10 Best LED TVs Available Online In India 2022

Looking for an LED TV but your budget is not allowing? Don’t be sad! Throw away all your worries because this article comprises the top LED TVs currently available online.

All these appliances come from genuine brands and offer a warranty. Some of them come from industry leaders such as Samsung or LG. Most of these are smart TVs that are equipped with the latest arsenal for entertainment such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

You can buy these amazing LED TVs from Amazon India. Begin your journey of finding the perfect display that fulfils all your entertainment needs.

Here is the list of Top LED TVs Available In India:

LED TVs under 10,000 Rupees

Here are the Best LED TVs Under 10000 to buy in India:

eAirtec 61 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV 24DJ

eAirtec 61 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV 24DJ: Best LED TV Under 10,000

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The TV company is doing well even though it is new in this industry. This one is the basic 24 inches model that retails at a nominal price. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz. This LED panel has a brightness of 250 NITS.

Connectivity options include 2 HDMI Port, 2 USB Ports, 1 VGA 999Port, and 1 Headphone (3.5mm) Port. This TV comes with A+ Grade IPS Panel and Virtual Surround Sound which is absent in this price segment.

Indeed, this makes it a value for money appliance. Further, you’ll get 178 degrees viewing angle. This HD Ready LED TV offers a rich and deeper sound quality along with stunning visual effects. The resolution is 1368 x 768. Apart from this, you’ll get an efficient backlight life.

There are tactile buttons on the back for convenient access, such as volume control, channel surfing, menu, etc. If affordability and ergonomics are your deepest concerns, then go for this model.

eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32DJ

eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32DJ: Best LED TV Under 10,000

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This is the latest 2022 Model like the previous one. With all other specifications remaining the same, only the screen size is larger. It has got the same connectivity options such as 2 HDMI Port, 2 USB Ports amongst others. You would probably love to watch movies on this IPS LED.

For the best results, a new HDMI cable is recommended. The TV has a resolution is 1368 x 768 which is ideal for beginners. You would highly appreciate the tactile buttons located on the back. These serve various functions such as volume control, channel surfing, menu, etc.

Sanyo 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Sanyo 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV: Best LED TV Under 10,000

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This HD ready LED TV will fully suit your requirements if you’re on a budget. It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The Tv arrives with an A+ grade panel at such an affordable price. Moreover, you are going to experience reduced motion blur as claimed by the brand.

For connectivity, it has got 2 HDMI ports that can be used to connect a set-top box, Blu Ray player, or gaming console. Further, there are two 2 USB ports that facilitate easy hard drive and pen drive connections. 1 You’ll even get a VGA Port for connecting your laptop.

It has a Headphone Output too. It ships with box speakers that give 16 Watts Output (combined). take your senses to a new dimension with this TV. If you just want an LED TV for watching purposes, and if the sound output does not matter to you, this product is a great choice.

LED TVs under 20,000 Rupees

Here are the Best LED TVs Under 20000 to buy in India:

TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED Smart TV: Best LED TV Under 20,000

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Well, here comes a popular brand among the masses. This edition has a 1366 x 768 resolution and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The cutting-edge dynamic picture enhancement technology on this TV promises a balanced control between brightness and darkness.

It is also equipped with micro dimming technology. Apart from this, you get Dolby audio and smart sound. Take advantage of the 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to unlock the full potential of this device.

Never compromise with your entertainment. Other highlights include built-in WIFI and dual-core mali graphics processor. For best quality graphics, you get an A+ grade panel that will never let you down in most cases. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

It has 2 channel speakers. Unfortunately, the Tv only manages to provide a sound output of 10 Watts which may not be required for all tasks. TCL offers a 1.5-year manufacturer warranty on this product.

Sanyo 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD IPS LED Smart TV

Sanyo 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD IPS LED Smart TV: Best LED TV Under 20,000

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For those who are not aware of this brand, this is a homegrown product that supports the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign. This Full HD IPS LED has a host of smart TV features including WiFi, Wireless Display, etc.

For seamless connectivity, you get 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Amazingly, the remote contains a dedicated button for Netflix and YouTube. Dolby Digital is inbuilt in this TV. The speakers give 16 Watts Output.

Plug into the wonderful world of smart app navigation that allows seamless access to games, news, and more. You’ll can also broadcast your Android mobile screen and audio on your Sanyo Smart TV in real-time with wireless mirroring technology.

Moreover, there is accurate colour reproduction and great picture clarity. The TV ensures optimal motion viewing. Connect an external home theatre system to your Sanyo Smart TV for a true cinematic experience at home with the HDMI Sound Out feature.

Sanyo 32 inches Kaizen Series HD Android LED TV

Sanyo 32 inches Kaizen Series HD Ready Smart Certified Android LED TV: Best LED TV Under 20,000

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This TV is an ideal choice even though it was released in 2019. You’ll be excited to know that it is Google Certified Android TV that arrives with Android Pie 9.0 out of the box. You’re probably going to thank the makers for all screen bezel-less Infinity design.

