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15 Best Newspapers (English, Hindi & Punjabi) In India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Newspapers can never become outdated. No matter how trendy digital media becomes, Indian families always kickstart their day with a cup of tea and a newspaper. As per a survey, people who are avid newspaper readers in India have increased by 4.4% since 2018. This may also indicate an increase in the literacy rate.

But generally speaking, newspaper reading has been an active culture amongst Indian families for ages now. Above the age of 21, 39% of India’s population is into habitual newspaper reading including those who read in regional languages. From English to Hindi, we are here to provide you with a list and briefing about the best newspapers in India.

Here is the list of Most Popular & Best Newspaper In India:

Best English Newspaper

Considering the fact that English is the global language, reading English newspaper has added advantages. From providing updates from all around the globe to be updated with modern trends, reading these is an important and normalized aspect of many Indian households now. Therefore, we have curated a list of our top recommendations of English based Indian Newspapers.

Here is the list of Best English Newspaper In India:

The Times of India

times of india - best english newspaper in india

This newspaper is based in Mumbai and the publication and distribution is done by Bennet Coleman and Co. Ltd, a Mumbai based media house. Earlier, In Mumbai people used to know it by the name Bombay Times. It started its publication and distribution in 1838 and has been a hit ever since.

It is also considered the oldest newspaper in India; it was reached over 2 million readers in India. While considering the number of audiences, it is a long shot viewed as a standout amongst other English papers situated in India. This paper is supposed to reach up to 3 million individuals all over India. One of the reasons why this newspaper has managed to succeed continuously over the span of so many years is its adaptability and versatility as per the changing times and norms.

It has arranged different formats as per the altering trends, such as Berliners, broadcasts, online versions, tabloids, compacts, and broadsheets.  This makes it one of their highest circulated paper not only in India but worldwide. The pages of this newspaper cover not only all the news of our country but also from all over the globe. Its pages are divided into various segments: technology, sports, education, TV and entertainment, lifestyle, business, socio-political issues, and weather. Times of India’s matrimonial advertisements are one of its exceptional attractions.

Hindustan Times

hindustan times - best english newspaper for students

Hindustan Times is nevertheless another paper that has been making it to the top English papers in India for quite a while. It is popularly known as HT times. HT times is known to publish and distribute over 1 million copies every day all over India. In North India, it is considered the top newspaper in India.

It is still in operation with a high number of subscriptions even though it’s one of the oldest newspapers. This newspaper was founded even before independence, in 1924. Zit gained so much popularity because of its quality content and also that it was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. Started in Delhi, now it has its operations running in different parts of India, mainly, Chandigarh, Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, and Lucknow. Today, it has its headquarters in New Delhi.

HT Times is also run by some of its other branches of publication. These include Mint, Nandan, and Kadambari. One of the most established papers initiated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1924, Hindustan Times is an English-language every day paper.  It is determined to improve each passing day. For this purpose, it has introduced its HT Rate card for its audience. Its educational news that published results from all domains is something that makes this newspaper exceptional.

The Hindu

Dainik Bhaskar

The Hindu is another Indian newspaper printed in the English language since 1879. This newspaper has been printed and distributed with its headquarters in Chennai since the very beginning. Southern parts of India are its largest circulation base. It now delivers across 11 states from 21 areas.

It was also up to date with the new digital trend and hence, it was one of the first newspaper companies to have started their own website. Since 2009, 1.4 million copies of its printed have been distributed as per a survey. Back in 2010, The Hindu got its gross income up to $40 million with 1600 specialists.

As per another research, its readership in India has reached an aggregate of 21.59 lakhs. Moreover, it is considered the 3rd best-read newspaper in India. The reliability and credibility of the news shared inf this newspaper is so high that it is considered by professionals, students, and IAS aspirants as a professional set of records of all the events.

