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10 Best Keyboard for Android & iOS In 2023

by Aziz Arora
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Best Android Keyboard apps

Switching the stock keyboard is one of the best stuffs that make Android so cool. Sadly, the built-in keyboard on Android doesn’t provide enough interesting features. There is a wide array of third party keyboard apps in the Google Play Store, for Android that has every type of features.

Only with some simple steps you can entirely alter the get-up and feel of the keyboard. Searching the best Android keyboard apps is one of the most vital picks you make on your handset. They will build the speed and precision with which you use your gadget to communicate.

And since keyboards can visualize all the things you type from passwords to social security figures, it’s crucial to have a keyboard you trust and love.

Few apps emphasize more on fun, quirkiness and personalization. While others aim on enhanced typing and swiping properties! Few even carry out both! When it’s all about picking the best keyboard app for Android, there is always a possibility of malware. Nowadays, Microsoft’s SwiftKey and Google’s Gboard is kind of ruling the market and maximum people use one of those.

Don’t like the stock Android keyboard? Don’t worry! There are a multitude of keyboard apps available in the Play Store. You don’t need to work with the keyboard that came in-built. I have curated a list of the most trusted and secure third-party best Android keyboard apps which you can use as an alternative to your default keyboard. Let’s find out!

Here are the best Keyboard Apps for all kind of typists:


Gboard - Best keyboard app

Google has its leg on every platform, so it’s no surprise they have a keyboard app! Google’s Gboard is presently one of the most famous keyboard apps in India. Google Keyboard is the stock keyboard found in Nexus and Motorola gadgets. There’s a valid point why Gboard is king on Android and for that thanks to its adaptability and power to identify what you’re attempting to type while you’re typing it.

This is one of the best keyboard apps which is entirely free. The app projects a minimalist design and is very quick. It doesn’t own umpteen numbers of features like other apps, but that’s what people love about it. Best of all, Gboard veils no features or options behind paywalls or ads.

You still can enjoy themes, GIF and sticker packs, customization options, voice typing, hand-drawn emojis detection and Google Translate plus the power of Google for predictive text. You can even create your own sticker. All-in-all, the app can be trusted upon. Gboard is exceptionally good with multilingual typing and supports over 100 various languages. So, you can switch between languages smoothly.


chrooma - Best keyboard app

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

As the name suggests, Chrooma is totally colourful and flashier keyboard, switching colour like a chameleon. It is one of those keyboard apps for those who enjoy personalizing each feature of their gadget. With maximum keyboards, you select a theme and that’s it, but Chrooma believes that’s a bit boring.

]The coolest feature of this AI-powered keyboard is the capability to transform colour depending on the app you’re using: it changes to blue for Twitter, green for Spotify, yellow for Google Keep, grey for Netflix and many more. It also blends in and looks amazing. There’s even a night mode that will darken the keyboards colour palette during night — or the whole time if you keep night mode on.

The swiping on Chrooma is A-1! Chrooma is also lightweight and pretty speedy, plus you get an additional row for emojis, numbers, and suggestions. This free keyboard app renders you all fundamental aspects like keyboard resizing, gesture typing, predictive typing, punctuation suggestions, split mode for thumb typing, GIF search tab, 3D buttons on your keyboard and auto-correct.

You can also delete chunks of words or sentences if you keep swiping left on the backspace key.  It also permits multi-language typing and comes with one hand mode too! But if you wish to get totally fancy with the keyboard style, size, font, and having your settings sync between devices, you’ll have to fork out for Premium, which is a onetime purchase of $9.99.

 Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey -Best keyboard app

SwiftKey is always just there beside Gboard, and is undoubtedly among the best Android keyboards ever in the market. This oldie was created by TouchType and has been around for over a decade but the app was later acquired by Microsoft. Something that completely sets SwiftKey apart is its floating keyboard and grand theme library.

The free and AI powered app has high-quality prediction and auto-correction along with gesture typing, cloud syncing, so all your gadgets can stay up-to-date, built-in GIF search, keyboard personalization, single-handed mode, keyboard resizing, swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, a split thumb keyboard, a number row, and many more.

This keyboard app for Android is also an outstanding emojis’ keyboard that delivers plenty of emojis, which you require to express your heart out in any circumstance. You can even build a personal theme with background pictures of your choice. There’s also a beta program that you can join to receive every new feature that are coming down the pipeline.

The app also has average language support with over 300 languages including 15 Indian scripts. You can enable up to five languages at once and can swap smoothly between them, which is pretty beneficial for bilinguals. Users can also go for premium themes.

Apart from that, Microsoft SwiftKey renders a translator, sticker packs, calendar, etc. The app also features an incognito mode so that whatever you type in a personal conversation will never show up, whether it is a word suggestion or simply an emoji.

Although, SwiftKey may not be the Numero-uno in the game, but it can make virtual typing feel much appealing, equally secure and reliable as Gboard and is great for productivity. Hurry up, and click on this link to download:

 Google Indic Keyboard

Google Indic Keyboard - Best keyboard app

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

We can’t miss mentioning Google Indic Keyboard while speaking of the best mobile keyboard apps. Don’t you think? Google Indic Keyboard (formerly called Google Hindi Keyboard) is the most prominent substitute for the default Gboard app. An extraordinary thing about the app is that it provides a transliteration aspect that permits you provide the input in English, and the output appears in your native language.

The app also backs up three other modes of input: native keyboard mode (typing straightaway in the regional script), handwriting mode (writing on the screen, which is presently available for Hindi only), and Hinglish mode (pick Hindi as the input language, and the English keyboard will suggest both English and Hinglish terms). Pretty cool, don’t you think?

