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10 Best & Durable Plastic Chairs available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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plastic chairs: best plastic chairs to buy in india

Chairs in every home became the most essential and quite common part. It is classified as multipurpose furniture that can be used to meet your needs in many respects. Do you know these chairs come in different designs, different varieties, and different materials? We will be learning more about plastic chairs here, in this post.

Due to their availability in a wide range of designs and durability the plastic chairs are gaining enormous popularity these days.

If you are searching for a comfortable chair or a regular chair or a garden chair for indoor or outdoor usage, you can definitely find the right one in this group of plastic chairs.

While design comes first when you buy the chairs, you have to check different factors such as quality, durability or comfort, etc. which are all explained in the guide below.

Here is the list of best plastic chairs in India:

Supreme Ornate Cushion Chairs

Supreme Ornate Cushion Chairs: Best Plastic Chair In India

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Supreme is the largest plastic manufacturing firm, with a broad variety of molded plastic furniture. It is also a successful modern molded plastic furniture brand in India.

They manufacture the chair using a high-performance plastic content (virgin polymers) representing design, consistency, and functionality.

With solid, robust, and long-lasting nature it looks attractive. Such chairs may be used to relax and admire inside your home or outside garden field. Such chairs are constructed of molded gas injection manufacturing that lets the seat relaxed.

Two of the aspects people enjoy about this chair are its power and stability while seated comfortably. Using such chairs in your home and garden areas is also appropriate. Such chairs are stackable so you can conserve room in your house.

Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs

Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs: Best Plastic Chair In India

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If you’re searching for a cozy chair with beautiful style then these plastic chairs from Supreme Cambridge should come as your first pick. This chair’s strong plastic structure should provide the back with solid support even though you stay in the chair for long hours.

They may be stacked over each other, under which you can conveniently place them and have room where available. These are lightweight and come with high armrest and backrest to ensure that the person seated in this chair has stable back support and relaxed sitting posture.

Some of the things to love about this chair are it has a rattan look style that offers easy seating with good ventilation to the rear. It is sturdy and durable with no assembly necessary.

To improve relaxed seating you should put cushions on the seat and backside of the chair. It comes with waterproof, dustproof, termite-proof, robust, lightweight, rustproof, maintenance safe, and gas molding features.

Nilkamal Mid Back Chair

Nilkamal Mid Back Chair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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Nilkamal Mid-back chair 2209 is Indian style. It has a rugged feel and is flexible to use in any setting. The chair has the power to be the whole segment’s torchbearer. Constructed of 100% polypropylene content, it comes in Beige Marble color.

Maintenance is simple and tidy. It can be used in multipurpose applications. Contemporary & new, outdoor & cafeteria, power, and longevity make it suitable for long-lasting use, functional both indoor and outdoor.

Eeezy is a style that contradicts customs in Europe. It has a rugged feel and is flexible to use in any setting. This chair may be the torch-bearer for the whole mid-back section.

Nilkamal Sunday Garden Chair

Nilkamal Sunday Garden Chair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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The Nilkamal Sunday Garden chair would be a great option for you if you were after a sturdy and soothing plastic chair that is easy enough to be used for hours.

The Nilkamal garden chair, unlike the other plastic chairs, has a supportive low back, great arm, and neck support and is a good alternative for those who want to spend relaxed time on their beloved chairs.

Some of the features that you will love about this chair are easy to store, the soft touch of plastic, and great value for money.

Nilkamal Premium Chair

Nilkamal Premium Chair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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Nilkamal is India’s favorite brand of furniture in plastic molded products where solid, effective, and durable products are available. These premium Nilkamal plastic chairs are a European style that comes with durable looks and is flexible to blend in any setting.

These chairs are manufacturing processes for single mold injection, in which they come with extremely ruff and tuff architecture. These luxury acrylic chairs are offered in a package of 2 so you can use them indoors or outside to chill by watching TV or talking with your friends and relatives.

The durable, lightweight seats are easy to use and conserve the floor room.

It has a long straight back stand which helps the person sitting on the chair to maintain a proper posture. Low maintenance with the water-resistant features.

Nilkamal Passion Chair

Nilkamal Passion Chair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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Nothing defines these passionate garden chairs from Nilkamal ‘s house better in price. Such chairs flaunt a stunning and stylish style. Being constructed of polypropylene provides power and toughness to it which makes it suitable for long-lasting usage.

These are ergonomically built for optimum seating convenience and due to their lightweight, these can be quickly transferred from garden to balcony. These stackable chairs are available in brown color in biscuit and nature and will bring a bit of elegance and beauty to every room in your house.

Nilkamal Plastic Chair

Nilkamal Plastic Chair

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There’s another genius nilkamal product and its plastic armchair comes with a comfortable sitting pose, built lightweight and sturdy, even crafted from high-quality plastic.

It’s offered help for your arm and neck and it’s an ideal chair for your house, it will be a fantastic buy for you.

Nilkamal Plastic Premium Armchair

Nilkamal Plastic Premium Armchair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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If you’re looking for sturdy and effective as well as solid home chairs, then this is one of Nilkaml’s most famous chairs that provides you with plastic chairs of several kinds.

This luxury plastic nilkamal chair comes with stunning looks, a package of 2 chairs and you can use it anywhere as an outdoor, greenhouse, and setting arrangement, it will be best for you to purchase.

VARMORA Lumbar Support Chair

VARMORA Lumbar Support Chair: Best Plastic Chair In India

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Some of the most beautifully crafted chairs in the series are the Varmora lumber chair. This plastic chair can be used anywhere in the room, is the most popular chair in plastic chairs that you would easily locate in Indian homes.

There are few aspects we love about this chair that are convenient and ergonomic, simple to hold and sturdy plastic. One can also conveniently use this chair indoors and outdoors.


We hope the shopping guide and best online plastic chairs on the Indian market will help you pick the right plastic chair for yourself or your house.

The above best plastic chairs offered online are all sturdy, robust, and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. What one would you like to choose from the selection above? Want to share your story with us, then feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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