

Another good app in the list is, the My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter. If you want to keep a strict control over the calories you intake, this app might be your best choice.

It has a huge list of food items and ingredients based on their calorie amount that will let you keep track of the number of calories you are consuming in a day.
There are different cuisines, foreign recipes and so much more.
You can enter the things you eat during the day, scan different grocery items to identify then and know their calorie values and help you lose weight effectively.

There are some awesome features the app provides like, recipe importer, different exercise regimes, food insights, calorie counter, etc. for extra help towards your goals.

The app lets you see your graph history and you can set your aim according to the history in order to learn.

It is absolutely free of cost for android as well as iOS users.

Home Workout-No Equipment

Home Workout-No Equipment best fitness app

Home Workout-No Equipment app is also a decent application to download in your mobile phones. It will help you to get into shape in the best possible ways. You can stay in your home or office or at a hotel or take a vacation and you won’t have to step outside, for this workout. The app contains a wide range of videos and animation guides, made by experts, which you can watch and learn to stay fit and healthy.

You can find different sets of exercise videos for different task, like building your abs would require different videos, or building your chest would make direct you towards other videos and so on. The app has many other features also, which you will definitely appreciate. Features like progress reports, you own customisable workout reminders, charts to depict your activity till date, different routines and more.

It will not only make you aware about different techniques to lose weight, but will also actually motivate you to do so. Best part is, that it is completely free to use app for android as well as iOS users.

Sworkit Fitness

Sworkit best fitness app

Sworkit is another gem which can be found among the most popular apps for fitness on the internet right now. There are custom regimes, made specially for your tastes and preferences. You can choose the best routine that fits your body, and then you can just start working on it. This app has the very best interface and features, making it quite interesting to operate.

There are thousands of videos and material for you to work on. It will definitely not bore you with the repetitiveness. You can get a whole supervised workout plan, interval periods, communication with your personal trainers, activity chart and much more with the help of Sworkit.

It has exercise videos divided into for main categories, namely strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching, and you can choose them as per your wish. The app is made free for trail phase for 1 month to all users, after which you will have to pay quarterly subscription amount in order to continue using the app.

JEFIT Workout

JEFIT Workout best fitness app

JEFIT workout app is also quite famous fitness app on the internet right now. It is completely free of cost, so you can avail all the benefits easily. It works like a gym trainer who cannot come to your house in person and sent his robot to assist you in staying fit.

The app provides a fitness tracker feature to help you stay in shape and make good progressions from your routine workouts. It included various videos and animated stuff to guide you over the exercises and make you familiar with them.

The calendar feature is quite unique as it can help you keep a track of all the workouts you have planned on doing and a schedule that reminds you of the session for upcoming days. Other features like customised workout routines, progress chart, resting timer, workout logs, goal setting, etc. to work with. You can even exercise in offline mode by cloud synchronisation that is included in this app.

Stronglifts 5*5

Stronglifts 5*5 app

Strong Lifts 5×5 is a great workout app and is therefore, included in the list. You can sit at your cosy home or your office or your aunt’s place and this app will not let you disturb the inner peace of exercising.

You can stay indoors and still be ripped, by following the training exercises and videos provided by the app. If you are wanting to build your body in a more professional way with all muscles and biceps and abs, this is the app for you. An amateur person might feel a lot of pressure after following the workout regime of this application.

It is mainly built for the purpose of gaining lots of muscles and the least body fat. Other features like Calendars, simple plate calculators, progress reports, body built-up make this application even more interesting. Overall if you are a pro gym person who wants to build your body to perfection, this would be the best fit for you.


Workit best fitness App

Workit is one of the best apps for keeping fit because of its tracker and personal trainer abilities you can getting indoors. Use the app for tracking all your workout activities even when you are exercising outdoors.

The app will help you keep logs of your progress and help you keep track of it every day. You can create your own workout routines, edit and reschedule them as per your choice with simple clicks. There are many other features that make this application more interesting.

Some of them include automatic BMI calculator, Rest timers, weight plate racking calculator, weightlifting statistics and many more to enjoy. Based on your regime and level, you can choose the package deal, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced. Overall this is an amazing app with lots of features to work with and you won’t regret the decision of installing it in your mobiles.

Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk best fitness app

RunKeeper is more of a tracking app rather than fitness app, but it is quite a good app to not install on your phones. If you love running or cycling or jogging, this is the one app that won’t disappoint you in keeping the right track of activities.

It can track all related stuff to your running or cycling like the speed, distance, running pace, elevation, calories burn and time. It basically makes use of your device’s GPS to track all your workout regime and predict things accurately.

The app can also provide you with its suggestions or feedback as to what could be improved and what not to keep things fresh and new all along. This app was basically introduced for android users at the beginning but found its way in the app store too, later on and is completely free of cost. There are several workout plans and exercises as well to create your own mashup of exercises, but mainly caters to the GPS tracking of your movements.

FitNotes-Gym Workout Log

FitNotes-Gym Workout Log best fitness app

FitNotes is another decent fitness app that has made its way into the list. It is free in nature and available for both android and iOS users. This app can keep all your workout logs safely so you can review each day’s progress by simply swiping on the screen and compare the data.

You can custom built your own fitness regime based on the list of categories this app provides, like cardio, abs, muscles etc. Once you have created your customised workout plan, the app will set out to provide you with a list of exercises to perform each day until you plan on aborting it.

There are many other features that make it even more interesting like rest timer with vibration and sound options, calendar for looking at your activities, backup of all your saved data, export of saved data for viewing in other apps and many more. Overall, this is a good app to solve your needs and to get you back in shape in no time.


We have tried to include the 10 best fitness apps for you to try in this list and reviewed them so that you do not have to waste your time and energy in choosing the best one for you.

Pick the best one as per your preference and you wont regret downloading any of the above option into your phones. No matter what app you choose among these, it will still make sure that you get in shape and stay healthy.

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