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Top 15 Best Wallets for Men Under INR 500/-

by Ashish Bansal
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wallets under rupees 500

Wallets, albeit their small size, speak volumes about one’s personality. They reflect the way one looks at themselves, and mirrors the style they embody.

So, we at The Social Lit bring to you the top wallets under 500 so you can find the one that speaks to you the most, without causing too much of a dent in your wallet, because we all know that you don’t need to spend a lot to look like a lot!

Here is the List of Best Wallet For Men Under 500 Rupees:

Wild Edge casual wallet

Wild Edge casual wallet: Best Wallet

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Staring off our list with a bang, we have this casual wallet by Wild Edge. The overall black of the wallet is interrupted by a trendy tan block covering one edge, giving it a fun, unique look.

The 6 card slots give you enough room to store membership cards, gift cards, IDs and of course, the ka-ching. For a price of just 200, this wallet definitely has its value for money, and will make a great wallet for you! 

Dezire Crafts casual green wallet

Dezire Crafts casual green wallet: Best Wallet

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If you’re someone a little more experimental with colours and prints, this emerald green wallet is great for you to get creative with your looks. The deep shade gives is a sophisticated look, and the white stitching adds a little casual playfulness to the pack.

The leather that adds to its vintage aesthetic makes it soft to the touch without compromising on its durability, which is yet another plus!

Dezire Crafts formal black wallet

Dezire Crafts formal black wallet: Best Wallet

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Next on our list we have a classic black moment with this sophisticated wallet which will work great in formal settings. The tan insides, as well as the striped fabric give it that little extra personality which makes this wallet work for semi-formal, and casual settings too; a true versatile piece.

Without compromising on the space inside, it is made in a way that makes it very slim rather than bulky, making it easy to carry around and fit in your pocket.

Wenzest genuine leather tan wallet

Wenzest genuine leather tan wallet: Best Wallet

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At first glance this tan wallet gives us major wild, wild west vibes! With the real-like colouration of the artificial leather, the smoothness in its feel, the embossed name “Wenzest” on the front, and the white stitching, this makes for a great, trendy, casual wallet which will go perfectly in the back-pocket of some dark wash denim jeans, paired with a white shirt for a fun weekend outdoors.

Wenzest tan wallet

Wenzest tan wallet: Best Wallet

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Another tan wallet by Wenzest, this number is a more sophisticated, formal wallet with its simple and plain appearance (except for the name embossed on the front) that speaks for a no-nonsense look.

With 2 main pockets and more than 10 card slots, you have more space than you were originally looking for to keep all your things organised and neat, reflective of your personality.

Wild Edge casual black wallet

Wild Edge casual black wallet: Best Wallet

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This simple black wallet by Wild Edge is spiced up with the cubic design on the front that adds to the playfulness of the wallet along with being really smooth and satisfying to the touch! Although it’s been described as a casual wallet, it would even work in formal situations with ease.

Best for someone who’d just begun to earn the taste of responsibility, this wallet marks the transition from childhood to adulthood very well!

Rozvolt green wallet

Rozvolt green wallet: Best Wallet

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Another green number for all those with a little bit of a funky, eclectic taste, this wallet by Rozvolt mirrors the quiet sheen of the jade stone; quiet in its design, yet speaking volumes with its rich colour.

While this makes for a great casual setting, the simplicity definitely warrants success in the formal arena as well, making you come across as someone who isn’t afraid to be creative, all while maintaining your sophistication.

Dezire crafts formal tan wallet

Dezire crafts formal tan wallet: Best Wallet

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Continuing with a tan wallet from Dezire Crafts, we have this piece which adds an extra punch with the bi-fold flap in a unique triangular design that adds to the abstract look of this wallet.

With 2 main pockets, 3 card slots, and 2 hidden card slots, this vintage style wallet ensures the safety of your belongings! A fun wallet to add to your collection, this one will definitely come in handy to make a quiet statement.

Rozvolt casual tan wallet

Rozvolt casual tan wallet: Best Wallet

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Another fun number by Rozvolt, this tan and brown wallet is a great wallet for any casual setting!

For just over 200, this wallet is super convenient with its slim body and buttoned strap that keeps it from opening and dropping your things! With its colour and design its bound to work well with a simple pair of jeans and your favourite shirt; a great casual addition to your closet.

Hornbull black wallet

Hornbull black wallet: Best Wallet

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This simple black wallet; the first piece by Hornbull on this list is a really sophisticated wallet that will work perfectly in any formal setting. The bird embossed in the bottom right corner of this wallet makes it look super classy and will definitely make your entire outfit a touch more sophisticated.

Towards the higher end of the budget of 500, this wallet offers you some really good quality material ensuring its durability.

Vener Fabica casual brown wallet

Vener Fabica casual brown wallet: Best Wallet

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Next on our list, we have this brown wallet by Vener Fabica which, although being listed as a casual piece, will also work really well in any formal setting. The gold accents of the embossed logo on the front of the wallet go really well with the warm brown shade of the leather.

With 9 card slots, there’s enough room to organise all your cards without hassle, and this chic wallet enough makes a great gift!

Craftwood brown wallet

Craftwood brown wallet: Best Wallet

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Next up we have this brown wallet by Craftwood, which is, by far, one of the most unique pieces in this list.

Despite the simplicity in its design and colouring, the suede-like visual aesthetic of this piece gives it a very interesting, rugged, worn vintage look; a great wallet for all you vintage/retro enthusiasts out there! Add it to your collection and rock it with some fun outfits!

Adidas black canvas wallet

Adidas black canvas wallet: Best Wallet

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If you’re someone going for a more sporty, casual look, this wallet by Adidas will surely fit the bill. With the name of the brand written boldly across the black canvas, this wallet unfolds into 3 parts totalling 6 card slots, zipped pockets and a main compartment.

A definite casual look, this wallet will also work really well as you head to the gym for a quick workout!

Wildhorn casual blue wallet

Wildhorn casual blue wallet: Best Wallet

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Another jewel-toned wallet on our list for all the creative experimenters in our readers, we have this deep blue wallet by Wildhorn.

With its elegant design and the metallic logo embossed on the blue material, it oozes sophistication and completes your outfit with a very “put-together” flourish.

Hidelink brown wallet

Hidelink brown wallet: Best Wallet

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Ending our list with an exceptional wallet, we bring to you this piece by Hidelink which is unique not only because of its red-toned shade, but because it is also RFID protected (Radio Frequency Identification protected) which is a huge plus to keep your cards and details safe!

Despite its bold colour, it will also look great as an accessory to a formal ensemble, therefore making its way into our top 15 wallets under 500!

And that brings us to the end of our list! If you feel like we missed out on any great wallets, let us know, or tell us what you think of these.

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