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25 Best Handbags Under 1500 to Buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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best handbags under 1500 rupees

Let’s just say it. Handbags are expensive. To find a handbag that you love, that is comfortable, spacious and trendy is not the easiest task in the world.

And it doesn’t help when you realise that handbags are actually really expensive! So, we, over at The Social Lit have made a list of the top handbags under just 1500 Rupees! With the variety that we’ll give you, you’ll definitely find something you love!

Here are the Best Handbags Under Rupees (INR) 1500:

Lavie brown hand-held bag

Lavie brown hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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First on our list is this trendy faux leather handbag by Lavie. The neutral brown of the handbag along with the colourful woven panel in the front makes sure that it goes with a lot of your outfits, as well as adds a pop of excitement to your ensemble! Apart from the round top handles, it even comes with a detachable sling so you can mix up your style and wear it in many different ways.

It also has 5 different pockets, and 2 compartments for you to store your odds and ends and keep it all organised. This little number is bound to look great as a vacation piece; combining trendiness with a fun, playful quality!

LaFille blue hand-held bag

LaFille blue hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next on our list we have a more sombre piece by LaFille. With its extremely affordable price, this handbag is definitely a steal! It comes to you as a set of 4 bags; the handbag, a smaller sling bag, a clutch-style wallet, and a smaller card-holder.

The dark, royal blue colour of the 4-in-1 set gives it a more formal look, but without being boring or predictable. The frill design on the front panel makes it so very chic.

The handbag comes with 4 pockets and 3 compartments, so you have ample space for anything you might want to put in there! For more casual outings, you can whip out the sling bag, and for a formal dinner or cute little date night, the clutch makes a nice accessory with your outfit!

Diana Korr hand-held bag

Diana Korr hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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This khaki piece by Diana Korr is bound to be one you love! Diana Korr aims to bring you looks that are fun, trendy and in-style, and this handbag is no exception.

The muter, neutral khaki colour fits right in with your wardrobe and is sure to tie your ensemble together with a flourish! While it only has one compartment, the sturdy build ensures that all your stuff will be safe from harm inside, and the 3 side pockets come in handy for all the little bits and pieces we all love to carry! The detachable sling makes it a versatile piece that’ll go with all your planned outfits!

Baggit brown and green hand-held bag

Baggit brown and green hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next, we have this very interesting handbag by Baggit! A combination of peaceful browns and greens, this is a hip little handbag on the more casual end of the spectrum. The ruched sides, along with the green piping give it an almost sporty look, and that’s mirrored in the comfort it provides.

The material is light, and the longer, wider handles make it easy to carry on your shoulder as you head out for a little trip to the mall, and meet up with your friends. You could even combine it with semi-formal dresses and give your outfit a unique, fusion look!

Mark and Keith brown hand-held bag

Mark and Keith brown hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Now we move on to this light brown, almost tan, piece by Mark and Keith. A little twist on the classic design, this is a handbag that we are bound to have in our closets at least once in our lives! While it looks pretty heavy, the material makes it extremely lightweight without taking away from its durability.

Added to with an adjustable sling strap, this is definitely one of those classic pieces that never lose their charm, and will go with whatever look you could possibly imagine! With two compartments and four pockets, you can organise your stuff instead of poking your head into your handbag for that lip balm you never seem to find!

LaFille blue and beige hand-held bag

LaFille blue and beige hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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A combination of beige, blue and yellow, this handbag is the pop of colour your outfit needs. A fusion of patterns and colours, this piece is sure to spice up your looks by adding that little bit of “extra-ness”.

With its smaller size and detachable sling strap, it gives a playful look that can go with a variety of casual outfits! It also comes with an adorable, detachable little charm that adds a sense of childlike wonder to you, but if that’s not what you’re looking for and you’ve got your heart set on this handbag, don’t worry, you can easily remove it and even use it as a fun little keychain!

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next on our list is another little handbag with a similar charm if you’re looking for more option in the arena! This cute little number comes with semi-circular handles as well as a sling, which you know we love! The all-over white gives it a nice neutral look, and the squared pattern adds a little bit of flavour to the piece, making it quite a fun accessory to have in your closet!

