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10 Best Hand Sanitizers to buy in 2023 to fight Against Viruses

by Ashish Bansal
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Year 2020 is throwing too many punches at us Humankind, first the threat of World War III, and then the pandemic COVID-19. It kind of feels like someone changed the mode from Nuclear war to Zombie war, and most of us would love some “real” zombie war.

No offense, but I’d take COVID-19 over Nuclear war anytime, and if you compare them yourself, you’ll pick COVID-19 10/10 times because why not, COVID-19 has a high curable rate and 15% mortality rate (max. according to me), while Nuclear war has a 2% survival rate.

But that doesn’t mean we should be reckless and ignore all the safety guidelines given to us. Well, you can ignore those safety guidelines if you have a deathwish but do understand that you might be affecting other people too. Someone has said–People who hide about COVID-19 are the type of people who will hide a zombie infection, I believe plenty of you might believe it.

So if you think you have caught it, stay 12ft away from others, Don’t touch anything which others might use and vise versa. Even if you don’t have it, taking proper measures is a must, Keeping a distance, sneezing in your arm, washing hands, and a few others.

Talking of washing hands, even if you disagree, your hands are the dirtiest part of your body and using soap and water is the best way to get rid of the Viruses and other bacteria from your hands, but we don’t and can’t constantly use soap and water, which is how Hand Sanitizers come into the picture.

Most of the hand sanitizers in the market have been tested and proven to destroy 99.9% germs on your hands and provide protection for a few hours. There are few types of Hand Sanitizers and most of them are highly potent and recommended by the Medical experts. The types of Hand Sanitizers include;-

  1. Alcohol-based.
  2. Ammonia-based.
  3. Silver/ Iodine based.
  4. Chlorine-based (Benzalkonium Chloride is recommended for sensitive people)
  5. Essential oil based.
  6. Triclosan-based.

And below we are going to take a look at the best and massively sold hand sanitizer with-in India,  so let’s get going.

Here is the list of Hand sanitizer to Fight Against Corona Virus (Covid-19):

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

DETTOL Hand Sanitizer: Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 60 for 50ml
  • Rs 265 for 200ml

In India, Whenever one says “Hand sanitizer” the first name that pops-up in the head is Dettol and it is justifiable as Dettol offers plenty of disinfectants and liquid hygiene products in India. And in these rough times where one must have a trustable hand sanitizer, Dettol Hand Sanitizer is exactly what you need.

Dettol hand sanitizer is classified into Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer and has 72% denatured alcohol, propylene glycol, Tetrahydroxy Propylenediamine (I Hate chemistry, how do you pronounce it?). Ignoring those alien terms, Dettol kills 99.9% bacteria on your hands. I think Dettol is the real mafia in the house as it leaves 1% of bacteria to send a message.

Dettol hand sanitizer has a thicker consistency (probably due to Aloe essence) which is the only negative aspect of it, Dettol hand sanitizer smells like Vodka (please don’t try to drink!) and has a substantivity of <1. You can buy 200ml Dettol Hand Sanitizer on Amazon for 200rs (pack of 2) but it’s currently unavailable on Flipkart.

Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 60 for 55 ml
  • Rs 228 for 190 ml

First of all, how many of you thought it’s “Lifeboy” not “Lifebuoy”? (Hope your author isn’t the only one.) Anyways, Lifebuoy is the second-best liquid disinfectant manufacturer in India. Commonly, we associate Lifebuoy with soaps, but they also manufacture good quality Hand Sanitizer that is on par with or better than most of the Hand Sanitizers in the market.

Lifebuoy Total 10 is a mixed alcohol-based hand wash with an alcohol count of 62%–which is quite lower than Dettol but Lifebuoy claims that their instant antibacterial formula is Bruce Lee, as it can eliminate 99.9% bacteria with-in 10 seconds and is allegedly the fastest acting sanitizer (Bruce Lee indeed). During 2009 H1N1, Lifebuoy hand sanitizer was proven to kill the H1N1 virus without water! Total 10 is highly recommended for housewives and teens.

