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Top 15 Best Horror Games For Android, iOS, PC & Xbox (In 2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Horror Games For Android, iOS, PC & Xbox: best horror games

Okay, so there is not much to talk about games. And I do not need to introduce about gaming anymore. Do I? But to give a basic idea to those who are still far away from the world of gaming, gaming is basically a hobby and an entertaining way to get rid of the boredom or the tiredness that dance around the mind after a long working day.

Games have been one of the biggest companions for the people who are lonely and those workaholics who need a source of refreshment daily after tiring work.

And to be honest, there should be no one who has a claim that playing games could not provide him the entertainment he needed! As a matter of fact, studies show that a majority of people consider playing games a bigger and better source of refreshment than watching movies or listening to music or anything else.

It is true that each person has his own choice of games and the genres preferred by people vary person to person. It is also true that the most liked and played niches of games are either action games or shooting ones or battle royale flicks. But there are a lot more varieties of games as well. And many players like to be brave and try the horror games. 

There are around millions of horror games available but there are a counted few which are really scary and give goose bumps while playing.

Here is such a list of the Scariest Games that one can choose from:

Horror Games For Android & iOS:

Here is the List of Best Horror Games For iOS & Android:

Escape From Chernobyl

Escape From Chernobyl: Best scary Game

Horror games may not always include the ghost stories or any demon roaming nearby. Zombies, as a matter of fact, are one of the biggest components of the horror world. Finding zombies and killing them can be a great source of enjoyment and amusement for many.

And for those, Atypical Games Inc. has brought one of the biggest zombie apocalyptic horror games that has ever been featured in the Play Store or iOS. The game Escape from Chernobyl is based on the disaster that happened in the city of Chernobyl.

This game is set in the post apocalyptic world of Chernobyl where player have to solve a lot of mysteries about the happenings in the city. And these happenings are surely paranormal! Players get to fight of various evil forces – which include a variety of zombies that most of the people haven’t seen yet – with a variety of weapons which include melee and shooting ones. 

The graphics are awesome and the sound effect is really scary. Using headphones is recommended.

Granny Chapter 2

Granny Chapter 2: Best Horror Game

Granny Chapter 2 is the successor of the successful horror game Granny. It is one of the scariest horror games which has enough jump scares to give one a pretty decent heart attack!

The story in Granny Chapter 2 is pretty similar to that in the Chapter 1. Players have to escape from the deadly house of the evil Granny and they will get five days to do so. Because on the sixth day, Granny finished the story! In this second part, evil Granny is accompanied by equally evil Grandpa.

This is basically a horror puzzle game where players have to solve puzzles to get out of the deadly house. What makes the game scary is its sound effects. Many-a-times, players will be searching for some stuff, with no one nearby and suddenly out of nowhere Granny appears from behind and boom! That’s the sound effect I’m taking about!

Five Night At Freddy’s

Five Night At Freddy's: Best Horror Game

Five Night At Freddy’s is the remastered version of the PC game Case Animatronics. Case Animatronics is a really awesome horror game which was immensely successful as aPC variant and hence was recreated as a mobile version.

In Five Night At Freddy’s, players have to play as the character who has got a job at Freddy Fazebear’s Pizza and the main attraction of the place are the Animatronics named Freddy Fazebear and his friends.

But suddenly the Animatronics start behaving different and the players have to find out what’s wrong…. and survive too! The players will be given a security computer where they will be able to locate Freddy and Co.

But the amount of electricity would be limited! So basically what players have to do is to SURVIVE! There are five parts in the series.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1

True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 1: Best Horror Game

True Fear is a very well known and most liked horror games and the are a lot of reasons for this. The game is an awesomely created flick with a lot of jump scares.

True Fear: Forsaken Soul of is the first part of the True Fear series and one of the best games of players want to experience real horror. The game is basically a horror puzzle trilogy flick.

The story of the game revolves around Holly Stonehouse who has to investigate about her missing sister and her mother’s death. The game is divided into about 25 cut scenes and more than 20 puzzles.

The players also have to visit the paranormal asylum – thus is where most of the jump scares lie! – and search for clues. Overall it is a really well designed game with awesome graphics and deadly sound effects.

Horror Hospital 2

Horror Hospital 2: Best Horror Game

This flick is the second instalment of the Horror Hospital and is a real scary one. The game continues the story which the first part left behind. A young girl and her friends return to the hospital where evil and fear have made their nest.

They have returned to face the fear which made a home in their heart after their first encounter in the place. And there’s one way to get rid of the fear. To encounter it! So players have to play as either one of the character and solve the mysteries hidden in the Horror Hospital….. and survive! Headphones are a must!

Horror Games For Pc And Mac:

Here is the List of Best Horror Games For PC:

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2: Best Horror Game

I do not think that I need to tell anything about Resident Evil. It is one of the biggest and most successful Hollywood movie Franchise and it got so much success that independent games were designed in public demand.

Resident Evil the game is not much different from the movie as players have to fight of hordes of zombies and dead while surviving. Along with surviving amongst the zombies while killing them, players also need to solve a lot of puzzles and mysteries that life within the city of the dead.

A lot of variety of weapons will be available for use, including melee ones, but what makes the usage difficult is the limited amount of ammunition! So players with a potato aim need to stay way!

