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10 Best TDS Meters (For Accurate Results) In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Total dissolved solids in water can both provide you nutrition and cause harm to your health. It is important to learn about the requisite level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water and regularly test it for the same. Our list of the best TDS meters in India curated for this purpose is sure to help.

Water is such a basic necessity of life that people and governments often engage in rivalry over it. Believe it or not, a famous astrologer once predicted that the Third World War would be fought for water! After all, water sustains life, quenches thirst, helps in almost every daily household activity as well as multiple commercial ones.

Water also governs our health and well-being, not just because we drink it but also because it is a chief component of Indian cuisine. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the water we consume or use is of sufficiently standard quality.

Considering the levels of water pollution around us these days, it is difficult to ascertain this quality in our potable water supply.


Here is the list of best TDS Meter Available Online:

HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld Meter

HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld Meter: Best TDS Meter

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This particular handheld TDS meter comes equipped with a carrying case and a belt clip. This ensures that the TDS meter is portable and easy to carry around even on commercial sites. The device helps save measurements and recordings for your convenience as well.

The HM Digital TDS Meter comes equipped with an impressive microprocessor technology that ensures you get accurate and highly efficient readings. The measurement range is quite precise too, from 0-9990 parts per million (ppm). Besides, the TDS meter comes with a built-in digital thermometer to accompany it.

At a size of 6.1 x 1.25 x 1 inches, the TDS meter is the size of your palm. This adds to its portability and ease of usage. The meter can be used to check water temperature apart from the level of total dissolved solids in water, or any solution of your choice.

This makes it a piece of very handy equipment for not just commercial establishments like hotels but also apt for household usage.

Digital LCD TDS Meter Water Filter Tester

Digital LCD TDS Meter Water Filter Tester: Best TDS Meter

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The extent of dissolved solids in water is very crucial for determining its quality. This holds for not just domestic needs but also commercial and industrial processes. Water being a universal solvent tends to take in almost every substance it is exposed to. Therefore, using a good TDS meter is the ideal step toward ensuring satisfactory water quality.

You can opt for the above Digital LCD TDS Meter Water Filter Tester in case you are wondering which equipment to purchase. With a micron rating of 0.3, the tester comes with polypropylene testing material. This makes it an ideal choice for use in water purifiers and filters as well.

Besides, the Digital LCD TDS Meter can be used to monitor food, such as vegetable and fruits and quality monitoring of beverages and drinks. In case you need a TDS meter for your swimming pool, spa or aquarium, this digital TDS meter is going to work perfectly for them too.

The dimensions of the TDS meter are roughly 18 cm by 3 cm. Therefore, the device can be quite easily carried around to the kitchen or wash area or even pools and spas to conduct routine checks. The digital TDS meter also comes with a carrying case to enhance its portability.

You can pick the colour of your choice when buying the TDS meter online. Besides all of its features, the affordability of this digital LCD TDS meter is sure to lure you into buying it.

FLEMCO digital LCD TDS meter

FLEMCO digital LCD TDS meter: Best TDS Meter

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The pollution around us has rendered our water unsafe and of poor quality. This applies not just to our drinking water, but also the water we use in our pools and spas. The result is a damaging effect on our internal organs, blood circulation, skin, hair and nails.

You would be surprised to know that poor quality water can cause premature greying of hair, besides depriving it of all its lustre and health. A TDS meter is, therefore, of utmost importance in our day to day life.

The FLEMCO digital LCD TDS meter is one of a kind. The first thing about the meter that catches the eye is its super affordability. The TDS meter comes equipped with a microprocessor technology, that enables faster, more accurate and perfect outcomes.

Besides, the digital LCD TDS meter is highly automated. It comes with an auto-off button that can shut off the meter after 10 minutes of inactivity. As is clear, this smart TDS meter is not just inexpensive but also efficient in terms of conservation.

The dimensions of the TDS meter are 18 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm. This means the device is pocket friendly. Besides, it comes with a light carrying case, and the entire device weighs just about 100 grams. This adds to the device’s portability and increases its scope of usage.

The measurement range of this device falls within 0-9990 pm with an accuracy tolerance of 2%. The TDS meter by FLEMCO is ideal for use at homes, for agriculture, aquariums, spas and pools.

Users in the construction, pharmaceutical, medical printing, water bottling, treatment and purification industries can also benefit from it.

Parijata TDS Digital LCD Display Calibration Meter

Parijata TDS Digital LCD Display Calibration Meter: Best TDS Meter

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These days, the quality of water used in various resources holds paramount importance. Hoteliers are keen on making sure that their pools and spas have quality water, without harmful dissolved solids.

Even in the pharmaceutical industry, the water quality and extent of dissolved solids are highly critical. This is where the role of the TDS meter comes into the picture. With the help of the right TDS meter, one can ensure the required checks and standards.

The Parijata TDS Digital Display Calibration meter is an ideal and budget choice in this regard. The meter comes with a leather cover that enriches its portability and safety while carrying around.

The meter provides accurate details about any dissolved solids, and you can use the readings to ascertain how nutritious the water is.

This is one of the most lightweight devices on this list of the best TDS Meters in India, at just 60 grams. Besides, the dimensions of the Parijata TDS Meter is smaller than many others as well.

At just 15.5 cm length and 3.1 cm x 2.3 cm cross-section, the Parijata TDS Meter is easy to carry around even in your pocket. It is also interesting to note that the TDS meter comes equipped with a manual to guide you throughout. The entire set comes wrapped in a leather case.

Nexqua New Digital LCD TDS Meter

Nexqua New Digital LCD TDS Meter: Best TDS Meter

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One of the best TDS Meters in India in terms of accuracy, reliability and quality happens to be the Nexqua New Digital LCD TDS Meter. The product is widely popular across different industries and even for domestic purposes.

