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Top 10 Best Pen Drive Brands In India 2023 (Fastest Pen Drives)

by Ashish Bansal
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Pen Drive Brands in india

Digital information and records are essential these days. Generally, all of us might want to bring theirs any place they are, particularly those significant and valuable documents.

A few people simply need to store their preferred motion pictures, music, games, and so forth. Notwithstanding, having a constrained measure of storage limit in our PCs, mobile phones or any other device can confine us from doing such things.

Also, accordingly, having the best pen drive close by is a tremendous assistance and favourable position since it can store a gigantic measure of information in any hardware.

If you’d prefer to bring your valuable information, records, motion pictures, and music at any place you are, ensure you have one within reach. Also, if you are hoping to get yourself a pen drive that will make your life simpler, then you are at the right place.

We’re bringing to you the best one drive brands available in India with their features listed and a how to select the perfect pen drive guide to make it much more easier for you.

Here are the Top 10 Best Pen Drive Brands In India (Best & Fastest Pen Drives)


SanDisk: Best Pen Drive

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SanDisk is a company which produces flash memory products that includes USB flash drives, memory cards and readers, and solid-state drives. It was acquired by WD in 2016. As of March 2019, it is the fourth-largest manufacturer of flash memory.

SanDisk is highly popular for creating lots of variants of the latest USB OTG pen drives in all memory formats. Other Brands also produces USB On-The-Go pen drives but SanDisk is a bit ahead in this race because it provides the same for a lesser price.

A special feature of these pen drives is the distinctive San Disk Secure Access Software, because of which, the data is extra secure. These come in a variety of range, which includes Cruzer Blade, Cruzer Orbit, Cruzer Force, Ultra and Xbox along with storage options. It’s the greatest of all time as a pen drive brand.

Highlights of the brand

  • Wide range of OTG pen drives
  • Contains of a powerful series of USB 3.0 pen drives
  • Best quality features with affordable price
  • Highly safe and secure for transferring data
  • Best option to buy for permanent and regular rough use


Transcend: Best Pen Drive

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Transcend Information, Inc. is a Taiwan based company headquartered in Taipei, which produces and distributes memory storage products.

Transcend deals in over 2,000 products including memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, multimedia products, portable hard drives, personal cloud storage, card readers and accessories etc.

Transcend has its stronghold not only in India but around the world, accounting for 8.7% share in global manufacture of pen drives. That’s why this company is mostly known for pen drives.

In some cases, it is better than other brands in transferring speed with reliability. In one sentence, it is one of the best pen drive brands. It comes various memory options.

Highlights of the brand

  • Exclusive Elite data management software
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable
  • Some variants support USB 3.0
  • Great quality brand


HP: Best Pen Drive

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HP Inc. is an American multinational IT company with it’s headquarter in California, United States. It produces personal computers (PCs), printers, it’s related supplies, and 3D printing solutions.

HP is a name of global repute, when it comes to products like desktops, laptops, printers and storage devices. You probably know HP as one of the best laptop brands, but the fact is that HP is perhaps the best producer of pen drives too.

They create a highly reliable pen drive of V series and X series. The pricing of HP pen drive is higher than others, but for high quality spending some more money doesn’t matter.

Highlights of the brand

  • Highly Reliable hardware
  • Premium built quality
  • Rapid transfer speed with USB 3.0
  • Astounding metallic design
  • Better chipset built
  • Great OTG pen drives


Kingston: Best Pen Drive

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Kingston Technology Corporation is an American MNC, headquartered in California, United States, that produces, develops, sells and supports flash memory products as well as other computer-related memory products, as well as solid-state drives, HyperX headsets, mousepads and keyboards.

Kingston brings a perfect blend of quality and reliability. It has quality features with a classic design that will insist you to use their pen driver. It has a wide range of popular pen drive series like Kingston Data Traveler, Kingston Dragon, etc.

Their pen drives come in a wide range of memory options. It also provides the latest pen drive technology USB 3.0 that gives super fast speed for transferring data.

Highlights of the brand

  • USB 3.0 pen drives
  • Super fast transferring speed
  • Exceptional design that attracts you
  • Reliable and secure usage
  • Low price with quality product


Strontium: Best Pen drive

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Strontium Technology Pte Ltd is a PC and flash memory storage producing company, headquartered in Singapore. Today, its spread across varied territories over 35 countries including Australia, US, New Zealand, South East Asia, Indonesia, Botswana, India, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Latin America and Canada.

They performs as a global network of dealers, resellers, retailers and OEM consumer.

Strontium is a good server as a pen drive brand. Most of the people used it as their pen drive brand. Where other brands have lot more other products, Strontium focuses their full attention on making pen drive and hence produce great products.

Their pen drives transferring speed is very fast and other features are also great.

Highlights of the brand

  • Affordable price
  • Good transferring speed
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Authentic hardware
  • All memory formats available


Toshiba: Best Pen Drive

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Toshiba Corporation is also a Japanese MNC, with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. It provides a diversified number of products and services which consists of power systems, information technology and communications systems as well as equipment, electronic components and medium, consumer electronics, medical equipment, home appliances, office equipment, etc.

