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List of 10 Best Refrigerator Stands In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Any refrigerator takes a good place where it can be placed in the house. Even if it’s large or tiny, it requires a designated location and the architecture renders it impossible and impractical to drive about.

The refrigerator is built in such a manner that the body is close to the ground and there is a very tiny distance that makes it impossible to clear the dust. That is to say, sweep or mop.

You see a lot of dust accumulated with the pollution in the city area and it’s a common practice to sweep and mop the house on a daily basis. To preserve such cleanliness it is impossible to step inside the refrigerator.

These are the occasions where you come across the refrigerator stands and in those situations they are useful.

Generally, such stands are constructed of heavy metal or in some instances plastic in which the refrigerator may be put and it provides ample distance from the ground level to allow it easier to clean the ground below.

These stands do also have wheels which will make it easy to push the refrigerator. Such stands may also be used for other home appliances such as laundry machines and dishwashers as well as refrigerators.

There are a lot of such stands on the market and we’ll be discussing some of them as we go below this content.

Here is the list of Best Refrigerator Stands to Buy Online In India:

Smart Shelter Adjustable Trolley With Stoppers

Smart Shelter Adjustable Trolley With Stoppers: Best Refrigerator Stand

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Smart Shelter is one of India’s most famous brands and this Smart Shelter stand is compatible with many appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and even fridge.

It’s a common scale that can accommodate just about anything and beyond that, the spokes on the trolley even come with a stopper. This can easily accommodate any appliance that is less than 80 kg and it also makes moving the trolley from one place to another easy for you.

The frame of this trolley is made of a very strong steel tube which gives the overall stand a lot of strength. The frame is rustproof, and the frame installation doesn’t take long either.

Smart Shelter Premium Stand/Trolley

Smart Shelter Premium Stand Trolley: Best Refrigerator Stand

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This one in our list comes from Smart Shelter and this is slightly different from the one above. For example, this design is not only compatible with the refrigerator but also compatible with the top-loading washing machine, dishwasher, front-loaded washing machine, and other similar appliances.

This stand is also constructed of 100 percent aluminum which ensures it is one of the market’s highest-performing stands. As far as the load capacity is concerned, it is stronger than the above-listed stand, as it can comfortably carry 140 kg load. Besides this, the stand’s dimensions are also adjustable.

SS SS 4-Pieces Furniture Base Stand

SS SS 4-Pieces Furniture Base Stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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Wood is the primary material used in this product. There is no assembly required since the product is already delivered in pre-assembled condition. One of this product’s drawbacks is that it comes with no guarantee.

Each drug is multipurpose such that it can be used to avoid corrosion on all styles of furniture. This tool aims to boost the furniture ‘s life. The integrated quality is good because it is designed for heavyweight items.

The product is also easy to carry. One has to try this simple, but a very useful item that looks long-lasting.

Monitor Plastic Refrigerator Stand, Grey

Monitor Plastic Refrigerator Stand, Grey: Best Refrigerator Stand

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This is a refrigerated plastic stand up to 280 liters. With this, the load-carrying capacity is up to 120 kg which is one of the strongest in the class. Protects the foundation of the fridge from rusting which allows it convenient to vacuum under the fridges.

These are made of heavy-duty plastic, as already mentioned. The stand surface doesn’t even make it anti-slippery. And if the use is restricted to a particular collection of refrigerators, it always does as it is called.

Lepose Stand/Trolley

Lepose Stand Trolley: Best Refrigerator Stand

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Lepose introduces heavy-duty stands which are compatible with different types of home appliances. It serves a laundry machine with a size of 5-10 kg washing machines, fridges, and dishwasher.

The washing machine will either be the front or the top rack. This acts as a stand and trolled – this ensures you can push it around quickly if you render it a stand it is immovable and if you render it a trolley.

The stand’s height is adjustable – this ensures you may alter the stand’s length and width by merely loosening the knob on the inside side of the line going between 2 corners and changing the line between the 2 corners. The knob can be tightened before fixing the size.

