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Top 10 Best Tomato Sauce Brands In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Tomato Souce Brand

Tomato Ketchup is a great accompaniment for any Indian snacks. It is used for snacks outside India as well. Samosa, Tikki, Pizza, Pakodas, Chips, or Burgers, tomato ketchup completes the kitchen.

Also, there is hardly any home that has no ketchup available in their pantry. The demand for tomato ketchup is huge and this has led to the development of many brands in the Indian market.

Many of these labels are brands that are locally produced and some of them are international brands. All these best tomato ketchup manufacturing brands are different variations but the most popular and famous remains to be the original tomato ketchup without added flavors.

Tomato sauces are made from tomato pulp which gives you a sweet and very tangy taste. The rising demand for fast foods has made “ketchup” a very significant side course as well as a mandatory element for any variety of fast food. Do you know which tomato ketchup brands are most popular in the Indian Market?

Here’s the list of 10 best sauce brands in India:

Maggi Tomato Sauce without Onion and Garlic

Maggi Tomato Sauce without Onion and Garlic Best Sauce Brand In India

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This variant of Maggi Tomato sauce comes without garlic and onions. Furthermore, it has great consistency and flavor.

Whether you’re avoiding onions and garlic because of your festivals or as part of any other dietary limitations, this ketchup will allow you to enjoy your favorite deep-fried and grilled food without consuming those two ingredients.

It’s also slightly cheaper on the market than most other “no onion, no garlic” variants which make it a more popular choice. While it does not have two important ingredients, it tastes just as good and thus in no way compromises on the taste.

It also has a lovely, thick consistency that works especially well with dishes made with pakoras, vadas, and sabudana, so you can make sure your every food tastes even better.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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If you’re looking for one of the best ketchup on the market then don’t look any further, this is can be your pick. It has a balanced taste that is neither too tangy nor too sweet and has a thick consistency that makes it great for all kinds of food, whether it’s Indian snacks like pakoras and samosas or Western dishes like sandwiches and fries.

It comes in a plastic container which is not only easy to use but also safe for children because if they drop it, it won’t break. It has a nozzle-type cap which is also a bonus because it gives you more power and you can get exactly how much ketchup you want. It may initially seem costly but this ketchup is worth the investment.

Cremica Ketchup

Cremica Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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The Cremica Tomato Ketchup is also one of the best ketchup available in the Indian market. The reason this is so popular is that the ketchup has a somewhat tangy flavor that most Indians enjoy.

The sauce is full of spices and it even has a touch of garlic. The tangy taste with a faint acidic flavor makes it on your plates a rare and obligatory dish. 

Cremica, for its consistency, the taste is a very popular marque. One of India’s best food manufacturing firms, supplying a wide variety of sauces such as sandwich spreads, mayo sauces, chocolate syrups, Indian snack dips and cakes, and dessert fillings along with the Tomato Ketchups.

Consisting of pure water and tomato pulp with sugar, edible traditional salt, and liquid glucose is certainly a good sauce and can not cause any side effects to your body.

The company guarantees the consistency of every product manufactured under its roof and thus it makes this one certainly one of the best ketchup you can find on the Indian market.

Kissan Ketchup

Kissan Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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Next on our list is Kissan Ketchup and if you want ketchup that is very good in taste, then this is the brand to pick from. The ketchup’s flavor is robust  and it’s not really watery like some of the other brands on the market.

The company claims to make this ketchup with fresh tomatoes, and it is a great side dish for all the snacks and main course meals. It is certainly a wonderful meal that helps the children interact in a meal of some sort.

Made of 100% organic tomato pulp, Kissan Tomato Ketchup can be the best side dish not only for any Indian snacks like samosas, pakodas but also for any Italian food like pasta and pizzas.

Kissan added numerous favors, such as fresh and initial sauce, chili tomato sauce, chatakdaar sauce, and soft, spicy sauce, in the Tomato ketchup.

Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack

Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack Best Sauce Brand In India

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The Delmonte ketchup pack is a good Tangy Ketchup with a Thick Consistency and perfect for your Sandwiches. If you’re looking for something that’s tangier but still a little bit mild, this is the ketchup to you.

It comes in an easy-to-squeeze bag, which makes it child-friendly, and it’s pretty thick too, making it great for burgers and sandwiches as well as fried and grilled food.

Also, if you want something that’s going to go well with spicy foods like samosa or kachori, then this isn’t the best option for you because it’s a bit too tangy to suit those kinds of dishes.

