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10 Best Live Streaming Apps for iOS & Android (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Best Live Streaming Apps

Streaming is the procedure of sharing of data that is used when anyone watches video on the Internet. It is a process of conveying a video file a little bit at a time, often from a detached storage location.

Think about the distinction between live streaming and everyday streaming as the difference between an actor narrating a memorized speech and improvising a speech. At earlier times, the content is made beforehand, preserved, and then broadcasted it to the audience.

In the latter times, the audience receives the content at the same point when the actor creates it – just like in live streaming. But having a strong gaming device, powerful internet connection, and a certified streaming platform or App is all that you need if you want to stream instantly from your android device.

Spectators can obtain a lot of original gaming content from these streaming channels, but modern broadcasters may face issues in surviving ruthlessly in this market.

The live game streaming platforms are utmost profitable mode of turning earnings and achieving the right niche market. Thousands and millions of people round the world take an interest in monitoring gaming videos than they do for HBO, NETFLIX, and HULU.

What does live streaming refer to?

The word live streaming generally means to broadcast any kind of streams: one-to-many connections that go out to several users at once. Live streaming is when the streamed video is transmitted over the Internet in real time, without the video being recorded, stored and then being published.

Video-conferencing technologies such as, Face Time, Skype and Google Hangouts Meet work on (RTC) real-time communication rules of conduct rather than the protocols used by one-to-many live stream broadcasts.  Although using PC for live stream games has been always recommended by top gamers!

If you are looking for a live stream app for PUBG Mobile, Fortnight, and other games, you must have heard about top mobile gamers, like Mortal, Viper, Dynamo, etc.

Most of them use PC to stream their games on some of these streaming platforms. Big live streaming platforms have popularized the concept of capturing live gaming moments and forwarding the videos on their channels.

In recent days, video game streams, TV broadcasts, and other social media videos can all be live-streamed. It’s already 2020, and these days almost every streamer does not use their PCs to stream their preferred android games.

Bored with live streaming from your PC? Want to live stream the game through your Android itself?  If yes, then you are in the right place.

Technical works behind Live Streaming.

These are the principal steps that take place behind the scenes in a live stream: These are compression, segmentation, CDN caching, encoding, decoding, content delivery network distribution, video playback.

Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming in Android

If you write “best live streaming apps for gaming” on Google Play Store search bar, then you will find there are thousands of Apps for streaming purpose. So which one we should install in our phone? Which one do we like? We want the best of all.

We want the supreme “Game Live Streaming” experience for our audience and for ourselves too. But before moving towards mobile game streaming apps, just have a look at this info-graphic. It’s helpful. To know more about best live streaming apps, keep reading!

Here is the List of Best Live Streaming Apps:

Nimo TV

nimo Tv : Live Streaming App

Nimo TV is one of the best live streaming platforms which allow thousands and millions of gamers from all round the world to play and broadcast their games so that they can reach it to millions of gaming experts like you.

It uses high-quality responsive technology; audiences can communicate with streamers and can gain access to exclusive E-Sports events or tournaments. The audiences get remarkable access to meet top level streamers from across the globe.

A flawless platform, to attract the audience for your YouTube channel in case you do not have enough subscribers! It is the best live stream app for streaming PUBG, Fortnight and it is mostly used by players such as Casetoo, Mortal.

They relate most of the live streaming sessions to PUBG Mobile. You can join a community of gamers from all round the globe and can interact with them daily.

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade live Streaming App

Omlet Arcade is a highly rated mobile game streaming app that is used to live stream mobile games. Android games like PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars Fortnite, Minecraft, Among Us, etc. are fully supported along will hundreds of other android games.

You can share your best moments, use your custom tools and squad up with new friends, in order to strengthen your gameplay. You can connect and play in open community matches conducted by your favourite streamers. Or you can join in to watch pro players from around the world, compete in clan fights and global E-sports tournaments.

No need to wait for your opportunity. The recent update of Omlet Arcade has added a 1v1 private session to play along with your favourite streamer. Furthermore, Omelet Plus (premium feature) has added customizable profile settings to look like professional. You can multi-stream your game on Omlet, You Tube Facebook, etc.


Nex Play live Streaming App

NexPlay is another popular streaming app for android to live stream games on many platforms such as, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The prime thing about Nexplay is that you can stream games with just 1-TAP. You can play and live stream top mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile, Garena, Rules of Survival, Free fire, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and other games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and even Candy Crush Saga.

You can also stream PC games within seconds with the multi-streaming feature. Streamers can personalize their profile with frames for a professional look, and stream to social media platforms at the same time. This helps you to attract the audience from all corners of the web.


Twitch live Streaming App

Twitch is a video live streaming app managed by Twitch Interactive, a supplementary of Amazon. In recent times, Twitch is known as the best live streaming app for gaming. You can be online through cam streaming in seconds. Twitch has a very good algorithmic program which can advise things that will really suit you according to your criteria.