Lavie pink hand-held bag

Lavie pink hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next up is this pink tote by Lavie, because honestly, which list about handbags is complete without a tote? This pink tote is a super fun piece! What with it’s vibrant yet not-loud colour, and the chic checked pattern on the front panel, this piece is statement on its own! Let this one spruce up a classic “jeans and tee” combo, or wear it out to a brunch and pair it with equally vibrant blues and yellows for a look fitting for a nice, sunny day out with your girls!

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag with printed sling

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag with printed sling Best Handbag Under 1500

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This 3-in-1 set at its affordable price is definitely going to make you want it! With a cute little sling bag, and a wallet in addition to the handbag, it makes sure to comply with all your needs.

White it does have one compartment, the pieces that come with it can be used as separate compartments too, and the bag will definitely fit whatever you may need! The strap of the handbag is definitely a conversation piece; resembling a guitar strap in an attractive Aztec pattern of many cohesive colours, it definitely adds a little something extra to your ensemble of the day!

Cara Mia hand-held bag

Cara Mia hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Here we have another amazing deal for a 3-in-1 piece where accompanying the main handbag is another hand-held bag (a smaller version of the main one), and a clutch with a chain! With their rick purple colour, the sheen, and the adorable bow out front, this is a combination of chic and cute; a great addition to your closet if you don’t shy away from a statement!

The colour and the design tell us that it isn’t for the faint-hearted, and once you’ve got this one, there are so many ways for you to absolutely rock your look!

Diana Korr pink hand-held bag

Diana Korr pink hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next, we have another piece by Diana Korr which we adore! This handbag gives you a very put-together look for the boss woman in you, and the pink adds that bit of playfulness to your outfit and your personality; a fun way of expressing your creativity inside! The two compartments inside ensure that your stuff is well organised, much like the dual-sided personality of this trendy handbag! It comes with a detachable sling strap as well, and for its price, this one is definitely a great option to add to your closets!

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag

Mark and Keith white hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next, we have an adorable little number by Mark and Keith. A small piece made of lightweight material; this is an ease to carry around all day! It has two compartments and multiple pockets inside to keep your things organised.

The embroidered front panel gives it a unique, multifaceted personality, and the colourful pom-pom charm add a little extra colour to the handbag, and come in handy while picking the best colours to go with this accessory!

Nicoberry purple shoulder bag

Nicoberry purple shoulder bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Our first piece by Nicoberry on this list, we present a soft purple handbag with some really cute flowers embroidered on the front panel that give it a fresh, youthful look! The fringed design on the front adds to the vibe and makes this number perfect for a casual outing, or even a breakfast picnic on a lovey day! With three compartments sealed with a zip, you have more than enough space to easily fit and organise all your things! A great handbag at an even better price!

Puma black hand-held bag

Puma black hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next, we have a tote handbag by Puma! With its black colour with the bold Puma written across the front, we have a classic, trendy shopper moment with sporty chic undertones.

With its large size, its bound to fit in whatever you may need and is perfect for a little run to the grocery store, the café, or a normal college day with all the books you could fit in there! Since it’s got a lightweight body and wide straps, it’ll definitely be comfortable for an entire day out!

LaFille green hand-held bag

LaFille green hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next on our list we have another 4-in-1 moment, courtesy of LaFille. This dark green set is a unique one, with the main handbag having an interesting scalloped design with eyelets that definitely makes a statement.

Accompanied by a sling bag, a clutch wallet, and a smaller card-holder, this set definitely fits all your needs whatever they may be! The size of the main handbag makes it easy to fit a large number of things in there, which is super convenient along with being a style statement.

Caprese multi-colour satchel

Caprese multi-colour satchel Best Handbag Under 1500

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A Caprese piece is something this list can’t do without! This colourful satchel-cum-handbag is an amazing addition to your closet! The bright colours in the faux suede-like material are bound to oomph up your outfit! The interesting shape of the handbag also addas to its appeal, making it a treasured piece! The versatility of the piece allows it to be used in both casual and formal setting, as well as every setting in between! The colours could spruce up a neutral, monochromatic outfit, or you could go bold all over and complete the look with this perfect accessory.

