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4 Best Stabilizer For AC (Air Conditioner) In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Stabilizers For AC

Indian summers, a time where the heat makes the household in an unbearable measure to live daily activities but there’s always one solution for the citizens, the factor of cooling makes the summer scorching heats a much more bearable and enjoyable one, whether it be a nice cold coconut drink, ice cream but most importantly a fully functioning air conditioning unit.

An air conditioning unit is a one-time expensive expenditure, you would want to keep it secure from all the risks which it may impose a threat not only to the functionality of your air conditioning unit but also to personal hazards.

One of the best contingent investments a user of an air conditioning unit can make is investing in a quality air conditioning stabilizers, protecting his air conditioning unit as well as himself/families. 

In this article, we’ll be covering the best stabilizers in the market today as there is no one to be labeled the best stabilizers as the various brands have multiple ones offering various stabilizers depending on the need, ensuring that the consumer is aware of the quality and has a clear perspective in how each stabilizer performs and what it brings into the market today.

Here are the 5 Best Voltage Stabilizers for 1.5/2Ton Air Conditioning Units:

Microtek EM4090 90V-300V (1.5 Ton)

Microtek EM4090 90V-300V (1.5 Ton) Best Stabilizer For AC

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Being among one of the most trusted brands for consumers in the Indian market for stabilizers, with that trust brings upon reliability for performance which the Microtek EM4090 with its latest up to date technology as well as its base technology called “Save-Power” technology which provides an array of immense performance benefits to its users.

The outer-most part of this stabilizer is constructed with a fine metal body which is designed to maintain and manage rapid fluctuations.

Alongside the device is designed in a way as such which allows the functionality to be at a high-grade level under low voltage conditions protecting your air conditioning unit in the process. 

One of the best features apart from its reliability is the led display which is an added extra to the package allowing accurate readings at any time. The device has been integrated with an in-built delay timer alongside having a digital display for the convenience of the user. 

Product Specification:

The Microtek EM 4090+ AC Voltage Stabilizer comes with a 3-year warranty. It produces a frequency of 50 Hz. The appliance measures in about a length of 10 inches and a height of 7 inches as it is considered to be a small size stabilizer in the market.

It also has diverse exceptional features among such being the Intelli microchip, Intelli thermal management overvolt protection and under volt protection.

The stabilizer is best suited for use in an AC with 1.5-ton capacity. With a working input range of 90V-300V, it is unlike the normal voltage stabilizers for ACs currently present in the market.

One of its interesting games of a feature is its smart time delay function which grants breathing space, as it helps in stabilizing the power before supplying it to load. In turn, helping to enhance durability.

The device complies with the latest industrial specifications and is best suited for use in ACs that are used in homes offices malls retail outlets hotels and restaurants.


  • One of the best performing stabilizers in the market as it consumes very less electricity and helps save on the power bill.
  • Known for its durability and portability in the market.
  • The stabilizer is elegant and compact for the households.
  • Works well on low voltage, as it can monitor and handle fluctuations very effectively. 
  • It has a three -year warranty on purchase.
  • A very affordable stabilizer as it is a bang for your buck type of purchase. 
  • Having a silver cake relay system.
  • Some key features: Smart Time delay system and the Intelli based microchip which gives an array of benefits. 


  • The past reviews of consumers and experts alike agree to the fact that the compressor can be improved.
  • Consumers have reported that the LED lights have had irregularities.
  • Even though it is small in size, it is on the heavier side when it comes to weight. 

V-Guard VNS 400+ Digial Voltage Stabilizer

V-Guard VNS 400+ Digial Voltage Stabilizer Best Stabilizer For AC

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Being one of the most loved brands when it comes to stabilizers must say something about the organization’s goodwill to be established in such high regard.

The state of the art technology in which the V-Guard products are built nonetheless the VNS 400 comes up to those expectations when thinking of a high-quality stabilizer.

The appliance has been designed in such a way that it has all the latest technology needed for the stabilizer market today, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the product.

One of its more interesting features is its “Overload protection function” which ensures that your appliance is protected during events such as short circuits or abrupt increases in voltage, in turn minimizing the adequate risk. V-Guard VNS 400 has an inbuilt digital display that allows for quick and accurate readings. 

Specification of V-Guard VNS 400 +:

Equipped with an intelligent time-delay system and wall mounting cabinet design, the  VNS 400 is broadly recognized for its easy installation, compact size, safe usage, effective functionality, and reliability.

