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7 Best & Quick Pain Relief Sprays In India (2023)

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Pain Relieving Spray

In the run of achieving success, name, and fame we hardly do take care of our health. Generally, a young age doesn’t upset you with your health but surely you have to pay the penalty in old age when all your health issues emerge.

Though you are careless enough to get rid of several aches that may occur due to day to day fatigueness like lifting heavy objects, wrong sitting and sleeping postures etc, but our pain-relieving sprays really do take care of your pains and instantly release you from the clumsiness, swellings and several body pains.

We are here with the best pain relieving brands that can help you in reviving and to continue your daily households/office works without standing still for a longer period.

Here is the list of Best Pain Relieving Sprays to Buy Online In India (Say Goodbye to Pain):

Biofreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Spray – 4 Oz ( 118 Ml)

Biofreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Spray - 4 Oz ( 118 Ml): Best Pain Relieving Spray


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BIOFREEZE can be constructively applied on your bruise and aching muscles, muscle sprains, back, shoulder muscles, neck ,wrist, ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, and muscular strains.

It instantly releases the pain as well as the bruishness . One should use Biofreeze before undergoing any ultrasound treatments, massage therapy, soft tissue trigger point therapy, recovery exercises and pre and post workout stretching.

Product Features

  • It is composed of natural menthol, MSM and Ilex along with a new mixture of botanical ingredients which helps to relieve pain within seconds.
  • Don’t use the pain reliever after going through several treatments and therapies as the correct way to use it prior to the medical treatments.
  • It strictly prohibits the includement of waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum.
  • The product is entirely non Aerosol Based.
  • It can easily be applied on the unreachable areas.

Mangalam Cam+ Pain Relief Spray

Mangalam Cam+ Pain Relief Spray – Camphor Based Ayurvedic Preparation (35g x 2 Cans): Best Pain Relieving Spray

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Cam+ pain relief spray is uniquely composed of camphor as it has an intense and long lasting impact on the bruised areas. It gives instant relief from joint pain (knee / elbow / shoulder), muscle pain, fatigued feet, back pain and lower waist pain.

For decades Camphor has been used as an important and reliable ingredient in several different home remedies. Camphor is a natural product found in the sap of coniferous trees at high altitudes.

Unlike other common day care products that are made up of petrochemical ingredients , it does not create any adverse effects on the skin surface. 

Product Features

  • Whether it is your shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower waist, back, hip,neck, knee, ankle or toes , you can blindly rely upon the Cam+ pain relief spray to take care of the pain related to joints, bones, ligaments and muscles .
  • Its composition doesn’t include any harsh chemicals. CAMPHOR, WINTERGREEN TEL, NILGIRI KA TEL, CLOVE OIL AND CINNAMON OIL are present in their non synthetic form in Cam+ Pain Relief Spray in order to make it reliable enough for ointment purposes.
  • Cam+ Pain Relief Spray has the potentiality to supply instant relief within seconds from severe pain as it can be quickly absorbed into the muscles. Since it can easily fit into your pockets so you can carry it along wherever you go . 
  • It not only gives a cooling effect on the applied surface but also soothes tired muscles and relaxes the body. It also works as an effective pain reliever from Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Neuralgia, Spondylitis and frozen shoulder.
  • Cam+ Pain Relief Spray gives immediate relief from pain by generating heat. It gets absorbed right into the affected area and increases the blood circulation in the bruised areas.

Deep Heat Spray, Fast Relief – 150ml

Deep Heat Spray, Fast Relief - 150ml: Best Pain Relieving Spray

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The “Fast Relief” provides instant relief from all types of body aches such as headache, muscle pain, neck pain, wrist pain, joints pain and also relieves you from tension and fatigue . On spraying it on the sored area firstly it provides warmth to the surface and then it chills up the place by providing a gentle soothing effect and literally ,bit by bit , you will be feeling the relieving procedure of the spray.

Product Features

  • It is available in various sizes but 150ml one is the best for outdoor purposes as it is smaller and can be carried  along.
  • The spray reduces tissue temperature without damaging  the delicate skin cells.
  • It not only acts as an instant pain reliever but also helps to reduce swelling.

Relispray Nitron 100g

Relispray Nitron 100g: Best Pain Relieving Spray

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Resting , icing , compressing and lastly elevating – This is the medically proven formula for curing any type of injuries.Along with healing, Relispray Nitron also ensures the occurrence of further future aches.

It is composed with the technology of amazing ICEPAC action and also reduces swelling. It cools the wound up to 10 degree Celsius and begins the relieving process, right from the time of spray .

Icepac Action: Infused with advanced ice pack solution condensed to 10 degree, within no time it relieves us from the severe pains. When sprayed it generates a rapid action of reducing swelling, cooling the wound and also healing .

Product Features

  • It is one of the best pain relieving spray with cold therapy available at a reasonable price.
  • Without damaging the skin cells it effectively reduces the tissue temperature.
  • For decades it has been the most reliable instant pain reliever and is also useful to reduce swelling that are caused due to the aches.

Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray – 80g

Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray – 80g: Best Pain Relieving Spray

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Deliberately going on adjusting with the modern lifestyles we forget to take care of ourselves and as a result suffer from innumerable pains, for several reasons, on different body parts.

Pains are never invited and can occur even while doing everyday tasks such as lifting heavy loads or by sitting in a wrong posture at work or home and it can also occur if we sleep continuously without changing our position.

But you need not worry about it if you have the MOOV pain reliever by your side.

MOOV Pain Relief Spray is one of India’s most trusted ointments for fast pain relief .It has been in the competition for decades and successfully satisfying the needs of several Indians.

It is a pain relieving ointment made using ayurvedic ingredients and is also available in cream and gel formats . It furnishes you with the faster and long lasting relief from muscle pain, neck and backache, inflammation, myositis, fibrositis and sciatica (pain that occurs along the path of sciatic nerve).

It is one of the trusted brands used for several years for relieving body aches. The small bottle design of this spray makes it your best companion for relieving pains that occurs while travelling .

Product Features

  • It is a 100% Ayurvedic amalgamation of ingredients like wintergreen oil, mint extract (pudina ka phool), eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil (tarpin ka tel) and cinnamon oil for quick pain relief .
  • It provides fast and long lasting relief from various muscle pains and several types of body aches.
  • The composition of five active herbal ingredients helps in relaxing muscle stiffness and relieving pain instantly as well as effectively.
  • Also available in cream and gel format.

Relispray – 75 g

Relispray - 75 g: Best Pain Relieving Spray

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Relispray has an extraordinary ayurvedic formulation and instant spray action that relieves pain within seconds and gives a gentle cooling effect on the applied area without causing any adverse effect on the skin.

Product Features

  • With natural ingredients like wintergreen oil, karpura, nilgiri oil, mint extract, lavang ka tel it creates a heating effect , gets absorbed in the skin, gives relief from pain, relaxes the stiff muscles and increases blood circulation in the bruised area.
  • Unlike the usual balms that do not penetrate the skin and need to be rubbed on the affected area and can even damage the delicate tissues , it can relieve you from severe pains and aches with just a single spray on the affected area.
  • It provides fast and long lasting relief from various muscle pains and several types of body aches.


No matter how severe is your pain and how large is your swelling , with these trusted pain relieving ointments your daily works won’t get subjected to any hindrance .

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