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Top 12 Best iPhone Games Offline & Online (In 2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Games For iPhone

It is an obvious fact that gaming industry is presently now at its peak. Gaming started as a hobby and a mode of relaxation for people. But currently it has evolved to more than what it is thought to be.

Earlier people used to play games to get rid of boredom or to have some holy time. But now, gaming is a source of enjoyment as well as income!

It can be truly said that gaming has been one of the biggest revolutions that have happened in our world and we are happy about that. So talking about games, wee know that games are basically of two primary divisions – Online ones which are played using internet or Wi-Fi and Offline ones which do not need any of the above two.

And in the gaming universe, mobile gaming is the oldest possible way. Games, after their invention, were played on consoles but the mark was set by mobile gaming.

And mobile gaming is currently the biggest gaming option anyone can find. These smartphones of ours have again been divided into two categories by us users – Android and iOS.

So what the best offline and online games that can be played on iOS? We have discussed a lot about Android games and now here is the list of the best 12 offline and online games that are available on iOS.

Here are the Best Offline and Online iOS Games:

Offline Games:

Here are the Best Offline iPhone Games:

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Action/Platform

Rating: 5/5

Alto’s Odyssey has been voted as the best Offline Android game and there is surely a reason behind it. The game promises a lot of action and suspense throughout and appeals mostly those who love thrill and action.

The game is about Alto and his friends who go on an endless sandboarding journey across a dessert and discover its unknown secrets. The game promises to offer a standalone experience while playing and the graphics add to it.

The controls are easy to learn with the one-touch trick system being introduced. One can do a lot of things in the game like exploring different biomes, go sandboarding or soaring in the sky with hit air balloons and many more! Truly it’s an engaging game!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Puzzle

Rating: 5/4.5

One has to admit that the battle royale or action or shooting games are not the only tires of games available to play. Other genres like the puzzles, thrillers and strategic ones are capable of delivering as well.

One such thrilling puzzle game is the Monument Valley. It is beautifully designed and superbly created piece of art and is sure to give players a good time.

It is basically an exploration game where players have to guide the character through some surreal architectures passing through various optical illusions and fighting off enemies.

The games has minimalist 3D designed graphics with some wonderful blend of colours aided by the soothing game sound. The notable fact is that each and every monument that is present in the game has been hand crafted! iOS named Monument Valley as its Game of the Year 2019.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Puzzle

Rating: 4.8/4.5

Ustwo Games created perhaps one of the most minimalist but with playing games that has ever been created – Monument Valley. It won a lot of awards and was globally praised by games all over the world.

Inspired by the success of the first flick, the company came out with yet another marvellous creation as the sequel of the game, titled Monument Valley 2.

What makes the second game different from the first one is the graphics and the story. This one has a whole different story to tell, where a mother is teaching her daughter about the proximities of life by discovering the various historical secrets of the Valley.

This game has better 3D graphics with some really likeable music. Each and every puzzle that players get to face are individually hand crafted and beautifully finished. The optical illusions and all the historic architectures are made from personal experiences and are enough to give the players a gameplay worth remembering.


Badland: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Adventure/Action

Rating: 5/4.8

So when we are talking a lot about award winning games, let me include a game within the most liked genres of gamers – action and adventure – and it is titled Badland. Frogmind introduced the game as a piece of art and this art was able to gather praise from almost all artists!

Badland has won a lot of accolades one of which includes the Game of the Year 2013 by Apple iOS. It is a action packed freaking awesome game where players have to do some serious exploration and adventure.

In short, the story is about a first from a fairy tale where something is wrong and the players have to find that out through a series of deadly traps. The game features single player mode as well as multiplayer mode and players can even create levels of their own to play. The game also supports external gaming controllers.

Drop 7

Drop 7: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Puzzle

Rating: 5/4.8

Puzzle games and kinds of Sudoku have usually been one of the must favourite genres for the people who love using their minds to the most. While earlier these puzzles came in the form of simple solving ones, currently these are presented in a very different and attractive style.

In such a different style, Zynga brings for the players their best puzzle flick titled Drop 7. It is a critically acclaimed game which has enough potential to give the players opportunity to master the mental challenges.

In the game, players have to drop discs onto a 7×7 grid, clearing discs when the number of discs matches the amount of discs in a column or row. Players have to make chain reactions using this method and have to score as many points as they can.

The game offers three modes – the basic Classic mode, the quick action Blitz mode and the ever consistent Sequence mode.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Strategy

Rating: 4.5/4.5

Civilization VI is one of the most acclaimed strategical game available on the iOS store and is supported on almost all Apple devices starting from iPhone 6 and up.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a strategy based game that can be considered as a counterpart of the Clash of Clans. In this game, the players have to build their own civilizations or villages and upgrade them to make their villages immune to natural disasters like flood, earthquake etc.