You’ll get inbuilt Chromecast and Google Play App Store. It has got a decent 20 Watts Output and an HD Ready resolution. There is support for WiFi (single band 2.4G) and Bluetooth 5.0. Connectivity options include 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Perks include Dolby Digital technology (which activates surround sound) and Digital Sound Processing. The TV has a dedicated Google Assistant button on its Bluetooth Remote for Voice Search purposes. Get this LED television to enjoy stunning visuals and superior acoustics.

You will be able to connect keyboards, mice, and game controllers to the appliance. Considering its specifications and features, it is definitely a value for money device.

Sanyo 43 Inches Full HD IPS LED TV

Sanyo 43 Inches Full HD IPS LED TV: Best LED TV Under 20,000

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Again, this comes from the former brand. Users will get 2 x 8W (8Ω) Output Power (RMS). This is equivalent to 16 Watts. Thankfully, the TV is fully HD. The connectivity related specs remain the same at 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

The IPS display is coupled with an A+ panel, dot noise reduction, and blur-free picture clarity. Dive into premium entertainment like never before with this TV model. The super bright A+ IPS panel will bring alive all your on-screen entertainment.

Not to mention that you get theatre-like acoustics with box speakers that provide crystal clear sound with great bass. Further, the slim design and the exceptional finish will surely sound appealing to you.

You can connect your DTH system and gaming console at the same time with the help of 2 HDMI ports. Take your senses to a whole new dimension with this LED.

LG 80 (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LM560BPTC

LG 80 (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LM560BPTC: Best LED TV Under 20,000

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Now comes the brand which has a great market share when it comes to displays. Our favourite LG LED comes in a 32-inch variant. This model is powered by WebOS rather than Android.

Well, this OS is great as it receives regular updates that keep the TV running for many years. Salient features include an IPS display, wide viewing angle, 50-hertz refresh rate, Active HDR, Cloud photo & video, Dolby Audio, and DTS virtual.

The specifications sound promising enough to grab the interest of buyers. Indeed, you’ll get the ultimate experience in terms of display quality and OTT viewing. A quad-core processor runs the appliance seamlessly.

Besides this, there is a web browser that lets you surf relevant information. You’ll also get the acclaimed screen share feature that will ease your life. Even the Home Dashboard is very intuitive.

You will be able to see details of connected smart devices. It is recommended to purchase a soundbar/home theatre system for unleashing the full potential of this TV as it comes with 10 Watts Output. Get the device today to enjoy your favourite movies & TV series.

LED TVs under 40,000 Rupees

Here are the Best LED TVs Under 40000 to buy in India:

TCL 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

TCL 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: Best LED TV Under 40,000

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For those who were eagerly waiting for a 4K display, this LED is a perfect choice. It has a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160). The A+ Grade UHD LED Panel is equipped with HDR PRO micro dimming for delivering exceptional results.

This Ultra HD has a 60 Hertz refresh rate. The best thing that the company has done is that it has given ECO energy efficiency on this TV. This feature saves energy bills. You can connect up to 3 HDMI devices and two USB to this LED.

The Upscaling technology will convert your content to the highest resolution possible. The sound Output is 20 Watts which is decent enough for watching movies and playing OTT content. DTS-Dolby digital sound. TCL has used a Linux based operating system on the TV. It has Amazon Prime Video too.

The display appliance is compatible with Alexa and has T-Cast for wireless sharing. Alexa will enable you to control Amazon prime video, get weather updates, manage your calendar and chat, etc. LG recommends a specific process that must be followed for Alexa registration.

Samsung 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV: Best LED TV Under 40,000

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This Full HD LED Smart TV comes from the renowned brand Samsung, so it needs no introduction. Highlights are 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 40 Watts Output, SmartThings app amongst others.

Indeed, 40 Watts will deliver immersive sound to you. There is support for Smart Concert and HDR too. Graphic enhancements include ultra clean view, pure colour, and micro dimming pro.

It has a power consumption of 115 watts. The LED is appropriate to the likes of professionals as it comes with PC mode (personal computer feature). This lets you remotely access your office computer.

The TV offers a completely new visual experience with its virtual music system. There is a home cloud feature for saving your most important files to the Samsung Smart TV wirelessly and automatically.This saves the storage space of your smartphone.

You’ll be able to fully enjoy HDR content with better clarity and detailed colour expression. The ultra-clean view gives you higher quality images with less distortion. You will be able to enjoy a concert hall experience with the beamforming technology and 4Ch 40W surround sound.


These were our best picks for LED in India. We hope that this article will assist you in finding the right display appliance for yourself or your members.

You should analyse multiple factors including price, capacity, durability amongst others to select the right TV. Remember to buy a smart TV if you want a plethora of content and entertainment. You can also read reviews or user opinions to become aware of the experience of other users.