Accessorize London red shoulder bag

Accessorize London red shoulder bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next, we have a classic red number by Accessorize London. This little shoulder bag is definitely there to make your outfit pop with that bold colour! Perfect for any occasion, this little bag is ideal to hold your necessities for when you go for events and little outings! Despite its small size, the pockets and compartments within ensure that your stuff stays organised, and the magnetic snap clutch moment is one we all enjoy, let’s be honest.

Chemistry brown hobo bag

Chemistry brown hobo bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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If you’re even slightly confused about what to add to your look for a picnic-in-the-60s look, or an additional boho chic touch, this bag by Chemistry the way to go! An adorable, airy bag, this is an entire aesthetic by itself, and man do we love Chemistry for it!

With one main compartment, one zipper and one side pocket, this bag will hold everything you need on your day outdoors, and is definitely a cute moment that will add a little extra texture and flavour to your outfit!

Pesogear multicolour shoulder bag

Pesogear multicolour shoulder bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Super comfortable, super spacious, and super lightweight, this handbag is the baby of trendy meets active, and is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your trip to the gym.

With two large compartments, it can fit books, a change of clothes, bottles of water (or Glucon-D, I mean) very easily! Another great plus is the water-resistant fabric which makes it perfect for a tiring yet fulfilling, sweaty gym session.

It also comes with very comfortable shoulder straps that won’t dig into your skin when your bag gets too heavy. The variety of pockets make great places to store all your knick-knacks easily without fear of losing them!

Lavie blue-black satchel

Lavie blue-black satchel Best Handbag Under 1500

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This unique Lavie satchel with its aquatic print is an extremely cute piece that’ll bring a little more life to any Sunday outfit and bring out the best in your looks! The vibrant colours along with the interesting design speaks of a bold personality willing to try out creative new pieces with their ensembles.

With an additional sling strap, it can move between a semi-formal and casual look, best suited to the occasion. Despite its size, it has a spacious compartment that’ll fit all your things easily.

Cara Mia Brown hand-held bag

Cara Mia Brown hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next on our list is this super chic 4-in-1 set by Cara Mia that includes the main handbag, a smaller sling bag, a clutch with a chain, and a wallet so you have ample space and versatility to work to your needs! The colour makes it a set that goes with practically any outfit that you could choose, but even then, if brown isn’t what you’re going for, it even comes in black which is a classic neutral colour!

Lavie white and red tote bag

Lavie white and red tote bag Best Handbag Under 1500 

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This tote is a wonderful balance between simple and bold! On the neutral tones of white and tan, we have the front panel featuring bold stripes of red and brown, as well a patterned stripe to mix things up a bit.

The tote is super spacious and also comes with a detachable sling strap so you can wear it as a satchel and make it a more subtle, casual look. You can even dress it up for a night out with its versatility and it makes a great piece to be added to your closet!

Caprese beige hobo bag

Caprese beige hobo bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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Next on our list we have this hobo, fringe bag by Caprese, because no matter what trends pass us by, a good fringe moment is always appreciated! While the beige is muted, the fringe makes up for it by adding a statement piece of drama to any outfit! Plus, fringe bags are always lightweight which is always comfortable and convenient.

This bag will hold anything you’d need for a casual outing, all while adding some good drama to your outfit!

Lavie blue tote bag

Lavie blue tote bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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This blue tote by Lavie is another classic piece that we cannot go without! On the more formal end of the spectrum, it is sophisticated and will go very well with your 9 to 5 schedule! Dress it up for the evening, or combine the blue with other primary colours for a bold, bright day outing on the weekend; this is one handbag that just can’t go wrong! Add it to your wardrobe for a timeless piece that’ll work for just about anything!

Caprese light brown hand-held bag

Caprese light brown hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 1500

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With this light brown piece, we’re ending on yet another Caprese classic! While the colour says put together, the textured pattern on the front panel provides us with some amazing tactile aesthetic that adds another element to your outfit while still being subtle! Coming with a detachable strap, it has one compartment and multiple pocket that’ll ensure that you can fit in a lot of things and still not be disorganised!

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And that brings us to the end of our list! Hope you liked this list and were able to find a piece that fits your personality and style! Think we missed out on any great pieces, contact us, or tell us what you think about these; we’d love to hear from you.

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