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10 Best Watch Brands in India to Buy one in 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Watch Brands in India

Wrist watches are an essential fashion accessory (almost as important as your outfit!) and there’s absolutely no denying it. Be it a professional meeting, a casual rendezvous or even a traditional ceremony, wearing a watch adorns your outfit and makes it more fashionable and elegant.

Besides aiding to keep track of time, watches are a luxury, none can afford to miss, if they are to uplift their look to a more classy, stylish and sophisticated one. In fact, wrist watches are also an indicator of your fashion sense and determine your style quotient.

A unique feature of some branded wrist watches is that they increase in value over passing years, which makes a good alternative investment for your future.

The fashion market of today has flooded with the selection of brands of watches for us to choose from and in fact, modern technology has found its way into this fashion accessory. Best watches of today come equipped with heart-rate trackers, number of steps calculator, burnt calories counter and you can also link them to your smartphones to get the smartphone notifications right on the display of your wrist watch.

Quite literally, they have brought technology to the convenience of our fingertips! The following is a curated list of the best brands of watches in India that offer a wide variety of watches for men and women.

Here are the Top Watch Brands in India:


Titan Best Watch Brand

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Titan is the fifth largest manufacturer of luxury watches around the globe and is perhaps, the first brand of watches in India that comes to mind while purchasing a wrist watch. Titan watches are known for their superior craftsmanship, innovative technology and trustworthy product quality.

They have a range of premium watches for men as well as for women which are suitable for casual, festive, sport and formal wear. Their exquisite collection of watches have something for everyone; the prices start from as low as 500/- and goes up to more than 15000/- and they manufacture both digital and analog watches.

The strap materials vary from metallic, ceramic, gold, leather and even khadi and are available in many dial shapes and several colours, the most popular among which are the rose gold coloured watches. Titan watches support Quartz movement, Automatic mechanical movement as well as Smart Analog movement and are equipped with Activity tracking feature and a Chronograph. Some of the Titan watch collections include Bandhan, Chrono Classique, Athleisure, Titan Raga, Braille and many others.

The range of watches from Titan are both effectively functional and stylish and are perfect accessories to complement all of your outfits. It is needless to say that your wardrobe collection is incomplete without a Titan brand watch!


Casio Best Watch Brand

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Casio is a brand of Japanese origin and is popular for its inexpensive and affordable watches, without however compromising on the superior quality of watches that it offers. Most renowned collections of watches from Casio include the G-Shock, Baby-G, Pro Trek Smart, Edifice and surprisingly, despite its low prices, several celebrities and important personalities have been seen sporting a Casio wrist watch! This speaks volumes about the brand quality and style sense and makes it the much sought after brand among common masses.

The watches from Casio provide certain beneficial features such as shock resistance and water resistance up to 200 metres. Moreover, they are completely environment-friendly as they use solar energy to charge the watch batteries. Most watches possess Multiband 6 Radio technology, which enables it to display accurate time in different parts of the world with utmost precision.

Casio watches from the Pro Trek Smart collection features a barometer system to display weather information and the triple sensor technology which detects the temperature, altitude and air pressure. This makes it a perfect alternative of wrist watches for adventure enthusiasts.


Timex Best Watch Brand

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Timex is a timeless brand, for it has been manufacturing watches for over a century now! Today, it has become a leading global producer of affordable, quality wrist watches suitable for men and women. Simplicity, durability and affordability are its three key defining features, that makes watches from Timex stand out among its counterparts in the same price range.

Timex watches are equipped with a unique Indiglo technology which gives an electro-luminescent appearing panel as the backlight of the dial. Most renowned watch lines from Timex include the Timex Ironman collection, the American Documents collection, Timex Waterbury and the Timex Marlin collection.

These watches are excellent-looking with quite subtle and yet very striking designs and will uplift your attire instantly and make it elegant and sophisticated. The American Documents collection from Timex is a bit on the expensive side but given the high quality materials used to make them, the watches are value for money. These watches use Gorilla Glass 3, stainless steel and leather straps which are made of tough American hides. Indeed, one must invest in a Timex watch for it remains a classic among the moderns.


Citizen Best Watch Brand

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Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. or commonly called as Citizen, this is a well known Japanese watch brand which boasts of quality and affordability, making it one among the top watch brands in India. Most popular collection from Citizen are the paradigm-shifting Eco-Drive watches; just as the name suggests, these watches are environment friendly because they do not run on electrical batteries. Instead, they are solar powered watches which contain a silicon photo cell at the back of the dial which absorbs light energy from natural as well as artificial sources of light.

This technology also makes your Citizen watch last as long as almost 20 years from manufacture and is truly a path breaking innovation in the wrist watch industry! Some of its other beneficial features include stainless steel pinbuckles, Quartz movement, chronograph dials, water and shock resistance, time adjustment in about five different time zones and countless other features, which makes Citizen, one of the best brands of watches to be considered for making a purchase.


Fastrack watches Best Watch Brand

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When it comes to wristwatches, Fastrack is the brand almost all millenials and even young adults swear by. Fastrack is a sub-brand from the parent company, Titan and undeniably shares it exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology. Fastrack watches are as much suitable for a casual outing as for a festive or formal occasion and are available for both men and women. Some of the popular Fastrack watch collections include Bare Basics, Denim, Fastrack Economy and Checkmate. The watches support digital as well as Quartz movement. The strap materials vary from metallic, plastic, leather, denim and combinations of these and are available in a wide selection of colours.

