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5 Best Free Apps to Track a Mobile Location in 2023

by Aziz Arora
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Best Mobile Location Tracker Apps

Smartphones are currently becoming one of the most private stuffs, persons possess in today’s era. The picture of being detached from the rest of the world and the cost involved is intolerable.

But what if you lose your cell phone? Well, to be sincere enough, it just takes a fraction of a second to lose a gadget or for it to be missing or stolen. The feeling of losing your reliable digital buddy either through theft or accidentally is nerve-racking.

In this fast-growing digital world, there are some applications created to upgrade each and every scenario that make our life seamless and superb. If your phone is missing and if you are wondering how to track a stolen device, then don’t panic! Because technology has always a way out for you! Let’s find out what is it!

These apps will permit you to secretly and lawfully track the geographic location of any mobile device! Before we jump in, you must take note that the target device must be turned on and have an active internet connection, either via mobile data or WiFi. Let’s begin!

Here below is the list of top Free Apps To Track A Cell Phone:

Where’s My Droid

Where's My Droid: Free App To Track A Mobile

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

This is an outstanding tracking app with entirely anti-theft facility. ‘Where’s My Droid’ is born in the house of Alienman Technologies LLC. This app is fundamentally designed for Android gadgets. You simply got to install and setup the app on the target device.Engaging with the app, you can track a cell phone for free utilizing GPS location via SMS commands.

When deployed, it turns the ringer volume up and let the device ring or vibrates even when it is out of coverage or switched off.The procedure of location tracking is way too simple and easy. In some instances, when the device is not close enough to hear the ringer, the app sends the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps.

The app can remotely lock the device, erase the SD card, and device data. Using the ‘Where’s My Droid Pro’ version, you can smoothly take the picture using the target device camera and find the position of the device without knowing the target user.

It renders password protection to avoid unauthorized app alterations and also sends notification of changed SIM card or cell phone number. The geo-fencing property makes the app all the more special. The size of this app is small so, it just needs fewer system resources as compared to other apps. And it doesn’t even drain battery.

Find My Device

Find My Device: Free App To Track A Mobile

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

How can you skip this name from the list, when it’s all about the best tracking apps, right? Google has its best foot in every platform! Find My Device is one of the best tracking apps built by Google for Android devices and is Google’s solution to iCloud. It’s a famous and efficacious app. The app is fundamentally designed to locate the lost or robbed device. But, you can use this app even as a location tracking app.

Straight from performing a factory setting to shielding the private data, the tracking device application is bang on its features. The app can wipe out all the content from the handset and lock it remotely.

The cost of this application is zero dollars; you don’t have to pay a single penny to access this service. When a phone is missing, one can locate the device by ringing.

It enables you to pair devices with each other in a private network that permits you to locate every single moment. Its other perks comprise an entire list of indoor maps for spots like stadiums, airports, malls, and important landmarks.


Glympse: Free App To Track A Mobile

Are you searching for a perfect solution that can allow you to monitor and track your loved ones through GPS? Then undoubtedly, Glympse is one of the best tracker applications which can make all of this happen. Tracking your child’s whereabouts is truly convenient with Glympse.

This minimalistic app is available for devices that are running on Android, Windows and iOS devices. It is entirely free of cost. Glympse also safeguards you gadget from probable theft. As the app runs in the background, there is no chance of disturbance. This app promptly locates your device and lets you to know the location history of the target device. The user also has the feature to form in-app groups for greater safety and security.

It sends and gets an individual’s live location for a short time span. The one feature that sets this lost phone finder apart from other similar apps is that once the location is shared, the other person can see the map even without the installation of the Glympse app. It also assists in business by tracking real-time location of employees.The app even renders a courtesy notice with ETA. You can access the location tracking activity using Glympse online dashboard. And the best part: it is super-fast! You don’t even need to sign-up to use Glympse.

Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number: Free App To Track A Mobile

Phone Tracker by Number is a devoted app planned for children’s safety. This powerful and appropriate GPS tracker assists you to locate the present location of your cell phones.Battery and storage intake is way shorter than that of similar apps. The app performs smoothly on every mobile network operators and has end-to-end encrypted services. It enables you to view the entire location history for free of cost. The app is created to assist you track location by mobile number in a very appropriate and swift way.

The app needs too little permission to safeguard your privacy. Phone tracker always monitors your child and never ceases reminding about their handset and provides immediate notifications to parents.The icing on the cake is that, the app is translated to 44 languages. And you can enjoy using the app without any Ads. Download now! And start enjoying its perks!

Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker: Free App To Track A Mobile

Get It On Google Play Get It On Google Play

This is an outstanding mobile phone number tracking app that permits users to locate a handset in more than 100 nations and 12 thousand cities across the globe. Mobile Tracker is totally free and is suitable with every Android gadget. You can see your present location with the GPS tracker.The app incorporates a free messaging provision anywhere and at anytime. Your privacy will be shielded with your password in this Location tracker.It has a database that stores details about various locations in the world and codes for several cities or nations. You can look for a phone number, ISD code, and STD code even without an internet connection.

It has got user-friendly interface and is powerfully encrypted. You can switch map to satellite view! Cool, right?  It even allows you to view the caller’s location and detects anonymous calls disclosing the name of the caller and their location information.There are frequent updates and new versions, so you’ll never get disappointed! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and start downloading!


Do you know what Tracking Apps really are?

Technology has recently turned into a regular thing — you can simply download best tracker apps on nearly any smart device, comprising smartphones, smart watches, laptops, and many more.

Tracking apps have now become a vital portion of our everyday lives. If we’re ever get caught into trouble, several tracking apps have features that allow you to share your present location with somebody you trust, so that they can manage to lend a helping hand towards you.

The apps functions by using several location tracking technical stuff, including global GPS satellites, cell towers, and local Wi-Fi networks, to form an exact image of the location of a device.

GPS is a very crucial facility each Android phone user has on their device, and that is why GPS tracking apps for android have grabbed good recognition.

According to some research study from Kensington, nearly 70 million handsets go missing every year and only 7% are retrieved. In other instances, guardians may need to track and monitor their kids, and sometimes, you may get phone calls from anonymous numbers.

In today’s world mobile trackers are very strongly in demand due to the fact that it actually assists the people to have knowledge regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones. You can also track a phone number immediately using the appropriate tools.

However, majority of them are deficient of few advanced functionalities given by some committed surveillance applications. Thankfully, we are backed by phone tracker apps, which is great!

Why should you use a mobile tracker?     

You got to be wondering why you must opt for a mobile tracker, right? If this is the thought going on in your head, then let me assist you to realize the broad range of advantages which mobile tracker renders you.  Let’s find out what are they:

Being an efficient parent in this digital era can be really challenging. If you’re a guardian, then a mobile tracker will absolutely assist you to assure the safety of your kid. You also get an opportunity to know the accurate whereabouts of your child without continuously asking them.

Gone are the days when people used to lose their handsets and couldn’t afford to do a single thing to get the device back. Mobile trackers perform best to locate the cell phone just in case it is been lost or robbed.

The police and various other security organizations most popularly take advantage of phone tracker technology.

The most disgusting thing in the world is receiving incessant calls from anonymous numbers which might put you in problems. With the help of tracker apps, you can detect the information such as name, service suppliers or location of the unknown number.

For the company owners, mobile trackers work best to make sure that the employees are working on time.

Best Tracking Apps for Your Handset

With hundreds of mobile tracking apps, it becomes truly arduous to pick the perfect one for yourself. To prevent being bothered about violating privacy rules, it’s always best to search legit and lawful methods of tracking an individual or a gadget.

These phone tracking apps can track the location of cell phones and even monitor each and every activity on the target device. In this blog, I am going to guide you through some of the best free mobile tracking apps available in the market so that you can download, install them and begin using them right away.


Mobile tracking has never been simpler. There are too many methods with which you can track a mobile phone location online. I hope that all the above-mentioned details about the best free phone tracker apps will let you find the best cell phone tracker which can assist you to locate your handsets without any further delay.

GPS tracking apps for Android gadgets are one of everyday digital necessities for users who adore advanced ways to navigate, locate their devices and get to know the whereabouts of their closed circles. But just in case you are yet not assured about downloading these apps, you can always step forward and take a glimpse at the detailed app reviews of these applications that will certainly render you with the in-depth knowledge in terms of the serviceability provided by that specific app.

Above all, the mentioned apps boast of unbelievable consumer numbers and remarkable customer approval ratings. Go through the pros and cons of each and pick your favourite. This was all about apps that can assist you track any Android phone cost-free. Out of all, Google’s Find My Device should be enough for many people. However, those who wish advanced features can opt for other options.

Anyway, which one do you prefer?  Let me know in the comments below. If you know someone who would find this article useful, please share it with them. Your little love would be highly appreciated!

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