Savlon Hand Sanitizer

Savlon Hand Sanitizer: Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 77 for 55 ml

Believe it or not, most of the time you are covered in germs which can cause various illnesses, Hence it’s essential to maintain good hygiene to stay healthy.

Savlon is specialized in killing germs and is another renowned Liquid disinfectant brand in India, I remember the good old days where I had an accident on a regular basis and my mom had to hold me down to clean it with Savlon, savlon offers a wide variety of products ranging from Hand washes, antiseptic liquids (stings less than Dettol), Soaps, and hand sanitizers. Savlon also offers a 9ml sprayable pack to provide on the go safety from the bacteria, it was quite a hit among school kids.

Like the 2 above, Savlon is also an Alcohol (Ethanol-denatured) based Hand Sanitizer and has an alcohol count of 66% which is slightly higher than Lifebuoy. But as it’s not heavily alcohol-based, it’s safe for <7 kids, Savlon hand sanitizers claim that they provide defence against germs that can cause over a 100 diseases

Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer: Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 60 for 50 ml
  • Rs 95 for 100 ml

Herbal is the first thing that came into your mind? After reading Himalaya, well if yes then you’re right. Himalaya is a well known established brand, known for its Ayurvedic ingredients. They’ve been around for 90 years! There have been many studies conducted at leading hospitals that have proven that Himalaya’s pure hands downsize microbial germs.

Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer comes in various flavors (don’t try to taste them though) like lemon, strawberry, orange, green apple, and lichi. Himalaya pure hand consists of Neem (the most obvious one), Ushira for Its antibacterial properties, Hrivera for its pleasant smell and cooling effect, Coriandrol (Coriander oil) for its antimicrobial and astringent properties.

It’s an alcohol-based sanitizer but unlike others, you can use it on a regular basis as it contains moisturizer which prevents irritation and skin damage, Himalayan Hand Sanitizer has the highest substantivity among all the Sanitizers, I might be wrong but Himalayan Hand Sanitizer smells like gin.

Dr. Batras’ Non-alcoholic Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Batras' Non-alcoholic Hand Sanitizer: Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 110 for 100 ml

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Dr. Batras’ a haircare clinic? After Godrej Protekt, Dr. Batras’ might be the second shocker but wait! there’s more, Dr. Batras’ Hand Sanitizer is completely alcohol-free! Dr. Batras’ are known for their natural homeopathy products, their sanitizer is one of them.

Dr. Batras’ Hand sanitizer consists of Tulsi extract for it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties that help in wiping out the germs present on the skin, Castor oil and glycerin for moisturizing and keeping skin healthy, Citric acid for killing bacteria.

You might not believe it, but it does work and that too within 9 seconds. It’s being natural, won’t make you think twice before asking your kids to use it. Most of the sanitizers are in gel form, but Dr. Batras’ Hand sanitizer is more light and watery. It smells good too.

Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer. Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 50 for 30 ml

I’d heard… but never thought that they actually have a Hand Sanitizer, us Indians’ associate Godrej with Refrigerators, washing machines, and steel wardrobe but handwash! That’s surprising. But as it happens, Godrej Protekt is one of the best Hand Sanitizers available, but unlike the majority of hand sanitizers, Protekt is made up of 0.124 Benzalkonium Chloride.

For those who don’t know 0.2 Benzalkonium Chloride, it’s a Broad-spectrum antimicrobial that can potentially kill H1N1 viruses, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), NDM-1, E-Coli, K.Pneumoniae, and gram -ve bacteria within 30 seconds; yeah 0.2 Benzalkonium Chloride is a terminator in short.

Godrej claims that Protekt can protect for 8 hours straight but it can protect for only 2 hours, as good as Protekt is, it loses points at texture which is watery and at smell which closely resembles to floor cleaning fluid.

Zapcare Sanitize Hand wash

Zapcare Sanitize Hand wash. Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 50 for 50 ml

Zapcare Sanitize is one of the highly recommended hand sanitizers as it is completely Alcohol-free and water based which is why it is also Fragrance-free and Non-flammable. Having a Non-flammable hand sanitizer can be a big life-saver if you work around flames.