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation: Best Horror Game

Alien: Isolation is one of the must beautifully crafted game version of any film I have seen ever. As goes its name, the game is the adaptation of the famous Hollywood film series Alien and man, this game has nailed it!

What makes Alien: Isolation different from – and a lot better than – the first flick Colonial Marines is the sheer horror and the addictive gameplay. While the Colonial Marines had a lot of negative reviews on its name, Isolation managed to kill it.

Just like the other ones, players in this game have step into the shoes of Amanda Ripley and have to investigate the case of her missing mother. And the biggest difference that players will find in this game is that there’s not a lot of shooting, and the must required stuff is stealth. So , get ready to die a lot…. a lot!

Man of Medan

Man of Medan: Best Horror Game

Man of Medan can be considered as a horror game with perhaps one of the must relatable and interactive story. And along with the interactive story, the beautifully crafted gameplay adds icing to the cake!

Man of Medan is the winner of the Best Game of the Year 2019 by Apple and surely has some really intuitive gaming experience. The story of the game revolves around five friends who take up a water trip which turns out to be the deadliest to of their lives.

This is a multiplayer horror game which players can play with their friends. So the basic objective of the game is to save the lives of the five friends at any cost.

Because the ship is purely evil and each and every second is a test of the survival of the group. Let me mention, the game is full of deadly jump scares, so beware!

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2: Best Horror Game

The game The Evil Within 2 is the successor and the second instalment of the fan favourite The Evil Within. While the first part made a history in the world of gaming, the second flick also managed to grab a lot of attention upon its release and was an instant hit.

The story of both the games are somewhat similar considering the case that players have to survive in a world, named World of Union, full of deadly zombies thirsty of human blood.

Just as in the first part, players in this second instalment have to play as detective Sebastian Castellanos who has to save his daughter. Players have the difficulty levels to choose from, the third one for those who want to experience some real horrors.

A new crafting feature has been added in the game which helps players to craft various items like ammunition and funds, but the available crafting items are limited!


Visage: Best Horror Game

Visage is a independent horror game designed for those who want to overcome their fear of darkness and not for those who have a high time fighting darkness!

Released in October 2018, the game became an instant players’ favourite thanks to the amazing story, awesome graphics and some really scary sound effects.

Playing in the first person perspective, players have to unravel the secrets of a house which they will be locked in, a house full of evil and paranormal beings. It is a sort of puzzle game where players need to find out the mystery behind all the paranormal happenings taking place in the house.

There are three ways to die in the game – being killed by environmental hazards, being killed by the demons and ghosts roaming in the house or being killed because of high sanity. And here, Sanity means darkness!

Horror Games For XBOX:

Here is the List of Best Horror Games For XBOX:

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Best Horror Game

Resident Evil 7 is the continuation of the Resident Evil game series based on the famous Hollywood Horror movie Series with the same name.

Resident Evil 7 is a lot different from the other flicks of the series both in story and gameplay. In the story, players have to control Ethan Winters who has to search the Baker’s House for his missing wife.

As reported by most of the players, the story is greatly addictive and well created. Coming to the gameplay, it is the first game in the series to have first person perspective. Players have to search the Baker’s House which has turned into an evil store.

The main antagonist on the other hand is a biological mutant known as Molded. However this game mainly focuses on horror and exploration over action!

Blair Witch

Blair Witch: Best Horror Game

Blair Witch hills the record to be one of the most scariest game that has ever been made. In fact it is so scary that many players who started playing the game never had the guts to finish it!

The Blair Witch game is the gaming adaptation of the scariest Hollywood movie The Blair Witch Project. As goes the movie, the game also boasts of a great story, an awesome gameplay and some seriously horrific jump scares.

The game is about a brother who has to return to the dark forests of BBurkittsville in search of his missing sister and the legend Blair Witch. The game completely revolves around the survival of the players in the dark woods, finding clues about the mysterious disappearance and surviving from the horrific Witch. Overall the game was an instant hit musky because of the horrors!



Outlast: Best Horror Game

Outlast is a first person perspective horror survival game which has received a lot of positive reviews from gamers all around the globe.

The story of Outlast revolves around a detective who enters to investigate a mental asylum haunted by homicidal patients. The asylum is full of paranormal happenings, ghosts and demonic powers.

Unlike other horror games, players in this game cannot attack enemies like ghosts or patients and do not have a visible health bar on the screen. So the basic tool of survival in the game is stealth, and love towards darkness!

Case Animatronics

Case Animatronics: Best Horror Game

Case Animatronics is a survival horror game which was initially designed and created as a PC game but received more appraisals by the Xbox and VR users.

The game promises a really good gameplay and some truly horrific jump scares. And unlike the normal horror games, the jump scares in Case Animatronics are beautifully placed at the perfect timings, so players are going to experience some serious jump scares at time they have not least expected! Players have to step into the shoes of a civilian who has been kidnapped by his event and left stranded in a warehouse… full of Animatronics hungry for flesh.

So basically players have to keep their stealth mode on and keep surviving from the animatronics till the night ends. But believe me, surviving till the morning without any defensive weapons is going to be really hard!


So these are some truly scary horror games for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Xbox users. The players are required to have their headphones on while playing the games for the best experience.

I know there are a lot other games out there, but these are the best rated and reviewed ones according to regular players and streamers combined.

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