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Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands to Buy In India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Green Tea Brands

The world is progressing from screens and junk to fitness and health. People have begun replacing lift rides with staircases, television binging with yoga and oily snacks with food. Adding to this list is the widely popular choice of opting for green tea in the everyday diet. After all, diet matters, doesn’t it?

If you are not already aware, green tea has been named one of the healthiest beverages in the world. The reason behind this is its richness in anti-oxidants which is a boon especially for young adults and middle-aged individuals. The anti-oxidants help in weight loss and boost mental faculties, apart from protecting against cancer and heart diseases.

Perhaps this is the main reason so many people around the world are replacing their regular beverage with green tea. But which is the best option out of the hundreds available in the market? Read on to find out from below the best Green Tea brands in India to choose from.


Here are the Best Green Tea Brands In India (For Having Fresh & Healthy Day):

Organic Idea Tulsi Green Tea

Organic Idea Tulsi Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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Remember how our grandmothers never stopped stressing on the benefits of tulsi leaves? Well, the Organic Idea Tulsi Green Tea ensures the anti-oxidant rich medicinal herb works best for you by infusing it with their green tea brand.

The green tea is available in a wide range of flavours like lemon-ginger, pomegranate and jasmine. It especially works wonders when it comes to stress and fat reduction. Having become quite popular with the Indian population in recent years, it can be availed at almost any store.

The very first thing that strikes the eye is the ‘Organic’ label. With people clinging more and more to organic fruits, vegetables and cosmetic goodies, an organic variation of the green tea is a very healthy and popular choice already.

So, if you are looking for a quick detox and cleanse your system, you know the Organic Idea Tulsi Green Tea is a good choice. It is available in stores as both tea bags and loose leaves.

Himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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If there is one brand all Indians look up to for natural products, it has to be Himalaya. The company caters to a large number of products and services, including green tea. The trust and name of the brand is certainly an important reason why it has established its position in the market very firmly.

Himalaya Green tea is a highly recommended option for someone who has just begun the practice of consuming green tea. Why? The green tea comes with a lovely taste and strong aroma and offers a very relaxing experience to the drinker in one drink.

One downside is that there are not enough number of options to choose from in case you do not like one particular flavour. With a smaller range of variety, as opposed to some of its other opponents, the Himalaya green tea is not the perfect choice for someone who likes to mix and match with different tastes occasionally. Yet, the brand is great from the point of view of pricing and packaging.

Taj Mahal Green Tea

Taj Mahal Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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Taj Mahal is a promising and very famous tea brand in India, which almost every household would be accustomed with. The attractive advertisements depict the tea brand’s association with royalty and relaxation.

When it comes to the Taj Mahal Green tea, the product lives up to its name and potential. It can be described as a bag of freshness and warmth, besides being high on the health factor.

What is most important is that the tea scores high on the tasting term, unlike many other green tea brands which tend to be an unpleasant experience for many.

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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We see the advertisements for Lipton Green Tea almost every day on our television sets, don’t we? Lipton is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to green tea in the country. However, several users fail to find Lipton Green Tea up to the mark compared to its other contemporaries.

This might be because of its slightly bitter and nutty taste. What we find interesting about Lipton is that green tea is a really healthy choice. With no additives and no artificiality of any sort, the green tea is an ideal example for someone who is looking to lose the extra kilos. 

Besides, the brand has made a good name for itself and has some of the most famous celebrities endorse it. This indicates the trust value one can associate with the brand in the first place. Coming to the flavours the tea brand has to offer, there is Lemon Zest, Mint Burst, Honey Lemon and Tulsi Natural to choose from.

The brand finds a mention in this list also because it happens to be one of the healthiest alternatives out of the many options the market is filled with. It is calorie-free and also helps build immunity with its antioxidant properties.

Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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There are very few green tea brands in the country that are really devoid of any artificial ingredients, and Typhoo Green Tea is one of them. It’s USP is its all-natural composition with no added sugars, which means a bonus for your health.

Unlike its many competitors in the market, the Typhoo Green Tea is about using natural products and flavours rather than artificial mixes. The best part about Typhoo Green Tea has to be its great taste though, making it a perfect choice for fitness maniacs.

All you need is a cup of heated water and three minutes of your time and lo! Your fat-to-fit potion is ready. The tea is available in several flavours like jasmine, lemongrass and Moroccan mint.

The only issue for some could be its price, which is admittedly on the higher end of the scale. Yet, we believe that the product is worth one attempt if you are interested in trying and choosing the perfect tea brand for yourself. After all, you are trying to develop healthy habits, aren’t you?

