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10 Best Hair Dryers To Buy In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Hair Dryers To Buy In India

Hair dryers deserve honorable mention for being the savior of the female kind. For girls, who are always in a rush, this tool saves them the world by giving the perfect styling real quick and smooth.  

Hence, it is really important to choose the right dryer for your hair. There sure are different categories of dryers for different types of hair, but, here are the universal magic wands that would just win every girl’s heart!

So go ahead and pick your savior from the list of Top 10 Hair Dryers To Buy In India featuring the most trusted, professionally crafted, and chosen hair dryers. Hope you will love them as much as we do!

Here below is the list of Top 10 Hair Dryers To Buy In India:

Wahl 5439-024 Professional Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439-024 Professional Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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“Wahl” Rings a bell? Yes! You guessed it right, Wahl is one of the leading grooming products manufacturers. This name retains a trustworthy reputation of launching premium and reliable products. 

This dryer bags the title of being the best-selling hair dryer in India. With a power of 2000 watts, this carefully crafted tool works on the latest tourmaline technology effortlessly furnishing well-styled and glossy hair.

This technology makes use of negatively charge ions to split aqua molecules thus reducing the drying time. It diminishes the quantum of heat thus making you less vulnerable to damage. 


  • Equipped with three variable heat settings and two effective speed settings on the handle 
  • Installed Cold shot mode, used to reduce the potential hair damage that might occur due to regular heat exposure
  • Functions on latest tourmaline technology that infuses gloss to your styled hair 
  • Accessories include diffusor and concentrator, helps in controlling frizz and facilitating volume 
  • Filter attached at the rear end to prevent dust. It is detachable facilitating easy cleaning. 
  • Dryer and fan combo gives you a satisfying styling experience 

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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Philips is a common Indian household name that has been a round for a long time now. It is a trusted market name for its efficient products fit for regular use.

This hair dryer too boasts of the same quality. Its features scan the moisture level in hair and adjusts itself according to the temperature in its external surroundings. It functions on Thermo protect, that maintains the optimum temperature and protects hair from heat damage. 

Philips hair dryers are strong and powerful, but not dangerous for usage. Their flexible speed and heat settings give you ample freedom to experiment with styles. This makes Philips hair dryers a perfect tool to be used both professionally and personally. 


  • Comes with two year warranty 
  • Powered at 1000 watts that releases adequate amount of heat for basic drying 
  • Perfect for regular usage
  • Allows gentle drying 
  • Advanced concentrator technology that provides quick heat
  • Compact and portable, thus travel friendly 
  • 1.5 m cord for day operation 
  • Two heat control settings for customised drying experience 

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610: Hair Dryer

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Syska is synonymous with electronic items. Its hair dryer too, like the rest of its products has established itself as a useful and reliable product in the market. This dryer is structured to style hair by using heat balance technology. 

Syska hair dryers are structured to ease the styling procedure and to effortlessly smoothen even the roughest and toughest of hair. 

Heat balance implies the equal and controlled usage of hot and cool air to generate the optimum temperature for hair drying. By making use of cool air, the idea is to strike an equilibrium and to protect hair from damage that may arise from direct exposure to strong heat waves.


  • It is compact and has a foldable body, thus making it portable and travel friendly
  • Carries a power of 1200 watts
  • Two speed control settings offer flexible styling
  • Comes with a nozzle for precise styling 
  • Overheat protection helps retain moisture 
  • Perfect for regular use

VEGA VHDP-02 Hair Dryer

VEGA VHDP-02 Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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You have probably heard this one! Vega is a popular brand that manufactures quality hair appliances and tools. This all time favourite has launched Vega Pro Touch VHDP-02 hairdryer, that is just winning hearts!


  • A powerful tool carrying wattage of 1800-2000 watts. This optimum range makes it suitable for both  hair drying and styling 
  • Comes with two heat control options and two air blowing speed settings thus offering customised drying 
  • The safety automatic overheat cut feature protects against frizz and dryness caused from from excessive drying and heat
  • Contains cold shot mode to cut down on hair damage 
  • The detachable nozzle and a concentrator allow precise styling with controlled airflow
  • Can be uses for different hair types
  • Perfect for regular usage
  • 2 years warranty

Philips Thermoprotect 2100 W Hair Dryer

Philips Thermoprotect 2100 W Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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Another wonderful hair styling appliance by Philips is Philips Thermoprotect 2100 W Hair Dryer. This beautifully designed tool is a perfect cominbation of style and utility. 


  • 6 temperature and speed controls to give you precise control and customised styling experience 
  • Cold shot mode to retain your hairstyle for longer time 
  • Detachable air flow filter at the rear end for easy removal and cleaning 
  • 14mm nozzle adds bulk to your hair 
  • Ionic based conditioning infuses shine in hair and helps control frizz
  • Hanging loop facilitates easy storage
  • 1.8m cord allows easy operation
  • Light weighted makes it easy to use
  • Thermoprotect technology gives you fast drying at lower temperature

Havells HD 3151

Havells HD3151: Hair Dryer

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Havells is popular for manufacturing hair dryers that are the best. These tools provide easy ways to achieve silky smooth hair.

They are designed to deliver optimum level of airflow that facilitates quick hair drying. Equal distribution of heat ensures that all sections of hair are properly dried and styled.

