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7 Best & Free Job Portals In India (2023) For Job Search

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Job Portals In India

Getting a job might be tough in this age of competition. But what might be even tougher is looking for the jobs. At least it was before the dawn of internet. Long gone are the times of wandering from place to place just to find suitable jobs and applying for them. Internet has made a lot of things easier and looking for jobs too is one of them.

Various job portals exist that make all types of potential jobs available in one space. From there a person can filter and apply for the jobs they like and want. The hiring copmanies select or reject them for the next round on the basis of their resumes they upload. 

Now there are countless job portals on internet. Some of them are scam as well. So it becomes necessary to choose only the right ones. All you have to do is sit back and relax, as we have handpicked the best job portals in India that could land you your next job.

Here are some of the best job portals in India to find Perfect Job: 


naukri.com job portal

Naukri.com is one of the oldest and biggest job portals to exist in India. It was launched in 1997 and has become one of the most trusted job portal in India over time. It is the highest rated job portal of India as well. Naukri.com has a big plethora of jobs of various types. Being a registered member on Naukri.com is completely free. Once you have a registered account, you can apply to multiple jobs at one time with a single click.

One big advantage of having a registered account on Naukri is that you can apply for jobs that are not advertised on the site at all even. Some high profile recruiters don’t post jobs publicly and instead select job seekers that match their criteria on the basis of their profiles. Being a registered Naukri.com user makes your profile visible to all such unadvertised recruiters.

You can also track your application. Naukri.com can be fully accessed on a smartphone as well. It also offers premium membership which provides some resume and profile boosts. However Naukri.com is still completely useful with just the free account.

Wisdom Jobs

wisdom jobs

Despite of being a rather newer entity, WisdomJobs has carved out a niche for itself. Instead of just resumes, WisdomJobs is more skill-centered. It is an assessment-based portal where you get certifications for your chosen skills by clearing exams based on them. It uses Pragnya meter tests for this purpose. The recruiters see your score and select you on the basis of that.

The exams also help in future job interviews. The skills can be anything ranging from aptitude to software testing. However you need a premium membership for being able to take these tests. There are three options for premium membership; Silver, Gold and Platinum. There are various benefits of these memberships including resume score, auto applying, profile comparison etc.

WisdomJobs also provides free tutorials for a vast variety of skills including IT, management, HR etc. WisdomJobs is quite useful yet quite limited as a free member but a premium membership unlocks its full potential. 

Times Jobs

Times Jobs

TimesJobs is an Indian employment website owned by The Times Group. It was launched in 2004 and have been one of the most popular job portals in India since then. It offers all types of full time jobs that include IT, BPO, retail etc.

Various government jobs are available to apply for as well. You can search for jobs filtered on basis of skills, roles, companies and location. It also has a career insights section that regularly uploads relevant articles regarding careers in different sectors.

It is completely free to use. It can be used on both desktop or mobile. TimesJobs has an application for both iOs and Android as well. 

Career Builder

career builder job portal

CareerBuilder is another major job portal active in India. It works the same like the other job portals. You create a profile, upload a resume, apply for the wanted jobs and wait for a reply from the recruiter. CareerBuilder features reputed employers like Regalix, Accion, Halliburton etc.

It also has a referral/recommendation feature in which a company supports you with a recommendation that increases your chances of getting hired. However this feature is not free. Other than that CareerBuilder is completely free. The website itself is pretty minimal and easy to surf through. 


Headhonchos job portals

Headhonchos is a more professional level employment website. It is best suited for people looking for high level management jobs. Other than just showcasing jobs, Headhoncho also provides specialized courses related to management and HR.

They are full-fledged courses instead of just tutorials and cost like real courses as well. Interview training is offered as well. Headhonchos provides competitor insight in which you can compare your profile with other profiles for assessment.

It is only available for premium members however. A premium member also gets priority in accessing posted jobs over the unregistered members. Headhonchos provides high level services and does cost pretty much too. It can be used for searching and applying jobs for free but that’s it. 


techgig job portal in india

TechGig is a platform that is specifically created for coders, developers and programmers. It provides more than just an option to search and apply for jobs. TechGig features a lot of tutorials and tests for practicing and testing your skills. They put out various challenges and competitions time to time where you not only learn & test yourself but also earn money in form of the prize.

Useful webinars too take place online which can be booked in advance. TechGig also has various interview tests that can help to prepare for job interviews. 


Mintly job portal

Mintly is one of the newest job portals in India at present. The feature that makes Mintly different from others is its 24/7 assistance service. You can use it to clear doubts or getting guidance anytime you want. Mintly covers abroad jobs or jobs for NRIs as well as regular jobs. Mintly also offers a blockchain referral service for recruiters for background check of employs to be hired.

It does cost money and is available in three options with varying benefits; Tea, Coffee and Juice. The website is clean and colorful. It also features a blog section that regularly showcases important articles regarding careers in different fields. 


Internshala job portal

Internshala is a platform that targets internships and part time jobs instead of full time jobs. It is centered around students and people who like to work from home. It showcases countless internships in various fields based on preference. It is easy to sign up and set up. You only need to create a basic profile and a simple resume.

You can track your applications and chat with the recruiter directly once selected. It’s completely free and has an app on both iOs and Android that is free to download. Internshala also provides online training for multiple computer science and management services. The trainings obviously cost money but provide legitimate certificates that can be helpful in getting jobs in future. 

There are countless job portals and none of them is flawless. Nothing is perfect and that’s a fact. Fake job offers or thirsty scammers can be found anywhere. Thus it is necessary to stay aware ourselves and not to fall in the trap of any scammer that promises ridiculous offers on any such websites. 

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