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List of Top 15 Best Massey Ferguson Tractors In 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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best massey ferguson tractors

Agriculture has been a very important area in India before and since Independence. More than 60 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for livelihood and subsistence.

Agriculture and allied sectors contribute to more than 14 percent of the GDP. Since the green revolution, there has been a continuous rise in the productivity of the agriculture sector. It is a well established and known fact that India produces more than 200 million tonnes of food grains which makes it one of the largest producers of wheat and rice in the world. 

In recent years, there has been a shift from conventional and traditional farming to a much more modern approach to farming. From the early stages of preparing the fields to the later ones of selling the produce, farmers are now embracing the modern-day technology and methods. This has led to a better quality of products and increased productivity. New high yield seeds and better farming tools have been a major factor in pushing the agricultural economy towards a rise. That combined with government initiatives have provided agriculture with the platform it never had before.

One such tool that has changed the life of farmers and has decreased their workload is tractors and who is a good company to name other than Massey Ferguson itself in that area. Massey Ferguson is one of the most popular and established manufacturers of agriculture-related equipment in the world. It is also one of the most trusted companies that people can rely on for good quality products that are both efficient and effective for the farmers. Keep reading to know about some of the best tractors by the company:

Here is the List Of Top 15 Best Massey Ferguson Tractors:

241 DI Planetary Plus

massey ferguson 241 di planetary plus - best massey ferguson

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241 DI is a 42 horsepower, 3 cylinders 2500 cc engine tractor that is a delight for farmers. It is smooth in functioning and works well. It has a partial constant mesh gearbox and has a dry-type dual-clutch system. It comes with a smooth transmission system consisting of 8 forward and 2 backward gear systems.

One can get it in 2 steering variants: power and manual steering. The fuel tank capacity is around 47 litres and that helps in working long stretches of hours if needed. The lifting capacity of the tractor is 1700 kilograms. With a ground clearance of 340 mm, the tractor is for farmers who are looking for a strong and durable tractor at a lower price. It comes in 2 years of the warranty period. 

1030 DI Mahashakti

massey ferguson 1035 di mahashakti - best massey ferguson tractor

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Next up is the 1030 DI popularly called as “Mahashakti ” model and it stands true to its name. It is one of the best that Massey Ferguson offers. A 3 cylinder, 30 horsepower tractor with a dynamic and top-notch engine of 2270 cc capacity, Mahashakti can do it all from ploughing to harvesting.

The transmission system consists of 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The brakes used are dry disk brakes that are used as a standard in most of the Massey Ferguson’s tractors. There is a manual steering system in place of power steering mode. With a large enough fuel tank capacity of 47 litres, the Mahashakti provides enough mileage to not be a burden on your pockets. The ground clearance is 340 mm and the lifting capacity of 1100 kgs which makes it a good fit for any moderate lifting.

MF 1134 DI

massey ferguson 1134 di - best massey ferguson tractor

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A 3 cylinder, 34 hp Tractor from the Massey Ferguson, 1134 DI is one of the best mileage providers out there. It has a 2270 cc engine which runs smoothly. The tractor also uses an oil bath type air filter. There is a dual-clutch system that is provided with a great transmission system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that make the mobility of rough terrains easy and smooth for 1134.

When put in the 8th gear, the maximum speed achieved is 29.36 kmph and the maximum backward gear speed ie 12.01 kmph. There are disk brakes in the tractor that provide for a good braking system and are durable and tough. The steering is a manual one and thus sometimes gets a bit tiring for the driver to actually operate.

However, people with a previous acquaintance with manual steering systems will not have much problem being acquainted with 1134. The fuel tank capacity of good 46.8 litres is available and once fully filled can help the tractor working for longer hours. The tractor has a lifting capacity of 1000 kgs which is enough for light work and not heavy duty work. In addition to that, a 2-year warranty is also available on this model.

1035 DI Tonner

massey ferguson 1035 di tonner - best massey ferguson tractor

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This one too is also in the lower horsepower category. A 3 cylinder 40 hp tractor which can be used for a wide variety of things: from gyrovating to ploughing to simple haulage works. It combined with a 2400 cc diesel injection engine, a partial constant mesh transmission system mated with a dual-clutch system makes the tractor a great choice for any consumer.

The 1035 model uses the standard disk braking system which is a common standard in nearly all Massey Ferguson tractors. There is no power steering which sometimes gets a bit tiresome to the driver. The tractor is available with a fuel tank capacity of 47 litres. The effective width of the tractor is 1600 mm and the ground clearance provided is 340 mm. It can lift up to 1700 kilograms which makes it appropriate and safe for all sorts of farming works. 

5245 DI Planetary Plus

massey ferguson 5245 di planetary plus-best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 5245 DI Planetary Plus

The 5245 is a great tractor for small and marginal farmers that work on a limited area. Its 3 cylinders, 2500 cc water-cooled engine mated to a strong and effective gear system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears make it a total powerhouse. The tractor in itself is strong, durable and easy to use. The ergonomics is proper and everything is in easy reach of the driver.