This stylish Havells hairdryer contains an inbuilt motor that helps you maintain the style and quality of your hair whilst defending them against any sort of damage owing to the disproportionate heat exposure. 


  • This wattage functions brilliantly on curly or frizzy hair, leaving them smooth and manageable. 
  • Gives gentle drying and is perfect for regular use 
  • Light weighted and compact, making it easy to operate and travel friendly 
  • Foldable handle and storage hook facilitates easy storage 
  • Optimum airflow gives quick and easy drying 
  • Cool air shot feature ensures long lasting styling and gives a smooth finish 
  • Heat balance technology protects against excessive heat exposure is mild on hair 
  • 1.6m long power cord provides stress-free management
  • Detachable nozzle ensures detailed styling 
  • Honeycomb inlet attached at the back side of the dryer prevents tangling of hair strands 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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Dyson is a British brand that manufactures household appliances. Although new to the Indian consumer base, its hairdryers have already established itself as a popular choice. It is mostly preferred to due its sophisticated engineering and its precisely furnished results. 

It is often accused of being extremely expensive as per the Indian market standards but its features have time and again justified its cost and have proved itself worth it. 


  • Built-in heat protection- It measures the air temperature at a rate of 20 per second, thus excessively controlling the heat. 
  • Quick drying: The multiplier triples the air and hence exhales 41 litres of air per second. This reduces the time required in drying
  • Comparatively light weighted, making to easy to operate
  • There are 3 speed settings which allow customised drying
  • 4 heat settings: It comes with a 100°C setting for fast drying, an 80°C for regular drying, a 60°C setting for gentle drying and also a 28°C setting for the constant cold. This ensures your compete control at all times.
  • Cool shot feature allows you to lock in your hairstyle at the press of a button 
  • The attachments are equipped with magnets to enable instant usage 
  • Its accessories include a smooth nozzle (that cane attached and used for faster drying) and diffuser (to be able to dry bulky hair at once by supplying air to huge volumes of hair)

Nova NHP 8100

Nova NHP 8100: Hair Dryer

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Nova is a name often trusted by professional hair dressers and salons. Its appliances are preferred for exquisite hair styling and are deemed to be safe and healthy as well. 

This hair dryer gifts you exactly what is demanded of a hair styling tool, professional hair styling in the very comfort of your home!

It makes use of an unique conditioning technology that nourishes your hair at the time of styling simultaneously protecting it. 

It also offers an option to function on a ThermoProtect temperature setting that builds a shield against excessive heat. 


  • Has the mild power of 1200watts, making it perfect for gentle drying and regular usage 
  • Has a  hot & cold setting that releases equal amounts of hot and cool air to maintain optimum temperature just right for your hair 
  • 1.8 m long Power cord for stress free management
  • 2 heat control settings for careful drying
  • Compact design makes it easy to handle and travel friendly 
  • Foldable structure allows easy storage

Braun Satin HD 385

Braun Satin HD 385: Hair Dryer

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This hair dryer is perfect for regular drying and styling without the worrying over the idea of hair damage. It gives a professional finish that lasts till your next hair wash.


  • It powerful 2000 watt motor delivers adequate drying and serves the regular needs 
  • Styling nozzle and diffuser are additional accessories that give you precise styling 
  • The ionic technology infuses gloss and controls frizz
  • Suitable for all types but a boon for curly hair 
  • Three heat and two airflow control settings give you detailed styling 

VEGA VHDP-02 Review– Hair Dryer

VEGA VHDP-02 Review– Hair Dryer: Hair Dryer

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This hair dryer gives glamorous styling in minimal time period. The dryer is apt to be used at home and portable enough to be carried along. It has the ability to withstand the greater temperatures and it is further resilient to direct sunshine disclosure.


  • Two heat control settings offer flexibility 
  • Secured automatic heat control maintains optimum temperature 
  • Gives professional styling at home on every use 
  • Detachable cap at the end facilitates easy cleaning
  • Is covered with a two year warranty 


Now that you have your basket full of options, we understand your dilemma. But don’t worry, here is a guide to buy the right hair dryer to help you choose what suits you the best. Do keep these points in mind before making your pick 🙂

  • Wattage: Long story short, the wattage of the dryer indicates the quantum of heat the tool will release. Now, to pick out the optimum wattage, one must go by her hair volume. For girls who have bulky/voluminous hair choose a dryer with greater wattage as thick hair needs more heat to dry. Whereas girls with fine, straight hair can go for lesser wattage
  • Weight and Size: It is always advisable to go for light weighed tools as styling can be a tiresome practice. But to be proportionate, one with bulky hair may go for a bigger tools, more apt for handing greater volume.
  • Travel-friendly: For those who travel a lot and are on the go frequently, it is recommended to but dryers that are light, compact, and fits well in your travel pouch
  • Heat control options: It is very important that you expose your hair to just the right amount of heat. Excessive or uncontrollable heat exposure may cause hair damage. Make sure to choose a dryer that comes with temperature settings and different heat modes.
  • Others Features: A dryer is meant to enhance your styling experience, so keep in mind other associated features to make your purchase worth it. Look out for diffuser, concentrator nozzle, length of the power cord, any other detachable parts. These are likely to assist you in the usage of the dryer and so it is always better to customise your choice and then make a purchase. 

Keep shining girl! 

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