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10 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore, India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Rooftop Restaurants In Bangalore

Ah! Delicious and artistic food, those mesmerizing surroundings, a beautiful lady, and a heady fragrance of food, if not restaurants where else can you find all of that in one place?

When we talk about mesmerizing surroundings, Rooftop restaurants steal the cake too easily. Rooftop restaurants are the perfect spot to take your date to and also to enjoy your food fully. Just imagine a starry sky, three candles lit on the table, the most beautiful lady sitting right in front of you and some mouth-watering food. That’s the picture that is most associated with rooftop restaurants.

Throughout India, there are too many Rooftop hotels to name, but let’s stick to the best place in the country that is Bangalore! Below are the few top Rooftop (Uh Oh!) restaurants in Bangalore.

Here are the some of The Top Rated Rooftop Restaurants In Bangalore:

The Tao Terraces

The Tao Terraces best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 2,100 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.1

Yep, it’s costly but well, good things are always costly so don’t be too shocked. Tao terraces are extensively crowded most of the time but it offers a gorgeous view from its terraces.

Tao terraces offer you an assortment of delicious Pan-Asian cuisines like Sashimi, Lotus stem Dumplings, Tuna, Salmon, Vietnamese Pho, and Red snapper. Although it has great food and ambiance, Tao Terraces isn’t the best place for a romantic, Private Date.

It also isn’t a place where you can take your Vegetarian Friend to (although it does offer a veg menu). Other than that, if you want to impress your friend with a High upscale feel and have deep pockets, this place is for you. The rest of us can eat Maggie or eat at Chinese house and be content.

Phone: 098866 40445

Location: Swami Vivekananda Rd, Jogupalya, Bengaluru

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Skyye best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

TableBookingcharges: 2,500 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.2

Great crowd, good food, and perfect tunes that’s what Skyye is. Skyye offers a captivating ambiance and a beautiful nighttime view of the city, the multicolor flooring makes things even more appealing and injects a wild romantic touch in us.

Skyye is perfect for people who drink as it has a long menu for only Alcoholic beverages. They have parties on Sundays, but sadly Stags aren’t allowed on weekends.

Phone: 090151 26458

Location: 16th floor, uber level, Canberra Block, UB City, Bengaluru

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ASEAN- On the Edge

ASEAN- On the Edge best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 1,800 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.3

On the Edge has an edge over its peers (pun intended)  in terms of view and offers you a striking view of the thick expanse of trees in Central Bangalore. On the Edge is known for its minimalist delicate appearance and excellent services.

On the edge is a hotspot for elite clients and serves one of the most delicious Pan-Asian cuisines such as Japanese Cheesecake, Burmese Khao Soi, Satay tofu, Bangkok in a bowl (it probably went through Doraemon’s size change tool.), Good fortune forever soup, and much more; On the edge also serves some “to die for ” cocktails, mocktails, and craft beer.

On the Edge is a must-visit at least once with your date as it has a near-perfect Romantic setup. Try not to miss out on Tiramisu crepe cake.

Phone: 080 4178 3366

Location: Barton Center, 13th floor, MG Road, Bengaluru

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Brewsky best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 1,700 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.2

As the name suggests, Brewsky is a microbrewery, and it is also one of the best microbreweries in Bangalore. Now you might try to ignore Brewsky—Thinking that it might offer only Alcohol but hold your horses. Brewsky is a funky restaurant that comes with Vintage Decor, a mezzanine terrace, and of course delicious food.

If you visit Brewsky alone or with a date in tow, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy yourself with their fresh beer and awesome starters like mushroom chili, paneer chili, Tandoori aloo, Pizza, chicken wings, and others. They also offer tasty small bites and sharing platters at a good value.  On the side note, if you order paneer pizza get ready to find a lot of paneer on your pizza, and oh! Their beer menu changes regularly.

Phone: 076767 96666

Location: Goenka Chambers, 5th floor, Jeewan Griha Colony, 2nd phase, J.P. Nagar, Bengaluru

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High Ultra Lounge

High Ultra Lounge best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 2,600 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.1   

High Ultra, definitely higher in terms of cost than The Tao Terraces and it’s rather famous as the highest lounge bar in the city as it is perched atop the 31st floor and thus it gives you some incredible views of Bangalore city.

Similar to the above 3 restaurants, High Ultra is highly influenced by Pan-Asain cuisine and offers you an assortment of foods such as Spicy celery prawns, Vietnamese style spicy fish, Spicy seafood salad, Salmon avocado with Tenkasu, Rock shrimp tempura with spicy mayo, and desserts like white chocolate and brownie with orange zest, Banoffee pie, Chocolate mud cake.

