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10 Best Organic Compost Available Online In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Organic Composts

Organic farming seems a great option in the world today, and we do not even need a huge area or a large tract of land to start organic farming. While the idea of organic farming may seem exciting and new, it may be not as easy as it may seem or look.

Like everything else, it needs hard work and consistency. And in spite of doing all of that, you may find at times, that your product or plants that you grow seem not very vibrant and healthy as you would like it to be. You have no idea what to do, and probably you are overthinking the whole situation.

But usually, that is not the case, and what you see is what it usually is. There are high chances that your plants need a little more than the water you pour, and it may need that extra boost or pump to grow better. That is where the whole concept of organic compost comes in.

What is organic compost and where can I get it from? Which ones are suitable for my plants?

Usually, when you are well versed with the concept and process of organic gardening, you know for a fact that organic compost plays a huge role in gardening and in the health of the plants you cultivate.

Organic compost is made of weeds, grass, leaves, animal manure and so on, that is further broken down into a dark, earthy, rich in nutrients and a crumby mixture.

This compost is made of microorganisms that improve the life and quality of the soil you use for your plants, as well as protects your plants from the various diseases that may plague and damage your plants.

Usually when we buy organic compost online, especially when we are forced to buy the majority of things online, purchasing organic compost may seem like a dicey matter, especially when some manufacturers use human waste or biosolids to make their compost.

While human sewage is technically and strictly banned from being used in the making of organic compost, there are many people who still use it. These are a few products that are tested and have produced amazing results.

Here below is the list of 10 Best Organic Composts Available Online In India:

Trust basket Enriched Soil Fertilizer 5 kg

Trust basket Enriched Soil Fertilizer 5 kg: Organic Compost

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This is another compost from the same company, Trust basket, and they are well known for their completely organic composts that not only improve the soil porosity, but also helps in increasing the water holding capacity of the soil, which helps the plant to absorb all the water and as well as gain all the nutrients through it.

A soil that is rich in nutrients helps the plant in producing a better and healthier yield, which is exactly what the Trust Basket enriched earth magic potting fertilizer does. It helps your plants not only grow faster but also ensures that it remains healthy and provides a good produce.

It does not contain pesticides and it is easy to use, which makes it a great buy for beginners who are new to the whole concept of organic farming and need their plants to grow healthier.

The mixture is lightweight, and does not stain at all, and has a high water retaining capacity which allows the plants to absorb all the nutrients and minerals that are present in the water.

GreenLoop – All in One Fertilizer

GreenLoop - All in One Fertilizer: Organic Compost

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This organic compost is best for plants that are kept outside or are always out in the balcony under the Sun, and actively promotes the growth and health of the plants.

The results are seen within three weeks of usage, you start seeing greener leaves, the presence of flowers more, your plants itself looking so healthy and vibrant.

It is made of a formulated NPKS fertilizer and is specially fortified with micronutrients that help in the growth of your plants as well as balancing the pH of the soil.

It contains elements like Ammonia, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Sodium, Sulphur and so on, and does not contain pesticides or insecticides that may harm your plants in the long run, or even the produce of your plants.

It comes in sachets and should be used only twice a month. The sachets (each sachet of about 20 gms) are one-time use, and these sachets last for approximately four months, depending on your usage.

There are ten sachets that come and are meant to be mixed with water (one sachet is to be mixed with approximately six liters of water).

Also, remember to keep the bottom of your plant pots to be porous or have tiny holes because roots require oxygen and it also prevents water logging which often leads to the decay of the roots. It is very easy to use and is the best for beginners as well.

SAPRETAILER Fertilizer for Plants 10Kg

SAPRETAILER Fertilizer for Plants 10Kg: Organic Compost

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This organic compost unlike the previous one is best for plants that are grown indoor. This compost is a hundred percent organic without the presence of harmful chemicals or a form of pesticides.

It is made of cow manure and is suitable and works the best on vegetables, shrubs, houseplants, etc.

You just need to pour a glass of water per week along with this compost and you will be able to see the difference in the growth of your plant, where it will be growing at a faster rate as well as start looking much healthier as to what it looked like before you started using this compost.

The pack comes in three variants, with the 10 kg one being the most popular one among organic farmers. It is lightweight, and allows space for more aeration for plants to breathe and remain healthy, and also for the water to pass through, rather than clog up.

It allows the water to be absorbed rather than restricting the flow of water. This organic compost also enhances the properties of the soil as well as increases the pH level of the soil. It contains Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

It is anti-fungal, so the risk of fungus growing or fungal related diseases to be plaguing your plant is going to be nil. This organic compost works well with beginners and is strongly recommended.

TrustBasket Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure

TrustBasket Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure: Organic Compost

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To start with, this organic compost contains elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc, Organic Carbon, Iron, Copper and Calcium and is the best for plants that are grown in your kitchen.

This does not mean that it would not work on other plants, it just shows its best effects on plants that are laced indoor rather than the plants that are placed outdoors. It plays a huge role in improving your plant’s relationship with its soil and the overall soil aeration.

It enhances the soil with the presence of microorganisms and even attracts earthworms which improves the soil quality by at least tenfold because the excreta that is excreted from the earthworms are very nutritious for the soil.

The deep burrowing is done by the earthworms also helps in the better aeration of the soil which would not result in water clogging and will allow the water to reach the plant roots easily.

This organic compost is very easy to use, and even easier to store, but you should also keep in mind that this compost needs to be stored in places that are away from the sunlight, or at least areas where direct sunlight does not hit the compost.