With a chat preview, you’ll be able to watch your chat feed and can interact with your fans. Gamers play Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA 18 and much more. The app has got the dark mode feature for late-night gaming experience with minimum crashes and issues. You can live talk and chat during every broadcast.

Also you can talk to fellow gamers about different gaming strategies like maps, drills, etc. Or connect with them through live streaming sessions while playing the game.


Periscope live Streaming App

Periscope is live streaming app owned by Twitter. It is one of the most popular and best streaming apps for Android. It enables you to go live from any place and from wherever you want, through your android device.

In other words, you can change your mobile phone into a small on-the-go live streaming platform. How cool is that? It helps you to share link to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, check the highlights of live streaming, access to web-based interface and the last is that, that it is easy and completely free.

The live video, you are broadcasting is public by default and in order to limit this access, you can ban users one by one, or share a private link with selective audience. You can list out the live streams on a map to easily discover the trending ones on Periscope.


Streamlabs Live Streaming App

Streamlabs is a famous live streaming app for android to stream games on many platforms such as, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The prime thing about Stream labs is that you can stream games in a simpler way.

You can play and live stream top mobile games like Garena, Call of Duty Mobile, Free fire, PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, and many other games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and even Candy Crush Saga.

You can also stream PC games within a few seconds with the multi-streaming feature. No need of waiting for an hour in order to stream. Streamers can modify their profile with frames for a professional look, and stream to social media platforms at the same time. This helps you to grab attention from the audience from all corners of the web. If you want to live stream within seconds then you will definitely love this app. Take a quick look at these nice features.

Vk Live

Vk Live - Live Sreaming App

The company recently launched an app on the Play Store called VK Live. The objective of this app is to provide a live streaming benefit on the VK network. The app is similar to Periscope.

It helps you to broadcast yourself to millions of people in real-time and become famous. Based on VK, the app is a live streaming platform to present you and talk about yourself in front of numerous live audiences and acquire fame.

It is an attractive way of interacting with fans. The app helps you to see live streams of preferred streamers and friends and can also send gifts to your favourites.

However, the VK Live app enables you to broadcast live videos either in app, or on your VK wall. It also provides you with a platform to interact with your viewers using features like live comments, stickers or even hearts.

VK Live also gives you a sense of competition by providing you with opportunities to earn votes from the viewers during live streaming and using the obtained votes to buy custom stickers. Exciting right?

365 Scores

365 Scores -Live Streaming App

One of the best live streaming apps for your android device!  365Scores is a live sports app that is open for 24/7 enjoyment. The app will offer you with scores, news, updates, etc. after every five minutes. Along with that, the app provides a sports TV guide feature so that you will always be able to know the current news of your favorite game.

You will have fun while watching the coverage of 10 different sports that includes Champions League, NFL, La Liga, Premier League, NBA, MLS, Football, Tennis, and more than 2,000 leagues of Soccer, Rugby, and other sports too. Football, baseball, basketball, rugby, hockey, you name it and you get it on 365 Scores app.

This app will remove the need to search around for appropriate information as it pertains to your favorite teams. The app has great features containing a live TV guide coverage feature. Use this app to personalize your own sports and that will allow you to stay updated with the latest preferred sports teams.

It truly helps you to get fastest score updates on web; live match tracker lets you enjoy the game. You can select leagues and teams you prefer to follow and can enjoy breaking news, live stats, and highlights, live tables, in-game length, and more. The most important thing is it is user friendly and can easily be customized.

Live streaming on YouTube

Youtube Studio- Live Streaming App

YouTube Live is the easiest way to reach out to your audience. Whether you are streaming your games, an event, hosting a workshop, teaching a class, YouTube has tools that will help you manage your stream and communicate with viewers.

You can go live on YouTube via webcam, mobile or other tools. Webcam and mobiles are considered as great choices for beginners allowing you to go live quickly.

When you are live, you can interact with your fans using live chat and can even share the link to your live stream across social media platforms using YouTube’s SHARE tool.  All live streams, under 12 hours will automatically be archived. You can access current, previous, and upcoming streams in the Live Tab on your YouTube Studio dashboard.

Planning already for your first live stream?  No doubt you should certainly go with the You Tube Studio app for streaming your activities.


It is mostly common among people to live-stream their gaming experiences and encouraging audiences to donate for a good cause. So these were a few of the best game streaming apps for your android device in 2020.

If you want to set up an audience for your YouTube channel, consider streaming on Twitch or Nimo TV, You Tube Studio, etc. and tell your spectators about your gaming channel on YouTube. Or just you can try all of them and decide which suits you according to your criteria. Also, inform others about this article by sharing the info graphic on best live streaming apps.

If you know about any other game streaming app, then lets me know about it. If you have an interest to know about the best live streaming apps for Android and iPhone, take a look at this article and judge the best ones that you would certainly like to use. Good luck!

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