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Top 10 Best Wallets for Men Under INR 1500 to Buy In 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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wallets under rupees 1500

Recently we made a post on the top 15 wallets under INR 500, and as a second instalment to that little series, and also in case you’ve increased your budget a little, we bring to you the top 10 wallets under 1500/-.

These wallets are placed across a range of designs so that you can pick one that is best suited to your style! So without beating around the bush any further,

Here are our top 10 wallets for men under 1500 Rupees:

D’Hides casual brown wallet

D’Hides casual brown wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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First on our list, we’re starting off with a casual brown wallet by D’Hides! The first thing that draws us to this wallet in the vintage, worn finishing of its genuine leather.

Combining the worn feel with the classic wallet design, this makes for a great pick for all the vintage enthusiasts out there! The blunted edges along with the white stitching also give it a very trendy casual look which will easily transfer into the style of today! A great addition to your casual outfits!

Fastrack blue and grey casual wallet

Fastrack blue and grey casual wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Continuing with the casual vibe, we have this blue and grey wallet by Fastrack. The blue in this wallet is extremely dark so if you’re new to experimenting with different colours and want to take it slow, this is a really cool wallet for you!

The stripe of grey across the front which also holds the name of the brand adds a little more fun to the mix, and makes this the perfect casual wallet! With 2 main compartments and 6 card slots, there’s also enough space to keep your things organised!

WildHorn wallet set

WildHorn wallet set Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Now, this next item on our list is too good to be true. Apart from the wallet, this set by WildHorn gives you a leather belt, a car-key holder, and elegant designer pens.

While it makes for the perfect gift for an employee, or a teenager making the leap to adulthood, if you want to treat yourself to something fancy that is at the same time affordable, this set is the perfect choice for you! Everything in the set has that classic, formal look which enhances your outfits and makes you look very sophisticated!

Tommy Hilfiger casual black wallet

Tommy Hilfiger casual black wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Next on our list we have this casual black wallet by Tommy Hilfiger. With its simple, sleek design, it offers sophistication and suave in a casual setting, with the only aspect making it casual being the white and tan stitching.

A genuine leather product, this wallet is durable as well as smooth to the touch. It also comes with a 6-month warranty which is only an added bonus! With 4 card slots and its slim design, it doesn’t get too bulky and maintains its put-together look!

Allen Solly casual blue wallet

Allen Solly casual blue wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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A wallet for all the experimenters who like to play around with colour, we have this blue wallet by Allen Solly. Made of genuine leather, the vibrancy in this wallet showcases a more playful side of your personality, all while the simplicity in design maintains sophistication.

The plain front except for the embossed logo lets the colour and the brand speak for itself, making this wallet a great addition to your closet.

Levi’s black wallet

Levi’s black wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Classic wallet design meets classic Levi’s vibe in this next piece on our list! Honestly, you cannot get more iconic than this. Levi’s delivers one classic look after the other, and this wallet will definitely add to your collection of simple yet tasteful accessories.

The simple black of the wallet has the metallic logo as the only design which really fits in with the saying “less is more”. Plus, with the 8 card slots, there definitely is loads of space to keep your belongings organised.

Fastrack black wallet

Fastrack black wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Continuing with the “less is more” category, we have this wallet by Fastrack, which has a little bit of a twist. The horizontal, brown strip on the front panel of the wallet adds a little more texture and dimension in a wallet, which goes a long way when deciding your accessories.

The brown can feature as the accent colour in your outfits that really pulls the entire look together and makes it coherent. And the worn metallic logo adds a little retro look, which you know we love!

Titan casual black wallet

Titan casual black wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Next on out list, we have this casual black wallet by Titan! An experiment of textures, this wallet features smooth and crumpled leather blocks on the front panel that make it look really out of the box! The quiet glint of the silver logo on the front adds to the classic look that can only come with the perfect black and silver combination.

While it does list as a casual wallet, this would work great in formal settings by adding a little creativity to your outfit without being too loud and out there!

Hidesign brown wallet

Hidesign brown wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Shifting a little from our colour palette, we have this deep brown, almost maroon, wallet by Hidesign. Hidesign as we all know is really great with their leather products and this wallet is no exception! A classic bi-fold men’s wallet, this number offers you delicate elegance and durability; the two makings of a great wallet that will be with you for a long, long time without going out of style! 

Park Avenue brown wallet

Park Avenue brown wallet Best Wallet Under INR 1500/-

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Ending our list with a bang, we have this tan-brown wallet by Park Avenue. With its genuine leather, this wallet is soft and smooth to the touch without compromising on its lifespan.

The brown is both vibrant and subtle, a warm neutral that will go with many of your outfits! The unique zigzag stitching adds a hint of texture to the smooth front, leading up the embossed logo that looks super classy. A truly timeless piece that will work in casual and formal settings!

Tell us what you think about these wallets, and if you found one that resonates with your style and personality. Or if you think we missed out on any great pieces, let us know. We’d love to hear from you! 

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