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Top 15 Best Swaraj Tractors In 2023 (With Review)

by Ashish Bansal
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Swaraj Motors has been a reputed organisation working in the field of providing great farming and agriculture equipment and tools for decades. Since its inception, the company has been striving for excellence in each of its products. It has been one of the foremost manufacturers in India, dominating the Industry. The company built itself on the very strong foundations of great quality and honesty and that is reflected in their products. 

Swaraj India is one of the most reliable and popular brands among the masses. The consumer base considers it to be “Their Brand” perhaps because of its innate Indian-ness in its name. Swaraj Motors has been working continuously for years now in the field with a vision of providing great quality at affordable prices. 

The company is known for its great tractors, among other tools. Their tractors are seen as reliable, strong, rough-tough and effective. Often, they are the first choice of a farmer when he wants to buy one. The company is known to have a “VIBE” of its own that shines through their products. You might have seen Swaraj tractors around your own home. They are made such that they can cover a range of operations and thus prove to be a great deal.

Here is the List of 15 Best & Most Popular Swaraj Tractors:

Swaraj 717 Mini Tractor

swaraj 717 mini tractor - best swaraj tractor

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Affordable and Fast. Swaraj 717 Mini Tractor is a 15 hp, 1 cylinder tractor which is made for small farms and hence designed such to provide at affordable prices. It is not very technology-laden and is easy to use. It hasn’t changed a lot since the release of its first model.

The control panel is very basic in the sense that it doesn’t have a lot of features. The transmission is 6 forward and 3 backward gears and works just fine. There is no dual-clutch system in them. The breaks are also the standard dry disk brakes.

The oil-immersed brakes would actually increase the cost and hence are not provided. The 717 is one model that, despite lacking lustre and features, outnumbers its sales every year. It can be used for a wide variety of basic functions.

Swaraj 834 XM

swaraj 834 XM - best swaraj tractor

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Swaraj 834 XM can be described as a better version of the 717. It has a 3 cylinder, 2592 cc diesel injection engine that produces 35 hp. The engine is water-cooled to prevent it from excessive overheating. It comes with a mobile charging facility to charge your phone while using the tractor.

This gives it a slight edge over its competition too in this range. The air cleaner is a 3 stage oil bath type cleaner that helps to clean the air coming into the engine. The clutch is simple and single dry disc plate and transmission is basic with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

The breaks, however, come in 2 variants to choose from dry disc or oil-immersed. There is no option of a power steering and the tractor comes with standard mechanical steering facility with a heavy-duty single drop arm that is easy to reach from the ergonomically placed seat and hence provides comfort to the driver and provides better manoeuvring. It has a 1000 kgs lifting facility.

Swaraj 724 XM

swaraj 724 xm - best swaraj tractor

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Imagine 834XM and 717 having a baby, and they name it Swaraj 724 XM. It is a mid-range tractor with good functions and overall design. It has a 2 cylinder, 4 strokes, diesel injection engine of 1824 cc capacity. The transmission is simple and contains a humble set of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that provide better mobility to the tractor.

The engine is cooled via a water-cooling mechanism that prevents the breakdown of the engine due to overheating issues. The oil-immersed braking system is optional to choose and provides a better braking system and prevents overheating of the braking mechanism.

It has a 1000 Kg carrying capacity which is sufficient for performing basic farming operations. Minimum ground clearance is 375mm and helps to keep the centre of gravity low so that the vehicle remains stable in the higher speeds.

Swaraj 724 XM Orch NT

swaraj 724 XM orch nt - best swaraj tractor

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This model is an upgrade to Swaraj 724 XM Orch. It is a 2 cylinder, 1824 cc diesel engine tractor which is one of the most popular ones from Swaraj Motors. The transmission system comprises of 6 forwards and 2 backward gears with a diaphragm type clutch.

There is an oil-immersed braking system used as standard which doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and improves braking efficiency and power steering is provided to offer greater manoeuvrability and comfort. There is a 3 point linkage facility appropriate for type I and type II agriculture implements.

It has 1000 kg as the load-carrying capacity and makes it good enough for doing all the basic agriculture functions. The minimum ground clearance is of 220 mm and the availability of dry-type dust loader air filter makes it better than most of its comrades. 

Swaraj 825 XM

swaraj 825 xm - best swaraj tractor

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Swaraj 825 XM is a single-cylinder, 1538 cc tractor in the 20 to 25 hp category of tractors offered by Swaraj Motors. The 3 stage oil bath type air filter mated with the water cooling mechanism to prevent overheating of engine increase the engine efficiency while decreasing the maintenance cost and overheating.

The diaphragm type single disc clutch combined with a smooth and simple functioning transmission system made up of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears offer easy interchanging of gears and better mobility respectively. Dry disc brakes are used instead of the oil-immersed ones to maintain manufacturing costs.

The mechanical steering provided is better for people having enough experience with manual steering type. For someone who has been using the power steering for a while, it takes a bit of time to adjust. The 3 point linkage system makes it easy to link rotavator, gyrator etc.