The seats are comfortable and the controls are simple and not too complicated for a new driver to understand. This one comes with a water-cooled engine that prevents the breakdown of the engine due to overheating issues and helps it to work better, faster, longer and more importantly with increased efficiency.

The 5245 DI model comes with 2100 hours of warranty. It is equipped with a dry-type dual-clutch system which is combined with an effective transmission system that makes it more efficient and better in its working. This tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kilos and the large enough fuel tank of 47 litres makes sure that the tractor doesn’t get stopped midway during work.

Power steering is not available and the ground clearance is 340 mm. The tractor comes with the better oil immersed braking system that is better, stronger and durable in the long run than the ordinary disk type as they prevent the breakdown of the braking system due to excessive overheating and thus keep the tractor going for a longer extent of time.

5245 DI Maha Mahaan

massey ferguson 5245 di maha mahaan - best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 5245 DI Maha Mahaan

It’s quite common among companies to give a title to their product so that a consumer can easily recognize the model without going for the model number. Same is the case with Massey Ferguson but their product names do correspond and stand up to the working of those models.

Maha Mahaan is yet another tractor from the house of Massey Ferguson that makes you astonished and happy at the same time with its powerful working and great efficiency. It is a 50 hp tractor powered by a water-cooled engine of 2700 cc capacity.

The tractor uses a dry type dual-clutch system that is both effective and efficient in operation. The smooth transmission system contains 8 forward and 2 backward gears that make this model smooth and work in style. Unlike its namesake MF 5245 DI Planetary Plus, this one uses the standard dry braking system that makes it slightly inferior to its namesake. The steering type available is manual. 

MF 9500  4 WD

massey ferguson 9500 4wd - best massey ferguson

Watch Video Review of MF 9500  4 WD

Looking for good mileage and a strong tractor that fulfils most of your needs and takes care of your work? We’ve got you covered! The 9500 4 WD is exactly that. It is a 58 horsepower behemoth that uses a 3 cylinder 2700 cubic capacity engine that makes it better and superior to most of its comrades.

The engine is provided with enough support from a confirmed transmission system which has a great set of 8 forward and 8 backward gears that makes this one model “One of a kind.” This is one of the premium models from the house of Massey Ferguson and is placed at the higher end of the income spectrum.

It is maybe because of that only that this one comes with a great ergonomics working behind its inception. Everything from the gears to clutch and the driver’s seat is designed and placed properly where it should be to provide easy access and more importantly leisure to the driver while working.

The machine takes care of the driver with its smooth and quick oil immersed braking system as a standard and prevents the mishappenings that can happen due to failure of the braking machinery because of the excessive overheating. This one comes with a carrying capacity of a whopping 2050 kilograms that makes it an investment worth investing in.

MF 2635 4WD

massey ferguson 2635 4wd-best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of MF 2635  4 WD

This tractor is a beast. 2635 4 WD is a 4 cylinder and a 3600 cc capacity powerhouse. It is a 75 horsepower tractor that blows you away with its efficient working and great mileage system. This tractor is a behemoth in every sense. From its great engine capacity to its great transmission. Speaking of transmission, 2635 comes with a partial synchromesh side shift transmission system that comprises 12 forward and 4 reverse gears.

Further, this efficient gearing system combined with a split torque clutch system makes the working of the behemoth easy and fast. The interiors are easily fascinating both on paper and inside this tractor. Everything has been placed properly and where it should be. A power steering wheel is provided which is a standard for these models. A 540 rpm takeoff is available. 

The model comes with a great oil immersed braking system that makes the break better and avoids any breakage of them. And here’s the best part, the lifting capacity of the tractor is 2150 kilograms that make it cover the whole spectrum of works from hauling operations to cultivation etc. The fuel tank capacity of 85 litres makes sure that the machine can work for longer stretches of time while maintaining the mileage and ensures that the farmer doesn’t have to worry about the fuel. 

241 Mahaan

masssey ferguson 241 di - best masey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 241 Mahaan

This one brings proper justice to its name. The 241 Mahaan is a 3 cylinder and 42 horsepower tractor from the house of Massey Ferguson. The tractor comes with a 2500 cc capacity engine which is one of the best to offer by the company. The engine is water-cooled and allows for quick cooling of the engine and avoids overheating and the issues it brings.

This makes it work long stretches of time and that too without getting overheated. Fresh air is provided inside the engine by the means of dry air cleaner that further improves the efficiency and productivity of the engine and the machine as a whole.

With these capabilities, the 241 Mahaan makes it obvious that it is one of the best tractors around and in the segment. Oil breaks are not the standard here and henceforth the standard dry disk brakes are provided which are also provided in most of the other models by the company.

The fuel tank comes with a great capacity of 47 litres that takes care of the drivers pocket and the machine itself. The transmission system is made up of an 8 forward and 2 reverse gear system mated with an effective and efficient dual-clutch system makes this model a great choice. The tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kilograms and comes with a 3 point linkage system.