Additionally, through its packaging, Delmonte ketchup makes it perfect for babies. But the taste might be too intense for others, so bear that in mind when you buy it.

Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle

Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle Best Sauce Brand In India

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This Maggi sauce is spicy in taste that matches both grilled and deep-fried foods. This sauce may be much thinner than normal ketchup but it does not dilute the flavors.

For those looking for ketchup with a spicy, sweet taste to go with their pakoras, kebabs, and tikkas, this is the ideal option. While the consistency is not really good, it also fits very well in sandwiches and does not soggy them. 

Do not underestimate the spice levels because it is perfect for those who like to add a touch of flavor to their food and if you’re a real spice lover you can also use it to take your spicier dishes to the next level.

It also comes in a glass jar that holds the flavors fresh for longer and is perhaps one of the most inexpensive ketchup on the market.

Smith and Jones Ketchup

Smith and Jones Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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Smith and Jones is a company under Capital Foods Private Limited India, and its portfolio includes a wide variety of products. The Smith and Jones ketchup is made in several different varieties and is just a great side dip for all the Indian snacks.

The company also sells a version of the sauce ‘No Onion – No Garlic’ to reach the consumers who practice Jainism. Before putting down any commodity on the market the company is doing a lot of work.

Smith and jones ketchup is made of ripe tomatoes, along with herbs and spices. It fits great with any Indian snacks like bajjis, cutlet, samosas, and pakodas.

This is also available in a large range, such as garlic sauce, sweet n hot sauce, masala chili sauce, pizza ketchup, and chutney from Bhelpuri. It’s got Indian customers so well known and offers goods that make Indian cooking so simple.

Ching’s Ketchup

Ching’s Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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Ching’s products are sold with a ‘Desi Chinese’ tagline and it is definitely true to that tagline. The company’s products have flavors added to match the Indian taste buds and this brand’s tomato ketchup is no different.

The company also produces chili sauce and vinegar in various forms, in addition to the tomato ketchup. In the Indian house, Chinese food is still incomplete without the Chings items.

Also, the brand’s instant noodles are very decent and you’ll have to try the schezwen sauce Ching’s make. Ching’s is a very popular Indian brand for its wide variety of items such as instant Thai noodles, instant soups and sauce like sweet chili, schezwen sauce along with regular tomato sauce.

You will definitely get a genuine taste in this brand as it includes in every box the original ingredients.

Tops Ketchup

Tops Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

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Tops ketchup is a genuinely common Indian market brand. Tops started its business in India in 1984, and it slowly ascended the performance ladder.

The company has managed to broaden its product range over time and the brand actually sells not only tomato ketchup but also homemade cake mix, custard paste, jelly, vinegar, jam, and several other products.

Tops are extremely particular about product consistency, and consistency is carefully controlled at each and every phase of the production process. The Tops cannery manufactures dozens of products such as vinegar, jelly, custard mix, drinking chocolate along with fresh tomato sauce.

Until picking, each fresh tomato is pre-cleaned and tested twice, and then sent to the laboratory for physical and microbiological examination. So, it’s ketchup with one of the highest prices and quality for customers.

Everest Ketchup

Everest Ketchup Best Sauce Brand In India

Everest Ketchup is next on our list and this company was founded in Uttar Pradesh in 1986. It consists of a manufacturing facility ISO 22000 which produces 40 MT per day.

Also, it offers items such as sachets, pet bottles, glass bottles, and pouches according to customer’s preferences. A trendy brand in North and Central India, but it is mostly available worldwide in Walmart shops.

Everest India produces other goods aside from ketchup and is committed to supplying the public with high-quality food. On top of this, the tomato ketchup is available in different sizes.

The brand is readily available in the country’s supermarket chains, and according to the available details, Everest also contractually produces ketchup for other brands. In addition to tomato ketchup, the company also manufactures hot sauces, pickles, preserves, and vinegar.


The simplest items to eat can also be the hardest to pick from, so we hope you’ll be more confident to select the right ketchup that fits your palate after reading this post.

We do hope our list of suggested items will make it easy for you to learn the best choices on the market, so you’ve been able to find one that fits your requirements.

These were India’s top 10 best tomato ketchup brands and please let us know whether your favorite brand is a member of this list or not in the comment section.

Let us know what makes this your favorite company, too. If you like the particular brand’s flavor, or you prefer the brand’s ketchup flavor you want.

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