The seat is comfortable and has been made keeping in view the ergonomics and hence everything is in easy reach of the driver. The control system though basic provides most of the functions that are needed. There is a provision for a locking system for steering to prevent thefts from happening by locking the front axle.

Swaraj 843 XM OSM

Swaraj 843 XM OSM - best swaraj tractor

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The 843 XM OSM is a 2730 cc tractor in the category of 42 to 45 hp tractors offered by Swaraj. This one comes with a 4 cylinder, 4 strokes direct injection diesel engine that makes the work easy and better. The mileage is good and so is the traction coefficient.

The tractor is well equipped with good features that makes it a standout among the competition. 1900 rpm rated engine provides good speed and efficiency. The oil-immersed braking system is standard. The air filter is also a 3 stage oil bath type that doesn’t allow the dust and minute particles to reach the engine and hinder its efficiency.

The engine is cooled rapidly by means of a good water cooling mechanism in which cool water is circulated around the engine to improve its efficiency and to reduce the heat that makes the tractor work for longer stretches of hours without rest.

There is mechanical steering in this tractor with no option of a paper steering which makes the manoeuvrability easy and good. With a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1200 kgs and 3 point linkage system, it makes a perfect fit for anyone looking for a good tractor. It can be used with a wide range of implements and hence for a wide range of functions too. 

Swaraj 744 FE

Swaraj 744 FE - best swaraj tractor

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Swaraj 744 FE is a 3136 cc tractor that has power written all over it. It is fast, strong, durable and works as a powerhouse. The 744 FE comes with a lot of features. The 4 stroke diesel engine produces a good power output of 45 hp and makes it an absolute favourite among the customers.

The 2000 rpm engine provides good range, speed and efficiency to the tractor. Perhaps the most significant feature of the tractor is its engine cooling system. It has 2 types of engine cooling: the standard water cooling mechanism wherein water is circulated around the engine so that the engine doesn’t overheat.

In this, the 2nd type of cooling is oil cooling in which engine oil is cooled by means of an oil cooler. It has a single dry disk clutch system mated with a good transmission system of 8 forward and 2 backward gears that make up for the good mobility.

The seat is comfortable and one can sit on it for a longer duration without any discomfort. The braking system comes in 2 optional systems: the standard disk brake or the oil-immersed brakes. It has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1500 kgs.

Swaraj 744 Potato Xpert

Swaraj 744 Potato Xpert - best swaraj tractor

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Don’t judge it by its name, The Swaraj 744 Potato Xpert is not just for potatoes but it is sure that it is an expert in anything that it does. It has a 3136 diesel engine which rotates at 2000 rpm producing around 45 to 50 horsepower. The clutch system is the dual-clutch which mated with a good transmission system of 8 forward and 2 backward gears.

The oil-immersed system of braking is best for such a tractor as it provides better braking efficiency, fewer maintenance costs as well as improved and longer lifespan. But there is no option of a power steering that is one disappointment.

The hydraulic capacity of 1700 kgs comes with sensilift technology and toggle switch. It has better frontal stability that helps it stay on the ground even on higher speeds and keeps the centre of gravity on the lower end. It also comes with an adjustable wheel track and the mileage is also good.

Swaraj 841 XM

Swaraj 841 XM - best swaraj tractor

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Speaking of features, Swaraj 841 XM is a feature-packed tractor that is one of the best from Swaraj but placed slightly at the higher end of the income spectrum. The tractor is slight of compact design and shape and of lighter weight.

The 4 cylinders and 2730 cc diesel engine rated at 1900 rpm produces around 41 hp and is fuel-efficient and powerful. The engine is water-cooled and burns the fuel efficiently which provides great mileage without being a burden on your pocket.

The dual-clutch system is mated with a transmission system that has 10 gears: 8 forward and 2 reverse. The availability of low force hydraulic levers makes the hydraulic systems smooth and good. It has a higher capacity sensilift technology hydraulic mechanism that allows better functioning. It is suitable for sandy soil operations due to its stability criteria and better body composition.

Swaraj 855 XM

Swaraj 855 XM - best swaraj tractor

Watch Video Review of Swaraj 855 XM

The 855 XM is a powerful tractor in the 50 to 55 hp category. It has a 3480 cc engine which combined with its 3 cylinders produce enough power to do small to large agricultural operations in a jiffy. The transmission is a constant mesh side shift gearbox that makes for more legroom and easy engagement of gears combined with a dual-clutch system makes the mobility easy and smooth.

The 855 XM comes with a direction control valve that helps in operating hydraulic equipment with ease. The tractor has power steering and provides better manoeuvring and comfort to the driver while using it. It has the oil immersed braking system that makes the brakes work smooth and fast, require less maintenance over time and provide better braking efficiency.

The 1700 kg capacity at the lower end with the 3 point linkage makes it easy to use with implements for various operations. Minimum ground clearance is 410 mm which makes the centre of gravity low and provides for better stability.

Swaraj 960 FE

Swaraj 960 FE - best swaraj tractor

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This one is an absolute powerhouse from Swaraj. The 960 FE is a tractor that comes under the 55 to 60 hp tractor category that is equipped with a high technology engine, the power max 60 engine. ‘What’s so special about this engine?’ well for one, it comes with the technologically advanced EGR technology with an inline fuel injection pump system and secondly it comes with a large radiator that allows rapid cooling of the engine while working.