Indian Express

Indian Express - best english newspaper

Next up, we have The Indian Express which is another newspaper agency that is running since s long time. It was established in 1932 before India became independent and has its headquarters in Noida. Recently, its’ name had been altered to the New Indian Express. It has the majority of its operations going on in Southern parts of India, amongst 22 cities and its majority of sales are from Kerala. one of the most seasoned English Newspapers in India.

Just as of late, this paper was competing for the best position in the readership so much so that it is considered the 4th best newspaper in India (English based). This newspaper is known to distribute around 5 lakh copies every day that includes all the highlights from all over the globe, especially when it comes to socio-political news.

It also has a “screen” section that comes in its entertainment magazine every week, that displays news from the entertainment industry, especially Bollywood. Its copies are published and distributed from 13 metropolitan cities. However, it has downsized its activities in the ongoing past. One of its exceptional qualities is that The Indian Express is one of the first few newspapers that provide benefits of insurance to its readers.

The Economic Times

the Economic Times - best hindi and english newspaper

The Economic Times is an Indian Newspaper that publishes its copies in both English and Hindi. It began its publication in 1961 and it’s a part of the prestigious The Times Group.

Its specialization lies in its content related to the business sector, as its name suggests. You can find a lot of trends, insights, top news, and expert opinions in this newspaper and learn a lot. It is very good for those who are in business, the management, or other entrepreneurship fields and want to get better predictions about trends. This paper has won the position of third most circulated paper because of its high credibility.

The Statesman

The Statesman - best english newspaper

The Statesman is another newspaper agency that is considered one of the oldest and still thriving.  It began its publication and distribution in 1875 with its headquarters in Kolkata currently.

It now distributes in various other places, namely, Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, and Siliguri.  It is considered very prestigious, so much so that it belongs to the Asian News Network group as a member.

This is a renowned group of the top newspaper agencies in Asia, as the name suggests. This paper writes news in an extremely consider manner and hence it is known for its remarkable style of composing. Serious readers who do not like long stories and want precise content are fans of this newspaper organization, which makes it exceptional.

Best Hindi Newspaper (हिन्दी समाचार पत्र)

Hindi is the common language that is shared by almost all residents of India. Hence, the vast majority of our population gets at least one Hindi newspaper delivered to their residence.

This is especially true for our older generation of North India as most of them were educated from Hindi Medium schools and that’s the language they are most comfortable with. Listed below are some of our best picks of the Hindi newspaper.

Here is the list of best Hindi Newspaper In India:

Punjab Kesari (पंजाब केसरी)

Punjab Kesari

Next up, we have Punjab Kesari which is owned by the Punjab Kesari group or The Hind Samachar Ltd. This group and started 4 other newspapers and Punjab Kesari is its biggest hit. This Hindi language newspaper as established in 1965 and has its headquarters in Jalandhar, Delhi.

This newspaper was started when there was a lot of terrorism and it continued to work against this evil. The Founders of this group, Lala Jagat Narain and Romesh Chander (his elder son) were both assassinated. One of the most prominent and unique aspects of this newspaper is its Shaheed Parivar Fund. This is a fund for martyr’s family or terrorism affected families.

It has various well-known columnists such as Khushwant Singh, Maneka Gandhi, Feroze Varun Gandhi, and many more. Punjab Kesari is also very prominent on the internet and some of its important aspects of the internet include Digital Portals, Bollywood Kesari, Shayari, and Cricket Kesari.

Amar Ujala (अमर उजाला)

amar ujala logo

Amar Ujala has its headquarters in Noida and today, it is India’s third-biggest paper.  This paper has an audience of 45 million readers, 21 editions for 2 union territories, and 6 states. Moreover, it also covers 179 districts.

As per a survey conducted in 2018, it circulated more than 20 lakh copies on a daily basis. It covers a wide variety of domains such as economy, business, crime, entertainment and lifestyle, and careers. Its exceptional quality is that it supports the local rural economy of India, especially in regard to agriculture as India is an agricultural economy.

