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List of Top 7 Best Kubota Tractors In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Kubota Tractors

Kubota is a well-established company in the world. It is renowned for its high quality and reliable agriculture-related implements and equipment. The company has been a major player in the international market. Although it is relatively unheard of in the Indian subcontinent, it doesn’t mean that people don’t know anything about it. They know the company through its class dominating tractors, strong and durable implements and high-quality workmanship. Seriously! It takes a lot of those qualities to build a strong and reliable tractor company.

Kubota is a Japanese company and their efficient and affordable tractors are evident of me being technologically advanced. They believe in building a strong relationship with their customers. Their products are a result of them trying to nurture their relationship. They take immediate feedback from their customers and improve upon them which makes them one of a kind and that improvement further drives their growth. The Indian agriculture sector is huge and has a vast potential for exploitation in each area.

Companies like Kubota help just to achieve that. The company provides great tractors in 21 to 55 hp categories. Their tractors are tough and can do almost everything under the sun. Let’s check out some of their best tractors: 

Here are the Best Kubota Tractors In India:

Neostar A211N-OP

Neostar A211N-OP - best kubota tractors

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 It is a 4 wheel drive tractor that comes in the category of a mini tractor. Ir works on a 3 cylinder, 1001cc diesel injection engine rated at 2600 rpm that produces the power supplied to its 4 wheels. The dry type air filter clears the air of any unwanted materials and a water-cooled engine cooling mechanism ensures a proper reduction in heat thereby increasing both productivity and efficiency.

The 21 hp power is transmitted to 4 of its wheels which are elegant and broad to induce proper traction and loading pressure on the soil mass. The body of the tractor is straight and ergonomically designed. From a broader perspective, it has been designed as an all-terrain vehicle in its shape and body considerations but has an engine of a tractor that makes it a perfect fit for making it workable in smaller farms.

The transmission is a constant mesh transmission with a dry single-plate type clutch along with 9 plus 3 gear sets. It has varying speeds and torque and can work easily on varied landscapes. The oil-immersed brakes help in easy braking and low maintenance of the tractor.

There is no provision of a power steering which would have been great if present but one has to satisfy with a manual one and that too without a steering adjustment facility. What a disappointment! Although the other features like 750 kgs lifting capacity with 23 litres fuel tank volume do compensate for a few specifications.

Neostar B2741

kubota Neostar B 2741 - best kubota tractors

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The B2741 can be viewed as the elder brother to the A211N-OP. It is a 27 hp tractor and again a 4 wheel drive. It is equipped with a 3 cylinder 1261cc engine that is cooled by a coolant-cooled mechanism. The tractor is somewhat similar to its sibling, the A211N and A211N-OP but the specifications are one the higher end to accommodate for the better facility in exchange for an increased price.

The transmission is a constant mesh transmission with a 9 plus 3 gearbox system along with a dry single friction plate clutch. There are oil-immersed brakes to give you that premium braking experience and even a power steering. The wide lamps of the tractor help as a guide in the darker times of the day and the wide tyres help in easy working and traction force.

The ergonomically designed seat is wide enough to accommodate nearly anyone irrespective of your body structure. The gearbox is easy to reach and the pedals are wide with good spacing. It has a strong structure and the chassis is made so to effectively withstand all the beatings of the rough terrains. The pistons of the tractor are graphite coated which results in longer life for the engine. 

L 4508

L 4508 - best kubota tractor

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The L 4508 is a strong, tough, durable, reliable and a good looking tractor designed for all sorts of works providing extensive affordability, durability and reliability. It is a 45 hp tractor with a 4 cylinder engine with an engine capacity 2197 cc. The tractor is a 4 wheel drive tractor that means that it works great in nearly all conditions. Such tractors are perfect for a variety of agricultural works from seeding, pasture topping to hauling.

The tractor comes with standard oil-immersed brakes that are able to keep the maintenance costs to a bare minimum while providing for a smooth and safe ride at the same time and are so adjusted that the turning radius is 2600mm with brakes. The dry air cleaner helps in screening out the particulate particles of dust in the air from reaching the engine and thus doesn’t allow for reducing its efficiency and productivity.

The engine burns fuel efficiently and keeps the mileage nearly constant to the factory specifications. It is cooled by a water cooling mechanism that keeps it from getting extremely hot and breaking down. The strong and large enough fuel tank of 50 litres stores plenty of fuel when needed. The constant mesh transmission system is great and comprises a single friction plate type clutch and an excellent gear system of 8 forward and 4 reverse gears that provide smooth mobility.


L 3408 - best kubota tractors

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This is evident in the quality and excellent workmanship of Kubota and its non-tolerance attitude toward poor quality. This tractor simply shows why Kubota is one of the most reputed companies worldwide and the reasons for its emergence as the same. The 3 cylinder tractor works wonders and provides around 35 power sufficient to carry out day to day works.

