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5 Best UPS For PC Available Online In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Yes, power outages are disturbing but real. Only a good UPS device can save you from the complications a sudden power disruption causes. Read on about some of the best UPS for PC in India to make a well-informed purchase.

These days working from home has become a part and parcel of our busy lives. Right from the morning to late night hours, people have to slog before their machines, working tirelessly to make ends meet.

Whether one is in the IT industry or architecture and design, content development or online marketing, teaching or business management, working from home on our machines at home has become a reality for many. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep all devices and hardware up to date as well as safe and functioning.

This is the reason more and more people are resorting to purchase the best machines, whether laptops or tablets or Personal Computers, abbreviated as PCs. For jobs that require higher configurations and long work hours, a PC is an affordable choice.

The role of the UPS

One cannot deny, however, that the PC comes with its own disadvantage compared to the laptop or tablet in terms of interruption of electric supply.

Unlike a laptop or tablet, which will continue to work for some time even in case of disruption of electricity, a PC is likely to shut down completely in such a scenario. This can lead to loss of data, failure to retain all your hard work and the need to work laboriously all over again.

This is where the UPS plays its ever-important role. Standing for Uninterrupted Power Supply System, the UPS is one of the most sought-after gadgets by professionals working from home these days.

It lends you some more time in your pocket to retain, save and update all necessary work in case the power supply is disrupted due to any reason. Buying a UPS, however, is a tricky process, because you need to make sure you are opting for the right choice. If you are looking for the right UPS to purchase soon, we can help you out in the matter.

Here are the best UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) for Computer in India:


APC Back UPS BX600C-IN: Best UPS For PC

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Whether you are using the UPS for a PC at your home or office, the APC Back UPS B600C-IN is suitable for both. The UPS is an ideal choice for not just uninterrupted power supply but also protecting your devices against damage.

The product comes with a compact interactive design with a load capacity of 360 W/ 600 VA. The model has an automatic voltage regulator with a wide input voltage range from 145-290 V.

The UPS is also compatible with generators. Besides, it is also compatible with low power loads, e.g. WiFi routers and DSL modem. Therefore, you can rest assured the UPS functions with multiple devices and machines for whatever purpose you intend it to.

Some of the unique features of the UPS includes its cold start capability to allow the load to function on the battery alone. One of the best points to note is that the device stays quiet during a changeover from mains to generator.

Therefore, there is assuredly no disturbance to your work-time concentration and focus either. The APC UPS is the perfect choice to keep your devices and data protected in the face of abrupt power cuts and shortages of any kind.

Artis PS – 600 V Interactive Line

Artis PS – 600 V Interactive Line: Best UPS For PC

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One of the best UPS for PC in India happens to be the one from Artis. The device is compatible with generator electricity supply as well and has a wide input range of 140 – 300 V. Besides, the UPS comes with a cold start function and AVR which helps in automatic regulation of voltage.

The UPS also has a heavy duty 7 AH battery and comes with 3 output sockets. Therefore, you can easily connect up to three devices of your choice to the UPS and enjoy uninterrupted power supply for long enough.

The UPS will provide a maximum backup of 15-20 minutes in such a situation, but the time is flexible depending on the number of devices connected. It can go up to 45-50 minutes otherwise.

Besides, it is interesting to note that the UPS comes with a micro-controller that provides high reliability. The UPS has a compact size and is quite lightweight. The UPS operates without making any noise; however, it is also equipped with audible alarms and LED indicator for its functioning.

The Artis UPS is counted among the best UPS for PC in India because it is highly suitable for functioning with personal computers, desktops, laptops, routers, networking devices and gaming consoles.

Vguard UPS Sesto

Vguard UPS Sesto: Best UPS For PC

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If disruption in electricity supply to your PC is the cause of your woes, we have the perfect solution for you. The Vguard UPS Sesto is, without a doubt, one of the best UPS for PC in India.

With the Vguard UPS Sesto, one can easily connect their Personal Computer and even a printer to run on the UPS simultaneously. When charged fully, it can function up to 15-20 minutes supporting both the devices.

The UPS comes with two lithium ion cells with an energy content of 4400 Wh. It is counted among the bestsellers in its category and has always received positive reviews from users. Besides, the UPS does not take too much of your space either.

APC Back UPS Pro BR 1000G – IN

APC Back UPS Pro BR 1000G – IN: Best UPS For PC

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Another impressive UPS from the APC Back series is this model. It not just comes in a sleek design and sophisticated appearance, but is also applauded for its longer battery life.

The line interactive UPS comes with a load capacity of 600 W and 1000 VA. The UPS also comes with a beautiful LED display instead of a simple indicator light like most other models.

Besides, it is interesting to note that the model comes with an automatic voltage regulator with wide input voltage range of 170 – 294 V. The duration for which the UPS provides back-up depends on the load capacity incurred on the device. Generally, it’s back up time is quite impressive, in the range of 45-60 minutes.

What makes this model one of the best UPS for PC in India is its energy saving aspects. The green UPS comes with programmable outlets that can help conserve energy like no other device can.

Besides, any changeover from mains to generator does not release noises of any kind. If you are looking for a UPS device to keep your data, your machines and your files safe and sound, the APC Back UPS Pro is the perfect choice for you.