People often resort to using the Nexqua digital TDS meter to ascertain the quality of purified RO water and determine the extent of dissolved solids present in it.

An interesting feature of this digital TDS meter is that once switched on, it can be used to measure temperatures both inside the liquid or outside of it. Therefore, if you are looking for a device that can serve multiple purposes, the one by Nexqua is one of the best TDS meters in India to purchase.

The product can be conveniently used at homes and hotels to check the quality of water before consumption or usage. It is one of the most recommended TDS meters for checking the content of RO purified water.

Besides, the TDS meter also finds appropriate suitability for use in aquarium and reef tanks, pools and spas, hydroponics, food and beverage items. The device is not just efficient and accurate, but also quite long-lasting. All this makes it one of the best TDS meters in India.

HM Digital Aqua Pro Water TDS Meter

HM Digital Aqua Pro Water TDS Meter: Best TDS Meter

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It has become very important these days to keep a tab on the quality and temperature of water you are about to use. This applies not just in the domestic context but also for industrial and medicinal uses.

After all, water, the universal solvent, tends to dissolve so many materials and particles on its way to our supply network. This is why we need the best TDS meters in India to be able to successfully determine the level of impurity in water before using or consuming it.

One of the finest examples in this regard has to be the HM Digital Aqua Pro Water TDS Meter. Although this product is one on the higher end of the cost spectrum, it is a complete value for money.

The device returns not just the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water, but also its temperature very accurately. The TDS meter comes equipped with the feature of Automatic Temperature Compensation or ATC.

Besides, the HM Digital TDS meter has added features of automatic off, data-hold function and low battery indicator. The appearance of the TDS meter is very sleek and classy, making it appropriate for usage even in commercial contexts.

The LCD readings are large enough to be read without constraint. Besides, the packaging of the meter is quite retail-oriented. At a size of 5.9 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches, the HM TDS meter is pocket-friendly and easily portable.

Wellon Digital TDS Meter

Wellon Digital TDS Meter: Best TDS Meter

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The Wellon digital TDS meter is suitable for testing the quality of water from a RO purifier. This holds special importance because water with high levels of TDS in it often cannot be handled by ordinary home purifiers.

Unknowingly, you could be consuming unhealthy and high-TDS content water. This is why it is advisable to use one of the best TDS meters in India, such as Wellon’s.

The TDS meter comes with a leather case equipped with a belt clip. The advanced microprocessor technology embedded in it helps determine results with great accuracy.

Besides, the hold-off and auto-off functions of the TDS meter make it highly convenient and easy to use. The meter also has a built-in thermometer and sleek LCD for added enrichment.

Ionix Plastic Digital TDS Meter

Ionix Plastic Digital TDS Meter: Best TDS Meter

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The Ionix digital TDS meter, made of plastic, is an ideal choice for domestic testing of water quality. The TDS meter can be conveniently used to determine water quality in purifiers and filters as well as on fruits and vegetables. One can also easily determine the level of TDS content in beverages and other drinks using this digital meter.

One could easily extend the TDS meter’s usage to swimming pools and spas as well as for agricultural aquariums and hydroponics. This is one of the best TDS meters in India if you are looking for one on a budget.

Konvio Neer Digital LCD TDS Meter

Konvio Neer Digital LCD TDS Meter: Best TDS Meter

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The best way to record the performance of your water purifier against impure water is by measuring its input and output TDS levels. with the Konvio Neer digital LCD TDS meter, this becomes an easy task at hand. You can easily ascertain if your purifier needs replacement, if it is functioning satisfactorily or if the input water quality is alarmingly poor.

The package of the Konvio digital LCD TDS meter also comes with a carrying pouch. The device is quite light in weight, at just about 110 grams.

Besides, the size of the product is 18 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm, which makes it quite portable. Besides, the added feature of temperature monitoring is quite suited to domestic, commercial and industrial processes.

The calibrations of the meter already tell you about the maximum level of immersion. All you need to take care of is that you do not leave the device unprotected from the direct sun or beyond the maximum immersion limit.

Apart from this, the accuracy and safety of the device are impressive. The Konvio digital water meter is one of the best TDS meters in India on a budget.

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS

What we mean by quality water is water that is pure and free from contaminating substances. Quite often, organic and inorganic materials can get dissolved in potable water.

These could be metals, ions, minerals and other solvents from water sources, chemical treatments or even runoff and plumbing equipment. These materials in the water are termed total dissolved solids.

To be able to ensure that the water you are consuming or using, therefore, you need to measure the amount of TDS in it. Measuring the TDS content serves as a great way of ensuring overall water quality, whether for domestic or commercial purposes.

There are multiple TDS meters available in the market for this purpose. We have tried to simplify the task of purchasing one by shortlisting some of the best picks on the internet for you.


The reasons to use an efficient TDS meter are galore, be it domestic or commercial or industrial usage. The primary reason is that people have become more conscious. The water they use and consume needs special attention and care.

After all, the level of pollutants in water these days is life-threatening in extreme cases. It is good to know that a range of 50-250 ppm of TDS in water is considered low, even lacking in some essential minerals for your well-being. A TDS level of 300-500 ppm is considered perfect.

At the same time, any TDS level about 800 ppm is poor; one beyond 2000 ppm cannot even be handled by household filters. High levels of TDS can not only affect taste and health but also have an adverse impact on our appliances and purification systems.

Besides, such water is unfit for cooking, cleaning and even swimming purposes. Using a TDS meter can help prevent such unwanted complications.

That is why we have tried consolidating some of the best TDS meters in India for your perusal. Let us know of your experiences with high or low TDS levels in water and how you tackled the situation. We are listening!

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