Recently a 44-year-old man from Haryana suffered 36% burns on Face, neck, hands, and chest just because he used hand sanitizer near the stove. That’s stupid eh? I think most of us have high chances of suffering the same fate as we don’t know (Although now we do) and to avoid that fate, we need a Non-flammable hand sanitizer.

Zapcare Sanitize might be a god among hand sanitizers as it’s Non-flammable and highly effective, it has been proven that Zapcare Sanitize is the only one Hand Sanitizer that is potent for a whole 6 hours! And that happens due to 0.2% Benzalkonium Chloride, Yes like Godrej but Zapcare Sanitize is a lot better than Godrej Protekt.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer. Best Hand Sanitizer  

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  • Rs 206 for 30 ml

In the U.S.A Purell is a quite renowned cleaning and disinfecting product and according to the experts, Purell along with Lysol and a few others have been added into the disinfectant list that can destroy Covid-19 on household things.

And as one might guess, their Advanced Hand Sanitizer is quite impressive too, Purell advanced is perfect for home and office environments although not for Kitchen environments as it’s an Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol which is higher than most of the Hand Sanitizers.

Even though it has 70% alcohol it’s dye and fragrance-free which is a big help for people with allergies. Purell advanced is the top choice of medical professionals as it kills 99.9% bacteria without leaving the hands dry and cracked. This happens due to the fact that Purell advanced is free from preservatives and other ingredients that can be hard on the skin.

Winova Baby-smooth Alcohol-free sanitizer

Winova Baby-smooth Alcohol-free sanitizer. Best Hand Sanitizer

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  • Rs 85 for 50 ml

If you’re a mother and are wondering how to clean the hands of that messy Lil pest Er! I mean your baby then look no further, Winova baby-smooth is just what you need. As you already know, babies have sensitive skin and low immunity and if you use normal hand sanitizer, it’ll give those poor things a rash or make them sick, which is why you need appropriate hand sanitizer for your Lil ones.

Winona Baby-smooth is completely alcohol-free and is made up of 0.1 Benzalkonium Chloride and purified water. 0.1 Benzalkonium Chloride in Winova is slightly less than Zapcare but still powerful enough to neutralize fungi, bacteria, and viruses within 30 seconds. Winova is European Standard Test (EN1500/ EN14476/ EN 13697) certified hence it is completely safe to use on babies, Winona smells like soap and feels like white surf foam.

Wet Ones Antibacterial hand wipes/ sanitizer

Wet Ones Antibacterial hand wipes sanitizer. Best Hand Sanitizer 

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  • Rs 1282 for 24 ct

Well, this one is an oddball here, but I have a good reason for that. Imagine you spill something and have to wipe it or it’s a hot day and you’re sweating buckets and wish to wipe it off, what’d you do? Use your dirty handkerchief or rub some hand sanitizer on the face? Definitely the former but are you sure that you’re actually cleaning your face and not making it dirtier by using the handkerchief? This is where you need good antibacterial hand wipes and sanitizer.

Wet one is a simple, convenient, and straightforward option for cleaning up small messes to wipe your face. Wet ones are an Alcohol-based Hand wipes and sanitizer but use skin conditioning Aloe Vera to give a pleasant feeling.

Wet ones don’t have an overwhelming odor so people with sensitive noses (like myself) can use it without worries, Wet ones Antibacterial Wipes and Sanitizer is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can maintain your hygiene wherever and whenever you want.


First of all, I’d like to thank you for reading this and for being conscious about your safety. There are many other good Hand Sanitizers out there but writing about all of them would be too tiring (even for you) which is why I’ve handpicked the best Hand sanitizer in major categories for your reference although most of them aren’t available on Flipkart nor Amazon as of now.

In case you don’t have a hand sanitizer, look up for home-made hand sanitizer recipes from a trusted source.

“Be safe and stay home.”

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