8730 S

massey ferguson 8730 s - best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 8730 s

The 8700 series of the models are the flagships from the Massey Ferguson brand. They are tough, reliable and beautiful machines that can do your work both effectively and efficiently while you rest inside the AC cabin. Yeah. Not even kidding! The 8730 is at the premium end of the MF company and is specifically made for large farms. The universal selling point of this one is their rare but great mix of high horsepower and effective precision farming.

The tractor comes with a 6 cylinder 270 hp at 1900rpm high power, AGCO high technology engine made with advanced technology to provide a great working ethic to the tractor combined with the latest Dyna VT transmission system that promises great mobility, precision and power control.

The 8730 S has an air-conditioned cabin that is ergonomically designed to provide the best experience to the farmer. With a minimum weight of 10.8 tonnes, the 8730 S tractor is 4 tonnes lighter than its contemporaries. With 12000 Kgs of lift capacity, these machines are a perfect match of loaded features and great design.

5709 M

massey ferguson 5709 M - best massey ferguson tractor

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speaking of perfect matches, this one is a match made in heaven. The 5709 models come with a great 4 cylinder AGCO power engine that can produce a maximum horsepower of 95 hp. The 5709 M is a part of the acclaimed 5700 series that have tractors loaded with features and are a delight to watch.

They are efficient tractors with great mileage and hence are not heavy on the customer’s pockets. The company claims that they are made from a perspective of “straightforward efficiency.” With its great range and high-performance abilities, this tractor stands among the best of what Massey Ferguson has to offer.

The tractor comes with a modern and highly efficient transmission system comprising 12 forward and 13 backward gears in 2-speed ranges. It is comfortable and easy to select the gears for the job as they are placed exactly where you would want them: in your perfect reach.

The tractor comes with an auto-drive mode that enables it to work without a driver while you, the driver, can stretch his legs. The 4300 kilograms hydraulic carrying capacity makes the tractor even more lovable than most of its counterparts.

435 Xtra

massey ferguson 435 xtra - best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 435 Xtra

MF 435 Xtra is a perfect blend of efficiency and productivity. This one comes with a high power AGCO diesel injection engine that works just great and makes the 435 Xtra go an extra mile without much effort. It has an easy and precise 8×2 and 12×4 mechanical transmission system that is one of the unique selling points of this tractor as it lets the 435 Xtra work better and efficiently.

The cabin is designed keeping in view the ergonomics so that the driver feels the most comfortable whilst working. The cabin is so designed that it prevents vibrations and sound. The switches and easy to use control panel provide for easy usage and working. It has a hydraulic oil immersed braking system that prevents brake failure and doesn’t let them overheat. The hydraulic lift capacity of 3800 kilograms makes it a great choice for a wide variety of functions.


massey furguson 7616 - best massey ferguson tractor


Watch Video Review of 7616

The latest addition is the MF 7600 series, the 7616 is a power factory. This tractor is a rare and perfect mixture of technology and design. The 7616 is accentuated with the powerful and technologically advanced 2nd generation 3B AGCO engine with SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) technology that allows for a better filter for exhaust gases after the combustion process.

The machine comes with an effective and smooth DYNA V6 transmission that comes with an eco mode for maximum fuel and engine efficiency which is perhaps one of the most unique features in the MF tractors that separates it from the competition. It comes with the command System that ensures to provide you with proper metrics and working data of the tractor.

TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus

massey ferguson tafe 30 di orchard plus - best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus

A 2 cylinder tractor that can produce up to 30 hp power equipped with 1670 cubic capacity engine is one of the tractors that are for everyone. The tractor comes with an inline fuel injection pump and comes with a single or dual-clutch on option. The sliding mesh transmission system also offers a variety in 2 different sets: 6 forward 2 reverse and 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

With a hydraulic carrying capacity of 1100kgf, it is a good option for haulage and agriculture works of the lighter kind. Manual steering is the standard with these models and so is the internally expandable mechanical braking system. With a fuel capacity of 25 litres, the TAFE 30 DI orchard is good for someone who is looking for an economically affordable and good working tractor.

1035 DI Mahashakti 

massey ferguson 1035 di mahashakti - best massey ferguson tractor

Watch Video Review of 1035 DI Mahashakti 

This one can be said 1035 Mahashakti on steroids. The Mahashakti is sort of an improved or optimized version of 1035 DI Mahashakti. With a 39 hp, 3 cylinders 2400 cc SIMPSONS S337 T III  A engine, the Mahashakti  is a great choice for anyone looking for a budget-oriented tractor which works greatly and efficiently.

It comes with an inline fuel injection pump and dual-clutch mated with a partial constant mesh gearbox of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears ensuring smooth mobility and working of the tractor. The 1100 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, the tractor can perform the usual tasks with ease. The dry disk brakes and manual steering are standard in these models. With a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres, you don’t have to worry about the next refill very soon.


So that was our list of the best Massey Ferguson Tractors. They are reliable and durable. Although some of them do come without the essential features like oil immersed braking systems, they do bring a certain amount of efficiency to your work.

They might not be cheap but they carry the name of the Massey Ferguson company which is known for its high-quality products.

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