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Top 15 Best Handbags Under 500 to Buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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best handbags under 500 inr

A second installment to our list of top handbags, we bring to you the 15 best handbags out there, under just Rs. 500! I mean, it can’t get any better than this!

We’ve brought to you a list of the trendiest, chicest handbags from a variety of styles and colours so you can find one that’s perfect for you! So, without further ado,

Here are the Best 15 Handbags under 500 INR:

Musrat grey hand-held bag

Musrat grey hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Starting off our list with a bang, we have this matte black handbag by Musrat. With 2 compartments and the capability to hold 5 kgs, this bag can carry more than you could possibly need! A classic combination of black and silver, the front panel of this bag features a block of silver studs, giving it a trendy twist.

That accompanied with the cowboy style buckles and the tassels gives the bag a fresh, fun look! Definitely a great piece to add to your closet!

Urban Trend black shoulder bag

Urban Trend black shoulder bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Bringing back the iconic style of the late 90s-early 2000s, this shoulder bag is a chic twist on an almost timeless number that looks especially great as an accessory for street style outfits!

Think back to the hip hop videos of the late 90s, pair this handbag with a pair of flared jeans and a secondary colour like green or purple, and you’ve got yourself a true, fresh look!

Shopangel beige hand-held bag

Shopangel beige hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Looking at the next item on our list, you would never guess that it was under 500! A 3-in-1 set, this handbag by Shopangel comes with a sling bag, and a clutch with a detachable chain.

The soft beige makes for a very soothing neutral shade that’ll complement everything in your wardrobe! With accents of gold, and even wood, this set has a very ‘finished’ look, and will work well in both casual and formal settings! And guess what, it’s water resistant too, so you need not fear for the material if you accidentally drop some water on it.

Urban Trend gold shoulder bag

Urban Trend gold shoulder bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Similar to the second item on the list, we have another piece by Urban Trend, this time is a warm gold-yellow colour that is bound to cheer you up, and mirror a sunny day out without being too in-your-face.

With two compartments and loads of zipped pockets, there is ample room to store and perfectly organise all your belongings as you head out for the day. Definitely on the more casual end of the spectrum, it adds a little bit of colour to your closet!

Ritupal brown hand-held bag

Ritupal brown hand-held bag

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When you first look at this bag by Ritupal, the first thing that comes to mind is retro, so if you’re someone who likes to have their outfits inspired by the good old days, this handbag is a great pick for you! With the crinkled brown leather look, and the sling that lets you wear it like a satchel, this number works best for a casual look so pair it with some light wash denim and your favourite top! With 2 compartments and 3 pockets, you can even keep all your stuff perfectly organised, which is super convenient.

Siddharth Sanya blue hand-held bag

Siddharth Sanya blue hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Next on our list we have this vibrant blue handbag that works best for the traveller in you. A super comfortable bag with loads of compartments, pockets, and side zipped pockets, there’s more space than you can ask for to keep all your belongings organised as you head out for a day of travel.

Its vibrancy adds a pop of colour to your outfit which works really well for a Sunday picnic too!

Avni’s white and blue tote bag

Avni’s white and blue tote bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Our first tote bag on this list, we have this blue and white piece by Avni which is absolutely perfect for a casual outfit. Add this bag to your closet and you have the best accessory for a quick stroll down to the market, a day at the mall, or even a beach vacation.

The bright blue and white stripes really give it a fresh nautical feel which makes it ideal for a day at the beach! The fact that it’s also water resistant and lightweight just adds to its beachy appeal for us!

Sirisha pink and blue hand-held bag

Sirisha pink and blue hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 500

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If you’re one for combinations of bright colours, this handbag by Sirisha is for you.

In abstract designs of stripes and blocks, this number is really appealing to the eye, and if you’re someone who isn’t afraid to be bold with your style, add this piece to your closet for a fun, vibrant accessory that only adds more to your casual outfits! While it doesn’t come with a detachable sling, the handles are big and comfortable enough for you to easily carry this bag on your shoulder.

Fostelo’s tan handbag

Fostelo’s tan handbag Best Handbag Under 500

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With the soft brown faux leather this handbag by Fostelo is made of, it immediately screams trendy. Mirroring the classic downtown street style from the cities of Texas, this is a chic handbag for you.

Combined with white or pastel button-down shirts, medium wash skinny jeans and knee-high boots, this handbag makes the perfect, finishing accessory! Definitely a classic addition to your closet that makes for an easy yet sophisticated outfit!

BFC Potli blue sling bag

BFC Potli blue sling bag Best Handbag Under 500

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With the small size of this next item on our list, it makes the perfect bag for when you want to carry just those few necessities without carrying around your huge, heavy handbag. It comes with a detachable sling which lets you carry it around with ease.

Plus, it’s super lightweight which only adds to how convenient it is. Despite it’s small size, it has 3 compartments which ensure that all your things remain organised and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes looking for something in a clutter inside a tiny bag!

DailyObjects canvas tote bag

DailyObjects canvas tote bag Best Handbag Under 500

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If you’re someone with a colourful personality and a wardrobe filled with all the colours of the rainbow, this canvas tote by DailyObjects is another great addition to your accessories.

With a very pleasing abstract print of multiple colours, this bag is vibrant and eye-catching without being a too-bright eyesore. The slightly muted tones in the colours actually make it a very pleasing piece, and it is the perfect accessory for a casual outfit.

Paradox red hand-held bag

Paradox red hand-held bag Best Handbag Under 500

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A classic red handbag moment. Which list can do without it? And for this list, our classic red handbag moment is courtesy of Paradox.

With 3 huge compartments within the relatively small bag, you have more space than you originally thought you’d get with this handbag! For an outfit, balance the warm shade of red with other bold, but cool colours like blue and you have yourself a perfect look for a casual outing or a meal with family and friends!

LaFille black hand-held bag combo

LaFille black hand-held bag combo Best Handbag Under 500

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For under 500, this combo of 5 is an absolute steal! Accompanying the handbag, we have a sling bag, a smaller purse sling, a clutch with a detachable chain, and even a small card-holder! The plain black of this set oozes elegance and works perfectly for more formal looks and office-wear, but the sophisticated gold accents keep the set from looking too plain jane or drab.

This 5-in-1 combo is one you absolutely need to add to your closet. And with how affordable it is, who can even say no?

Lacira grey handbag

Lacira grey handbag Best Handbag Under 500

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Nearing the end of our list, we have this stunning 2-in-1 combo by Lacira. The grey colour of the set of two makes it a cool neutral shade, perfect for every day! To add a pop of colour and excitement, the front panel of the handbag features a colourful stripe in a fun zig-zag pattern that really makes this piece stand out! With gold and tan accents, this is a youthful, trendy piece, great for a casual ensemble!

Ines brown sling bag

Ines brown sling bag Best Handbag Under 500

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Ending our list on a comfortable, convenient look, we have this sling bag by Ines which is absolutely perfect for any sort of casual occasion or travel day! A crossbody bag with two compartments, and an adjustable, wide strap, it is convenient and can hold everything you need on a day out of doors! The light brown colour makes for a perfect neutral that will go with all your outfits perfectly!

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And that brings us to the end of our list! Hope you found the perfect bag for yourself, and in case we missed out on any great pieces, contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

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