The likeable feature of the game is that if the villages fail to sustain the disasters, then players have to face the challenges of the Dark Age and succeeding the challenges put by the Dark Age can make the civilisations an upgrade named Heroic Age. So players need to make good strategies and keep the villages safe!

Online  Games:

Here are the Best Online iPhone Games:

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Action/Shooter

Rating: 4.5/4

When it comes to gaming, battle royale games are the most preferred ones that everyone likes to play. And where Tencent is the current Godfather of battle royale games, Activision is a big name in the same category as well. And its best production till date has been the Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is a be famous games when it comes to PC and is one of the midst liked and played game. It has a long history attached to it and after a long wait, it is finally launched for the mobile users.

The game is a nice option for those who want to try something other than just PUBG. The game has great graphics and sound effects to offer and features various gameplay modes.

The battle royale mode is good but COD mobile is mainly liked for the Arcade modes it offers, be it the 5v5 fast paced team death match or the Sniper Challenge or the Domination mode. Every mode has its own speciality and there are a lot of weapons to choose from!

Player Unknown’s Battleground

Player Unknown's Battleground: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Action/Shooter

Rating: 5/4.5

Player Unknown’s Battleground is currently the best online game that a player can find today. This game has grown to be one of the biggest games in the history of gaming and thus can be known from the fact that most of the You Tubers stream this game mostly and various competitive tournaments are organised for it.

PUBG is a battle royale game where players will be left in an island with 99 other players from all over the world and they have to battle it out to come on top and get the #1 tag. This game features a lot of fast paced action with variety of guns of various categories.

PUBG has a lot of mode of gameplay to offer which include Battle Royale, Team Death match, Arena Training, War, Sniper Training and a lot more.

The new Royal Pass feature enables players to show-off some really marvellous gun skins and outfits. This is a game that deserves some place on a gamer’s phone! And most players prefer iOS over Android while playing PUBG!

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

Garena Free Fire Wonderland: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Action/Shooter

Rating: 4.8/4.5

Garena International bring for the players one of the most played and preferred battle royale click with a different outlook and perspective.

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game similar to PUBG but has some different gameplay system, graphics and sound effect. It is a fact that Garena Free Fire was launched before PUBG but the gamer’s base was not so big.

And it will not be wrong to say that the launch of PUBG has boosted the number of players of the game. It is exactly similar to PUBG in every aspect but has a little difference. The funds and other weapons are a little different along with the gameplay.

It also has its own Battle Pass feature. Free Fire has managed to attract a lot of players recently with its advancement and various tournaments are organised for it as well!


Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Strategy

Rating: 5/5

Supercell bring to the players the best strategy that has ever been made – Clash of Clans. The game is a very popular game and is one of the oldest games that has been featured in the Google Play Store.

Clash of Clans is a completely strategy based game which features building bases, town halls and training armies of Wizards, archers, skeletons and brewing works to attack and win over the Bears of other players all over the world.

The game features campaign more where players have to battle the Goblin Kingdom to earn rewards. Players can join any clan or form their own one and battle it out.

With the new update, the Town Hall can be upgraded to Level 13 and a new Giga Inferno has been inducted. Overall, it is a game where one has to be in a coach and fights wars against other clans. It’s Clash of Clans after all!

Clash Royale

Clash Royale: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Strategy

Rating: 5/5

The team of Supercell Inc. have introduced the game titled Clash Royale which can be basically considered a smaller but better counterpart of Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale features battles in a smaller platform but the battles are real timed and head-to-head ones. This game does not feature any town halls upgrade or any other thing, but the training and upgrade of mobs and brewing of spells have been included.

The game is lot smaller than COC, but involves lot more strategy and action. Various tournaments of the game are also held all over the globe and it had been renowned as one of the most engaging strategy game!

Player Unknown’s Battleground Lite

Player Unknown's Battleground Lite: Best Offline And Online Game

Type – Action/Shooter

Rating: 5/5

The creators Tencent Inc. launched PUBG for those smart phones which were capable of supporting games which require large storage space and a good processor. But what about those smart phones which do not have much space or a good RAM capacity?

So here is the Player Unknown’s Battleground Lite which is designed for smartphones with ok-type processor and a small RAM. The PUBG Lite is supported in all smart phones with RAM capacity of 1 GB or more and a very good processor is not needed for smooth gameplay.

It is approximately same as PUBG but has some limited guns. But the action is equally fast paced and thrilling. A limited number of game modes are available currently.

In the present time, the gaming community of PUBG Lite is not so big, but it is growing with time and is surely going to touch the skyline soon!


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