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7 Best Mobile Insurance Companies In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Mobile protection has been as important as getting a car these days. Owning a cell phone or a laptop has been an integral aspect of our existence nowadays.

It happens that we depend on it for multiple reasons, like communication and company. Loss or injury to the device in such a situation will lead to major problems. So we may opt for it to get financial help in case of robbery or unintended phone injury.

If a smartphone is missing or destroyed, there is a risk of the data in the system being missing or robbed, causing complications on various types, like a financial loss. Today, people invest a ton on buying smartphones so any problem with them will build a hole in the wallet.

Companies are now selling smartphone insurance in India to solve such challenges. These policies offer all forms of mobile, including iPhones, coverage against theft, or unintentional injury.

Here is the list of Most Trusted Smartphone Insurance Companies In India:

Onsite Go mobile insurance

Onsite Go mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

You can order the insurance products either at the business website or at Amazon. They can even obtain an enhanced warranty from Croma shops. 

Activate the protection

The activation key is sent about an hour to 48 hours after the purchase via phone. Information such as IMEI, serial code, etc. may be filled in digitally, and you need to submit an invoice and get activation approval. The activation will be achieved within 30 days of the plan’s implementation date.

Acko Mobile insurance

Acko Mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

The cashless Acko mobile security package is bought on Amazon for smartphones only. Acko security package can be bought on Amazon along with the smartphone. The program is not applicable for retrofit or second-hand units. Even the package is not accessible on Amazon or from any other retailer for stand-alone buying.

Activating the protection

The security package is now packed with several mobiles to be ordered on Amazon. For cell phone distribution the package is pre-activated. In case you don’t purchase the contract and cell phone together, you need to sign in to the Acko site using the phone number to activate the service.

You ought to swap the latest IMEI number with Acko in case of smartphone substitution from Amazon owing to losses or otherwise. And the rewards of the contract are passed to the current smartphone phone.


The Acko security package shall be effective for one year from the date of the mobile purchase. Because Acko ‘s mobile insurance policies come packaged with new cell phones bought on Amazon, no extra payments are needed.

Oneassist Mobile Insurance

Oneassist Mobile Insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

You will protect your latest devices from breakages, losses and even get an extended guarantee with OneAssist. All the defective units are collected at the doorstep and are liable for 100 percent cashless replacements. In certain instances, the firm sells policies on iPhones that are up to six months old. For limited policies only theft protection is available.

Activating the protection

You may enable the security program through Oneassist App or online at the web portal. You need to key in the specifics of the activation voucher and submit the document. An SMS will be submitted after acceptance and the security will begin until the service is enabled. One Assist Safety Program is an ongoing subscription beginning from activation day. For devices bought 7 days before the activation date, the security package is provided.


Protection policies begin at 67 rs. per month. You need to fill out the order date, product, and model info on the OneAssist web site to see the extra value or the schedules.

Airtel Secure mobile insurance

Airtel Secure mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

Airtel’s safe security program extends on both Android and iOS devices and for airtel postpaid customers. The contract is eligible from the date of invoice for all age handsets less than one year out. The Airtel Stable package would fail in the event of a move from postpaid to prepaid.

Activating the protection

You can enable Airtel Safe Plan from My Airtel App by clicking on the banner and following the directions. The value of the Airtel Safe package is from registration for a year, and the benefits commence after paying monthly rents. Airtel offers the ability to cancel monthly membership whenever necessary.

The cancelation can be achieved by sending an SMS or calling 155223 via My Airtel App or. Up to one argument may be made over a one-year membership term.


The package includes protection against smartphone disruption and antivirus security beginning from as small as Rs. 49 a month and is charged annually along with the postpaid bills. The package also provides 2 GB of cloud storage for data recovery.

Warranty Bazaar mobile insurance

Warranty Bazaar mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

Warranty Bazaar provides just two options first, the one for unintended injury cover and the second, the option for the pledge shield. Shield warranty programs are for 1,2 and 3 years. Whereas the monitor and screen, services are for 1 year for unintentional and liquid injury.

Activating the protection 

Security will be allowed within 7 days of the plan’s purchase. The activation information and directions will be forwarded to the registered email address by the client.

After 6 months the replacement coverage package can be obtained at any moment, and the unintentional and liquid injury program can be obtained after 30 days of acquiring the smartphone. 


Security programs may be obtained through the site of businesses, sponsors, or from distribution associates. The organization does not mention the policies as well yet has a spreadsheet to pick coverage shield products.

Flipkart complete mobile protection

Flipkart complete mobile protection: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

Flipkart has a compensation cover for mobiles and tablets bought through Flipkart in partnership with Bajaj Allianz.

Activating the protection

The contract is auto-activated after cell phone delivery and is good for one year from the delivery date. The starting cost of the Flipkart CMP package is Rs. 99 with door to door service for 1-year security.


The package can be attached to your virtual cart when shopping. May not buy the package individually.

Syska Gadget mobile insurance

Syska Gadget mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

Stable Syska gadget offers prevention, maintenance, antivirus security, computer monitoring, and blocking services.

Risks covered under Syska:

Syska only sells loss and harm protection for the latest cell phones and tablets. The Compensation coverage for the machine includes

  • Fire and the risks of the allies’ shelter.
  • It includes unintended physical injury.
  • Cover robbery and arson.
  • Coverage with exposure to chemicals and liquids.

Activating the protection

You need to buy Syska Gadget Safe Insurance Package and sign it on the online portal within 48 hours of mobile purchase to be considered for insurance. You may buy Syska Gadet Safe online from Amazon. The policy begins within 24 hours of the transaction which runs for 12 months.


The rates on the Platform are:

  • Plans range from Rs 1199 to 2199 for Android OS users.
  • The contract is just for Rs 4999 for the Apple iPhones.

SyncNscan mobile insurance

SyncNscan mobile insurance: Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company

SyncNscan in partnership with IFFCO Tokio General Insurance offers cloud-based recovery, anti-theft monitoring tools, and smartphone insurance coverage. Insurance is valid on fresh and updated phones that have a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The SyncNscan app is compliant with both versions 2.2, 2.3, 4, and above of Android, iOS 4, and Windows 8.1 and above. SyncNscan includes GPRS, 3 G, or wifi connectivity to operate, and the services are accessible throughout the world.

Activating the protection

The policies may be bought directly from the website of the insurer or specific e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and eBay. To get insured, you need to trigger SyncNScan within 15 days of the mobile’s invoice date.

Activation measures for purchases made on the SyncNScan portal are sent via email. For some, the specifics of the program are delivered along with the cell phone that includes activation instructions. The policy is available for a 1-year duration from mobile’s invoice time.


Protection schemes start from Rs. 249 per month. You may need to include information such as telephone number, product sort, mobile network, and price to know the exact specifications.


For a full list of exclusions, please consult with the insurance provider before obtaining the policies. There are also drawbacks to providing a smartphone policy.

It allows smartphone owners to defend themselves from tremendous maintenance costs in the event of harm to the cell phone-induced by some disturbance, such as falling and crash.

One should relax if the smartphone is impaired because of the spillage of some liquid such as soda, tea/coffee, soft drinks, etc. Policyholders will benefit from a variety of quality consumer facilities. Hassle-free and cashless promises to save money and resources.

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