One of the best models of watches from Fastrack is the Reflex 2.0 band, which is packed with numerous useful features – Distance, Steps and Calorie Counter, Whatsapp and SMS Notification display, Camera Control, Phone Finder, Vibrating Alarm, Sleep Tracker and Water Resistance. Indeed, it is needless to say that a Fastrack multi-purpose watch should be your next go to choice for purchasing a watch!


Omega Watches Best Watch Brand

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Omega is one among the finest and premium luxury brands of watches in India and has been manufacturing superior quality watches for more than a century now! Omega watches are made in Switzerland, which makes them quite expensive; but given the long history and reputation associated with the brand, watches from Omega are surely a must-have in your collection of watches.

Each of the watches from Omega are designed in such a way that they feel comfortable on your wrist and the brand is known for its highly exclusive designs, especially the designs of their limited edition watch lines. One of the interesting reasons behind the brand’s popularity is its relentless advertising and sponsoring.

Omega watches are particularly famous for featuring in the Hollywood thriller James Bond and are now synonymously known to be James Bond watches! Besides, it has a reputation for partnering with some important celebrities of renown such as Ryan Gosling and Nicole Kidman and was even a partner company during the 1932 Olympic Games. Well known watch lines from Omega include The Seamaster Line and the Omega Speedmaster.


Rolex Watches Best Watch Brand

Rolex is a watch brand of high fame and its exquisite collection of watches testify to its reputation. Rolex watches are assembled from carefully processed, high quality and expensive components manufactured through cutting edge technology and high precision which combine to form an excellent piece of machinery that will last with you for a lifetime and that is much more than just a fashion accessory.

It is also an investment (and a wise one for that matter!) for it would gain value as the watch prices rise with passing years. A unique feature of watches from Rolex is the Oyster watch case, which is made of stainless steel, gold or platinum and is waterproof and robust in all weathers and was in fact, the first waterproof watch case for a wristwatch.

In fact, they are thoroughly tested individually in pressurized water tanks. You would be surprised to know that each Rolex watch takes about one year to form! Well this would hold true, since the brand manufactures each of its raw materials in house, including the manufacture of its own gold and platinum! Moreover, the value of a Rolex watch increases as it grows older. So, even though Rolex is exclusively and solely a watch manufacturing brand but its timepieces are much more than time trackers.


Maxima watches Best Watch Brand

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Among the best watch brands in India for men and women, Maxima ranks the second largest producer of watches in the country. Some of the most popular collections from Maxima include the Attivo, Avventura, Aqua, Dress and Maxima Plus; the range of watches from all these collections are suitable for all different types of occasion from festive to formal and casual to romantic occasions.

The prices are comparatively low as compared to other premium brands, but the quality is not compromised in the least. They come in both digital and analog display type and the straps are made of a variety of materials such as silicon, rubber, metal, stainless steel and so on. It enables quartz movement, is multi-functional, contains a date aperture and offers water resistance of up to 30 metres.

The dials come in a range of shapes and colours from masculine black, brown and navy blue to the feminine pink, rose gold and lighter shades of blue that are made to suit the individual needs of men and women. The unique designs of watches from maxima makes it one the most sought after brand of watches in India.


Sonata Watches Best Watch Brand

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Sonata is another sub-brand of the parent company Titan and indeed, the brand name speaks for itself. Sonata watches’ appeal lies in its uber cool and contemporary looking designs and world class quality that caters to the needs of all modern individuals. Being an Indian brand, its styles are most synonymous with those of Indian ethos and therefore, a Sonata watch is a must-have accessory for every Indian wardrobe watch collection.

Being the largest producer of luxury watches in India, Sonata has manufactured more than six hundred bold and beautiful designs and numerous collections. They offer watches suitable for work wear, casual wear and also couple watches and wedding collections, which makes it an excellent gifting option for watches. Popular collections from sonata include the Sonata Play collection, the Sonata Stride collection and the Sonata Nxt Collection.

The range of watches from Sonata would not only ace your outfit of the day and your style quotient, but also shower you with multiple useful features such as Steps and Calories Count, Call Alert, Find My Phone, Camera Alert, Inactive Alert and so much more, which also makes a Sonata watch your go to fitness companion. Needless to say, you should wait no more to flaunt a Sonata watch with your outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger watches Best Watch Brand

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We were saving the best for the last; this brand is in no need of an introduction! Tommy Hilfiger is a leading global fashion designing brand and is among the leading designer brands of watches in India. The brand celebrates the essence of typical American cool and classic style. Yet, watches from Tommy Hilfiger have acclaimed renown throughout the globe.

They offer a selection of watches to adorn your festive, sportive as well as formal attire, make you look chic and classy in no time and enhance your personality. Plus, they have a number of useful features such as Water resistance, Chronograph dials, Date display, Altimeter, Calendar etc.. Given the brand reputation and quality, the watches are surprisingly not extremely expensive; they are medium priced and hence, very affordable. The watches are available in Digital, Analog as well as combination Smart Analog.

Moreover, you can easily purchase these Tommy Hilfiger watches through top online shopping platforms or find them in almost every Titan showroom outlet across the country.

So, if you want to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd, a Tommy Hilfiger watch is a must-have for you to define your fashion sense!

Selecting a good quality, highly functional and long lasting wrist watch can be a challenging task. While most of us depend upon the price as a deciding factor for which watch to purchase, it is better to invest in a branded watch despite its prices. As the market increases over the years, these wrist watches too gain value and worth.

And if your wrist companions are limited editions, then you are safeguarding a treasure! Undoubtedly, watches have become much more than just a fashion accessory. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to up your fashion game and enhance your fitness lifestyle by investing in this wonder called a wrist watch!

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