Dainik Tribune (दैनिक ट्रिब्यून)

Dainik Tribune - best hindi punjabi and english newspaper

Dainik Tribune is a Hindi based Indian newspaper that was established by the Tribune Trust on 15th August 1978. The papers are published and circulated from Dehradun, Chandigarh, Bhatinda, and Jalandhar. The editor of Dainik Tribune is Rajkumar Singh. This newspaper is proud of being a standout in the crowd due to several qualities.

The newspaper is fair and away from political bias and only publishes news and thoughts from an unbiased point of view without any discrimination. All sensational language is avoided and the news is published in moderation. It is like a public voice conductor.

Dainik Bhaskar (दैनिक भास्कर)

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar is a newspaper that belongs to the Dainik Bhaskar Group. This group is likewise the biggest Print Media Company in India. In India, it has been ranked the first Indian Hindi based newspaper, with an everyday flow of more than 4 million papers all over India. The paper was first pitched in 1958 in Bhopal. Although it didn’t gain massive recognition immediately after it expanded by launching the Dainik Jagran Indore version in 1983, it was a hit.

According to a survey in 2019, Dainik Bhaskar publishes and circulates 45,79,061 copies every day in a broadsheet format. Other than Hindi, it also publishes in regional languages such as Gujarati and Marathi. Today it has 65 editions and is present in 12 states. Bhaskar means The Rising Sun and its logo was also a symbol for the bright future of India.

Sach Kahoon (सच कहूँ)

Sach Kahoon Hindi

“Sach Kahoon Hindi” is one of the leading national newspapers in North India. It is listed in the panel of industry media bodies such as DAVP (BOC-The Bureau of Outreach and Communication), DIPR, and INS.

Its media house publishes several Editions in Punjabi and Hindi languages.

The Newspaper is considered one of the most widely read newspapers in the rural area of Haryana and Punjab states.

The publication is owned by Sajag Media Publication and its registered office in Noida and head office in Sirsa (Haryana). The Hindi copy was first launched on 11th June 2002, and in a very short time, it became a popular newspaper in Haryana and Punjab. Today, Sach Kahoon enjoys growing readership across Digital and Print versions. Besides Punjab and Haryana, the paper is distributed in Delhi, Rajasthan, UP and Uttar Pradesh.

The Media outlet claims to have more than 10 lakh daily readerships around the globe collectively from digital platforms and rotation of 3.50 lakh odd copies.

The Publication online portal caters the user in the digital space and publishes a lineup of topics.

E- Paper: http://epaper.sachkahoon.com

Dainik Jagran (दैनिक जागरण)

Dainik Jagran logo

Dainik Jagran, which means Daily Awakening in English, is considered one of the best, most reliable, and credible Hindi based newspaper in India. It was launched by Purana Chandra Gupta in 1942 and is owned by the Jagran Prakashan Limited group. It has a readership of more than 5.5 crore Indians and has the highest readership amongst all Hindi newspapers in India.

It covers 11 states with its 37 editions. It has its headquarters based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. According to a BBC survey, it was ranked as the Most Credible Source of News. The vision of the founder was to create a free choice of people, as it was created around the Quit India Movement before Independence. It is proud that their vision still continues to guide them.

Jansatta (जनसत्ता)


Jansatta is another Indian Newspaper printed in the Hindi language. It belongs to now renowned and credible Indian Express Group. It was started in 1983 by Prabhash Joshi and now its editor is Mukesh Bharadwaj, author of 5 books.

This newspaper originates from Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Chandigarh Jansatta have created a pioneer of its name by being one of those few who gave a new face and dimension to journalism. It is highly exceptional when it comes to its genre of investigative journalism. Its language is easy and understandable by everyone, its style is special and its fast-paced editorials is another one of its key highlights. Its several exceptional content pieces and editions have made it earn a rare reputation.

Best Punjabi Newspaper (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਅਖਬਾਰ)

Punjabi newspapers are written and distributed in the Punjabi language of India, Pakistan and some western countries. Punjabi is a dialect of the Punjab region, split between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan has the most Punjabi speakers in the country, but the number of Punjabi-language newspapers published in Pakistan is low, partially due to lack of government support and appreciation of the Punjabi language. India is the country where most of the Punjabi-language newspapers are published.