You will be able to see your plant to be greener and produce more flowers and even allow more than sufficient space for the plant roots to develop.

Ugaoo Vermicompost for Plants 10 Kg

Ugaoo Vermicompost for Plants 10 Kg: Organic Compost

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This organic compost contains or is made up of dried cow dung that are in the form of finely dried particles which are not only easier to use but also even easier to store.

This is rich in nutrients which immensely improves the soil quality without the use of chemicals and other harmful pesticides or insecticides. it also contains microbial biostimulants that protect the plants from diseases and infections.

You need to loosen or make some space around the plant and apply or place the manure, especially focusing on the roots of the plant, and make sure that the manure and the soil are mixed well before pouring water on the roots of the plant.

This compost can be used for both, outdoor and indoor plants as well while the dosages for each type of plant may vary. For outdoor plants, about 300 to 350 gms of manure should be used per plant, and for indoor plants, about 250 to 300 gms of manure should be used per plant.

This is a completely organic compost that is often used to enrich the soil, and it even increases the porosity of the soil while enhancing the disease resistance level of every plant.

Cocogarden Enriched Vermicompost 5 Kg

Cocogarden Enriched Vermicompost 5 Kg: Organic Compost

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This organic compost by Cocogarden is made by earthworms, and comes in a pack of one unit. This mixture should be used in moderate portion in order to get the maximum plant produce and at a much lesser quantity.

It does not contain unfermented grass, and the leaves and grass are completely, fully decomposed in the mixture. It is known as the complete food for the plant as it provides all the necessary nutrients that are needed by them in order to grow faster and provide a healthier yield.

Vermicomposting is used to make this mixture, where the earthworms play a vital role in converting organic substances into a hummus-like material which is better known as vermicompost.

This mixture is full of agro biomass, and you can see the eaves of your plants looking so much more vibrant and healthier after the usage of this product.

It undergoes various rounds of inspection, and does not contain any sort of chemicals, pesticides or insecticides which could harm the plant, and is completely chemical free. In addition to that, it is easy to use and does not clog around the soil which enables better water absorption.

Ugaoo Vermicompost for Plants 5 Kg

Ugaoo Vermicompost for Plants 5 Kg: Organic Compost

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This vermicompost by Ugaoo is completely organic and does not contain even a trace of chemicals. It is especially formulated to work around and loosen heavy soils and improve their water retention levels.

It improves the microbial activity in the soil and works as a fertilizer. Within three weeks of usage, the plant can be seen to be much healthier and lively looking, and even seems to be greener and fresher.

A healthy nutrient rich soil, helps the plant to produce a much better yield. It is made of completely organic waste like food waste, dried leaves, cow dung, and all of these organic wastes are completely and fully decomposed.

It is extremely easy to use and should be made sure that it is mixed well with the soil around the roots of the plants in order to ensure that there is better absorption of the nutrients and minerals.

After that, water should be poured only after checking this, and because now this manure has a high water retention capacity, it allows the plants to be hydrated as well, and not much water is required.

BLOOMBUDDY Organic Growth Booster 1 Kg

BLOOMBUDDY Organic Growth Booster 1 Kg: Organic Compost

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This organic compost contains micro nutrients as well as macro nutrients and improves the flowering rate of the plant, as well as enhances the production and size of the fruit.

While it is suitable for every type and kind of plant, the dosages vary depending on the size of the plant. If your plant is small in size, only one or two cups of the product are needed once every fifteen days.

If your plant is medium in size, two scoops of the product are needed every once in fifteen days. If your plant is large in size, three cups of the product is needed every fifteen days. And if you are using this product for trees, five scoops per tree is needed every fifteen days.

It is completely easy and child friendly, as well as it is hassle free too. It promotes and enhances the health of the plant and provides it the necessary nutrients for it to protect the plant from infections and fungal diseases.

OrganicWays Cow Manure 5 Kg

OrganicWays Cow Manure 5 Kg: Organic Compost

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This product is slightly different as compared to the rest as it is a combination and mixture of both, vermicomposting and cow dung manure.

The process behind the manufacturing of this product the red wigglers (earthworms) are placed in the cow dung manure, and the vermicomposting process starts. When the product is finally made, it is, without doubt, the most premium and highest quality fertilizer available.

It contains elements that are very important to plants like Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus. This is a hundred percent chemical free and encourages root growth, and makes it more disease resistant.

Homemade Organic Fertilizer 5kg

Homemade Organic Fertilizer 5kg: Organic Compost

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This product is very similar to the previous product and is a combination of both, the cow dung manure and red wrigglers, that is, earthworms. It enriches the soil with the needed nutrients and helps it even improve its water retention capacity.

It makes the soil much more fertilized which in turn makes the plant healthy and the yield it produces healthier and of improved quality. It is completely organic, devoid of pesticides and insecticides and also protects the plants from diseases and infections.

Ugaoo Cow Dung Manure Fertilizer 10 Kg

Ugaoo Cow Dung Manure Fertilizer 10 Kg: Organic Compost

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This compost is best suited for garden plants, but can be even used for any other type of plant.it enriches the soil, and loosens the heavy soil allowing water to reach the roots much easily, and the roots of the plants can absorb the nutrients and minerals in the water easily.

It is also easy to use, and lightweight which makes it a good option for people who are new to organic farming. You can also see the visible difference in the health of your plant after using this compost as it produces healthier flowers and yield, at a much faster rate as well.


Organic farming may not be as easy as it looks, and if you do not have a green thumb or even a natural flair for gardening, these products will definitely up your game and make the results much sweeter, while even reducing your efforts and helping you out majorly.

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