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7 Best SmartWatches Under 5000 INR to Buy in India (2023)

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Smart watch Under 5000

Every invention done by our expertise takes us to the next advanced level of technology and assures a better level of comfortness to the users.

With this similar vision we too have introduced the multipurpose smart watches that have the potential to do all the works of a smartphone.

Here are some amazing and cost-effective watches that will bewilder you and surely compel you to have a purchase.

Here is the List of Best Smartwatch under 5000 rupees to buy online:

FitSpark Studio Multi-Functional Smartwatch

FitSpark Studio Full Touch, Multi-Functional Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling in a Military Grade Metallic Body IP67 Water Resistant (Green): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Enhanced with the modern technology this FitSpark Studio Smartwatch assists you with the equal functionalities as that of a Smartphone.

It helps you in monitoring your health by measuring the calorie intake and calories burnt.It has durable battery backup which makes it last longer if once charged fully.

Product Description

  • FitSpark introduces Multi-Functional Smartwatch with full screen-touch display in a definitive metallic aluminium alloy case and multiple dial options giving you the smartest look on your wrist. It is limited available in 3 colors – Black, Red, Green.
  • Once you connect your phone with the watch via bluetooth you can directly make calls, access social media notifications and much more from your watch without fumbling for your phone in any case of emergency.
  • Whether you are going for any outdoor activities like camping, running or cycling, this FitSpark STUDIO is going to track them all . And it’s Aluminium Alloy military grade body strengthens it so that it can last for a longer period even in rough and tough conditions.
  • This Smartwatch can be used for more than 5 days with it’s Ultra Turbo 330 mAh battery,with just 2 hours of complete charging .
  • In order to keep your health records under control, you can count your steps, determine your heart rate and calorie count, also can get the water intake and sedentary reminders.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch (Mist Grey): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Product Description

  • The Noise Colorfit Pro 2 with 1.3″ colour display is now available with the full touch-screen, supporting taps and swipes, making it a device as effective as your smartphone.
  • Its strong polycarbonate case will give you a feeling of no weights kept on your wrist and is available in 4 exclusive colours with corresponding swappable straps.
  • With the well equipped heart rate monitoring system you can measure your heart rate in every five minutes.
  • It comes up with 9 sports modes controllers that cover all your activities, whether you walk, run, skip, bike, treadmill, work-out, climb, jump, or do exercises.
  • Its IP68 waterproofing technology allows you to sweat as much as you like and even wear this sturdy watch in the rain .
  • ColorFit Pro 2 comes with a long-lasting battery life up to ten days and  can easily go for more than a week without requiring to be charged by an included magnetic charger.
  • Advanced features like complete activity and health tracking which includes sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sedentary alarm, calories burned etc, are pre-installed in it . Unlike other smart watches it has an additional feature of  menstrual tracking for women .
  • It is compatible with the Android users as well as Noisefit Sport -iOS users.
  • Control music playback on your smartphone with the remote-controlled function on the ColorFit Pro 2, Bluetooth v5.0 supportable with all smartphones running Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and above

Amazfit BIP Lite 3ATM Smart Watch

Amazfit BIP Lite 3ATM Smart Watch (Blue): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Product Description

  • Launching with a powerful battery life it operates up to 45 days on a single charge.There are various factors that affect the battery life and some of them are the setting, operation and use environment, the brightness of the screen etc.
  • Designed to combat all your activities during rain or shine, this watch is 3 ATM verified, equal to about 30 meters water depth.
  • Congenial enough to wear all day and night , you can’t even feel the presence of it on your wrist.
  • It tracks all your daily activities and sports like indoor & outdoor running, walking and cycling, skipping, hiking, exercising and a lot more.
  • The display is on for 24 hours and the contents are easily readable under bright sunlight. One can receive notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages and other apps if connected with the smartphone via bluetooth. It also consists of Sedentary reminders if you’ve been sitting idle too long.

Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch

Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch with Built -in GPS, Long Battery Life, Always-on Display, 5ATM Water Resistance (Carbon Black): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Product Description

  • The Amazfit Bip S has magnificent battery life and all the credit goes to the electronic components selection and power managing technology. With up to 40 days continuance on a basic usage framework and 15 days on a typical usage scenario, the Bip S battery will maintain the pace with your hectic lifestyle.
  • It comes with the options of 4 Built-in Dials  and more than 40 dials to download from the watch face store, for furnishing you with a smarter look ever .
  • 1.28″ Transflective Color TFT with clarifications 176 x 176, 64 RGB color spectrum and Always-on Display. It operates even in a better way in the outer surroundings, making it an ideal gadget for outdoor sports.
  • It is launched with an ultra lightweight and thin body that weighs only about 31g with a thickness of 11.4mm for comfortable wear in the days & nights and during sports activities.
  • Amazfit Bip S comes with 10 different sports modes such as treadmill, running, Walking, cycling, swimming, exercises , Yoga, Elliptical trainer, Freestyle and  much more. It also provides health related data such as track display, speed, heart rate, distance reminders, sleep and water intake remainders.
  • The watch comes up with 5 ATM Water Resistance i.e. ,the Amazfit Bip S is waterproof even if placed 50 meters underwater. You can use it while swimming, and also can record your swimming speed .
  • With multiple functions to meet your daily activities,the Amazfit Bip S determines your heart rate and sleep status like light sleep, deep sleep and awake time. The watch is available with rich and reminder functionalities such as alarm clock, weather forecast, incoming call and messages. You also can have a good control phone music playback right from the watch tied on your wrist.

MevoFit Race-Space Smart-Watch

MevoFit Race-Space Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO Fitness-Sporty Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking: Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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The Mevofit Race Space is a well built, smart and durable fitness smartwatch which comes with the latest daily activity tracker, sleep, BP, Oxygen level in blood, Sports Mode, Music Player, alarm, timer, and Notifications Display (such as Call, SMS and Social media applications)

Product Description

  • The touch screen display with Gesture Control helps its users to have a proper command over it and a large Wireless Waterproof Fitness Tracker  assists you to track you daily fitness data and also makes you compare with your previous recorded datas so that according to it you can make necessary changes in your daily health routines.
  • This Smartwatch comes with 7 sports mode controllers including Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton , Football, and Basketball. It is an IP 67 water resistant multipurpose smartwatch so you can easily wear the band in rainy conditions and wash hands or take a shower after your exercise.
  • This Smart Watch which comes with Button press as well as Single Touch Point Screen Display that assists you in determining your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Gesture Control. It is preinstalled with large Waterproof Fitness Tracker Monitor.It is compatible with all popular phone brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi Mi, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo etc.
  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 Year.

Noise NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

Noise NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch with 100+ Cloud Based Watch Faces & 20 Day Battery Life (Charcoal Black): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Product Description

  • This multipurpose smartwatch endures 1.28”-wide TFT display in order to provide a good  reading experience even in bright sunlight. The wide range of variant watch designs let you choose a fresh style every day according to your outfit.
  • For making it durable and sporty The watch’s bezel is built with stainless-steel that allows its users to use it in tougher conditions simultaneously feeling extremely lightweight on the wrist.
  • It is compatible with all smartphones running Android 5.0+ or iOS 8+.
  • Coming with the long-lasting battery life NoiseFit Endure functions for up to 20 days on a single charge with  a  long standby time of 30 days
  • Whether you are walking, running, skipping, playing, cycling , lifting weights or doing yoga, NoiseFit Endure will track them all. With a timer & stopwatch, you can also measure your stamina.
  • The smart watch has an IP68 rating which means it is dust and water resistant which permits you to hike on dusty slopes or in rain with the watch on your wrist and it will surely continue to work.
  • Without doing any effort you can receive all your text and call notifications, reminders and weather forecast right on your wrist. You can also control your music player and camera with the watch. Speaking as a whole you can take the command over your phone without even touching it. 

Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch (Black)

Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch (Black): Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 5000

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Product Description

  • The watch comes with a durable battery capable of operating up to 45 days on a single charge. It gets completely charged in an approx. 2.5 hours.
  • Manufactured to combat all your activities rain or shine, this watch is 3 ATM certified, equivalent to resist water if kept about 30 meters depth
  • The pre-installed Mi-Fit App helps you to connect the phone with the watch.
  • Being feathery light it is comfortable to wear during days and nights.
  • It helps to track all your daily activities and sports including indoor and outdoor running, walking, cycling, swimming  etc.
  • The display is always on and the contents are easily readable under bright sunlight. One can receive notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages and other social apps. It consists of various remainder systems such as alarm,water intake and also sleep tracker.


This aim of this article is to make you familiar with the latest inventions and allows you to make a proper choice at an affordable price.

If you are crazy enough to update yourself with the advanced technology then you should replace your old single-purposed watch with the multipurpose smart watches.

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