Here are some of the top Punjabi newspapers in the country:

Ajit Newspaper (ਅਜੀਤ)

Ajit Newspaper

This is one of the most read and primarily distributed newspapers of Punjab. Like most Punjabi newspapers, it is written in Gurumukhi and caters to all the people who read and write in the same script.

Ajit News is a fairly good Android news application. It feeds its news on its own along with hundreds of local and national outlets. The UI is serviceable and tidy, and you can find news on a wide range of subjects, including sports, culture, travel, technology, and more.

It’s not the best thing about politics, but it’s better than anything. The software is absolutely free of advertising. The advertisements are a little distracting, but there’s nothing really bad about it.

Strong reporters from Ajit Newspaper force themselves to dig deeper and ask difficult questions. They set aside personal emotions and boldly reveal the facts about newsworthy people , places and events. Courage is crucial to the investigation into what’s going on at the scene. They are not happy with making phone calls from a cosy desk in the newsroom to report big events.

Newspaper writers, for example, will go to the scenes of hazardous floodwaters in their towns and speak to volunteers who are supporting a damming sandbag.

Punjabi Tribune (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਟ੍ਰਿਬਿਊਨ)

Punjabi Tribune

The public needs and deserves timely , reliable and impartial knowledge. Skilled newspaper reporters dedicate their careers to news reporting, no matter what their personal danger.

Newspaper journalists may, for example, rush to the scene of ongoing hostage attack, school shootings or natural disasters to interview the police and witnesses. If this is the kind of news you are expecting from your newspaper, then you can rely on Punjabi Tribune

It includes Punjabi Tribune, Punjabi Tribune Delhi Edition, Tribune Bathinda, Tribune Ludhiana, Tribune Majha/Doaba, Punjab Patiala- Sangrur, and Tribune Chandigarh.

Fairness, objectivity and integrity matter when covering everything from municipal referendums to potential state tax hikes to ministerial elections. Skilled journalists of this newspaper abhor false news founded on speculation, innuendo and unverifiable anonymous tips. In the Punjabi Tribune, writers just express views in newspaper editorials.

In addition to impeccable character, newspaper writers are professional communicators who interview sources and publish in-depth reports.

Sach Kahoon Punjabi (ਸੱਚ ਕਹੂੰ)

Sach Kahoon Punjabi

Sajag Media Publication also runs a parallel Punjabi newspaper titled “Sach Kahoon Punjabi” it is also a leading newspaper in Punjab and in its neighboring state Haryana. This newspaper is also in the panel of media bodies named DAVP (BOC-The Bureau of Outreach and Communication), DIPR, and INS.

Here it is important to tell that Sach Kahoon Newspaper is considered one of the most read newspapers in the rural region of Punjab and Haryana states and widely read in the Malwa region of Punjab.

It is owned by Sajag Media Publication and its registered office in Noida and head office in Sirsa (Haryana). Sach Kahoon Punjabi newspaper was launched on 26th April 2003, and in a very short span of time, it became a popular newspaper in Punjab and Haryana. Today Sach Kahoon has a growing readership across Digital and Print versions.

The media house claims its combined both publication (Hindi and Punjabi) arms Print and Digital editions garner 10 lakh plus readership worldwide against the rotation of 3.50 lakh odd copies. Ultimately, the newspaper has become the foremost choice for advertisement in Punjab and Haryana.

The Publication online portal caters to the user in the digital space and publishes a lineup of topics.

E- Paper: http://epaper.sachkahoon.com


Whether you are someone who always likes to stay up to date with the current affairs, or simply preparing for a competitive exam; these recommendations are our top picks.

We aim to provide you with options based on observation, experience, ratings, and people’s recommendations. We hope these were helpful.  Let us know if we missed your favorite newspaper!

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