APC Back UPS BX 1100c

APC Back UPS BX 1100c: Best UPS For PC

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These days, purchasing a UPS to keep one’s data and devices protected has gained utmost importance. This is even truer in the case of professionals and students who have no option but to work from home these days.

In such a scenario, the APC Back UPS BX 1100C model emerges as the perfect solution. No wonder, the sleek and stylish, highly efficient device is counted among the best UPS for PC in India.

The compact design, line interactive UPS comes with a load capacity of 600 W and 1100 VA. The UPS is also compatible with a generator supply, in case you are worried about long-term power outages.

Besides, the UPS by APC is the perfect choice if you are looking to support low voltage devices like Wi-Fi router and DSL modem with the UPS for your home.

The UPS also comes with a cold start system, that allows the load to power on with just the battery’s activation. The device helps you stay connected by providing guaranteed power for a particular duration. This, of course, depends on the kind and number of loads you have connected to your UPS.

However, you can rest assured that the UPS’s efficiency is enough to support a number and variety of your devices. You no longer have to worry about losing data, important files or damaging your machine in any way possible.



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When working from home, especially using personal computers, it can be very alarming to have sudden power disruptions. The UPS, in such situations, comes forth as a savior. However, choosing the right UPS is equally important, for you would want to make a well-informed investment, wouldn’t you?

The APC Back UPS BE700Y is one of the best UPS for PC in India available online today. The device comes with three battery backed surge protected sockets. This means there is an added layer of security and safety for your machines and devices. Besides, the UPS comes equipped with safety alarms and LED indicators to keep you updated from time to time.

The best thing about the APC Back UPS BE700Y is its compact size and dimensions. You do not have to worry about clearing up a large chunk of space to accommodate the UPS. Besides, with a two-year warranty, the product ensures that you no longer have to fret over a poor investment. Although this product is one of the costlier ones on this list of the best UPS for PC in India, we have to say that it guarantees a complete value for money.

Zebronics 600 VA UPS for Desktop/ Computers

Zebronics 600 VA UPS for Desktop Computers

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Buying the best UPS for PC, after considering all it’s features and specifications, is of utmost importance. After all, buying a UPS is a costly affair. You would certainly not want your investment to end up being wasted. The Zebronics 600 VA UPS for desktop computers ensures that you get a good value for money.

The UPS is compatible with generators, in case you are worried about it supporting your device in the hour of need. Besides, the UPS is micro-controller based and protects your devices and machines from overloading. Thus, you can rest assured of the level of safety and security the UPS tends to provide to your machine. With an impressive capacity of 600 VA and a transfer time of typically 4-8 minutes, this is one of the best UPS for PC in India.

Another interesting fact to note is that the UPS has a comparatively shorter recharging time, about 6 hours. However, if you are looking for a UPS that you can connect with low load devices, like your router, then you are about to be disappointed. This UPS is not compatible with WiFi routers. Apart from this shortcoming, the UPS, with its line interactive design, sleek finish, green LED indicators and high capacity, is an ideal choice for your personal computer.

Zebronics ZEB CU5013 for PC in India

Zebronics ZEB CU5013 for PC in India

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Quite often, we are so worried about the capacity and the performance of the UPS, that we tend to forget about another important aspect. That happens to be the portability of the UPS. The Zebronics ZEB CU5013 is an ideal choice for desktops and computers because of this portability. The micro-controller based device comes with a direct CFL bulb holder, three two-pin DC sockets and an LED indicator to keep you updated.

With a recharge time of about 6 hours and guaranteed protection against overloading, the UPS offers both efficiency and safety. There is no need to fret over damage to devices because of short circuits and sudden power failures anymore. The Zebronics ZEB CU 5013 UPS has you guarded at all times.

The best thing about this particular UPS has to be its portability. This makes it an idea choice for not just homes, but also small shops, stalls and workplaces. The compact and sleek UPS is not brilliant in looks, but also in its design. However, the UPS is not compatible with WiFi routers. Yet, the kind of diversity it offers in terms of connectable devices is breathtaking. From CFL bulbs to portable speakers, mobile chargers to desktops and computers, this is one of the best UPS for PC in India.


The UPS is, by far, one of the most sought-after devices in the world of digital users today. In the current situation, the entire world has been locked down and needs to work from home.

Due to this, the importance of the UPS cannot be underlined enough. This is the reason that you should try to invest in a quality UPS device. But first, you need to check its specifications, compatibility and features that it promises.

One of the best ways to do this is to read about the best UPS for PC in India. Then, you can make a well-informed choice about your purchase. You need to keep in mind that a UPS needs to be able to support multiple devices, not just in terms of type but also number.

This is because you might simultaneously need them. Say, your Personal Computer and your WiFi router might have to function at the same time. Besides, the battery life of the UPS needs to be long enough.

After all, you need to sustain the time required by you to be able to save any changes and files.

Lastly, the UPS needs to be lightweight, not take up too much space and definitely fit your budget appropriately. We have tried to assemble some of the best UPS for PC in India for you to choose from. Let us know why you are planning to buy one!

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