It’s yet another highly admired brand that brings a broad range of compact USB pen drives to meet the data storage and transfer needs of the users. It’s available in many variants and make all memory size pen drives. Toshiba has certain craze of pen drive among its users.


Highlights of the brand

  • Lightweight
  • Great Quality
  • Available in all memory sizes
  • Low price
  • Sleek and compact design


Sony: Best Pen Drive

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Sony Corporation is a Japanese MNC, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business consists of gaming, entertainment, consumer and professional electronics, and financial services. It’s one of a major producers of electronics for the consumer and professional markets.

In addition to that, Sony has established itself as a major player in the pen drive market. You can buy different storage options, at a reasonable price. If you do, than you have the best one with you. Smooth metallic finishes of premium higher range pen drives are perfect for investing money.

Highlights of the brand

  • Superior Built quality
  • Great transferring speed
  • Secure for data storage
  • Less prone to System viruses
  • No heating during data transmission
  • Great OTG support for all devices.


iBall: Best Pen Drive Brand In India

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iBall Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is an India based company, headquartered in Mumbai, which, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), imports computer peripherals, tablets and smartphones.

As of today, iBall is a popular company for producing pen drives, headphones and other electronic devices with cheaper price and quality features. iBall makes available variants such as 8GB, 16 GB and Hybrids.

Some people have a bitter taste in iBall considering its transferring speed, but it’s not a big issue since it differs with various devices. Otherwise, it is a good brand for all devices along with pen drive.

Highlights of the brand

  • Low price
  • Available in different memory formats
  • Reliable quality
  • Great performance
  • Good design


PNY: Best Pen Drive Brand In India

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PNY Technologies is an American company which produces flash memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives, portable battery chargers, adapters, cables, etc., and is headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey. PNY stands for Paris, New York.

PNY is another well known pen drive brand, which fulfils the data storage and transfer needs of any user in a reliable manner. It has a range of pen drives for the users. These are available all storage options and available in plenty of style options.


Highlights of the brand

  • Great transfer speed
  • Eye catching design
  • Compact style
  • Great storage capacity
  • Available in number of options


Adata: Best Pen Drive

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Adata Technology is a Taiwan based memory and storage producer, founded by Simon Chen, in May 2001 . Its product line consists of USB Flash drives, solid state drives, hard disk drives, memory cards, mobile accessories, etc.

Adata is another trustworthy company when it comes to pen drives. It’s growing at a higher speed due to its innovative design and good features. Most people use Adata for day to day work. It’s a good choice for people who want a good pen drive at a reasonable price.

Highlights of the brand

  • Affordable Price
  • Good transfer speed
  • Compact and pleasant design
  • All memory sizes available
  • Great quality

How to Choose a Pen Drive?

Here are a couple of significant things you should focus on while purchasing a pen drive.


Storage Needs:

  • This is the deciding variable when buying any pen drive for huge numbers of us. They come in different capacity limits, the most famous ones being 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 128GB, etc. Contingent on your work requirements you can pick to purchase any of these.


USB Type:

  • The USB ports are where your gadget can communicate with the pen drive. The pen drives come in various variations like USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.2. The contrast between every one of these sorts is their speed and accessibility. Because of sped up and accessibility, the USB 3.1 and 3.2 versions are well known in the market.


Size, Design and Style:

  • Talking about the physical appearance, at that point pen drives come in the clones of a MasterCard, wrist band, keychain, sham head and obviously the standard ones.
  • One can pick any of these styles relying on his/her taste and use. Their physical plan in any case has nothing to do with their capacity limit. Within bundling is no different.
  • The size of the pen drive is additionally significant as greater ones may not associate with the port of your gadget.



  • Just on the grounds that pen drives are convenient and can be carried anywhere, doesn’t imply that they can’t get harmed. Thus, picking a pen drive that is produced using the metal packaging is constantly a smart thought. Metal body pen drives are more grounded that can deal with a mileage without any problem. 



  • No electrical hardware ought to be bought without an appropriate guarantee period and the equivalent is valid for pen drive as well. Various producers give diverse guarantee periods on pen drives. It is significant in light of the fact that there might be chances that the pen drives may get harmed externally or internally. The best possible guarantee ensures that you get the most ideal administrations.



  • The cost of the pen drives relies upon the brand, size and for the most part the capacity limit. The cost goes up as the capacity limit increments.
  • Be that as it may, the costs may drop if there is another variation accessible in the market. Pen drives from brands like Samsung or Sandisk will in general be progressively costly contrasted with others.


Regardless of whether you are an understudy, working proficient or an educator, you can’t deny the fact that pen drives are the most helpful gadgets for putting away your information.

These pocket-accommodating and helpful gadgets are incredibly quick in moving your information starting with one gadget then onto the next in a hassle free and speedy way.

You get the advantage of having the option to carry them anywhere and still store and offer a lot of information. Yet, given the choices accessible, it becomes fundamental that we purchase the best among the best.

All the mentioned brands are admired for their high performance, some with excellent security features. We trust that this article was useful and with a plenty of choices accessible in the market, you will pick a pen drive which is the most suitable for your needs.

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