The tractor comes with a lot of high-end technology that makes it both unique and better than its contemporaries. It comes with a dual-clutch system with side shift gear system provides easy engagement of gears with more comfort and better control. The ergonomics is good on this tractor.

Everything is in the easy reach of the user. It has a power steering and a digital instrument cluster that provides better visibility during the night time. The direction control valve helps in operating the machine better with implements.

Swaraj 963 FE

Swaraj 960 FE - best swaraj tractor

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The Swaraj 963 FE is a monster that runs on an efficient and powerful 60 hp engine. The company claims that it delivers 15 percent more torque than other tractors in the same category. It is available in 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive options. The engine is fuel-efficient and burns fuel economically.

The seats and other controls are placed ergonomically so that they are in perfect reach of the driver ensuring maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. The tractor is designed to offer high productivity, reliability and durability without the requirements for continuous maintenance.

The hydraulic lifting capacity of 2,200 kgs along with the sensilift technology make up for the most important operations. The transmission system is synchromesh transmission consisting of 12 forward and 2 reverse gears in a single range. A lot more attention has been given to the safety criteria and hence there are some important features in this regard. There is a starting safety switch and a differential lock system. 

Swaraj 855 FE

Swaraj 855 FE - best swaraj tractor

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The 855 FE is a product of in-house R&D of Swaraj. It falls under the category of 50 to 60 hp tractors and runs on an efficient, powerful and technologically advanced 3307 cc diesel engine. The engine burns fuel efficiently and hence provides great productivity and efficiency in working.

The engine is water-cooled and hence one shouldn’t be tensed about it getting overheated. The engine generates around 2000 rpm and provides for the enormous power. It has a smooth transmission system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that make the mobility smooth and easy mated with the dual-clutch system ensures better engagement of gears and improved transitioning.

The 1500 kg hydraulic capacity equipped with improved sensor technology makes the lifting better and precise.  The oil-immersed braking system caters for better and safe riding as well as a lesser need for frequent maintenance.

Swaraj 735 XT

Swaraj 735 XT - best swaraj tractor

Watch Video Review of Swaraj 735 XT

Swaraj 735 XT comes under the 40 hp tractor category and is known for its great performance and durability. The engine is a high powered and high rated 2735 cc diesel engine rated at 1800 pm. The engine is compatible with the large 45 litres fuel tank that ensures that you don’t have to refill sooner than required.

The engine is water-cooled by a cooling mechanism that doesn’t allow overheating of the engine thereby ensuring both efficiency and productivity and preventing its breakdown. The 735 XT has a 3 stage oil bath type air cleaner that helps to remove dust and dirt from reaching the engine and thus decreasing its efficiency.

The body of 735 XT is strong and durable and the tractor works across all kinds of soil smoothly and effortlessly. This makes it a reliable resource for all terrains. The transmission employs an easy side gear shift mechanism which ensures smooth and fast shifting of gears even at higher speeds.

The tractor is a very comfortable ride with everything placed where it should be. There is an option for the type of steering one needs and the clutch systems to come in 2 variants: dual and single-clutch system. The 1200 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity with improved technical and precision performance makes it better for all sorts of applications. Oil-immersed brakes are standard for long life, lesser maintenance and better braking efficiency.

Swaraj 735 XM

Swaraj 735 XM - best swaraj tractor

Watch Video Review of Swaraj 735 XM

Swaraj 735 XM is the last entry in our list but it doesn’t mean that it’s any lesser than its comrades. The Swaraj 735 XM is quite like its brother: The 735 XT in almost all aspects. It runs on an excellent and powerful 2734 cc engine rated at 1800 pm. The engine is water-cooled and the air filter is oil bath type.

The 3 cylinder engine produces around 35 hp of power which is pretty good for a tractor in this category.  The single dry disc friction plate clutch is mated to a smooth functioning gearbox of 8 forward and 2 reverse standard gear sets. The breaks are not oil-immersed as in case of XT.

Here dry disc brakes are provided to make it a cheaper version of the XT and to stabilise the costs. There is an option for power and manual steering. There is one aspect in which XM has the upper hand than XT and that is the fuel tank capacity.

The fuel tank is of large 60-litre capacity that ensures that you can do your work without stressing for a refill. The hydraulic lifting capacity is of 1000 kgs and the 3 point linkage provided with the draft and automatic depth control helps in precision setting of the implements.


Swaraj has now been acquired by the Mahindra Tractors and hence new developments can be seen in times ahead. With Mahindra’s technical assistance as well as the simplistic sophistication of the Swaraj, their tractors are all set to bring the best of both the worlds for their consumers.

Better research and development and better quality of engineering designs can make them the best and most successful tractor manufacturer of India and the world.

With continuous design improvements and the removal of structural and designing bottlenecks, the company is continuously on the path to success. They have identified what an Indian consumer wants and needs and they are committed to making that happen.

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