The app even renders you 12 various keyboards depending on Indian languages, including Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada and English. This aspect makes it one of the most user-friendly keyboards available on the list.

The Google has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Those who wish to type in their regional language, the app is apt for them. So don’t wait for any longer and download it now:

Mint Keyboard

Mint keyboard - Best keyboard app

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

Have you heard this name before? This Mint keyboard is build for Indian users and accessible for those who have moved on from your favourite Redmi handsets but yet miss the keyboard performance. Mint Keyboard can be stated to be one of the most user-friendly keyboards that also feature an AI engine to offer excellent word predictions and auto correct results.

The keyboard also renders a stickers and GIFs board where you get to explore new stickers daily to be more spirited in your texts. The app identifies vernacular words, shortcuts and slang, and even renders timely festival-related stickers. Mint keyboard is packed with an advanced reply feature that stores a frequently used reply and enables you to use it suitably.

The keyboard app also suggests some great conversation starters to break the ice while speaking to somebody. The app receives new themes each week, which denotes you can continue to experiment with keyboard themes. Mint supports typing and speech-to-text for every Indian Languages that make it stand out of the list. Already in love with the app? Then install it in your handset and enjoy texting. Click here!

Xploree AI Keyboard – GIFs, Stickers, Smart Theme

Xploree AI Keyboard - best keyboard app

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

Are you bored of the in-built keyboard on your smart-device?  Do you ever wonder that it could be more colourful, intuitive, and customized? And, probably, more visual too? Well, a newbie in this space is Xploree, created by UK-based developers. The Xploree keyboard might appear to be one more from the tiny ‘crowded lot’ at first glimpse. But, “never judge a book by its cover”.

Underneath the ‘strongly inspired’ keyboard theme, is an advanced AI engine continuously functioning in the background, grasping what you are feeding in. Depending on what you type, it displays some suggestive results. You will be greeted with many cards organised in a pile. Each card holds a link to the word you wrote. This is the very aspect that sets apart Xploree from other apps.

In fact, there’s no other software keyboard in people’s view that can display contextual data in the way Xploree does. Besides that, you always get to pick the option between various themes, few of them being even animated. The data privacy is given crucial importance while not compromising on the quantity of data being made accessible at your fingertips.

Xploree is a multilingual keyboard (having more than 150 languages), which implies you can now use multiple languages based on the nation you dwell in. Xploree renders you the joy of transliterating in more than 11 languages. You also get a bunch of emojis, GIFs and stickers, similar to other conventional keyboard apps and also feature glide-typing. Download the app now:

Keyboard Themes For Android

Keyboard Themes For Android - best keyboard app

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Explore a playful method to type your text messages and chat with your friends with this newbie in town! ‘Keyboard Themes for Android’ is incredible and will totally amaze you when you type your text messages! Don’t believe me? Then surely go and check it out!

The app is packed with attractive keyboard themes for SMS or Messenger, you can also personalize your keyboard with superb fonts and fun sounds, and also build best customized keyboard by utilizing your best-loved picture as a theme. You even receive various types of button sizes and shapes. Download Keyboard Themes For Android now and start exploring its cool features and undoubtedly exceptional designs!

Neon LED Keyboard – RGB Lighting Colors

Neon LED Keyboard - best keyboard app

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

Neon Led Keyboard is again a newbie in the best keyboard app space! This spectacular app will entirely transform the way you write your text messages! Features comprise of: LED lighting Keyboard, colourful keyboard shells, beautiful effects that makes the whole app stand out of the crowd, easy-to-use, and of course, the sparkling RGB keyboard themes which you can download for free!

You even can enjoy smart auto-correction and auto-suggestion properties, emoji predictions and word predictions and even resize the keyboard layout. It is smooth and quick whenever you write with LED Keyboard theme. And the cherry on the cake: it has got multi language typing! Now, what more do you need? Install the app on your gadget and enjoy its features!

Various methods to type on Android

A keyboard is one of the most vital stuff on your smart-gadget. Back in the days when touch-screen devices were not so famous, we depended on either QWERTY keyboard with tiny buttons or the old fellow- T9 keyboard. Ever since touch-screen mobiles came into play, and the advancement of Android and iOS began, keyboard apps turned out to be one of the most basic needs for the users who adore customization.

The stock Android keypad has enhanced greatly with spelling suggestions and multiple language assistance in most old and new gadgets. Auto-correct and the capability to glide your fingers over the buttons and get the words right are some of the features that modern-era cell phone keyboards render. But users always crave something more.

Customization is key, as the worldwide popularity of alternative keyboard apps reveals. Therefore, now, with the Android operating system, we have the freedom to transform our keyboard layout whenever we desire. Whether you’re a casual typist or a serial texter, you need the best keyboard software for your mobile.

Nowadays, keyboard apps are aimed at offering the best user interface which you can personalize to your heart’s content. Ensure the keyboard should be that secure so that you need not to worry about stealing your emails’ information or passwords. So, you should always install trusted apps.


From an AI-based keyboard to every Indian language support, all the above mentioned apps have something exceptional to offer. All keyboard apps list out privacy policies about their data accumulation, therefore it’s better to give them a thorough look. They all have been tried and tested, so you need not worry about their functionality and interface.

Millions of users across the world are downloading cool, colourful, and personalized keyboard apps that enables them to type quickly and properly, get advanced predictions, express emotions better, and add a whole new dimension to their communication. Anyway, which is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below.

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