The fridge may be put on the corner storage area and is large enough to support the refrigerator. You need to change the rubber stoppers to roll back to let the wheel hit the surface, to push the unit to place the wheel in motion.

To make it immovable the stoppers roll down to touch the ground and these stoppers take the refrigerator weight.

LIBERTY PRIME Refrigerator Stand

LIBERTY PRIME Refrigerator Stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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This Liberty stand is the most basic form of the refrigerator stand designed only for 400 L refrigerators. It is gray-colored and fits the explanation well. This is a fridge stand and not a trolley.

The stand height is 4 inches and it makes it quite easy to conveniently clean the dust under the refrigerator. You should even mop it under the fridge using a mop handle. The stand is not adjustable which means you can’t change the stand’s length and width.

The base stand is very large and makes it difficult to make it fall through merely pressing. The stand legs have a wide frame. It will keep the refrigerator in the double door without any trouble. The frame is often used to ensure sure the foundation will not have some rust.

4U Plastic Refrigerator Stand

4U Plastic Refrigerator Stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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And yet another product that is made for the sole purpose and has no more features than the title required. This 4U Plastic Refrigerator is made to hold the 150-250L refrigerators stand and fits the same for all available brands.

It is for those with a Direct Cooling system specifically. That is a grayish colored stand with its rough surface to ensure that the top is not slick. This is constructed of high duty concrete and the frame is built of ribbed steel to keep this solid and sturdy.

The stand legs are long enough and it keeps strong pressure on the refrigerator. It’s a stand and not a trolley, so wheels are absent so you can’t drive it about.

However, it has enough room from the ground and there’s decent air circulation and by eliminating the residual dust you can disinfect the surface.

Whirlpool’s Adjustable Refrigerator Stand

Whirlpool's Adjustable Refrigerator Stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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Each one is made of an ISI high duty nylon plastic plate. The tray size is adjustable with the knob, which is provided between the two corners just below the running length. Loosen the knob, adjust it, then tighten the knob.

This also comes with plastic heavy-duty wheels that rotate 360 degrees. Each corner is heavily placed on the weight of the appliance placed on it withstand. This stand suits 185 ltr to 400 ltr.

While the maximum footprint adjustable is 550 mm X 525 mm to 650 mm X 625 mm. The stand also has an anti-corrosion powder coating. In comparison, this stand’s load-carrying capacity is up to 100 kg, which is one of the highest in Europe.

Washing Machine and Refrigerator Floor Stand

Washing Machine and Refrigerator Floor Stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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Compatible with all major brands such as LG, Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool, Videocon, IFB, Panasonic, etc. With front lockable castor wheels, make user-friendly and easy to move.

High construction made of robust content with good strength, medium-duty grey powder coating paint to prevent corrosion. Simple to mount and easy to use, if the water is poured on the concrete, your computer would still be free from rusting or injury. The stand is lined with a user manual in a tidy carton case.

NTC Trolly Heavy Duty stand

NTC Trolly Heavy Duty stand: Best Refrigerator Stand

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We have a variation here in the form of this NTC trolly stand. This stand can be easily used with your refrigerator and can also be used with a washing machine or a dishwasher for the top load.

The wheels attached to this stand are of really high quality and the company is using the wheels with the brakes. Additionally, there are rubber jacks that are very efficient in absorbing vibrations.

All metallic parts have a powder coating which allows you to use this stand even in high humidity areas. The powder coating makes the stand resistant to rust.

It also has a high load-bearing power so you shouldn’t think about damaging the brace. Since the stand height is about 3 inches, the floor under the electrical appliance becomes easy to clean. 


The best refrigerator stands available in India are all mentioned above. You should select them according to your desires, so do not forget to test your refreshing product’s size which is best for you.

So, please make it a point to buy a stand with it until you purchase a new fridge. Not only does this help you clean the floor below, but it will also increase the existence of my numerous folds gadgets.

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