The built-in thermal overload protection protects the stabilizer and compressors during high-temperature burnout. Professionals designing this stabilizer have integrated it with the latest IC technology along with a high-voltage cut-off protection system.

In addition, it comes with a warranty duration of 3 years. It is mainly built for air conditioning units; this device is best suitable in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The range of this appliance is between 160-280 volts. It is most congenial with a 1.5-ton air conditioning unit. It is sourced from one of the most highly reputed and well-known brands across India: V-Guard. 


  • Has the latest IC technology which ensures stability. 
  • One of the simpler installment systems for its users.
  • Thermal overload protection integrated as well as smart delay.
  • One of the more attractive exteriors available in the market


  • The connecting cable is very long causing problems in placement.
  • The voltage working range can be increased.
  • The functional quality of the compressor quality can be increased. 

V-Guard VG 500 Voltage Stabilizer (2 ton)

V-Guard VG 500 Voltage Stabilizer (2 ton) Best Stabilizer For AC

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The VG 500  stabilizer is one of the higher quality spectrum as well as one of the higher voltage capacity stabilizers in the market today. This voltage stabilizer works with all types of standard and inverter split air conditioning units.

It is able to provide protection in situations of both under volt as well as overvolt situations. It is widely regarded to be one of the best voltage stabilizers in the market as it is built with the latest technology so that the user may never worry about the safety and quality alongside the brand name being V-Guard.

This is specifically for 2-ton air conditioning units. It features a smart time delay method that gives protection for your appliance as well as it has a wall-mountable stabilizer which makes it easy to install and a much safer option when doing so.

This stabilizer is designed in such a way that it is able to balance very low voltages as well as very high voltages. With its very own in-house, in built-thermal protection which ensures that your device and appliances do not suffer any burnouts.

With its smart/intelligent time delay systems help, it is able to provide proper time-gap to the compressor in case any power fluctuations were to occur.

Specification Of VG 500:

The VG-500 is suitable for 1 cooling unit up to 2 tons, this electronic voltage stabilizer is well-known for its high performance, efficiency, compact design, and a simple installation procedure.

It provides complete protection to your air conditioners from damage in response to power outages and power surges. Sourced from the distinguished and most-trusted brand V-Guard, this stabilizer is manufactured using high-grade raw materials, latest technologies, and utmost precision by well-trained and experienced professionals.

It features ITDS and HMC technologies. It has been particularly designed for air conditioner of 2-ton, this appliance is readily positioned on the wall allow the user for a hassle-free operation.

It has an average voltage input of 170-270 VC. With the integration of an intelligent time-delay system, it is built for the utmost protection.

The unique feature of its in house, thermal overload protection ensures that your home or commercial space remains safe from accidental fires. In addition to the purchase of a VG-500, the user will receive a 3-year warranty. 


  • The voltage stabilizer has aluminum wielding, ensuring safety from potential hazards. 
  • HMC technology makes it extremely reliable
  • Widely regarded as one of the best stabilizers due to its offering of stability from both under volt as well as overvolt situations.
  • It has been ensured that this is long-lasting as this stabilizer is made of ABS-based plastic.
  • With the integration of a smart delay time system ensures for better reliability.
  • The latest IC technology being engineered with the stabilizer assures the safety of the air conditioning unit.
  • It has been able to utilize V-guard very own save power technology, which not only gives a much higher standard of reliability during frequent-cuts and voltage fluctuations.
  • It has the ability to automatically steps up and down depending on the situation.


  • It does not have a digital reader unlike the other products, which may cause some hassle for users to ensure proper readings of the stabilizer.

V Guard VWI 400 2850-Watt AC Stabilizer

V Guard VWI 400 2850-Watt AC Stabilizer Best Stabilizer For AC

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The perfect combination of style and elegance, with its classy white finish this stabilizer is as fashionable as they come. With a sleek and compact design, along with a simple installment system, it has all the intangibles and tangibles that a user would want in their stabilizer.

If you are looking for a small, stylish yet efficient stabilizer than this is the best fit for you.

The V-Guard VWI 400 is designed in such an intricate way, even the electronic circuitry is sophisticated enough to sense a minimal fluctuation variation.

The stabilizer is one of the best voltage stabilizers that has a smart display system and integrated a sense of security. In addition to this, the on-board microcontroller monitors the input voltage and acts in seconds if it senses fluctuations in voltages. 

Product Specification

With the time-delay system, it ensures the complete 360-degree level protection of both your air conditioning unit (1.5 ton)  alongside that of the stabilizer.