Eco Valley Organic Green Tea

Eco Valley Organic Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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This is another one of the few brands that have an all-natural no-sugar promise label with them. The Eco Valley Organic Green Tea with its uplifting flavour of mint and dandelion is a growingly popular brand. It is known particularly for its richness in catechins, a type of antioxidants.

Now, we all know how antioxidants are the best friend for our bodies, right? It is because of this ingredient that the Eco Valley Organic Green Tea works like magic for your body.

It comes with a wide range of benefits like burning fats, controlling cholesterol and blood sugar apart from working wonders for skin and hair. The impacts it has on one’s health can be observed from regular usage of the beverage alone.

In short, the Eco Valley Organic Green Tea is a complete package for someone who wants to refresh their mornings with a splash of health. With a lifestyle that is filled with pollution, stress, anxiety and unhealthy eating habits, the Eco Valley Organic Tea is the right way to cleanse the system and start living healthy.

24 Mantra Organic India

24 Mantra Organic India: Best Green Tea brand

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One of the newest contenders in the field of organic green tea, 24 Mantra Organic India is a promising brand that ensures there are no side effects to its tea drinkers. What is even more interesting to note is that it offers affordability amidst products that otherwise soar high on price scales.

The 24 Mantra Organic India green tea brand comes in a variety of flavours. Yet, there is one downside to it. Many tea drinkers have complained of the unsatisfactory taste of the green tea brand in comparison to some of the other options in the market.

Yet, there are enough reasons for one to give this brand a try. First and foremost, comes the fact that this is one of the most affordable options. Secondly, it takes very little time for preparation and is available in powdered form, unlike tea leaves from other brands.

Certainly, the ‘zero adverse effects’ tag deserves a mention. So, if you are someone who is willing to give new brands a try on your quest to find your perfect choice, this is one brand we recommend. It is a complete package in itself and we think you will not look any further for your green tea cravings.

Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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Twinings Green Tea is a London-based brand which has also gained quite some popularity among Indian users. The brand dates back to 1706 and has a well-established customer base. No wonder it all owes to the premium quality and nutritional efficiency of its product.

With this brand, you have the option of availing multiple varied flavours. You might opt for the simple and basic green tea flavour, or you could choose from exotic versions of lemon, cranberry, pomegranate, jasmine, mint-and-ginger.

The taste works wonders for users too, and they often find it the perfect solution to several health problems. The best part about the Twinings Green Tea is its flavours which users find relaxing and soothing, unlike many other green tea brands that people give up on mainly because of taste.

If you are someone who drinks green tea, this is one brand you need to explore.

La Plant Green Tea

La Plant Green Tea: Best Green Tea Brand

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La Plant is an indigenous green tea brand based in Mumbai. This is one of the more recent brands to have entered the market and has still managed to successfully plant a firm position for itself in the market and among the people. 

The most attractive feature of the La Plant Green tea happens to be its packaging. It often comes as a little delight that is not just great to taste but also matches your modern interiors with its stylish look.

Besides, the number and type of flavours offered are really commendable. The green tea brand has managed to creatively add an Indian touch to its product by introducing flavours like tulsi, lemon and longleaf. What makes this brand an even better choice is its reasonable pricing.

Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea: Best Green Tea

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Tetley is another very common household name when it comes to tea brands in India. People have been using Tetley tea for years, from homes to offices to roadside stalls. Therefore, it is only natural that the trust quotient of the Tetley Green Tea is automatically high.

There is enough number of reasons to be so. First and foremost, the Tetley green tea offers five times more antioxidants than are present in an apple. This means the tea is a perfect choice for anyone looking to cut down fat and stress from their life. 

What is even more attractive is the process used by the brand to make the finest quality green tea for its users. The finest tea leaves are first picked out and mildly pan-fried.

They are then rolled gently to produce the aroma and hue that the brand is particularly known for. Health benefits aside, the Tetley green tea comes in beautiful packaging.

One downside could be its expensiveness compared to some of the newer alternatives in the market that have made it to this list. Yet, Tetley green tea is a brand everyone must try. 


With the world becoming more and more conscious about health and fitness these days, instructors and celebrities everywhere are stepping forward to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy diet as well. This has made green tea a widely popular choice for almost every household.

Everyone from the elderly to the young adults is now opting for green tea as their favourite beverage. The benefits, as discussed earlier, are too many to behold. Yet, when it comes to picking a brand, there are so many factors to keep in mind aren’t there?

After all, for someone who is planning on consuming the beverage daily or regularly, there are a lot of other factors that matter. Taste, aroma, cost and packaging are some of them. We hope you found this list helpful and informative for further pondering and decision.

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