High Ultra is a must-visit place with your date at least once as it offers special services for couples, you’ll be surprised at their top-class service.

Phone: 080 4567 4567

Location: 26/1, Rooftop, World trade center, Dr. Rajkumar Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

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Ebony best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 2,500 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.1

No need to scroll and see where you read that address before, it close to On the Edge restaurant, as close as being on the same floor. Mmh! I like what they’ve named their restaurant, normally Ebony means deep black wood from subtropical trees, but it also means an extremely beautiful lady (yeah! Tell this to your date).

Ebony is perfect to go with your family. You can sit either inside or outside on the rooftop and enjoy scrumptious food with your loved ones. Ebony offers a mixture of Pan-Asian and the best of Indian Cuisines, it has some drool-worthy Tandoori Chicken starters and apart from that, you feast yourself on Kakori kebab, Biryani, and Desserts.

Even though Ebony is costly their food and ambiance are definitely worth that price tag.

Phone: 080 4178 3344

Location: Barton center, 13th floor, MG Road, Bengaluru

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BANG! – The Ritz-Carlton

BANG! - The Ritz-Carlton best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 3,000 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.4

Bang bang! Ritz-Carlton is one of the largest Luxury Hotel chains in the world and also one of the most renowned restaurants in the world; so obviously you’ll need some deep pockets if you want to visit the Ritz but well it’s worth your money, Ritz has a great setting, food, view, music, and even offers spa, and swimming pool.

With the lowest costing drink at 400 rs, this place is unaffordable for the majority of us but if we ever get to visit The Ritz with a date in tow… it’ll be a dream come true, with the perfect setting of the Ritz and sophisticated atmosphere you’ll feel like being a date like a millionaire. And hey! There’s also a dance floor.

Phone: 080 4914 8000

Location: 99 Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

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The 13th floor

The 13th floor best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 2,000 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.3

Third restaurant on the 13th floor and also at the same place. Picking the perfect romantic getaway might get tough from between these three, personally I’m going to go for the 13th floor (most for the sake of a pun.)

But they do have great romantic setup and both Indian and Pan-Asian cuisines are available here, so people who aren’t much interested in Thai food, this place suits your caving, 13th floor has some interesting foods such as Devil and some cheese fries (gotta try this… for evil.), veg platter, apollo fish, cinnamon rice paper roll, hot and crunchy braised tofu, and Chandni Chowk to China.

If you visit the restaurant with your significant other, they’ll want to visit the 13th floor again and again.

Phone: 080 4178 3355

Location: Barton Centre, 13th floor, 84, MG Road, Bengaluru

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The Fatty Bao

the fatty bao best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 1,200 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.4

Fatty Bao, I wonder how you say “Fatty Bao ” without making your girlfriend think that you’re calling her fat… Anyways, Fatty Bao is a colorful Bohemian styled Pan-Asiatic restaurant and mocktail bar.

When I say Pan-Asiatic, Fatty Bao has some best Asiatic dishes that aren’t found at other Pan-Asiatic restaurants like chicken dim sum, chashu ramen, asparagus tempura cream cheese sesame, pulled pork bao and Mago Mago tea.

It’s a place with a great atmosphere and worth visiting with your lover but in case you want to take kids for lunch there, do note that kids below the age of 10 aren’t allowed according to their policy. Fatty Bao is also the best restaurant at significantly lower rates than its counterparts.

Phone: 080 4411 4499

Location: 610, 12th A Main Road, 80 feet Road, 7th Cross, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

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Bricklane best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 1,800 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.1

Another great place for a quick bite and to have a romantic dinner at and another place which has less Vegetarian options. Bricklane is a place that can become your most visited place easily due to its amazing ambiance and great food.

You need to try their Hummus platter, and Dal Makhni among the others. They also have strong liquor and cocktails of your liking.

Phone: 080 4241 5505

Location: #770, Escape Hotel, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru

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HYPE best rooftop restaurant in bangalore

Table Booking charges: 3,000 RS/- (for Two)

Rating: 4.4

This top-rated rooftop Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating with an amazing view (no doubt about it as it’s located on the 19th floor). Dim blue lighting helps in creating a private, romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Be it for business meetings, dates, casual dining or rooftop parties you can visit Hype for it. Their menu has some unique cocktails and dishes. But sadly, vegetarians won’t find many options there.

Phone: 080 4512 6470

Location: Hotel Shangri-La, Level 19, 56-6B, Palace Rd, Bengaluru

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All the rooftop restaurants are costly and offer the best services, but I wonder why most of these offer the Pan-Asian cuisine menu when there’s so much of Indian flavor yet to be discovered by the people. Maybe it’s for the sake of diversity or maybe it’s for the sake of being exotic I’d like to know which.

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