With the latest revolutionary creation of IC technology, it has been engineered in such a way to protect your air conditioner from hazardous voltages at all times.

The device also brings with it the all-new ‘micro-controller’ functions enabling the proper monitoring of both the input and the output voltages that the appliances would have to endure.

Burnouts are a thing of the past with the integration of the thermal overload protection system that will ensure that your appliances are safe during abrupt voltage rises.

Alongside its latest  ‘seven-segment display’ which enables users to read the real-time inputs and the output voltage levels as well for the peace of mind that their stabilizer is working to its maximum extent and capacity.

The overall design of the stabilizer is to offer you an energy-efficient experience, with a fashionable dimension which it brings along with it. Widely regarded as the most stylish stabilizer for homes to have on.

Its working range is 130-280 V showing how versatile it really is in comparison to its peers in the market. 


  • One of its unique features which the rest of the market doesn’t have is the seven segments of digital display
  • The VWI-400 is a micro-controlled operation that ensures the maximum efficiency of performance.
  • It is a very  wide input range which comprises of a thermal overload protection system as well as an inbuilt time delay system
  • It has gotten many positive reviews on the fact that it is able to monitor voltage fluctuations well and to an accurate standard
  • As it is a lightweight stabilizer and small-sized it has gotten praise for being very easily mounted thus ensuring a very simple installation process. 
  • It is the best voltage stabilizer for your household.
  • It comes with the latest IC-techniques which ensures great stability in its operations.


  • With the purchase of the VWI, it tends to fall in the slightly expensive side on the income scale.
  • One major downside is that it has no cut off for voltage up or down making it a hassle to operate at times. 
  • If switched on for a long period of time users have reported that it can heat up excessively after a while. 
  • It has gotten harsh reviews on the fact that it can be slightly noisy when operating
  • When switched on during the night, users have also raved on the fact that the LED display can be a little too bright. 

What is a Stabilizer and Why Do we need it?

What is a stabilizer? Well, a stabilizer is a latent device that secures utility voltage before supplying it to the coherent device.

It identifies these voltage variations in the efficacy and monitors it internally so that it is able to produce a uniform range of output charge incase if the utility of the voltage is low; as soon as the stabilizer senses it; it has the ability to heighten it to the required level of voltage thus proceeding to feed it to the connected equipment to work without troubles.

But the question arises do you really need a voltage stabilizer for your appliances specifically in this case your Air Conditioning unit? The answer to that question is yes a quality stabilizer as it ensures the importantly needed protection against power surges.

In a country like India, where fluctuations in voltage are common having one in your household for your respective appliances can lead to the insure the utmost safety in addition to allowing the air conditioning unit to perform at its maximum efficiency in which the units are built to perform.

So what exactly are power surges and what are examples we as consumers can relate to? Power surges frequently find their source inside the house of appliance owners.

Internal surges can, in fact, happen when an electric device is suddenly turned off and stops drawing electricity. This results in a sudden spiking in the voltage throughout the home as soon as the current it was drawing suddenly has nowhere to go.

So, anytime you switch off the geyser, induction stove or any so appliance, your sensitive appliances like TV, Computers, Air Conditioning, etc. are put at a heightened risk of being affected by a power surge.

Examples being: Lightning, power surges originating from the electricity board or a combination of multiple factors. 


Being that stabilizers are efficient appliances and are essential for areas where power cut-off occurs.  Ensuring that before purchasing a stabilizer that you do your research on such as a good stabilizer can last a lifetime if maintained properly.

There are some general features that are a must-have such as thermal overload protection to ensure maximum safety and quality of the stabilizer bought. Due to accelerated voltage fluctuations, the appliances and the stabilizer meet the hazards due to overheating.

Features such as the ‘time-lapse’ technology that is another must for a quality stabilizer. Time-lapse technology is intended to protect your compressor when encountering frequent voltage hikes and dips. In today’s modern times with our lifestyles all about aesthetics, it is also important for your stabilizer to charm your home.

The latest models in stabilizers launched have addressed the change and are quite compact +stylish giving it a nice feel to it when installed.  It is most suitable to go for a wall-mount configuration as that way the stabilizer will be out of the way and safely tucked away from kids and other factors.

Finally, a good stabilizer is one of the best investments one could possibly make ensuring the protection of their appliances and their home while allowing for a fully functioning air conditioning unit to battle the summer heatwaves.

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