The massive 1647 cc diesel injection tractor produces high torque and speed of 22.2 kmph. Furthermore, the engine is continuously water-cooled for rapid cooling of the engine to prevent overheating, maintain maintenance and the air filter is the dry type which helps in maintaining the efficiency of the tractor. The engine is assisted with an astute constant mesh single friction plate clutch transmission with a centre shift gearbox made up of 8 plus 4 gears with 8 gears for forwarding motion and 4 for reverse ones.

The power take-off is 6 spline and at optional 750rpm while the standard is 540 rpm. The total weight of the tractor is 1380 kg and being a 4 wheel drive type tractor, it ensures that power is supplied continuously and with efficiency to all the four tyres to drive the tractor better and faster. There is an adequate provision of a power steering, without any adjustment facility and oil immersed brakes that give it a more premium feel. The dial gauges are large enough so that you can read the information easily.

MU 5501

MU 5501 - best kubota tractors

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A 2 wheel drive/4 wheel drive tractor that is popular for its performance and productivity. It is equipped with an advanced 55 hp engine which has 4 cylinders and has a huge capacity of 2344cc rated at 2300 pm. The low rpm helps in increasing the power as well as the fuel combustion efficiency and decreases overall maintenance costs.

The engine is liquid-cooled as it helps to maintain the performance and you won’t have to make frequent stops due to overheating of the engine. It has boost compensator technology that provides high power and low fuel consumption. A synchromesh gearbox further adds to the magnificence and given that it is a shuttle shift gear system makes it very easy to rapidly change gears. The double-clutch accompanies the 8 plus 4 gears for a range of motion and power.

The turning radius with brakes is about 2800mm that helps for easy turning at bends. There is no steering adjustment facility but the power steering compensates for that and helps in easy and comfortable manoeuvring of the tractor. The 6 spline power take off generates 47 hp and the fuel tank capacity of 65 litres accommodates that power.

The 2100 kg lift capacity is again an advantage only. The front axle is also adjustable and overall ergonomics are taken great care of. It is a rare combo of productivity, efficiency and reliability. It can be easily used for a wide range of works like a dozer, rotavator, loader, trolley etc.

B 2420

Kubota B2420 - best kubota tractor

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The B2420 is a result of the hard work and talent of the in-house research and development wing of Kubota. The 3 cylinder tractor works definitely well and is a rare combination of comfort and convenience. The tractor can be easily recognised with its characteristic bright orange colour and big tyres.

Speaking of tyres, this tractor has huge tyres to accommodate for great traction force and pressure considerations on inundated lands, tough and tested terrains.  It is equipped with a 24 hp engine that is accompanied by the 9 forward and 3 reverse gearbox to ensure smooth mobility and better performance. The tractor comes with a 2761 cc diesel engine. The engine is durable and you won’t regret buying this tractor.

The dry disc type clutch system forms the constant mesh transmission along with the gearset forms an integral part of the tractor’s performance. The engine is liquid-cooled and ensures th of the engine along with efficiency. The wet disc type brakes help in smoother braking and allow for a fast barking system. The fuel tank is of mere 26 litres. It should have been bigger.

That would have allowed for better mileage and wouldn’t let this to be a burden on your purse. The 615 kg lift capacity is also something that doesn’t seem to impress. It is a 4 wheel drive and by that and that power can be transmitted to 4 wheels equally allowing for better force and speed distribution. The ergonomically designed seat can be adjusted according to your needs.

MU 4501 2WD

MU 4501 2wd - best kubota tractor

Watch Video Review of kubota MU 4501 2WD 

The best of the MU series and the best that Kubota has to offer, the 4501 is a 45 hp tractor that works on a 2434cc Kubota Inline fuel injection pump engine with 4 cylinders. The liquid-cooled engine helps in maintaining efficiency and rapidly cools down the tractor to prevent overheating.

The Dry type dual-element air filter provides necessary safety against the air particles that are not wanted. The double-clutch system along with a synchromesh 8 forward and 4 reverse gearbox helps in smoother movement. The oil-immersed brakes help in easy, rapid and smooth braking.

A distinct advantage of the oil-immersed brakes is that they do not allow for breakdowns of the braking system due to overheating and maintain the overall health of the tractor against frequent braking. The 1640 kg of lifting capacity is helpful for performing most of the tasks simply and allows for attachment of a wide range of implements for various functions.

The hydraulic double-acting power steering is helpful for easy manoeuvring and mobility of the tractor. The tractor is not just another average joe, this one is known for its high power and its ability to do hard and testing tasks easily and with ease. The tractor is needed. The overall ground clearance is of 405 mm and is evident that the centre of gravity is kept low to ensure better stability and performance. The 60 litres fuel tank capacity helps in maintaining the mileage and ensure that you can work for long stretches without any restrictions.



Overall these tractors ensure better working and performance. Although the company doesn’t really offer a wide range of selection and models, the models they do offer are for everyone.

These tractors are robust, powerful and efficient and sure act as a friend while you’re on the field. The constant innovations have further helped to strengthen the company’s repute. It’s through these tractors only that the company has garnered an unparalleled repute among the masses. Robust, reliable and trustworthy, these 3 things are the Characteristics of Kubota tractors.

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